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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      If you're going to RAW tonight please drop us some notes from the show.

      We start the week with a very sad note as one of wrestling's greatest
      technical wrestlers passed away. All the info in the WWE news.

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      - 'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig was found dead earlier today in Tampa, FL.,
      in a hotel room reports 1wrestling.com . He was in town for a wrestling
      show to be promoted by Jimmy Hart. No cause of death has been reported
      yet. Hennig was born on March 28th 1958 and made his pro wrestling debut
      in 1979 after he was trained by the legendary Verne Gange. Although
      spending most of his career in WWE, he never won the WWE Heavyweight
      title but Hennig's title resume` is impressive nonetheless. Twice
      Pacific Coast tag team champ in 1983, Pacific Coast champion in 1983,
      AWA tag team champion in 1986, AWA champion in 1987, two time WWE
      Intercontinental champion in 1990 and WCW US champ in 1997. He made his
      return to WWE at the Royal Rumble last year for what was supposed to be
      a one time shot but Hennig impressed officials and was signed to a
      contract. The Minnesota native recently was part of NWA:TNA after he was
      fired from World Wrestling Entertainment last year for picking a brawl
      with Brock Lesnar on a flight from England to the United States and for
      his behavior on the same flight. Hennig often bragged on TV that he took
      Lesnar 'down' at 30,000 feet in the air although other eyewitnesses on
      the flight say otherwise. Our condolences go out to the Hennig family.

      - The time is up for Eric Bischoff and Chief Morley as their 30 day
      window to revamp RAW expires tonight. Vince McMahon will be present to
      make his decision, will they stay, or will Shane O'Mac be appointed the
      new RAW General Manager? Three matches have been scheduled for tonight's
      show. Rob Van Dam & Kane vs Rosey & Jamal; Christian vs Test; Molly vs
      Jazz. In other RAW related news Billy Gunn will be hosting the live RAW
      party at The World in Times Square.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Carol and Jewell Carter-Wilkins and David
      Ikenberry attended the Smackdown! brand live event in Boise, ID.,
      yesterday and sent in these results. Team Angle defeated Rikishi & Edge;
      Redd Dogg defeated Kanyon; Jamie Noble defeated Nunzio and Shannon
      Moore; Brian Kendrick defeated Chuck Palumbo; Brock Lesnar defeated
      A-Train; Nathan Jones defeated Bill DeMott; Kidman & Torrie Wilson
      defeated John Cena & Dawn Marie; Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit.

      - The Democrat & Chronicle newspaper had a feature on Tough Enough 3
      winner Matt Cappotelli in yesterday's edition. The article, at
      has quotes from Matt, describing his first match on RAW, character
      development and other stuff.

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending February 15th. Taking the number one spot is
      'Survivor Series 2002', followed by 'Divas Undressed' in the second
      place and 'Best of Confidential Volume 1' in third. 'No Mercy 2002' is
      in fifth place, 'SummerSlam 2001' in sixth, 'SummerSlam 2002' in
      seventh, 'Rebellion 2002' in eighth and 'King Of The Ring 2002' in
      ninth. That's eight out of ten videos all carrying the WWE brand. All
      mentioned videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS and


      By Eric Knudsen, [dknudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition
      of Around The Ring, and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I
      could be serious for a minute..." I have a few things to say. First off
      it has been a couple weeks since I last wrote an article. Sorry about
      that. Nothing really "inspired" me toi write until now. And with that
      said, I will now announce the first 10 people to write me with the
      correct answers to my Brainbuster.

      Armin Legg, Keith Kizer, John, Howard Cohen, Tony Fischer, Kym Ryder,
      Jim Moore, David P. Monroe, Jammie Ward, Chris Gonsalves.

      Congratulations to those of you that got it correct. Keep it up!!

      Now onto this weeks rants and raves...

