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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1366

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      If you're going to the Smackdown! tapings tonight drop us some notes
      from the show. Thanks.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - After its grand opening earlier this week, the WWE Niagara Falls
      entertainment facility has been hit by safety inspectors. W-O Newsletter
      reader Ehren Baldauf sent in a link to a report that appeared on the
      Niagara Falls Review yesterday saying that the Technical Safety and
      Standards Authority shut down the ride on Wednesday because it didn't
      have the required permit from the provincial agency that inspects
      amusement rides in Ontario. The 66-meter 'Piledriver' ride shoots you up
      3Gs and then lets you free fall all the way down, a ride similar to that
      found on top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas and the one found in
      Disney's California Adventure theme park. According to the report,
      paperwork was submitted in mid-July but no permit was issued. The good
      news is that the Authority didn't open a case which upon conviction
      could cost WWE $1 million.

      - Smackdown! tapings will be done tonight instead of Tuesday due to the
      Smackdown! brand flying to Australia for the WWE Global Warning Tour.
      Most of the crew and the superstars will leave right after the event and
      they will stay there until the end of the coming week. The event will be
      taking place in Melbourne at the Colonial Stadium in front of over
      50,000. This will be the company's first stop in Australia in many many

      - The following is the schedule of WWE events for the coming week. Live
      RAW tomorrow at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, MD. Live event on
      Friday at the Skyreach Place Arena in Kelowna, BC., Canada followed by
      two weekend shows one on Saturday at the Sport Mart Place in Kamloops,
      BC., Canada and one on Sunday in Vancouver, BC., Canada at the P.N.E.
      Coliseum. On Saturday the Smackdown! brand will be in Australia
      performing at the Colonial Stadium.

      - Tickets for the RAW the day after SummerSlam at Madison Square Garden
      went out fast yesterday and only limited view seats remain available.
      Not even the nosebleed seats....they're taken! Triple H was there to
      meet the fans and signing autographs at MSG. W-O Newsletter reader
      'Honk4shagn' was there at the box office to meet The Game. Our reader
      said that HHH arrived at around noon and there was a huge line that
      wrapped the block MSG is located at. After fans purchased tickets they
      got in line to meet Triple H and security made sure that every fan got a
      picture with him.


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      Action figures aren't the only things that have improved.

      Compare the original Wrestlemania nintendo game to it's Gamecube
      counterpart and the difference is staggering. Ahhh technology.

      The first Wrestlemania game had things like "power-ups" for Randy Savage
      of sunglasses and guitars for the Honky Tonk Man and the like. It was a
      weak game with rather difficult gameplay. Instead I headed to my local
      arcade and played the WWF games (That I can't for the life of me recall
      at the moment) which were far ahead of their time.

      Things didn't change much with the Wrestlemania Challenge nintendo game.
      The wrestlers had their own moves, and it was cool to hear the theme
      music of whatever wrestler who was in control at that moment. A bit
      unrealistic in seeing the Warrior press slam Andre The Giant, but a fun
      game none the less. Although graphics improved, Steel Cage Challenge was
      a step back in game play as all the wrestlers did the same moves, with
      no finishers at all.

      Along comes Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Super Wrestlemania for SNES
      sucked. Much like Steel Cage challenge, you couldn't do anything. No
      finishers, just all the wrestlers doing the same moves. When you are
      having Sid Vicious, Jake Roberts and the Natural Disasters having
      dropkicking contests the gameplay is low. The Genesis version finally
      included finishing moves, and the next Super Nintendo Game "Royal
      Rumble" featuring Ric Flair, Yokozuna and Bret Hart was a step up in
      that you could execute finishing moves. You just couldn't do anything
      with them. The Perfect-Plex and Bonzai drop didn't lead to a pinfall,
      the sharpshooter and Figure-four didn't force a submission. Still, I was
      addicted to this game. The best game of the time
      period belonged the the Sega CD console, which had a 20 wrestler game
      and finishing moves. Lots of wrestlers that wouldn't be featured on
      future games like the Nasty Boys and Headshrinkers were in this one.

      WCW took over during the Playstation/N64 early days. While we were being
      fed crap like Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game and IYH, both of which
      featured Mortal Combat style fighting and stupidity like Owen Hart
      hitting you over the head with a giant King of Hearts card or the
      Bulldog's head turning into a dogs head. WCW tweaked a Japanese video
      game to come up with WCW vs The World. WCW/NWO world tour was for a long
      time my absolute favorite game because I could use cruiserweights, even
      Japanese wrestlers under different names, and I found the gameplay easy.
      The WWF RAW game at the time was lousy despite the create a wrestler

      I haven't played much in terms of video games since then. Last fall I
      rented Playstation and played Smackdown: Know your Role and enjoyed it.
      I've contemplated getting my hands on a game console simply for
      wrestling games, but haven't. Having read reviews and seen shots and
      videos of new games like Smackdown for PS2 and Wrestlemania 18 for
      Gamecube it looks like games today can actually come close to
      re-creating what we see in the ring. Which means no more Yokozuna

      Till next week.


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