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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1488

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      So this is it. The last issue of the year 2002. What a year it has been.
      We've seen the unthinkable happen in the wrestling business this year.
      From the nWo coming in, Hogan still getting gigantic pops, Eric Bischoff
      - of all people - joins WWE, Steve Austin quits, Shawn Michaels returned
      to action and many more memorable moments. Even though we had some very
      bad stuff this year wrestling-wise, it was quite a year to remember.

      What about the site and newsletter? Well since the advertising market
      went down the drain, we've been losing money ever since. As all of you
      know, the only ads running on the website are merchandise ads; which
      means if no one buys, no commission money will be received. Dedicated
      server costs aren't cheap, but oh well that's how business goes. One
      year good, one year bad. Hopefully next year it will be better. No,
      hopefully it will be much better! There is a major re-design on the way
      which is going to debut next month if all goes well. It will take some
      time to pop up as it's an ongoing process and no where near finished.

      This newsletter is still the longest running uninterrupted sheet on the
      Internet. And I'm very proud of that fact, as should everyone be on the
      team. Now going in its seventh year I think it's a very nice
      accomplished task. I'm not saying we have the best newsletter or biggest
      newsletter around, I think that's up to the fans to judge and decide,
      but being around for so long says something. Yahoo! Groups threw
      thousands of Hotmail subscribers out earlier this year which knocked
      quite a few people out. The screw up was when a Hotmail server failed to
      respond when the newsletter was sent and all of the e-mails were bounced
      back, thus kicking them off the list. A big part of those still think
      we're dead, while others still mail me to this day asking why they
      haven't received the newsletter in such a long time. I am setting my
      eyes on a product which will enable us to put the newsletter off Yahoo!
      Groups and onto our dedicated server. By doing that, delivery time and
      subscriptions will be processed much faster and we will have total
      control over everything as Yahoo! Groups will be out of the picture.
      However there are still some items needed to be added to this product
      before we make the move.

      The media ban implied by WWE in March effected the way we work so to
      speak. We don't have the ability anymore to call and speak with WWE
      officials over certain items. And it's just not this newsletter, but
      everyone who is associated with a website or a newsletter. Hopefully WWE
      will take off the ban in 2003 and we will resume our wonderful working
      relationship. I still keep in touch from time to time with the people at
      WWE and believe it or not we do have several WWE employees on this list
      so I think we're not on their bad side.

      I wanna say thanks to everyone who over the past year contributed to the
      newsletter and website in some way, shape or form. From our columnists,
      to our TV reporters on the website, to all the readers who attended live
      events and sent in reports etc - a big thank you and two thumbs up. This
      wouldn't be possible without your ongoing help.

      With that said, it's time to get outta here. Have a nice New Year
      celebration, and drink one for me! ;) The next issue will be on January
      2nd with the W-O 2002 Awards results and an interview with former NWA
      Champion Ron 'The Truth' Killings conducted by Lekisha Oliver.

      See ya next year....peace!

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      - Tonight's RAW will be a 'Best Of' program from the year 2002. Matches
      scheduled to air as part of the show are: Kurt Angle vs Edge from
      Backlash; Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Ladder Match from RAW; Rey Mysterio
      vs Kurt Angle from SummerSlam; Rock vs Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam; Hulk
      Hogan vs Rock from WrestleMania X8; Triple H vs Shawn Michaels from
      SummerSlam; TLC 4 match from RAW; Edge vs. Eddy Guerrero Ladder Match
      from Smackdown. In other related RAW news, Scotty 2 Hotty will be at The
      World in New York hosting the live RAW party.

      > HARDY BIO IN 2003
      - In his latest commentary, Matt Hardy revealed that the Hardy Boyz
      biography titled 'Exist 2 Inspire' will be in bookstores everywhere
      coming March 2003. The book is almost finished and details Matt and
      Jeff's road to wrestling glory up to this point. It will be released
      under one of the Simon & Schuster publishing companies.

      - We have received the artwork for Survivor Series 2002 DVD and the Best
      Of Confidential DVD which are both set for release on 14th January 2003.
      The Survivor Series cover has all six participants of the Elimination
      Chamber on the front with a cage in the background while the
      Confidential one has a rather unique cover with Trish on the front in a
      tabloid magazine layout. You can check them out and order them as well
      on both VHS or DVD at WrestlingMegastore.com .

