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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1364

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey. Just a note to everyone who ordered the Undisputed WWE
      title from WrestlingMegastore.com - they have been delayed till
      beginning of August due to the WWE name change. Before the item will
      ship, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the price. When you receive
      the e-mail it means that the item is ready to ship. I don't have any
      other information or the exact date that they will ship.

      Back tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      and was released on July 15th. Watch 3 different sets of women
      wrestling from cat fights, holds, and a bit of taunting in between, to
      scissors and more! Flexing and arm wrestling begin this 30 minute VHS
      tape. Sale of $30.00 with promo code CO_VA.
      http://www.gotchawrestling.com for more information!!


      - WWE Global Warning Tour event organizers today confirmed to us that
      Hulk Hogan 'is definitely going to Australia' for the tour despite
      having no match on the card. A few days ago, WWE announced the card
      which is headlined by Triple H vs Brock Lesnar vs The Rock for the WWE
      title however Hulk Hogan is nowhere to be seen. The organizers added
      that they haven't been told what Hogan will be doing on the show but
      will be involved in some way shape or form. This will hopefully put some
      clarification for Aussie fans who flooded our e-mail being angry that
      Hogan will not be there.

      > RATINGS
      - Despite having decent shows in the past couple of weeks, Smackdown!
      ratings went down again this week pulling a 3.1 with a 6.0 share, down
      0.2 from the previous week. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research
      and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'Rich9116' attended the Smackdown! tapings this
      past Tuesday and sent in the following notes. After the show went off
      the air The Rock got up and told Lesnar he wasn't ready to leave
      Charlotte. Lesnar went to the ring and beat on The Rock until Edge came
      in to help the champion and the Rock then delivered a Rock Bottom on his
      SummerSlam challenger.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 10.00, a 1.86% decrease over the previous day. The
      day's range was 9.87 - 10.19.

      - The WWE International website lists that this month's pay-per-view
      SummerSlam will be aired in the UK on Sky Box Office in the United
      Kingdom as opposed on Sky Sports 1. WWE signed a five year deal with
      BSkyB a couple of years ago that had eight of their twelve PPVs airing
      on Sky Sports while the other four PPVs where picked up by Sky Box
      Office when the contract with Channel 4 expired in the beginning of this
      year. Richard Dennis, WWE representative for the UK told us this morning
      that SummerSlam will be airing on Sky Sports 1 and not on Sky Box Office
      as reported by the WWE International site and the mention of SBO on the
      website is just a mistake.

      - Finland and Northern Ireland have been added to the European WWE tour
      in October with the Federation doing stops there on October 24th in
      Helsinki and October 25th at The Odyssey Pavilion in Belfast for two
      shows. The tour will be wrapped up in Sheffield, England on October 27th
      at the Sheffield Arena. On the 26th there will be the live UK only PPV
      Rebellion which is taking place in Manchester at the MEN Arena. W-O
      Newsletter reader Mike Palmer adds to the story that VIP Hospitality
      packages will be done once again for the UK stops and they include
      signing session with WWE Superstars, complimentary official WWE licensed
      merchandise, complimentary

      official WWE event programme, food and of course tickets. These packages
      go for £229.12 inc VAT (358.37 EU). You can book your VIP package by
      calling 020 7371 7596 or by e-mailing info@... .
      Tickets go on sale on August 31st for the public.

      - The RAW feed in the UK shown minutes ago on Sky Sports 1 has been
      edited and the Island Boys/Moolah/Young segment was cut off. Just as
      Bischoff told Moolah she was going to experience the final chapter,
      commercials kicked in and the feed was resumed with Mae Young in the


      By Chris Bernes, [obiwanjabroni19@...]

      Have you ever been in a chat room where everyone and their brother is
      offering to let you join their "e-fed"?? As if half our lives are not
      spent in front of a computer (me for work, 99% of the world for
      pleasure, either legal or illegal), some jamoke is asking you to spend
      even MORE of your precious time on your PC to IM moves and promos back
      and forth in some sort of Dungeons and Dragons type system.

