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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #193

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      |Wednesday, September 30th 1998| W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 9 3
      | *Issue #193* |
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Well, I got two mails yesterday from people that are in the Military
      too. That makes them 13. Not bad.

      On a sad note, school starts tomorrow. 2 days school, 3 days work.
      That's my schedule guys. But still, the newsletter will be sent out as
      normal, so don't worry, you'll still get the daily Wrestling-Online
      newsletter doze :)


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      RAW's first hour got a 4.4 while the second hour got a strong 4.9.
      Composite for the show was 4.6

      Nitro started with a 4.2, dropped to 3.9 in the second hour and remained
      3.9 in the third and final hour. Composite for the 3 hour Nitro was 4.0

      The ratings were delayed becuase there was a problem at the Neilsen
      offices yesterday. This is the second week in a row that RAW won the
      ratings. Interesting to say is that RAW's second hour defeated Nitro's
      third hour by a 1.0 margin, which is alot.

      WCW gave out a PPV main event caliber match again, between Hulk Hogan
      and Bret Hart, in an effort to counter McMahon's ideas for the final
      hour. Only this time, Bishcoff's plan 'backfired'.


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      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - For RAW/Shotgun/Heat taping results, go to:

      - POSSIBLE two scenarios for the WWF title belt: At Judgment Day,
      Undertaker wins the belt from Kane somehow. That's not really important,
      because whoever does win won't have
      it for long. Survivor Series then has a double main event: Undertaker
      (or Kane, it's not important) takes on #1 Contender The Rock, while
      Steve Austin finally has his match against Vince McMahon for "his" WWF
      Title. Rock wins the real belt, and Austin wins his
      belt back. This sets up a World Title Unification Match at either the
      December In Your House (which I would prefer, seeing as I'm going there)
      or the Royal Rumble. (sCt/Micasa)

      - USA pins wrestling's Sunday Night Heat - By John Dempsey

      NEW YORK (Variety) - It may not be all-wrestling-all-the-time, but the
      USA network is
      heading in that direction.

      USA has just given a two-year commitment to ``WWF Sunday Night Heat,''
      the weekly hourlong 7 p.m. showcase that kicked off two months ago as a
      late-summer stunt to
      feed bigger numbers of viewers into the original episodes of its
      three-hour block of action hours.

      But the ratings proved to be so gaudy that they forced USA to make
      wrestling a permanent fixture of its Sunday schedule. In the eight weeks
      since Aug. 2, ``Sunday Night Heat'' has chalked up an average Nielsen
      rating of 3.5 in cable households. That's a stunning 30% increase over
      the 2.7 rating USA was pulling down with theatrical movies from 6-8 p.m.
      for the equivalent eight Sundays in 1997.

      Other than Sunday night National Football League games on ESPN,
      wrestling has become the most reliable generator of big audiences for
      cable networks. ``Sunday Night Heat'' is the fifth weekly hour of
      wrestling on USA, joining ``WWF Raw'' every Monday from 9 to 10 p.m. and
      ``WWF War Zone'' Monday from 10 to 11 p.m., plus the one-hour cablecasts
      of ``WWF Live Wire'' Saturday at 10 a.m. and ``WWF Superstars'' Sunday
      at 10 a.m.

      USA's main wrestling competitors are TNT and TBS. TNT schedules three
      hours of high-rated WCW wrestling every Monday at 8 p.m., repeating the
      program in its entirety
      six hours later at 2 a.m. TBS does a two-hour WCW wrestling show
      Thursday at 8 p.m. and rebroadcasts it at midnight. In addition, TBS
      slots another two-hour WCW wrestling event Saturday at 6 p.m.

      - There are rumors that the Dan Severn/Owen Hart incident is a WORK. I
      actually don't know what to think, after seeing a screenshot of the



      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
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      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Kurt Rocha of PRO WRESTLING NEWS reported the following: "Since
      Warrior has a bicep injury, his match with Hogan at Halloween Havoc will
      probaly be rescheduled to Starrcade. Hogan may then battle the Desciple
      at Halloween Havoc instead." The above is totally false and I know first
      hand. (Michael Tavares)

      - Hotline Report, by Mark Madden, credit: The Flying Scotsman and The

      - Giant, due to a cracked rib, can only wrestle tag team wrestling and
      take no big bumps. He says that he has an offer from another promotion,
      so the WCW better give him a bigger push and more money before his
      contract expires.

