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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1389

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We have a new section up at InfoCentral called WWE Contracts. It's 90%
      legal crap-o-mania but it's interesting to read nearly a dozen of full
      unedited WWE contracts. Everything at

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
      He is the immortal Hulk Hogan, perhaps the biggest superstar to be
      associated with the wrestling business. Now for the first time ever
      on DVD, the history of the Hulkster and Hulkamania re-lived inside a
      2-disc special edition titled 'Hulk Still Rules'. It's 360 minutes
      of Hogan action and you can order the DVD or else the VHS tape from


      > RATINGS
      - Smackdown! received a 3.1 rating for Thursday's show with a 5.0 share,
      down 0.5 from last week's 3.6. The show was pre-empted in New York and
      Florida which took a nice hit on the ratings. In last weekend's ratings,
      Velocity did a 0.7 with a 1.2 share, Confidential did a 0.8 with a 1.8
      share and Heat did a 0.9 with a 1.8 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen
      Media Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - The following shows went on sale this morning. Live event on Saturday
      September 21st at the Compaq Center in San Jose, CA.; Live event on
      Saturday September 21st in Fresno, CA., at the Selland Arena; Unforgiven
      PPV live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA., on Sunday
      September 22nd; Live event on Monday September 23rd at the Events Center
      at UCSB in Santa Barbara, CA.; Live RAW from the Arrowhead Pond in
      Anaheim, CA., on Monday September 23rd; Smackdown! tapings in San Diego,
      CA., at the San Diego Sports Arena on Tuesday September 24th; RAW live
      on Monday October 14th at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
      For more information check out Ticketmaster.com or else call the arena
      box office.

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'DG2K' attended the Playstation eXperience at
      Earl's Court Arena in London England on Friday and sent in word that
      Torrie Wilson was on hand taking pictures and signing autographs. The
      new Smackdown! game was also on display. Wilson had five security guards
      surrounding her making sure that she doesn't get squashed by the
      thousands of fans who showed up.

      - The poster for September's PPV Unforgiven is now online at our Info
      Central Posters section at http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/
      . As reported in an earlier issue, the poster features Brock Lesnar with
      the tag line 'The Next Big Thing has arrived' under the new Unforgiven
      logo at the bottom.

      - It didn't take long for the upcoming three shows in the UK to get sold
      out. UK fans stormed the Ticketmaster UK website and jammed phone lines
      this morning as tickets for the Rebellion tour went on sale. The live
      event in Belfast, Ireland at the Odyssey Arena, the Rebellion PPV at the
      MEN Arena in Manchester and the Rebellion aftermath in Sheffield,
      England at the Sheffield Arena are all sold out. On September 2nd,
      tickets will go on sale for the first ever Finland stop at the Hartwall
      Areena. Tickets for that even can be purchased at Lippupalvelu.fi .

      - W-O Newsletter readers Terry Bourlier and 'hugeDXfan' attended the
      live event in Lincoln, NE., yesterday and sent in the following notes.
      Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven & Steven Richards; Bradshaw defeated Lance
      Storm; Booker T & Goldust defeated Justin Credible & Shelton Benjamin;
      Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker; Trish Stratus & Jacqueline
      defeated Molly & Victoria; Chris Jericho defeated Bubba Ray Dudley; Rob
      Van Dam defeated The Big Show. Our reader Terry also added that he and
      his six year old son met a couple of wrestlers. They were sitting in the
      disabled section and Steven Richards and Shelton Benjamin dropped by to
      say 'Hi' while going to the back. Richards talked to our reader's son
      and then went to the back and brought out Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rob Van
      Dam and Christopher Nowinski to talk with the youngster, making his
      birthday a very memorable one! Our other reader also was celebrating his
      birthday and almost ended up arrested for not leaving after all the
      superstars had driven away from the parking lot!


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      We're back after an impromptu week's break. Man, you take two days off,
      and all hell breaks loose! A lot to get through this week, so let's get
      the show on the road.

