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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1341

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey folks. Running a bit late over here...so on with the stuff.

      Back tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - Right after the whole FleetCenter was cleared from WWE fans, the show
      continued for the Undertaker and Kurt Angle reports The Observer
      website. The original ending of the main event match was botched during
      the tapings, and was taped later on using WWE crew filling the first two
      ringside rows. Camera crew used tight shots so the crowd wasn't as
      visible and Angle and Taker proceeded to do a better ending for TV
      viewers. Magic of taped shows, my friends.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Rob Allison (wrestlingnation.com) and Matthew
      Donahue attended this past Tuesday's Smackdown! tapings in Boston, MA.,
      and sent in the following notes. After the show went off the air, Team
      Canada went in the ring and beat up the Undertaker. Kurt Angle made his
      way down to the ring again to help the Undertaker and the two cleared
      the ring. Undertaker then proceeded to chokeslam Angle as a thank you.

      - Good news for the fans in Los Angeles, CA., as the September WWE
      pay-per-view 'Unforgiven' will be coming to you live from the Staples
      Center on 9/22. This will be the first WWE PPV in LA in quite a few
      time. Tickets go on sale in mid August.

      - Six WWE videos are on the Top 10 Billboard Recreational Sports chart
      for the week ending July 13th. Back in the first place is WrestleMania
      X8, followed by nWo's 'Back In Black' in second, 'Funniest Moments' in
      third and Steve Austin's 'What?' in fourth. The Rock's 'Just Bring It'
      is in the seventh place and Divas' 'Tropical Pleasure' moves to the
      ninth place from last week's 11. All the videos mentioned can be
      purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS or DVD.

      > STOCKS
      - WWE stocks closed the week at 13.03, a 3.49% increase over the
      previous trade. The day's range was 12.70 - 13.11.


      By Chris Bernes, [chris.bernes@...]

      I was lucky enough to be a part of the WWE's initial appearance at the
      Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT this past Sunday. The Mohegan Sun
      just happens to be the building in which I make my living. The WWE plans
      on making a return visit Tuesday, August 27, 2002 for a taping of UPN's

      If Sunday's show by the RAW brand was any indication of the "brand
      competition" that Vince McMahon is promoting as his storyline lately,
      one thing comes to mind: The RAW brand needs help.

      The show Sunday was decent. The crowd was very alive, and responded like
      they all had never attended a WWE event before. Not only did my good
      friend, Lee "Fatman" Elci, Morning DJ for WMOS 104.7, participate in an
      arm-wrestling competition before the start of the show, and even though
      Iwas able to re-live some of the fun I used to have at these events with
      my cohort Alan "Spliff" Warga, but the performers themselves seemed
      excited to be a part of it all. Some enjoyed the casino during the day.
      Booker T and (Thumbs extended) Rob Van Dam (you can all put your thumbs
      down now)did an autograph signing at the CD shop located in the shops

      But on the average, the star power was lacking.

      Sure, you had WWE Undisputed champion Undertaker facing Ric Flair.
      There was RVD versus Lesnar. Booker and Goldust waxed the nWo contingent
      of Big Show and XPac. But questions from the faithful around me were
      plentiful were that of "Where is the Rock? You mean Triple H isn't a
      part of this?? No Hollywood?". While RAW boasts a pretty impressive
      lineup, SmackDown's is heads above the RAW brand. There are divas
      aplenty on SmackDown. The top names all congregate on SD. With Jeff
      Hardy vs. Undertaker this past Monday as the exception, I find myself
      more often than not flipping channels to see the score of the Yankees
      game, the latest VH-1 Behind the Music, or looking at the Weather
      Channel for my 3-day forecast.

      Quite frankly, Raw bores me.

      Not because of the star power, but for the quality of the show. It seems
      like RAW is like an extension of HEAT half the time. Or, like a friend
      of mine put it, RAW is a televised house show.

      Generally, I do not attend the house shows for two reasons. One is that
      the effort never seems to be there, aka Red light Syndrome. With no
      cameras documenting and broadcasting the latest WWE action, the stars
      seem to be on cruise control. Two, is that I too have Red Light
      Syndrome, and feel house shows are just a waste of my money. Why plunk
      down X-amount of dollars when the "action" puts me to sleep. And,
      watching the Raw brand do there thing Sunday, I felt as if RAW needs to
      inject some life into their product. With the cards stacked
      decidedly in SD's favor, new talent needs to be placed on RAW. Brock
      Lesnar was a good start.

      Maybe the returning Rey Mysterio Jr. (although he seems destined for SD)
      would be nice. Maybe hire a few of the Tough Enough runners up, like
      they did with Christopher Nowinski. Who wouldn't want to see Jake make
      his way down the ramp to jack-slap a Hardy Boy?? What is Tough Enough 1
      cutie (and my personal favorite) Taylor Matheny doing now!?? Or how
      about grabbing some former WCW talents, like Vampiro, Goldberg, or Scott
      Every week, the guys join forces here in my humble abode to watch
      SmackDown, drink beer, eat pizza, and revel in the Thursday night WWE
      show (when of course, those nasty Boston Red Sox don't pre-empt the
      show). SD is a destination we all try not to miss. As for Raw... well,
      if I don't see it, I do not feel like I have missed that much. We all
      agree: Smack Down lays the smack down on Raw. And, as much as some of
      you will argue, you believe it too. That is the truth... and sometimes
      the truth hurts!

      TRIVIA QUESTION: Since my roommate Ken and I have a fascination with
      deceased performers, I will introduce my trivia question of the week
      with a dead wrestler question. At WrestleMania 8, what two departed
      performers competed in a match versus one another?? (HINT: they died
      within a month of one another) For extra credit, who was the referee??
      First correct answer gets no prize, but a mention in next week's
      "Legacy". Bragging rights are what you are after.

      Remember to send your love/hate mail to me... they have been rather

      Take care of yourselves!!


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