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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1340

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Happy Independence Day to all you living in the U S of A. Unfortunately
      for the rest of the world, 4th of July is just another working day.

      We have a sale going on on the replica WWE Heavyweight title. It's going
      for $109, but they are just slightly damaged. The original price is
      $199. There's a 30 day money back guarantee as well so if you don't like
      it, you'll get your money back once it's returned. The damage is so
      minimal that you won't even recognize it. Please note that sale will
      last until stock finishes. Oh yeah, the belt is not the Undisputed one,
      but the previous one. I have the Deluxe edition here at home and it
      rocks. Go to WrestlingMegastore.com for more information.

      Not much news today. Back tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., will receive a total of $3.5
      million from the Parents Television Council for an out of court
      settlement between the two parties. The lawsuit was filed back in
      November of 2000 and also targets Jim Lewis, former attorney of Lionel
      Tate. Lewis who went public blaming WWE for his client's actions will
      now have to make a public apology. Also as part of the settlement, the
      PTC will leave the apology and retraction statement that was published
      yesterday on their website for the next six months.

      - WWE.COM announced that the date for next year's WrestleMania will be
      on Sunday March 30th 2003. No hosting city has been announced and the
      website says that there are several under consideration. Last year the
      Tropicana Field in Florida was 'winning the race' so to speak until the
      SkyDome came into the picture.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Erik Roth (inlewd.com) sent in word yesterday
      afternoon that WWE will have the final event ever in the New Haven
      Coliseum on the 26th of August. This will be a Smackdown! crew show on a
      Monday and will be the last event in the arena located in New Haven,
      CT., as it will be closing down on the 1st of September.

      - Here are the matches for tonight's Independence Day Smackdown! to air
      on UPN. D-Von & Batista vs Big Valbowski & Randy Orton; Lance Storm vs
      Rikishi; Chris Jericho vs John Cena; Torrie Wilson vs Stacy in a Bra &
      Panties match; Billy & Chuck vs Hulk Hogan & Edge for the tag team
      titles; Undertaker vs Kurt Angle for the Undisputed title.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      The ratings for Raw are continuing to slide, prompting some of those in
      the old WCW to take a swipe at the WWE's bad form. This time it's Mark
      Madden, who aimed quite a lot of his anger at the WWE's booking squad,
      with a lot of blame being put unfairly at the feet of Paul Heyman.

      For those who haven't seen Madden's mutterings, here's what I'm on

      "The creative team is headed by the boss' daughter, a failed Hollywood
      joke writer, and a man who, in his previous job, ran the wrestling
      promotion he owned into bankruptcy. I guess the people who scripted
      "Joanie Loves Chachi" weren't available."

      Okay, he's right about Steph heading the squad, but what about the other
      two. Brian Gerwitschz has provided some of the more memorable WWF/E TV
      moments in recent years. like the DX/Nation impersonation, the entire
      Foley Commish era. and some of the more recent stuff like Crocodile
      Hunter and Darthdust. Come to think of it, wasn't he being a bit cruel
      on the Big Show? "I am your father." (no, in WWE land, TBS' father died
      three years ago, before the Show did a spot of casket surfing at his

      As for Heyman - give the guy a break. Very few people can do both
      booking and running a wrestling federation on their own. Heyman might
      have run ECW into the ground through stubbornness, but it wasn't as if
      he was hellbent on doing so. At least in ECW's dying days, they put out
      some good wrestling. I didn't see any of that from the old WCW.

      But Madden did make some valid points. Russo should be given a chance to
      do whatever he wants (within reason) - I mean, anything has to better
      than the crap the WWE are putting out right now. If this is to happen,
      the WWE would have to tell their wrestlers to stop playing politics, and
      tell them to f-ck their characters (or, as Jerry Lynn put it, quit
      crying and whining over nothing). Only on Raw last week we saw how
      politics worked - when a SmackDown star (Triple H) was drafted into a
      Raw faction. Yep, that roster split is really working - we do see the
      kids, but we see a lot more of the top stars who we really don't wanna


      Stemming from the Madden thing, asides from the storyline issue, the WWE
      really needs to make some fresh stars. I'm not talking about the kids
      from OVW and the HWA, I'm talking about promoting existing talent to the
      higher echelons.

      Thankfully, Edge is being given the push (despite his recent shoulder
      injury), and is starting to get the rub from the legends, such as Hogan.
      On Raw, we saw Ric Flair put over Brock Lesnar. but if this is really
      going to work, we need to see the younger top liners put over the up and
      comers. I mean seeing results like Edge beating HHH, Brock over. (are
      there any legit main eventers on Raw now?)