      Triple H. Where to begin with him. It's not that I don't like him. I
      hate his character. As a performer in the
      ring and an athlete I give him all the credit in the world. However,
      within the past 2 years he has been plagued by injuries. First the quad
      muscle which kept him out for 8 months. Then the arm/elbow injury. And
      finally...the blood build up in the left quad. At some point you have
      to say, ok...lets strip this guy of the title because he can't perform
      on Raw. He is only good for PPVs. Now you may say about the above
      injuries I listed...those are only 3 injuries. But those are three
      injuries that are keeping Triple H from defending the title on Raw.
      That's what fans want. To see the champion defend his title. That is
      what will help bring up ratings. And this nonesense of letting Triple H
      hold the title for as long as he wants just because he is
      doing daddys little girl isn't right. Let Steiner have it. RVD is rather
      deserving. Kane has come into his own. Let Batista have a run at the
      title. I know I am overlooking people, but the point is, let these
      people have a chance with the title. Lets see what these other guys have
      to offer. If Triple H does not lose the title at No Way Out, then that
      will be totally ridiculous. As much as he may not want to, Triple H
      needs to take a month or two off and let himself heal. Triple H needs to
      realize that he doesn't have to hog the lime light.

      Goldust gets electrocuted. Come on guys!? What were you thinking with
      this one? Goldust was wearing
      rubber gloves, not to mention that the crew comes over and spray him and
      the electric box with fire extinguishers. Again...come on guys!! Lets
      try to keep a certain amount of realism to it. You never use fire
      extinguishers on an electrical fire. You can get electrocuted too. It
      wasn't a bad idea, but it should have been better thought out. Why is
      Goldust the whipping boy? Seems like is still being punished for

      Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair. Evolution. You have an
      incredible cluster of talent in this
      group. Ric Flair who has been in this business since the dawn of time.
      Triple H...The Game...The Cerebral Assassin. Batista...Power overly
      exemplified. Randy Orton...3rd generation wrestler. The New Four
      Horsemen. That's exactly what they are. You get one more member in this
      group, you'd really have it. Ric Flair would be the J.J. Dillon of our
      time. Triple H is the new Ric Flair with the suits and the flowing
      locks. Batista...the new Enforcer...the new Arn Anderson. Randy Orton
      could be the new Tully Blanchard. Get one more guy to be Ole Anderson
      and you have the New Horsemen. They have evolved. They are Evolution. I
      think this is a great angle they have going here. You have four great
      athletes here and have the power and smarts to kick anyone's @ss. I
      thought it was a little strange at first to add Randy Orton to the mix,
      but he is really impressing me
      in this group. I hope they really run with this angle.

      I watched the match between Steiner and Jericho and while he is still a
      tad rusty, he looked a lot better
      than when he went up against Triple H. Again it looked like he couldn't
      hold onto the powerbomb. But other than that, it looked good. And the
      finisher he used, the Samoan Drop off the second rope, was pretty cool.
      I haven't see that in a while. I guess it had to be a quick ending as he
      didn't use the Steiner Recliner. Give it some time. Steiner will come
      around the WWE style again and the matches won't seem so sluggish and
      slow. I keep referring to the Booker T vs Buff Bagwell match when they
      first got there. Their match was slow and the crowd couldn't get behind
      it as it wasn't the usual WWE style they were used to. Now granted Buff
      screwed himself out of a job by getting into a fight, however Booker T
      has really adjusted and come into his own in WWE. So I think Steiner too
      will come around.

      Brother Love. Come on guys?! What were you thinking? Well I admit I did
      get a bit of a chuckle out of it
      seeing his stupid outfit again. And was it me, or did it look like
      Undertaker really didn't want to be involved in that? In a way I kind of
      missed Brother Love...but after two seconds on Smackdown, I realized
      again why I hated him. And as much as I don't really care for the
      American Bad Ass character, I have to say it was good to see Brother
      Love get chokeslammed and then the Old School Tombstone Piledriver. That
      was amazing...especially with as bad as Takers hips are.