      - Vampiro's debut is pushed back to January and he'll get a monster
      push. Madden says he'll suck.

      - Sandman will take a 2-3 month break before debutting in WCW.

      - WCW is seeing Warrior is going nowhere fast merchandise wise, so they
      may phase him out by the end of the year and have him job in a
      loser-leaves-town Return Match to Randy Savage. He says he should be
      losing to Hogan, Goldberg, Nash and Savage within his very short term
      contract. Problem is... he doesn't like jobbing.

      - He says this whole Hogan/Warrior thing may have a homosexual twist.

      - Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash II (or III, or how ever many times they've
      faced in the WWF), after their first meeting at Halloween Havoc, will be
      a bar match, in a bar. He says that it would be strange for Nash to
      fight Hall on his own turf, like fighting me (Madden) in a buffet line.

      - He says WCW are kind of low on actual heels, so they may bring Terry
      Taylor back as one.

      - He says that Terry was killed by the WWF's Red Rooster gimmick.

      - Says that the Breakdown finish was a takeoff of Bret's screwjob back
      in November with him running to car with the engine running, a parody of
      Earl Hebner when he ran after saying Bret submitted to his own manuever.

      - Madden wonders if they're booking just for the dirt sheet readers,
      Hotline listeners and other insiders.

      - He's just in it for the money.



      MEMORY LANE - Part 1
      By Jason Cantwell
      E-mail: Madklingon@...

      Well, here we are once more, into the belly of the beast! Here are the
      ground rules: do NOT reply to the recapped questions -- reply to the new
      ones at the end of Part 2; you have one week after receiving this to
      reply; and finally, Keep It Short Smiley! And awaaaaaaaay WE GO! . .

      1) What is your take on the recent drunken appearances of WWF star
      Hawk and WCW star Scott Hall on their respective Monday night programs?
      2) What did you think about Hacksaw Jim Duggan's very alarming
      annoucnement on WCW Thunder a few weeks ago, concerning his health?
      3) What do you think of ECW's Sandman moving to the WCW, and what's
      your opinion on the Warrior so far in WCW?

      This week's questions will be posted at the end of Part 2 -- do NOT
      reply to the questions above! SHEESH! ;)

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Eddie Florek <eflorek@...>
      1) If these angles about Hawk and Scott Hall drinking were real than
      they might be interesting, but give me a break. I would almost expect
      some crap like this from WCW but never in the WWF. This is crap. The
      only person who ACTUALLY comes close to drinking something is the
      Sandman, but alas the gimmick is now dead:(, and he spits it back out at
      the people at ringside anyway. These angles are just lame, lets fae it,
      there may be a may to this, but they really messed up this time. Not
      only that, but this takes a lot away from the legacy of the timeless
      Road Warriors, the Legion
      of Doom.
      2) I was personally moved by Hacksaw, as a matter of fact thats the
      second time a tear came to my eye after something that involved him
      happened. The first was on an old Raw, either in 93 or 94. The scene is
      a Lumberjack match against Shawn Micheals for the Intercontinental
      Championship. On the outside you've got Mr. Perfect, Tatanka(I still
      hate that damn Indian),Bam Bam Biggelow, Typhoon, Bob Backlund, Yokozuna
      and a few others who weren't important enough to remember(there was
      also someone who looks like
      D-Von Dudley with about an extra 100 pounds or so). Hacksaw and
      Michaels duel it out for about half an hour, and then HBK throws Hacksaw
      out of the ring, distracts the offical and Yokozuna drops a 100lb. leg
      on him, costing him the IC belt. Damn near broke into tears. The match
      was also on Most Unusualy Matches Ever from Colesium Video.
      3) I am personally saddened by the end of te Sandman. It is already
      well known that the bear-drinking gimmick with the good old Sinapore
      Cane dies in ECW. That is a shame, as this man was one of the best at
      what he does. He's right up there with Terry Funk and Mick Foley in my
      book. I don't know what WCW is going to do with him, but odds are it
      won't be half as good as his Sandman gimmick(however, we may get to see
      him on Camera, unlike this Vampiro character). As far the Warrior goes,
      I am just waiting for him
      to shrivel up and die already. I'm sorry but I've hated this guy since
      the first time I saw him run to the ring(it also didn't hurt tht he had
      stolen the World Title from the greatest champion ever, Hulk Hogan, who
      needless to say is the only man in WWF history to hold the title for
      over 4 consecutive years). And this OWN of his, who does he think he
      is? Forming a faction with the Deciple, c'Mon. I hope I'm not the only
      one who noticed that the Warrior's faction is NWO backwards, as it is
      supposed to have some "extra meanings" along with that. Gee, I wonder
      what they could be. Someone spare
      us and shoot this guy before Haloween Havoc.

