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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1391

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Alright, we goofed in the schedule for the week in Sunday's newsletter.
      RAW was live in Milwaukee, WI., and SD! brand in La Crosse, WI., and not
      in Chicago, IL., and Dallas, TX. My bad.

      If you're going to Smackdown! tapings tonight, drop us some notes with
      off camera happenings please.

      Back tomorrow with more news and a column from Jon Beck.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart. Triple H's 'The Game' is at number three, followed by
      'WrestleMania X8' in fourth place. nWo's 'Back In Black' video sits in
      number six, 'Backlash' in number seven, 'Funniest Moments' in number
      eight and Steve Austin's 'What?' wraps up the list in number ten. All
      videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on both DVD & VHS.

      - RAW and Smackdown! on-screen general managers Eric Bischoff and
      Stephanie McMahon appeared during the Dallas, TX., live event this past
      Sunday. McMahon appeared during the start of the show and promised to
      have Bischoff ejected if he shows up. Kane was wrestling on this
      Smackdown! brand live event and after his match Bischoff came down. A
      few slaps later, Eric ordered the Big Red Machine to chokeslam Stephanie
      but Bischoff ended up getting the ride instead.

      - The Anaheim crowd seems to love WWE as the live RAW for September 23 -
      the day after Unforgiven - is already sold out of the best tickets. The
      only tickets remaining are those which have limited viewing, and are
      blocked by either the set or the lightning equipment hanging from the
      rafters. The Unforgiven PPV, which will be at the Staples Center is not
      selling well and only few tickets have been sold. This will be the first
      time that the Staples Center in Los Angeles will host a WWE

      - Web portals giants Lycos and Yahoo both offer their most popular
      keyword searches. For the past 158 weeks, the WWF/WWE keyword has been
      in the Lycos Top 50, although lately it's slipping to the bottom
      numbers. This week, the WWE keyword is placed number 29, down around 15
      places where it is usually at. On Yahoo! the keyword WWE is at number 7,
      up from last week's 11. It's the 84th week that the keyword has been on
      Yahoo's 'Buzz Index'.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 9.60, a 1.03% decrease over the previous day.
      The day's range was 9.50 - 9.68.


      By Rick Rockwell, [rickrockwell@...]

      Bored or Board? Ladies and gentlemen introducing to you, live from
      Sacramento California, your Abnormal Host - DOUBLE R. (Cue the crowd

      Thank You, Thank You! I love you all.. It's great to see all those
      smiling faces out there, even the ones that are missing most of their

      My favorite BOARD-game is Risk. I love trying to conquer the world. You
      roll the dice to see if you can kill your enemy's soldiers. After
      capturing a country, you get a card. After you get 3 cards that match or
      are one of each, you can trade the cards in for more soldiers. I love
      this game. Unlike Raw last night, this GAME is entertaining.

      Last night on RAW was a great example of a BORED-game. Who here, besides
      Double R, was not only disappointed but also disgusted with giving HHH
      the belt? Basically I am bored with The Game. His feud with HBK was only
      good because it was great to see HBK back, even though I was never a fan
      of his. I like underdogs. But giving HHH the title was a dud. Not a
      bubba, not a D-von, and not a Spike; but a fat, non-creative dud. Well
      Double R if you think it was such a dud, what would you have done?

      I'll tell you what I would have done. Put on your imagination hats and
      aaaaawwwwaaayyy we go.

      Lillian introduces Eric Bischoff. The general manager comes down and
      does his speech about how RAW needs a champ since Lesnar is exclusive to
      Smackdown. After the speech, Eric Bischoff, one by one, calls out
      to come down to the ring. Booker T, Golddust, Lance Storm, Christian,
      Test, Bradshaw, Chris Nowinski, Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, Bubba Ray,
      The Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Spike Dudley, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Kane,
      RVD, HHH. Well that took about 3 minutes, and then Jamal and Rosie jump
      into the ring from the crowd.

      Bischoff then declares that all these men in the ring will compete in a
      Battle Royal, with the winner becoming the RAW heavyweight champion.