      Well, this is a story not of an e-fed, but of fantasy booking, fantasy
      matches, and a hell of an initiative
      I wish I would've created, but I am following nonetheless.

      This story is about my good friend, "Jason". A while ago, Jason and I,
      in our infinite boredom, and looking for an outlet for our creativity,
      created two promotions, Fictional Wrestling Company, headed by Jason,
      and Crack Pipe Wrestling, my brainchild, in an attempt to see if we
      could do the job all of us would love to do... book a promotion.

      We each created a set of characters.... the characters who "Cross-over"
      into each other's feds are FWC World Champion Cool Papa, Former CPW
      world champ the Legacy (Guess who he is modeled after??), the Unreal
      K-Lindo, Chic Glitz, and El Diablo Blanco (current CPW commissiner).
      FWC boasts a roster that includes John Black, Han Lu, Genesis, Soul
      Judge, Anonymous, and King Nothing. FWC's titles are few, in trying to
      keep from watering down the importance of said championships. To his
      credit, Jason is far more creative than I when it comes to alot of
      things, and his bantamweight title is proof. The FWC bantamweight title
      is currently sponsored by northeastern supermarjet chain Stop and Shop.
      Jason also produces a weekly "Show", a fictitious account of a
      wrestling program, and sends the results to me and a number of our

      So it was with this inspiration that I too try my hand at producing a
      weekly series. CPW claims the following talents: CPW World Champion
      Felipe the Pool Boy(who won a tournament played by me and my friends on
      July 10th using Nintendo 64's classic, No Mercy, and to my knowledge, is
      the first ever homosexual world champion), Destroyer, Doc C, the
      original gangsta G, Blacques Jacques, Wifebeater, T-Shirt Jones, and the
      ever popular Joey Numbers.

      On occasion, jason and I will "Import" little used or out-of-action
      national talent like Jeff Jarrett, Al
      Snow, Kane, and Steve Austin, but we try to stick with our own homegrown

      The storylines are great, oft times laced with dry humor and srcastic
      wit that only our circle of friends would understand. Jason, in his
      program "The Show", runs numerous angles and stories that have the
      potential to carry on for months, and finds new and exciting ways to
      keep them not only fresh, but interesting. As I currently attempt to
      build CPW's program, "Mid-week Melee", many of my talents are embroiled
      in controversy, from competitor and commissioner El Diablo Blanco,
      Felipe and his group The Sisterhood (made up of the world champe and his
      cohorts, Velvet Ragnar, Ace Hoelicker and Phil McCrackin), and G.

      The most interesting story of all involves my friends and I. The once
      proud "Old School Alliance" has crumbled. Cool Papa, modeled after
      Jason, orchestrated an attack on fellow alliance members Legacy (that's
      me) and Chic Glitz (a model of our friend Nat), and Papa has alligned
      himself with Legacy protege K-Lindo (my roommate Ken) to unleash a reign
      of terror in both companies as the newly-dubbed Modern death Squad.

      What is going to happen next. That is for Jason and I to figure out.
      But rest assured, whatever it is, it's
      gonna be fun, fresh, and completely interesting!!

      That is the truth, y'all. And sometimes the truth hurts.

      LAST WEEK'S TRIVIA: Arny V and Christine D get dual props on being the
      first to answer correctly, and Christine gets the extra credit. The
      first member of the Cobra Corps (remember, Sarge was a babyface when the
      first official Cobra Corps was introduced) was private Terry Daniels.
      Christine dug deeper to mention that Daniels went on to be one of a
      number of Leatherface's in Japan. Oddly enough, another former member,
      Corporal Kirschner, plays Super Leather in Japan also. Way to go, guys!!

      THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: Everyone knows who the last ECW world champion
      was.... it was Rhyno. Most of you also know that the first ECW champion
      was Jimmy Snuka. Who was the first ECW TV champ???? And for extra
      credit, whom did he beat for the title??


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