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 8.25, a 0.72% decrease over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 8.21 - 8.38.


      By Eric Knudsen, [dknudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition
      of Around The Ring and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I could
      be serious for a minute..." I have a few things to say. I hope all of
      you had a wonderful holiday this week. I know I had a decent one... no
      real complaints. Although Santa didn't bring me Torrie Wilson...oh well.
      What can I do about that? Anyway, this will be the last Around The Ring
      of the year and so with that, I will print here the names of the first
      10 who got the last brainbuster question correct:

      Bryan Jaffe, Mike Kolb, Joe Stone, Armin Legg, Carlos Santiago, Kenneth
      Dale Frazier, Michael Bahn, Greg Simpson, Justin Fleischman, Joel

      Congrats to all of you who got it right. And I want to sincerely
      apologize to everyone for not writing back this time around as the
      holidays have been busy for me. I will do better next time.

      Well we come to the end of another year and with that it is some sort of
      tradition to always look back on the year past. So I have decided to do
      a BEST OF/WORST OF 2002. As usual, a lot has gone on over this past
      year...both good and bad. And I hope I capture that with this column. So
      with that being said...away we go!!

      Let me start this off with:

      The Best Storyline of 2002: The nWo Nearly Destroys The Rock. In what
      was considered by many a storyline that went too far, I thought it was
      one of the greatest things I have ever seen on wrestling since the old
      nWo in WCW. Hogan having to keep from laughing and all that was
      great...not to mention the reaction of the nWo'ers after looking in the
      back of the ambulance. Honestly this is no different than when Austin
      lifted Triple H up in a car with a forklift and dumped him off. The nWo
      was all about violence and domination in numbers. It was what could they
      do to make you hate them or how far could they go? Honestly I laughed my
      ass off when I saw it. That is why I watch wrestling now...to get a good
      laugh. That doesn't happen too much anymore. So for all of you that
      thought it went to far, I say...WHATEVER!

      The Worst Storyline of 2002: Necrophilia. That's all I have to say and a
      majority of you know what I am referring to. It is probably the worst
      since the Big Bossman/Al Snow/Dog incident. I feel this storyline was in
      bad taste. If that is the best idea you can come up with for an angle
      between HHH and Kane, that is sad. And why make Kane a murderer? Isn't
      it bad enough that Undertaker was a murderer? First it is Cain The
      Undertaker. Then it's just Undertaker. Then Undertaker is accused of
      being a murderer. Then Kane shows up. After a time HHH accuses Kane of
      being a murderer. I think that is rather insulting to the fans. And plus
      there was no need to get all indepth with that video of Triple H as Kane
      screwing "Katie Vick". I know I am not making the big bucks like HHH,
      but come on...dont you have an ounce of self respect man!?

      The Best Wrestler Of 2002: Brock Lesnar. Here Comes The Pain! Ok ok
      ok...I am kind of tired of hearing Tazz say that too. However, since
      Brock has made his debut just after Wrestlemania, I have been impressed
      with the progress of this true athlete. 6'3"...295 of raw power. Doesn't
      get much better than that. He does need to work on his mic skills, but
      even those are starting to get better. And when I saw Brock F-5 Big
      Show...if I wasnt hooked as a fan before, I certainly was then. If he
      can maintain his health I see a BIG future for the Next Big Thing.

      The Worst Wrestler Of 2002: B-2 Bull Buchanan. Need I say more?!

      The Most Impressive Move Of 2002: The F-5 on the Big Show. That was very
      impressive and shows a scary amount of strength from Brock Lesnar. Even
      Show admitted to that. In a way, you can only go down from here...unless
      Viscera comes back. Yikes.

      The Least Impressive Move Of 2002: Stratusfaction. Don't get me wrong,
      Trish is hot. However her finisher needs some work. I am tired of seeing
      her opponent obviously helping her to complete the move. It isnt bad
      when she runs and does the move. But when you are to close to the ropes,
      it looks too obvious and causes your opponent to do all the work.

      The Best Submission Move Of 2002: I saw it for the first time tonight on
      Smackdown...it was a mean looking submission that Charlie Haas(of HWA)
      used on Chris Benoit. It started out sort of like a sharp shooter with
      the one leg crossed over the other, but then Charlie put his foot
      against the bent leg and fell back putting Benoit in a "C" shape that
      looked painful. Good job!

