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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. Quite a couple of interesting news today. Back tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
      In May 1999, the wrestling world was shocked by the untimely death
      of wrestling superstar Owen Hart. More than three years later, his
      wife Martha released a book titled 'Broken Harts: The Life And Death
      of Owen Hart'. In this book Martha details Owen's last moments at
      the WWF Over The Edge PPV, the effect on the Hart family, the multi
      million dollar lawsuit against WWE and much more. Get it now from
      HTTP://WWW.WRESTLINGMEGASTORE.COM for just $14.99!


      - In a press release sent today by WWE, Inc., it was announced that
      August Liguori, Chief Financial Officer, and Julie Hoffman, Chief
      Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, are out of the company
      effective immediately. This news comes in as a big surprise, especially
      the departure of Liguori who is a big part of the WWE executive team and
      also a member on the Board of Directors. Liguori was named CFO on
      September 1st 1998 with a base salary of $350,000 per year plus bonuses.
      His contract expired on August of last year and was renewed. Hoffman
      joined the company on April 24th, 2001. For the moment, Frank Sharpe,
      Chief Accounting Officer will serve as acting CFO while Basil DeVito,
      former President of the XFL and long-time associate will head all

      - Survivor Series has become the biggest selling event in WWE history
      for a show in Madison Square Garden according to WWE. The press release
      states that all tickets are sold out however Ticketmaster.com still have
      tickets for sale including ringside ones. The event so far passed the
      $1.1 million mark which was set by Royal Rumble 2000. Tickets went on
      sale last week for the show with Eric Bischoff making an appearance at
      the arena signing autographs. Ringside seats are going for $400 a pop,
      an increase of $100 over normal WWE pay-per-view events.

      - With the European market still a hotbed for World Wrestling
      Entertainment, the company today announced that the four shows in
      Finland, Northern Ireland and England generated more than $2.2 million
      in ticket sales. All shows were sold out except the one in Finland which
      was almost a full house. It was the company's first stop in the country.
      More than 43,000 fans attended the tour which was headlined by the
      Rebellion pay-per-view from the Manchester Evening News Arena.

      - The following matches are set for tonight's Smackdown! on UPN. Big
      Show vs Rikishi; Matt Hardy vs Tajiri; Edge vs Chris Benoit; Torrie
      Wilson vs Dawn Marie; Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero; Brock Lesnar vs Rey
      Mysterio. Also tonight on MTV at 10PM, the second episode of Tough
      Enough will hit the air. Tonight's show revolves mostly around Lisa, who
      gets some major heat from the other competitors.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks took a small dive again today after the executive changes were
      announced, closing the day at 7.92, a 2.22% decrease over the previous
      day. The day's range was 7.81 - 8.25.


      By Eric Knudsen, [dknudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all! Welcome to what is a long
      time in coming edition of Around
      The Ring. And as always, I am your loyal host Eric. "If I could be
      serious for a minute..." I really miss that, I will get to the article.

      Well lets see. Since I last wrote, we've seen the brand split. A
      homosexual engagement. The departure of a superstar and the arrival of
      another. A monster of a champion. And now...necrophilia. Now I ask,
      whats up
      with dat?! Where does the madness end?

      Enter: Eric Bishoff. Like him or hate him, the man sent the wrestling
      world on its ear with the creation of the nWo. Probably one of the
      biggest gimmicks in wrestling since Hulkamnia. So in some way you'd
      think it would help to bring him in to help ratings. And honestly, up to
      recent events, I thought the shows were fairly good. But the ratings
      have been saying otherwise. And now with the necrophilia story, there's
      a good and a bad side.

      The good side: they cant get much lower. But Vince being the genius he
      is, will probably find a way. The bad side: why bring up another bad
      storyline? I mean sure, the original story was used to bring in Kane.
      You remember...Paul Bearer's whiney voice, "Taker you're a murderer! You
      murdered your own brother!" Well when Triple H said "Kane you're a
      murderer"...that was the first thing I thought of. I guess it must run
      in the family. But I digress. Granted this past Monday's show was pretty
      funny with the whole pulling things from Triple H's rear end. I hope
      they are going somewhere with this or just bury it.

      But if he does get Steiner, I hope he will do something good with him
      and wont ruin him the way they have
      with other stars.

      The consolidation of titles. The hardcore title, I could give a crap.
      But the Intercontinental title is
      another story. Besides the history this title holds, I always found it
      to be the "Stone in the water" that
      the WWF/WWE would put their stars on to see if they would balance and
      make it across or fall in, never to make it. And if they did make it
      across, they got to run for the world title. That title to me meant you
      are the number one contender for the world title. Which if the IC champ
      did win the world title, would or could have set up for a great
      tournament. But they felt the need to swallow the title and get rid of
      it. But on the other hand, it just means that this is only one goal in
      mind for the singles...The World Title. And that, is a good thing.

      The brand split: Good idea, could have been better. But not as bad as
      the fumbling of the buyout angle.

      It was sad to see the A$$ kicking, B.M.Fer, boss beating, beer drinker
      from Victoria Texas leave the company after just a shade under 10 years
      with WWF/WWE. At least they didnt tell him to get the F out! But I guess
      Austin could only take so much. It was even sadder to see the demise of
      Austin assulting his wife. How the mighty have fallen. I can only hope
      he gets his head together and comes back.

      As I mentioned earlier, WWE has finally taken a positive step in hiring
      The Genetic Freak himself, Scott Steiner. One can only hope he can stay
      healthy. But if he can, I see the Big Poppa Pump being champion
      within a year of his debut. If you think this true, I am your hook up.
      Holler if ya hear me!

      The monster has arrived. The Next Big Thing has made his presence known.
      From the first time I saw him
      on TV until now, I have been a big fan of Brock Lesnar. Anyone who can
      F5 Mark Henry or Rikishi, you have to
      give it up for them! Scary strength. Can get it done in the ring. But,
      the only thing is: Mic Skills. That
      hasn't stopped WWE from making him a champion. I am not trying to be a
      doubter, but I am surprised
      Brock has held the title this long. I hope he holds it for a long time.
      But it just seems like his reign is kind of dry somehow. Its missing the
      glitz of the today superstars. Theres nothing real exciting about Brock.
      He doesn't have the charisma of a Jericho or Rock. But it is good to see
      this kind of change up. Its what we

      Billy and Chuck. There it is again. The WWE has brought back another
      "Are they or arent they gay?!" angle. Hey. Dont get me wrong. I have no
      problem with it. Its just not my thing. They did the same thing with
      Goldust. It was a little weird with the engagement and all. But
      hey...its 2002. What a world.

      Necrophilia. Come on guys!? What are you thinking?!

      Just one last thing before I go. What in the hell is the deal with Jeff
      Hardy?! Everytime I see that guy he get weirder and weirder! What a
      punk! HAHAHA.

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster*** (Remember to send all your answers to

      Q: Who was Intercontinental Champion from April 1st, 1990 to April 23,

      Well thats it for me. I will try to be more frequent with articles.
      Thank you for joining me for this edition. Join me again soon for
      another edition of Around The Ring. I am Eric, that's my opinion and I
      am standing by it!!


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