      SummerSlam was easily the WWF/WWE's best card of 2002 so far. Granted,
      it may not have had the star power that WrestleMania had, but at least
      virtually every match on the card had a storyline behind it (although
      storyline behind Edge/Eddie was a tad flimsy)

      Starting off with a cracker between Rey Rey and Kurt Angle, your Olympic
      Hero grabbed his first PPV win in a while (it seemed). Mysterio pulled a
      few good moves out of the hat, but I think the guy has to turn it down a
      bit. After all, if we see the West Coast Pop and the 619 in every match
      he does, they're gonna start getting stale, especially if the counters
      Angle pulled are used frequently. Note to production: press the big red
      button to fire off the pyro :)

      How do you follow that one up? Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair? That's
      alright I suppose, but I'd rather have seen Jericho go over (cue the
      masses of Ric Flair marks e-mailing me, but I'll talk about those a bit
      later on).

      Edge then beat Eddie Guerrero to keep Edge's push on track, before the
      Un-Americans retained against Booker T and Goldust. What's the betting
      they lose the tag titles around 9/11?

      The first shocker of the night came when RVD won back the IC title for
      Raw. How long before RVD jumps to SmackDown - or is the World title now
      going to be a SmackDown "exclusive" (and how long will that last)?

      Undertaker vs Test. Meh. Not my favourite - but then again, when both
      these men are in the same match, you know it's not gonna win Match of
      the Year honours.

      HBK vs HHH - those of you who know me will know I'm not exactly either
      of these guy's biggest fans, but Shawn's performance won me over.
      Sitting on my chair at 3 in the morning watching this match, I was
      biting for every near-fall, "ooh"ing for every spot. If that is Shawn's
      last ever match (until the next one), he's left a hell of a legacy for
      himself. Shame the politics are gonna ruin it for the guy though.

      Finally - Brock vs Rock. Reminiscent of WrestleMania X8 I thought, when
      Rocky was getting the heat. Maybe the fans are starting to realise that
      the Rock is treating them as second class citizens, and the big middle
      finger may be coming soon as Rocky leaves for a career in Hollywood.

      If that is gonna happen, all I'll say is this: remember Chyna? Sable?
      And the countless others who've quit wrestling for Hollywood?

      Back to the match, it was a tad short in my book, with the finishing
      sequence a bit rushed - there wasn't enough time for the audience to
      register the F5 > Rock Bottom > F5 sequence with all it's counters
      Brock got the win.

      I don't know whether we've been spoiled by the WWE in recent years, but
      usually the first Raw after big PPVs (like the Royal Rumbles, the
      WrestleManias, the SummerSlams and the Survivor Series) are followed up
      a bang. For some reason, this week's Raw seemed kinda flat.

      There wasn't anything wrong with the opening interview, just HGH
      interrupting it with another segment designed to give him airtime, even
      though he had nothing to do with the storyline.

      Asides from that, there was very little of note, apart from Eric
      Bischoff unifying two more titles - bye bye Tommy Dreamer's push. Still
      on that, was it me, or was Tommy Dreamer's Hardcore title belt a tag
      title with a NYC license plate over it?

      It might have just been me being tired after another long week, but I
      found myself turning off Raw just before the main event. Given the new
      names that are starting to emerge on Heat (and stopping at the glass
      ceiling that is Heat - promote these guys to Raw already), the prospect
      of Undertaker/HHH was too much to bear.

      SmackDown, on the other hand, was much more polished - and I'm not
      talking about the freshly sprayed ring posts!

      I've been writing wrestling columns on and off for almost four years
      now, and although wrestling fans are by far the most responsive (as in
      the amount of e-mail I get from my columns), there aren't half a load of
      morons around. Now, 99% of the people reading this are fine, but it's
      those people who are so taken in by wrestling that they refuse to
      believe anything other than what they're told on TV. On top of that, you
      have the fans who support a select group of wrestlers, and back them to
      the hilt.

      Unfortunately, it's that mentality that really annoys me. When a fan
      refuses to take any criticism for their favourite performer, always
      backing them to the hilt, no matter what. Case in point - an e-mailer
      from one of my past columns took exception to a comment I made about Ric
      Flair, saying that I was lying (even though my comment was based on a
      fact - that Flair had been responsible for WCW losing Steve Austin). God
      knows what these sorts of people hope to achieve by backing "their"
      wrestler - I mean, it's not like they're going to get a free BJ from
      them, is it?

      More next week.


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