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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1336

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Welcome to issue #1336, filled with news, a column, and get
      ready....RUTHLESS AGGRESSION! Oh man. I think we're gonna have to listen
      to that catchphrase as long as we had to listen to 'Attitude'. Who is
      the genius that comes up with these catch phrases anyway? Probably it
      came after a full day with 20 people brainstorming in one of the WWE

      If anyone is going to the MSG show tonight, drop us some notes with
      results and other happenings.

      Thanks. See ya later.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - Anyone ready for five, yes, five hours of WWE action on TNN tonight?
      Starting at 8PM EST, TNN will do a mini WWE marathon, opening with the
      first episode of Confidential with Shawn Michaels. At 9PM the new
      episode of Confidential airs. At 10PM a new episode of Velocity airs,
      followed by another repeat of the new Confidential. At Midnight, male
      teenagers will be glued to their TV sets ready for action to watch the
      much anticipated Divas Undressed, which apparently was too sexy for the
      9PM EST slot on Tuesday.

      - "Despite our differences of opinions, I respect him," said Vince
      McMahon to the Calgary Sun newspaper today. McMahon commented about the
      stroke Bret Hart suffered at the beginning of this week which paralyzed
      half of his body. "We're all saddened to hear of Bret's problem and I
      really wish him well," he added. Hart is currently in hospital
      recovering, and doctors are optimistic that within a few months, the
      former world champion will regain almost full motion of his left arm and
      leg. "I still respect him as a man, but I don't know if it's
      reciprocal," said the WWE Chairman. "Bret's contributions to the WWE are
      enormous and everyone thinks very highly of him." Some news which may
      come in as a surprise for many reveals that Hart wanted to talk to
      McMahon when WWE were in Calgary last month. "Bret was on one side of
      the room doing something and I was on the other and we never did manage
      to get together, though I did manage to wink at his son." He added,
      "When we left, Hogan said Bret told him he wanted to talk to me, too."

      - For the first time in a while, WWE managed to sell out Madison Square
      Garden for tonight's RAW brand show headlined by a match between the
      Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. Hogan last wrestled in MSG in 1993 and this
      will be his return to the arena as a main eventer. In the past WWE used
      to sell out all shows at the arena - which holds an exclusive contract
      for wrestling events with WWE - but lately they failed to pack the
      historic arena to the rafters due to poor attendance.

      - Tonight's Confidential will look at the highest rated segment ever on
      RAW. This was a couple of years ago when Mick Foley and The Rock did the
      'This Is Your Life' skit which pulled more than an 8.0 rating. Also on
      the show will be a KOTR flashback featuring Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle
      discussing their brutal match at last year's KOTR.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Brett, Brian and Michelle attended the live WWE
      event from the MCI Center in Washington, DC., and filed in the following
      results. William Regal & Chris Nowinski defeated Bubba & Spike Dudley;
      Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus; Shawn Stasiak defeated Bradshaw who
      later was pinned by Spike, and then by Stevie Richards and then again by
      Bradshaw to regain the Hardcore title; D-Lo Brown defeated Justin
      Credible; Matt Hardy defeated Raven; Brock Lesnar defeated Ric Flair;
      Stevie Richards defeated Tommy Dreamer; RVD defeated Eddie Guerrero;
      Booker T & Goldust defeated X-Pac & The Big Show; The Undertaker
      defeated Hulk Hogan. Hogan got the biggest pop followed by RVD, Flair,
      Bubba and his table! X-Pac got the largest heat followed by Regal and
      Nowinski. Booker T slammed The Big Show during their match. "Decent
      show, the crowd sucked," said the report.

      - The following shows went on sale earlier today. Live event at the
      Sarnia Sports & Entertainment Centre on Saturday July 20th in Sarnia,
      Ontario, Canada; Live event in Battle Creek, MI., at the Kellogg Center
      Arena on Saturday July 20th; Vengeance live on PPV on Sunday July 21st
      at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI.; RAW live from the Van Andel
      Arena in Grand Rapids, MI., on Monday July 22nd; Live event on Monday
      July 22nd at the IMA Sports Arena in Flint, MI.; Smackdown! tapings on
      Tuesday July 23rd at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN.; Live
      event on Friday July 26th at the Compaq Center in Houston, TX.; Live
      event at the Freeman Coliseum on Saturday July 27th in San Antonio, TX.;
      Live event on Saturday July 27th at the Arkansas State University in
      Jonesboro, AR.; Live event at the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC., on
      Sunday July 28th; Live event at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, AR., on
      Sunday July 28th; RAW live from Greensboro, NC., on Monday July 29th at
      the Greensboro Coliseum Complex; Live event on Monday July 29th in
      Asheville, NC., at the Asheville Civic Center; Live event in Miami,
      FL., at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday August 3rd. For more
      ticket information checkout Ticketmaster.com or else call the arena box


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      “I am now finished with the Internet and I'm finished with this site
      because I hate what you marks are doing. You've spoiled it for me. Your
      negativity is ridiculous. You all come off like a bunch of bitter
      know-it alls, who won't be happy with anything we give you. Nothing is
      ever good enough and quite frankly I'm over it. “ – Chris Jericho, in
      his latest (and last?) Commentary on www.chrisjericho.com

      I met Chris Jericho when he was a midcarder in WCW in October of 1997.
      He seemed genuinely pleased to meet me and gave up a good ten minutes of
      his time to have a conversation with me. Any time I saw him after that
      he was always really friendly. I am the biggest Chris Jericho fan on the
      planet, and have admitted that for years.

      Now, this new commentary of his is either a) A work, since he is a heel
      and trying to cut off the Internet love fest or b) He is legit pissed
      off. I am hoping it is a work.

      I didn’t see the KotR match; to be honest I felt my $30 this month could
      better be spent elsewhere. So I personally can’t judge the match he is
      talking about. But from the net reports, it seems that the reviews were

      The thing is, there will always be that one guy who dislikes everything
      or something. Not everyone likes Chris Jericho. There are a number of
      writers who seriously dislike him (going so far as to call him “Some
      other guy”) For a while in 2000 I disliked the Rock. I was entitled to
      my opinion. Chris Jericho at one time was one of the best wrestlers in
      either fed. Part of it may be his character now is a cowardly heel,
      which takes away from his wrestling, I don’t know. But I know it was we
      “internet smart marks” who were begging and pleading for him to get a
      shot when he was working the mid-card in WCW. It was us who did happy
      dances in our underwear when he won the World Title in December.

      Maybe the match would have been five stars with different participants.
      But fact of the matter is, we probably expect more from Chris Jericho.
      Anyone who has seen his amazing matches with Chris Benoit, Eddy
      Guerrero, HHH
      (Summer 2000), Rey Misterio and others knows what he is capable of. And
      lately, he just hasn’t been that wrestler.

      So I guess we will have to see what happens. Seeing as this is the first
      commentary since March it may be awhile before we hear from Jericho
      online again. I don’t hold the lack of updates against him; a wrestlers
      schedule is hard, especially in the upper card. I just hope that he
      knows not to, as the old saying goes, let one bad apple spoil the whole

      Till next time.


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