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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1537

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hmmmm 24 days and counting for my WrestleMania party trip to
      start...someone please fast forward all those days :) Who's going to the
      afternoon sessions of Axxess on Saturday? Myself and W-O's own Jason
      Clevett will be there hanging around probably making an @ss out of
      ourselves. So if you wanna hook up as well drop me a line and we'll set
      up a meeting point. If you will be carrying a cell phone it will be dead
      easier to meet. Last year me and Clevett were sitting NEXT TO EACH OTHER
      and we didn't even notice. We only realized after he saw my pictures.
      Talk about dumb and dumber!

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      - It's bad news for Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and World Wrestling
      Entertainment. News came out that Kurt Angle aggravated a previous neck
      injury and felt numbness in his arm during the South African tour this
      past week. Despite his injury Angle continued to wrestle as advertised.
      Angle will be checked out as quickly as possible by Dr Lloyd Youngblood
      in San Antonio, TX., to check if he can at least continue till
      WrestleMania in his main event match against Brock Lesnar. Many are
      fearing that Angle will require the same surgery that Austin, Benoit,
      Rhyno, Lita and others had to undergo, which also means a year out of
      action. Fellow Smackdown! superstar Edge will have the same surgery on
      March 10th. Angle won the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics with a broken
      neck so he's no stranger as far as wrestling injured however several
      sources are reporting that a contingency plan is being revised just in
      case the worst possible scenario happens.

      - Five matches have been announced for tonight's blockbuster RAW. Chris
      Jericho vs Test; Christian vs Jeff Hardy; RVD & Kane vs Tommy Dreamer &
      Al Snow in a hardcore match; Trish & Jackie vs Victoria & Jazz; Booker T
      vs Scott Steiner. Also The Rock and Steve Austin will start their feud
      which is rumored to set up their WrestleMania XIX match. Plus Eric
      Bischoff promised that his 'welcoming committee' will greet Austin at
      RAW whatever that may mean! Tonight's RAW has been pushed hard with TV
      commercials featuring the Austin and Rock confrontation.

      - At 10AM PST the pre-sale for the RAW in Seattle following WrestleMania
      XIX went on sale. Tickets for the general public go on sale this coming
      Saturday. To purchase your tickets go to Ticketmaster.com and search for
      RAW in Seattle. The password you should use is 'SEARAW'. The KeyArena is
      also adding a $6.75 convenience charge with the ticket price. Prices
      range from $15 to $45. It will be the first time that both WrestleMania
      and RAW will be held in the same city, with WM at SAFECO Field and RAW
      at the KeyArena just a few miles away.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Bernhard Döbler from Germany sent in word that
      Rikishi is currently in Europe and will be on the TV show 'TV Total' on
      Tuesday 4th March to promote the start of Smackdown! on Tele 5 in
      Germany on free television. On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th the channel
      will air 6 episodes of Smackdown! of 70 minutes each to give the viewers
      an idea of what happened over the past several weeks. The WWE will
      return to Germany on Friday October 10th at the Kölnarena.

      - W-O Newsletter Randolph Potter attended the live event in Carnival
      City, South Africa yesterday and sent in these results and notes. Kidman
      defeated Bill DeMott; Matt Hardy defeated Jamie Noble; Nidia defeated
      Torrie Wilson; Rey Mysterio defeated Big Show; Funaki & Rikishi defeated
      Los Guerreros; Mark Henry defeated John Cena; Chris Benoit & Brock
      Lesnar defeated Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Kurt Angle in a two out
      of three falls match. Everyone basically did the same promos that were
      done in the previous legs of the tour.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 8.10, a 2.41% decrease over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 8.10 - 8.45.


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      In 1997, shortly after the death of Brian Pillman, New York Post critic
      Phil Mushnick, who had a long history of outright bashing of
      professional wrestling, talked about the “High number of deaths related
      to wrestling.”
      Most of us scoffed at that, as that was a rather untrue statement.
      Brian Pillman was an anomaly, a combination of heart problems dating
      back to his youth combined with an often-reckless lifestyle and
      addictions to painkillers stemming from his broken ankle, a result of
      crashing his hummer in 1996.

      Since then, Bobby Duncum Jr, Rick Rude, Yokozuna, Louie Spicolli, Rhonda
      “Bertha Faye” Sing, Rocco Rock, Big Dick Dudley, Gary Albright, Russ
      Hauss, Indy worker Dave Daunovan, The British Bulldog, and now Mr.
      Perfect, as well as others I am sure I have forgotten, are all dead.
      The first well-known example is Art Barr, but prior to that Mike Von
      Erich died of an overdose in Japan, that people question whether it
      truly was suicide.

      Explain to me, please, why guys who “supposedly” are healthy athletes
      are dropping dead in there 30’s and 40’s?

      Some like referee Brian Hildebrant or Independent worker Jeff Peterson
      bravely battled cancer before succumbing to the disease.

      In the case of Yokozuna, he ballooned to the point where there heart
      gave out.

      But look at the other names on that list. “Heart Attack” after “Heart
      Attack” has claimed so many former stars of wrestling. The recent
      deaths of Lou Thesz and The Original Sheik aren’t a shock because they
      were well into old age. They also lived a different lifestyle, even
      though they were battle scarred, often having difficulties walking, they
      still got to hold their grandchildren.

      What is it going to take for people to smarten up? I see guys out there
      today making the same mistakes that their predecessors made. Eddie
      Guerrero was well on his way to being a casualty like his former tag
      team partner before turning things around and making an incredible
      comeback this year. Raven had documented drug issues in the past, but
      seems to have conquered them. But what about guys like Scott Hall, who
      has battled drug and alcohol problems for years, The Sandman, who is
      three sheets to the wind 90 percent
      of the time, or Brian Christopher, who was fired from the WWF for being
      arrested in Calgary with illegal substances?

      Will it really surprise anyone in a decade if we read “Wrestling Star
      Scott Stiener” or “Former Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley” found dead?
      The human body is not designed to look the way they look, and one of
      these days, that body will give out.

      Is it worth it? Yes, the money is great, and fame is fantastic, but is
      the sacrifice of ones LIFE worthwhile? This is going to make a lot of
      people cringe, but it is a distinct possibility that following their
      Marriage, HHH and Stephanie may have kids. Is it worth it for them to
      potentially lose their Dad?

      Do you not think for one instance that Harry and Georgia Smith, or Curt
      Hennig’s four children would give up their Dad’s career if it meant
      having them around for another twenty years?

      Something has to change. So many of these guys go out there and perform
      for us, and secretly have these demons that they battle, or these
      choices they make to wrestler hard and party harder. The life on the
      road is often a lonely one, away from loved ones, traveling long
      distances, just to hear the roar of the crowd. The temptations to take
      painkillers, illegal narcotics, drink, and have casual sex are there.
      Too many people take them.

      And then we read about another wrestler found dead in their hotel room.

      What a horrible way to go.

      Some of my best works have been my tribute pieces. I surprise myself
      with how much I remember sometimes, but I hate having to write them. I
      am sick of hearing about another wrestler dying to damn young and
      leaving behind their family.

      I worry about the future of today’s stars, and just hope that those that
      are going through troubles, that are making the choices that could send
      them down the same path as the long list of names at the beginning of
      column, turn things around.

      Before they become yet another tragic statistic.

      Till next time.


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