      From: Adam <adamt@...>
      1) out of the two of them i can only understand why scott hall would be
      drunk (i'm sure neither actually are) he has been shafted by bitchoff
      and "holyold" hogan forced to job while watching his good buddy nash get
      a big push and his other buddy sean waltman get fired it should only be
      a matter of time before he joins his other kliq buddies in the "real"
      fed. Hawk being drunk makes no sense at all even though it is funnier
      than hell to watch
      2) allthough duggan is not a wrestler i like it was sad to hear of his
      condition and i wish him well. It took guts to get up in front of the
      fans like that and duggan seems like a man of great pride it must have
      been hard for him to say he had to take time off. My biggest memory of
      duggan was watching him and the iron sheik beat the hell out of each
      other saturday morning and then hear on the sunday news the two of them
      had been caught in a car together with a large amount of cocaine.
      3) i don't receive e.c.w so i don't know who the sandman is but the
      warrior gimmick is getting old fast his first entrance was neat but
      since then all he does is cause hogan to act (very badly i might add)all
      confused and scared then mad i mean give me a break when is "holyold"
      just gonna retire? the warrior is kind of a fruitcake anyways he
      should've stayed out of the ring.

      From: Greg F Godwin <ggodwin@...>
      1. I think that their actions are disgusting and out of place. I don't
      really see the logic in either wrestler appearing to be drunk.
      2. I think that it was good that he came on the air to give a fond
      farewell to the fans that support him throught his career. I don't have
      a favorite moment of him but he will be surely missed in the ring.
      3. I don't think that the Sandman can us that name or current gimmick
      in the WCW, since that gimmick was made in the ECW. I expect a much
      lighter attitude from the former Sandman. As for the Warrior, his
      appearance in WCW is worthless. As I see it, when Bischoff took Flair
      off the air, the ratings suffered. Making Goldberg champion didn't help
      the ratings much (except the night he won the belt; and I really don't
      understand why the WCW World Champion wasn't at Fall Brawl), and
      bringing the Warrior in was a
      move of desperation, and the ratings were still suffering.

      From: David Bloomer <dave@...>
      1) When Hawk came out drunk it seemed more "realistic" than when Hall
      came out. I think the Hall one is an attack on Internet fans because of
      saying about Halls rehabilitation. Hawk was much funnier as well, but
      maybe he wasn't mean't to be! A case of WCW mimicking WWF again. 2)
      Never really cared for Duggan as a wrestler. I wish him well as a person
      3)Never seen Sandman wrestle, so I can't comment on that. I think the
      whole Warrior thing sucks. Come on all that dry ice and a disapearing
      Disciple! Cheesey fire extinguisher (spelling wrong, possibly) being
      sprayed when Hogan was in the locker room. Warrior has less moves than
      Hogan. Sorry, that isn't possible is it. He was the last of the
      indestructible heroes, wrestling has moved on and so should his
      identity. Maybe the kids like him but wrestling has grown and Bischoff
      should be using his talents in a better way. The Papa Shango
      (Kama/Godfather) deal with Warrior was bad enough.

      From: rchristensen2@...
      1. I think that they weren't drunk, it's just part of the angle. Let
      face it, if you showed up for work drunk wouldn't your boss send you
      home. I don't think Vince would let them come out if they were really
      drunk. And furthermore, what a stupid angle it is.
      2. I am glad that Hacksaw came out to announce that he had cancer. How
      many times have we asked "where's this guy?" or "where's that guy?". It
      is also nice to be able to relate to wrestlers as people and not just
      jocks in the ring there to entertain you.
      3. WHO CARES. I wish the WCW would go away. I can't even watch that
      stupid Bischoff with his head stuck up Hogans ass come out every week
      and yell and scream how great they are. I can't believe that Warrior has
      been suckered into their stupid circus act.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Here we are, ending Part 1! Now let's all go to bed and think about
      these few responses, and ponder what the future holds for this week's
      questions! Seeya next issue!


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