      The Worst Submission Move Of 2002: I don't think there is one to be
      honest...no one really uses The Sleeper Hold anymore. I know..its not
      really a submission...it was just a joke and a bad one at that.

      The Most Devastating Move Of 2002: This one was a hard choice, however
      this one I finally decided was just plain SICK! It goes to Batista who
      powerbombed poor Spike Dudley onto the security rail. I have to give a
      lot of credit to Spike Dudley. He is one tough little bastard. It is the
      ruthless moves I look for...thee ones that make me scream out..."Now
      That's Not Right!" And that right there made me do that. The next runner
      up would go to Brock Lesnar tossing Shannon Moore out of the ring.

      The Least Devastating Move Of 2002: Edge's Spear. He is definitely no
      Goldberg and I will go on record as saying that I think it was bulls--t
      when Edge fought Big Show and Show went down to a spear from Edge. Sad!

      The Best Wrestler Push Of 2002: Brock Lesnar. It isnt just because I am
      a fan of his, but look at the way they pushed this guy! The only other
      person to get as close of push like this is Kurt Angle. Was WWE
      Undisputed Champion within four months, and held the title for nearly
      three months. And he is still in the main event status. It doesnt get
      much better than that.

      The Worst Push Of 2002: Edge. I am not impressed with this guy at all.
      Especially as a singles wrestler. I dont see the appeal. The women all
      love Edge for whatever reason...the same way they love flopper boy Jeff
      "Dont know a real wrestling hold to save my life" Hardy. I honestly hope
      they never give Edge the title.

      The Best Match Of 2002: The Elimination Chamber Match. What could
      compete with that?? 6 of Raws top stars in a chamber. I didn't care for
      the outcome as I see that WWE Raw doesnt trust the younger guys yet. And
      that is really sad. Give it 4 or 5 months and we will see Shawn Michaels
      again. Either come back or stay away. Close runner up would be the
      ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and RVD.

      The Worst Match Of 2002: HHH vs D'Lo Brown in a Blindfold match. Come on
      guys!! Thats as bad a "...on a pole" match. Stick to good wrestling.

      Most Improved Wrestler Of 2002: Test. And with Stacy Keibler in his
      corner, is there any real wonder why?! Test has the talent and the
      ability if they would just let him do it. Sure his mic skills arent the
      greatest, but his in ring ability nearly makes up for that. Keep an eye
      out for this guy in 2003. And if nothing else...keep an eye on Stacy!!

      Most Unimproved Wrestler Of 2002: Chris Jericho. From being the first
      WWE Undisputed Champion to out of the main event and finally tagged up
      with Christian. I enjoy Christian, however, from where Jericho was, that
      is a major step DOWN! The only way for it to get worse is if he teamed
      up with The Brooklyn Brawler. Can Jericho turn things around for himself
      in 2003?

      The Best Thing Of 2002: This will be debated by many, but I am going out
      on a limb and saying the arrival of the Genetic Freak Scott Steiner. The
      Big Bad Booty Daddy finally back on tv and hopefully soon will be
      kicking peoples asses. HHH needs a good beating and I think Steiner is
      the guy to give it to him. Big Poppa Pump is your hook up...holla if you
      hear him!!

      The Worst Thing Of 2002: The ending of the IC Title. From Pat Patterson,
      to Greg Valentine and Tito Santana to RVD, this title has quite the
      history behind it and it was a shame that they did away with the IC
      title. Hopefully someday they will bring it back. I truely believe it is
      the stepping stone to the world title and marks if someone is good
      enough to go to the next level.

      Well I think I have rambled on enough, so here I go with:

      ***Last Brainbuster***

      Q: Who did The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers beat to win the WWWF World
      Heavyweight Title in April of 1963?

      A: Supposedly he beat Antonio Rocca in a tournament in Rio de Janiero.
      However, just like the IC title, this tourney never took place and Buddy
      Roger was just given the title.

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster***(Be sure to send all answers and/or comments
      to dknudsen@.... Remember to include your name.)

      Q: Who helped King Kong Bundy injure the ribs of Hulk Hogan before
      Wrestlemania 2 on Saturday Night's Main Event?

      Well thats it for me. Thank you for joining me for this edition. Join me
      again soon for another edition of Around The Ring. I am Eric, that's my
      opinion and I am standing by it!!


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