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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1312

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      If anyone is going to the any of the WWE shows today, drop us some notes
      with the results. Thanks.

      That's it for today...see ya tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - In a follow up to yesterday's Triple H news regarding the article on
      FLEX Magazine, we managed to acquire the full article earlier this
      morning and posted it on the website. The article features mainly
      bodybuilding talk. You can check it out at

      - During Friday's edition of Byte This! on WWE.COM, the Rattlesnake
      Stone Cold Steve Austin voiced his concern about the recent WWE creative
      direction. He confirmed the Internet reports that he's not happy with
      his role in the company and feels that the creative team can do a lot
      much better than the stuff they're pulling right now. Austin also
      touched the story about the plane ride from England and said those
      involved should be ashamed of themselves for what went down.

      - Former WWE and WCW champion The Rock was one of the presenters at the
      2002 Essence Awards taped this past Friday in Los Angeles, CA. Rock
      presented the Readers' Choice Award to popular singer Janet Jackson. The
      show salutes the African-Americans in the entertainment and arts
      industry. You can check out two pictures of The Rock and Janet Jackson
      at our Info Central's One Timers section at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/ . The Awards will air later
      this month.

      - Here's the schedule for the coming week. RAW tomorrow live from the
      American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX., while the Smackdown! roster
      perform at the Tulsa Convention Center in Tulsa, OK. On Tuesday
      Smackdown! tapings in Oklahoma City, OK., at the Cox Convention Center
      and on Friday a show in Lexington, KY., at the Rupp Arena. Two shows on
      Saturday, one in Albany, GA., at the James Gray Civic Center and one in
      Knoxville, TN., at the Thompson-Boling Arena. Another two shows on
      Sunday one at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, GA., and the other at
      the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, GA.


      By Lekisha Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      Trying to explain Jason Cain in a few words is hard to accomplish. Jason
      isn’t simple or loud, but he is
      strong, handsome and reaching for the stars. While Jason’s heelish
      manner takes the stage, this interview
      shows the strong, silent type still exists in a gentleman. Enjoy this
      interview, and then check out photos of this upcoming superstar on the
      NWA Main Event website (www.nwamainevent.com), as well as Coliseum
      Championship Wrestling’s website (www.coliseumchampionship.com), and my
      own personal site (http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com). Without further
      ado, “Belle of the Brawl” gives you Jason Cain.

      Lekisha Oliver (Belle of the Brawl [BB]): Thank you for doing this
      interview. Okay, Jason, where did you
      get started at?
      Jason Cain [JC]: I started out as a referee in Evansville, Indiana,
      about five years ago. I did that for two or three years and I was
      training the whole time to wrestle. I’ve been working ever since.

      BB: Who trained you?
      JC: At first it was bits and pieces by Mike Samples. A guy that really
      taught me a lot that is not longer with us, Bad Business Brown. And
      finally, the guy that topped it off and did a lot for me was Tracy

      BB: I’ve met Tracy. He’s a cool guy.
      JC: He’s a good guy.

      BB: You started up in Indiana?
      JC: Yeah, in Evansville. They got me referee jobs in Kentucky and
      further out. It’s not what I really wanted to do to begin with. I was
      very, very young. I’m 20 now. I was young when I started. People didn’t
      seem to want a real young wrestler, so I was a referee and I took what I
      could get and here I am.

      BB: How long have you been with Mike and the NWA (Main Event)?
      JC: It’s been close to two months now.

      BB: That’s good. And you’re one of those full-fledged heels now, one
      of those bad guys. (Laughs).
      JC: I’m a good guy.

      BB: You are. (Laughs). But what does your family think about you
      wanting to get started in this?
      JC: Mother hated it and still does.

      BB: What about the rest of your family?
      JC: Pretty much same as my mother.

      BB: They didn’t like it.
      JC: But they have adapted to it.

      BB: What about your girlfriend, she does cheer you on doesn’t she?
      JC: No girlfriend.

      BB: Oh. That’s hard to believe with you.
      JC: (laughs).

      BB: Because I have to admit you are a cutie.
      JC: Is that on the record?

      BB: I don’t know (Note: Yep, it’s on the record. All the way down to
      the blushing.)
      JC: I’ll see that on the Internet. “He’s a cutie!”

      BB: Yeah, “he’s a cutie”. You are a cutie. Where would you want your
      career to go, starting here and going on?
      JC: I’d say like everybody else. I’d like to be there someday wherever
      that might be. If there are four later on instead of the one.

      BB: Did you do any backyard wrestling or anything like that?
      JC: No.

      BB: What do you think about stuff like that?
      JC: I don’t hate them for it, they have a dream for it too. They just
      don’t have the money for it. But I
      took a couple backyard guys and trained them. I showed them that there
      is no sense in that.

      BB: That it’s just insane.
      JC: Yeah. It’s not right at all. If you want to do it, do it in front
      of real people on the Indy circuit
      and try to work you’re way up.

      BB: That’s how it’s supposed to go.
      JC: Yeah, it’s more fun that way, instead of breaking your neck jumping
      off of your house roof. Longer lasting.

      BB: (Laughs). Yeah that’s true. Once and if and when you do get up to
      the WWE, who would you like to work
      with and why?
      JC: To tell you the truth, it may sound weird. I’m not all into the
      top rankings I guess. I just think that I’d like to be a carpenter.
      That’s all I would want. It’s basically the ones that goes out there
      and makes someone else look good and loses. I don’t care, I just want
      to be there and have fun. That’s all I want to do.

      I would like to thank Jason Cain for doing this interview. Not only did
      he take time out of his busy schedule, he also had to brave some VERY
      cold weather/wind for this interview. Thank you, Jason. I wish you all
      the success in the world.


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