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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1367

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Aloha. Nothing much going on today. With half of the WWE crew in
      Australia, looks like it will be a slow week!


      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - Velocity did a 1.0 with a 1.9 share, Confidential did a 1.0 with a 2.1
      share, and Heat did a 1.2 with a 2.3 share. No RAW ratings available
      yet. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - W-O Newsletter reader Andy de Greck was at last night's RAW in
      Baltimore, MD., and sent in the following notes from the show. After
      Heat tapings ended, a guy was 'shooting' free WWE t-shirts to the crowd.
      During a commercial break more t-shirts were given out, this time those
      red RAW ones. When cameras went off the air Ric Flair strutted down the
      ramp for some action with Triple H. Nothing else interesting happened.

      - The Herald Sun in Australia has an article in today's newspaper
      covering the arrival of the WWE crew for the Global Warning Tour event
      later this week. The article revealed that WWE officials requested that
      travel must be first and business class while a five star hotel, 24 hour
      security by plain clothes bodyguards, a list of local gyms and a private
      dining room are a must. The hotel where the crew and superstars are
      located at closed off the restaurant so it was turned into a private
      dining room and ordered extra gym equipment. Interesting as well is that
      The Rock has a personal chef to prepare six daily meals that include two
      filets mignon, a raw fish feast and protein shakes! How's that for royal
      treatment! You can check out the full article at


      - W-O Newsletter reader Jorge Portuondo was at the WWE live event in
      Miami, FL., this past weekend and sent in the following results. D-Lo
      Brown defeated William Regal; Goldust defeated Chris Nowinski; Bradshaw
      defeated Dreamer, Stasiak and Credible interfered, Dreamer regained the
      title; Hardy Boyz defeated Justin Credible & Raven; Chris Benoit
      defeated Rob Van Dam; Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Eddie Guerrero; Molly
      defeated Trish Stratus; Steven Richards defeated Shelton Benjamin;
      Undertaker & Booker T defeated Big Show & Brock Lesnar. Notes from the
      'parking lot'; Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Big Show didn't acknowledge
      the fans and went straight in. Hardy Boyz arrived late (surprise?)'.
      Justin Credible also didn't acknowledge the fans until our reader
      screamed his real name and Credible replied by flipping him off. A fan
      above the loading area spit on Credible. Our reader also got to talk
      with Molly (who said he fall in love with!) and Shelton Benjamin.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 9.99, a 2.78% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 9.77 - 10.07.


      By Rick Rockwell, [rickrockwell@...]

      Who attacked HBK? Mae Young? Lillian Garcia? Chris Jericho? These
      Questions and more will be answered in today's exciting action packed
      column THE ABNORMAL STRETCH. (cue the intro music)

      "What's goin on with the world?
      Yesterday, seen a bald head girl
      WHAT? MOVE!! You heard what I said
      I wouldn't be caught dead without a bald head"
      (Attack of the Bald Heads, Onyx)

      For those who don't want to see me gloating, scroll down to the next
      paragraph. If you remember last week's column discussed the 4 main
      suspects for who attacked HBK. I asked all you fine readers to send in
      who you thought did it. I also gave my pick and I WAS RIGHT!!!! I
      specifically said, HHH in the parking lot with a car window. GOD I AM

      Here are the results from whom you readers thought attacked HBK.

      1) Big Show - 35%
      2) Booker T - 25%
      3) Un Americans - 12%
      4) Gold Dust - 8%
      5) HHH - 7%
      6) Eric Bischoff - 5%
      7) Marty Jannety - 3%
      8) HBK - 2%
      9) Island Boys - 1%
      10) Y2J - 1%
      11) Trish Stratus - 0.5%
      12) Moolah and Mae Young - 0.5%

      Only 7% percent of you correctly guessed that it was HHH. So for you
      readers who were correct, congratulations.

      If you are not impressed with the Island Boys yet, just wait until they
      actually wrestle a match. The bodies are being stretchered out on a
      weekly basis. I honestly think that they killed Mae Young. Don't expect
      Lilian to sing anytime soon, cause she is picking her ribs out of the
      mat. For those who don't know, Jamal and Rosie were known as the Island
      Boys. The one that flies off the top rope is the younger brother of
      Rikishi and my partner the Tonga Kid. I spent 3 days with this awesome
      tag team and they are truly impressive. Each one weighs over 300 pounds.
      I hope the writers keep building the heat for the Island Boys because
      they will be tag champs soon. They carry on the proud tradition of
      Samoan wrestlers and Samoan tag teams. They also carry on the proud
      tradition of the greatest family in the history of professional

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. The Nature Boy got his revenge on Y2J and it looks
      like we have a feud brewing. This was a feud that the fans were calling
      for, so lets hope it doesn't end with Flair jobbing. Speaking of Flair
      jobbing, the greatest of all time might have a new job come 2004. How
      does Governor of the great state of North Carolina sound to all you
      Flair fans? They will make a new state quarter with his face on it with
      the letters WOOOOOOOOOOOOH coming out of his mouth. Space mountain will
      be the new name for the governor's
      mansion. The security will consist of Arn Anderson and that's it. If
      anyone disagrees with Flair's politics, the rest of the Horsemen will
      break their bones out in the parking lot. Oh how we can go on with this.

      Continue to send all feedback, questions, and female photos to
      rickrockwell@... . If there is a topic you would like
      to see Double R cover in future columns, just let me know.

      Only 30 days until the NFL starts.


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