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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1536

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
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      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing much to say today...so on with the news. Back tomorrow.

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      - The young guns of the Evolution group are sidelined with new injuries.
      Randy Orton, who just returned from a shoulder injury, suffered a broken
      foot while wrestling the Dudley Boyz in a live event yesterday in
      Reading, PA. Several officials tended to Orton as he was resting on the
      apron and was in visible pain. He was carried out later on and taken to
      a hospital. Meanwhile Batista also had a torn tricep during the same
      match. The Observer reports that both are going to be checked by Dr.
      James Andrews in Birmingham, AL., and an estimate on how long they will
      be out will come out very shortly. Too bad for the kids as they have
      just been recently pushed in a group with main event status.

      - WWE will visit Italy for the first time in nearly a decade this coming
      June as part of the Insurrextion 2003 Tour. Our friend Luca Franchini
      from Italian-based Tuttowrestling.com sent in word that the RAW crew
      will be performing at the FilaForum in Milan on Wednesday June 4th. We
      have no on sale ticket date yet but will pass on the information as soon
      as it's been forwarded to us.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Randolph Potter and Shaun Myburg attended the
      live WWE event in Johannesburg, South Africa and sent in these results
      and notes. Team Angle defeated Rey Mysterio & Kidman; Matt Hardy
      defeated Chavo Guerrero; Mark Henry defeated Bill Demott; Eddie Guerrero
      defeated Jamie Noble; Rikishi & Chris Benoit defeated John Cena & Kurt
      Angle; Torrie defeated Dawn Marie; Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show & Paul
      Heyman. Edge opened the show be explaining why he cannot wrestle; After
      the Rikishi/Benoit vs Cena/Angle match which was a 'kiss my @ss' match,
      Edge, Rey Mysterio and Kidman joined Benoit and Rikishi to give John
      Cena a stink face. The faces then danced to the crowd. The crowd was hot
      during the three hour show and Brock Lesnar got the biggest pop of the

      - The following shows went on sale yesterday morning. RAW live in
      Sacramento, CA., on Monday March 24th at the Arco Arena; Smackdown!
      tapings in San Jose, CA., on Tuesday March 25th at the Compaq Center;
      Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday April 1st at the Spokane Arena in Spokane,
      WA. - the first Smackdown! post-WrestleMania. For more ticket
      information call the arena box office.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      When you think about watching wrestling on TV, the first thing you
      usually think about are the guys who are performing. Watch Raw, and
      you'll get Triple H, Booker T, Scott Steiner, the Dudleyz, and usually
      more Triple H. Watch SmackDown, you'll get Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Rey
      Mysterio, Los Guerreros and the Undertaker.

      Yet there are two guys on each show who are virtually guaranteed two
      hours of TV time every week. And no, it's not Triple H. these
      "forgotten" guys are the commentators, who we (try to) listen to for the
      duration of Raw and SmackDown. And in lesser instances, Heat and

      In the past few years, the WWE have stuck with the same quartet for
      their main shows. On Raw, we've had Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler - the "old
      school" of commentary. The duo who were at the helm when Raw overtook
      Nitro in the ratings, and the two guys who you'll probably associate
      with the WWE more than anyone else. But on the other side, we have
      Michael Cole, and - replacing Jerry Lawler after he walked out around
      two years ago - Tazz.

      Since the brand extension, the roles these commentary teams have played
      have grown in significance. Whether it was JR and The King, or Cole and
      Tazz, Raw and SmackDown can now be identified just by the guys who are
      calling the matches, and since the WWE started to have the two teams
      working on each PPV, this "brand association" has grown.

      With WCW dead, and the WWE having no competition to speak of, any
      comparisons that are made must be between the two WWE "brands". So with
      that in mind, the respective form of both the Raw and SmackDown
      commentary teams
      come into scrutiny - and this is where I feel SmackDown is streets

      Cast your minds back to January 2000. The Royal Rumble at MSG. Kurt
      Angle's "mystery opponent". We all knew Taz had defected from ECW, but
      he hadn't made his WWE debut. Yet. The lights went out, the heart
      started beating louder (before we realised it was his new music), and
      the mood started to change. Tazz (with the extra z) walked out and won
      via stoppage with the Tazzmission.

      Sadly for the Red Hook native, his WWE career didn't stay in the ring
      for too long. His height was an obvious disadvantage from the start - in
      the land of giants, who was going to take a bad-ass midget seriously? In
      end, the WWE pulled him from the ring, and after one or two more
      flirtations with a WWE wrestling career, Tazz was relegated to the spot
      of an interviewer, where he remained until the summer of 2001.

      Following Jerry Lawler's resignation (after his then-wife was released
      by the WWE), Tazz was promoted from working Sunday Night Heat to doing
      two hours of SmackDown. Remaining with Heat-host Michael Cole (back in
      the days when Heat was a live show from the now-defunct WWF New York),
      Tazz started out on SmackDown trying to be a replacement for Jerry
      Lawler. At first, Tazz seemed to be trying too hard, but through time,
      the former ECW champion has developed his own style, and is now
      considered the WWE's best colour commentator.

      Now, I realise a lot of you are fans of Jerry Lawler, but how many of
      you have grown tired of hearing the King whine on about puppies and
      anything to do with sex? Just because he was brought up in a family that
      didn't discuss sex, doesn't mean that we should have to suffer every
      Monday (or Friday) night.

      Since the brand extension, Tazz has really come into his own. A week
      rarely goes by on SmackDown where Tazz doesn't crack a (mainly
      unintentional) joke. Whether it's saying Highway to Hell was written by
      Ozzy Osbourne, forgetting that England is a part of the UK, screwing up
      on his math, or by playing the idiot, Tazz is a real entertainer behind
      the headsets.

      Yes, Tazz really has moved on since the days when his only trademark was
      calling Michael Cole, "Coleslaw". And for all that work Peter Senerca
      has put in for that improvement, I salute him. Carry on the good work

      And we end with our lyrics. Last week, we had Coldplay's latest single
      "Clocks". This week, try and guess what song this comes from: "I wanna
      heal, I wanna feel. I wanna find something I've wanted all along" - I've
      missed a few lyrics out, but that should be enough to keep you guessing.


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