      Los Guerreros vs Team Angle was a great match! The Guerreros showed they
      can go hold for hold with
      Team Angle even though they came up with the short end of the stick. A
      combination of high flying, mixed with speed and technical wrestling. It
      doesn't get much better than that. Plus there was some old school stuff.
      Like Eddie choking out one of Team Angle with the tag rope in the
      corner. While I like the Guerreros, it is good to see the young Team
      Angle win the tag belts. Now Team Angle has the WWE Undisputed Title and
      the Tag Team Titles. Who can really stop them?? Angle vs Benoit is a
      main event anywhere. These two give the fans their moneys worth each and
      everytime. They put on a stellar show filled with speed, high flying,
      and technical. The powerbomb I saw Angle give Benoit in the corner was
      sick. That's not supposed to happen!! HAHA!. However Benoit quickly
      bounced back with a devastating German Suplex. I heard Tazz mention and
      Benoit to the great Dynamite Kid of the British Bulldogs. Benoit has
      patterned himself so much after Dynamite Kid that watching Benoit is
      like watching Kid. If you can get your hands on some older WWE video
      with the British Bulldogs, you will notice how strikingly similiar the
      two are. In fact when I first saw Benoit, I thought it was Dynamite Kid.
      Even though I knew it wasn't possible with Kid's disability. From the
      snap suplexes to the diving headbutt. But back to the match, it was a
      good one as always.

      Who would have ever thought that after almost 20 years, from the first
      "Eye Of The Tiger" to "I Am A Real
      American" to now "Voodoo Child" that Hulk Hogan would still be able to
      pop a crowd huge? If only he still had the mobility to wrestle well, he
      would be even better. He still has the mysterous charisma that has held
      on for nearly 20 years. All the Hulkamaniacs still go crazy. And even
      after all these years, Hogan still knows how to milk it for everything
      it's worth. And when the crowd does finally die down, all it takes is
      one line from Hogan to get them going again. Will there ever be anyone
      that can do that after 20 years? I watched the whole Rock/Hogan segment
      on Smackdown. The Rock was funny...2 years ago. His gimmick has gotten
      stale and I think finally the fans have woken up and realized it. They
      want change. The Rock needs to reinvent himself. It happened with
      Austin. And he somewhat reinvented himself with the whole "What?!"
      shtick. So that is what it is
      going to take to bring the Peoples Champion back to the people.

      I did get a good laugh during Smackdown. But hey...I'm not telling you
      anything you don't already know. That's right... the Sean O'Haire
      character showed up on SD and has begun his "manipulation". Brian
      Kendrick wanted to make an impact on the WWE and Sean O'Haire showed him
      the way. Then to see young Brian streaking down the ramp passed A-Train
      and run around naked was a total riot. A complete rip off of the Nike
      commercial, but funny nonetheless. I hope they can keep this up with
      Sean O'Haire. Although, and I am sure it would have happened to me too,
      but it was pretty wrong when Brian ran into Stephs office and he
      says..."I am happy to see you." And then as he leaves Steph says..."I
      can see that!". Just a little too much.

      So...is the WWE saving McMahon vs Hogan for the granddaddy of them
      all...Wrestlemania? I think we could see it. It would be even better if
      they waited for Wrestlemania XX that is supposed to be at Madison Square
      Garden. Can you believe that the 20th anniversary is only a year away?

      And last but not least...this section may have to become the "Bash Edge"
      section. But Edge ruined the
      end of Smackdown, but thankfully he got the crap beaten out of him.
      Thankfully Brock Lesnar saved the show when he came down and cleaned
      house. I couldn't believe that we went through a whole show without
      Edge...it was great! Then he has to run in at the end. Come on guys!

      Well I am going to wrap this up. But before I do, please stop by my
      website Around The Ring at http://aroundthering.fcpages.com It has all
      my old columns plus the new ones as well as interviews, polls, and soon
      to be more Brainbusters.

      ***Last Brainbuster***

      Q: In the early 1980's in the AWA, what German native wrestler and AWA
      Champion was known for ripping phone books in half?

      A: Otto Wanz

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster***
      (Remember to send all answers and/or comments to dknudsen@...)

      This week is not a question but a poll. To view this poll, please go to
      http://aroundthering.fcpages.com .
      Then on the main page go to Special Polls link. There you will find it.

      If you do not have web access, only email access, please email me for
      the poll and I will add your answers
      into the poll. It is easier to use a poll page than to do it myself and
      count out etc.

      Well thats it for me. Thank you for joining me for this edition. Join me
      again soon for another edition of
      Around The Ring. I am Eric, that's my opinion and I am standing by it!!


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