      HHH locks up with Kane. Kane is trying to eliminate HHH but he is
      holding onto the ropes. Hardy, Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Bubba Ray, and
      Kane eliminate HHH. So he is the first one ousted. Meanwhile Flair is
      locked up with Jericho, Un-Americans locked up with G-Dust, Booker T and
      Bradshaw, Regal and Nowinski are teaming up on RVD, Jamal and Rosie are
      fighting with the Big Show. Big Show is thrown over by Jamal and Rosie
      within the first 3 minutes.

      Test eliminates Bradshaw and helps Christian eliminate Goldust. RVD
      fights back and eliminates Nowinski, Jamal and Rosie eliminate Dreamer
      and Spike. That leaves Kane, RVD, Hardy, Booker T, Flair, Bubba,
      Jericho, Un Americans, Regal, Jamal and Rosie.

      Bubba locks up with Regal, Flair and Jericho, Booker T and Kane lock up
      with Un Americans, and RVD and Hardy lock up with Jamal and Rosie. Jamal
      and Rosie beat down RVD and Hardy and then they go eliminate Bubba.
      Regal assists the Un Americans and eliminated Booker T. Kane sits up and
      wreaks havoc. First he throws Christian out, then Regal, then Lance
      Storm, and finally he eliminates Test. Rosie and Jamal eliminate Kane.
      is eliminated by RVD, Hardy is eliminated by Jamal. Jamal is eliminated
      by RVD and Flair is eliminated by Jericho after Jericho hits him with a
      foreign object.

      So it's down to RVD and Jericho for the title. After an exchange of
      offensive moves, RVD hits the frog splash for the win. HHH comes out and
      destroys RVD from behind. Jericho and HHH start teaming up on RVD when
      comes out and clears the ring. BOOOM, Kane lights up the ring.

      Future storylines:

      1) For the next couple weeks, HHH attacks all the guys who eliminated
      him from he battle royal. First week he destroys Spike Dudley. Next Week
      he destroys Tommy Dreamer. A feud between HHH and Bubba results in a
      between him and Bubba at the next PPV. October would see weeks of build
      up between HHH and Jeff Hardy with a ladder's match for the PPV.
      November we have Kane vs. HHH at Survivor Series.

      2) The obvious feud with Jericho and RVD leading up to September's PPV.
      Flair stops HHH from interfering, causing Jericho to attack Flair, which
      gives RVD the opportunity to get the upper hand.

      3) Booker, Gold, Bradshaw, Kane vs. Un-Americans, with their new member
      Regal, at September's PPV.

      4) Jamal and Rosie vs. Big Show at Septembers PPV.

      October story lines

      1) HHH vs. Hardy
      2) Booker and Goldust become Tag Champs - Face Regal and Christian at
      October's PPV.
      3) Jamal and Rosie attacking Kane - handicap match at PPV
      4) RVD vs. Un-Americans - RVD loses intercontinental title to Test -
      RVD vs. Lance Storm for the Championship at October's PPV.
      5) Flair and Jericho continue their feud.

      November story lines

      1) HHH vs. Kane - sledgehammer match at Survivor's Series.
      2) RVD vs. Jericho vs. Flair - Triangle match at Survivor Series for
      3) Jamal and Rosie vs. Booker and Gold - Tag Title match at Survivor
      4) Bubba vs. Test - Intercontinental match at Survivor Series

      You see folks it's not that hard to come up with logical and interesting
      storylines at the same time creating new feuds and giving pushes to
      different guys. I just get sick and tired of seeing the same faces at
      the top. HHH, Undertaker, Rock, and Austin have been at the top for the
      last 3 years. It's time to see others at the top. Here is my pick for 5
      other guys to be at the top: Kurt Angle, Benoit, Edge, RVD, and Brock

      Double R wants you to sound off on how you think RAW should have debuted
      the championship belt. Or sound off on your favorite Board Game!

      Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I sure did. I celebrated all
      the women in labor.

      Feel free to send all questions, comments, money, and photos of women to


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