      If the WWE is to succeed, then a page needs to be ripped out of the
      Japanese playbook, and have everyone lose once in a while. "Monster
      pushes" like the unbeaten streak Goldberg amassed in WCW are good for
      bringing in new signings, but such pushes are already wasted on existing
      top-liners. What good would HHH going unbeaten for six months do, when
      the same push could help another wrestler get to the top, then feud with
      a more established top liner, bringing them both higher PPV ratings
      (hence, more cash at the box office)? The so-called WWE superstars have
      to stop being so damn selfish, and work as a team - it's the only way
      the crew will get themselves out of this predicament.


      Before I forget, a bit of a correction from last week's article on the
      WWA. According to an e-mailer from Australia, the WWA have a few shows
      booked at the M-One rock festival in Oz this coming October. The shows
      will be in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the month before the WWA's
      "rescheduled tour of Europe" in November (the Ireland, Germany,
      Switzerland and UK dates). For further details, visit www.mone.com.au or


      NWA:TNA week three saw the company crown new tag team champions. In the
      end, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles, who "gatecrashed" the tourney after one
      pair of semi-finalists were "assaulted backstage" (I wonder by whom.)
      ended up lifting the belts. Bear in mind that on the NWA:TNA site, Lynn
      had made it clear that he was "pissed off" that the tag tournament
      included nobody from the "X-division" (which put on easily the best
      match of the company so far, in week two).

      With Russo backstage at the PPV, I'm just surprised we didn't see the
      Rainbow Express (the gay boys) vs the Johnsons (human penises) as the

      However, I must say NWA:TNA are starting to lose their way - there
      seemed to be too many nonsensical segments on the show, including the
      hog tying of the NWA president, as well as that assault.


      If you watched SmackDown and thought the end of the Angle/Undertaker
      match was a little "different", then you aren't alone. The WWE had to
      film the ending of that match again, after the Undertaker forgot to tap
      out at the same time as Angle was being pinned. Oops! Maybe that should
      be a clear signal to the WWE to start passing THAT torch onto one of the
      younger guys.


      Another one of those "wrong place, wrong time" moments. the theme music
      for Vengeance is the TRUSTcompany's "Downfall". Kinda appropriate, given
      the WWE 's ratings in recent months.


      Anyone heard the new Fozzy CD yet? My copy should be here in time for
      next week's edition*, but from what I've heard, it's another decent
      offering from The Artist Also Known As Chris Jericho. It's just a shame
      the music press have to slam the bloody thing because one or two of the
      band members happen to be wrestlers.

      Kerrang quoted an interview from Jericho (in the character of Moongoose
      McQueen), where MMQ said that the band had been "lost in Japan" for the
      last twenty years.

      "We spent 20 years stranded in Japan. Basically, we were recording demos
      all the time and we sent them to the US and Europe. Other bands heard
      them and for them, it was like taking candy from a baby. We had no
      publishing rights for our songs, so they pirated them and made millions
      of dollars while we were broke and destitute."

      A better quote from Chris "I Hate The Internet" Jericho:

      Kerrang: "Would Fozzy rule the metal world had the internet existed 20
      years ago?"

      Moongoose: "Yeah. We never had the luxury of the internet. Metal thrived
      on the underground and tape trading was commonplace. Now, the internet
      is our friend and we can spread the word of the Foz-pel. The Fozzy
      fanatics can unite on the web and lead the charge."

      Yep, those fanatics can unite on the web, criticise, then be told to
      shut the hell up!

      While I'm on about this: Kerrang - get the F out! It's WWE. it's also
      the second time since the name change that you've called them the WWF. I
      don't think Chris Jericho works for the World Wildlife Fund.

      (* - yes, I am aware that the CD isn't released worldwide until July
      30th, but I ordered mine thru HMV.co.uk and they say they've sent it.
      let's just hope they haven't sent their debut album, which was out in
      October 2000)


      Another one of those "we forgot" moments. Chris Benoit wrestling on Raw.
      What happened to that brand extension - where wrasslers were "suspended"
      for a period of time if they appeared on another show? Okay, so Vinnie
      allowed Benoit to appear on Raw, but not wrestle - when did Vince say
      Benoit could wrestle on Raw? It pays to look at a storyline's history
      when you're actually writing stories!


      The week's quick plugs: www.onesunderland.com - my own website, about a
      soccer/football team in the
      English Premier League.

      www.nukefm.co.uk - against all odds, it's back! Every Sunday from 9 til
      10pm (UK time), an hour of rock. this week we've got the Red Hot Chili
      Peppers, Fozzy, Hole and three from Jimmy Eat World.


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