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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1281

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      I forgot to put the interview link in yesterday's Triple H news bit!
      Doh! Here it is:

      Back tomorrow.

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      - For the first time in five weeks, the WWF saw it's RAW number drop.
      After a nice 4.8 run, this week RAW scored a 4.4 composite with a 6.6
      share off hours 4.2 and 4.6. (Ratings compiled by Neilsen Media Research
      and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - DDP's wrestling career may be thrown out of the window, and the
      doctors are advising him to hang up his boots. The former WCW champion
      got injured during a recent match with Hardcore Bob Holly on Smackdown
      and has been having neck and back troubles ever since. WWF.COM reported
      that an MRI revealed degenerative discs and bone spurs and a blockage at
      the canal around the L5 and L6 vertebrae. The doctor said that one bad
      bump could cause his spinal cord to snap and become paraplegic. Page is
      expected to have an extensive rehab and then fly to Texas to see Dr
      Lloyd Youngblood for an evaluation which if things turn worse would
      require him to have spinal surgery. You can read the full WWF.COM story
      at http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1132984

      - W-O Newsletter readers Bernhard Döbler and Frank Lilienthal from
      Germany sent in the following report from Big Show's appearance on
      German TV comedy show 'TV Total'. Show was the first guest and carried
      the host on his shoulders in the studio. Show told the host that he's
      married but no children yet, although he's working everyday to change
      that! He said that at home, his wife is the real Big Show, he's just a
      Little Show. After a commercial break they returned with a part of the
      stage filled with wrestling mats. The host pinned Show and tried again
      for the second time however he wasn't that 'lucky'. Then the host asked
      who was in the best physical condition among the band who does live
      music on the show. Big Show took them all seven members out! When it was
      time to leave, Show stood up and the chair was still stuck to his @ss so
      the host had to separate the chair from the nWo monster!

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.45, a 0.84% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 13.98 - 14.45.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter correspondent Ralph Aversa attended the
      RAW event yesterday in Buffalo, NY., and filed in the following report.

      WWF RAW eminated live Monday night from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY.
      Yours truly went to the arena around 3:00 to give you the following

      Travel Pairings (These are more popular than I thought): Bradshaw
      (Single), RVD (Single), Jerry Lawler and Mr. Perfect; HHH, William
      Regal, and Brock Lesner; Dok Hendrix (Single), Hogan
      (Single), Jeff Hardy (Single...Matt is with Lita who was getting
      Surgery); Raven and Justin Credible.

      The Steven Richards/Jazz get-a-way scene was practiced earlier in the
      day in the exact spot it took place in. Stephanie McMahon, Sgt.
      Slaughter, and a few other employees looked like they were directing the

      The guitar used in the hardcore match along with the beer drank by
      Austin (2 12 packs of Budweiser) were seen being brought into the arena.

      Hulk Hogan and Jeff Hardy were later than others as far as entering the
      arena. Hardy came in a cab while Hogan came in a limo and was driven
      right into the arena. No fan outside the arena caught a glimpse of "The
      Immortal One."

      RVD, Jerry Lawler, Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler for you marks),
      Raven, and Referee Mike Chioda all signed autographs while I was there.

      Sunday Night Heat had some high quality matches, if you get a chance,
      catch it this Sunday. After the Boss Man had lost a match on Heat and
      cameras weren't rolling, he exited the ring while working the crowd.
      While doing so he lost his footing and fell right off the steel steps!
      Funny stuff...

      Off-air notes from RAW: Nothing special. Taker left...and with some
      assistance from officials, Hogan left to "Ho-gan" chants.

      Those wondering about the "Rock-look a like" in the front row: Real name
      is Creig...nice guy. Me, Colin, and Jeff met him in Toronto at the
      Skydome. He actually flew down to Miami, went to the Lucky's (Where The
      Rock gets his expensive shirts) and got his haircut at the same barber
      as The Rock does. He is from Western New York. And he is a regular at
      the WWF Buffalo shows.

      For those in the digital photography world: Use caution when bringing
      your digital cameras to WWF events. The WWF is now telling security
      guards to take the batteries from digital cameras, and if they are still
      seen in use, to take the camera! But of course, the staff at the HSBC
      Arena is a well-organized and friendly one, and I commend their overall
      effort on the night. From the lot attendants to the guards in the arena,
      they do their job but aren't a$$holes about things, as I've seen in
      other places.

      A Last Thought: I bought a Hulkamania shirt and the Hulk Rules bandana.
      Its official...I am back to my childhood days of being a Hulkamaniac...

      - Reader Dan Klaes was also present at the show and sent in the Heat
      taping matches. Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly; Rob Van Dam vs Justin
      Credible; D'Lo Brown vs Bossman; Mr Perfect vs Tommy Dreamer.


      By Rick Rockwell, [rickrockwell@...]

      In previous columns I have mentioned my involvement with pro-wrestling.
      In case you are reading my column for the first time or if you forgot, I
      am an independent wrestler, a wrestling promoter, a wrestling radio show
      host, and my partner is WWF Legend the Tonga Kid. Now with all that
      said, here's a little taste of life on the road as a pro-wrestler. All
      events here are "actual and factual".

      On Friday April 26th, the Tonga Kid, Jessie Graham, and myself set out
      for our booking in a town about 150 miles away. We were set to make an
      appearance and have a wrestling demonstration for a huge outdoor event.
      They expected about 2-4 thousand people to be there. n the road, you
      always try to find things to do to pass the time. Fortunately I brought
      my laptop and all the movies that I downloaded off the Internet. This
      definitely helped with the boring drive.

      We arrived around 6pm in this town that strangely resembled Mayberry
      from the TV show Andy Griffith. I went into the motel office to get our
      room. "What room and who are you?" the Clerk said. "My name is Double R
      and I am suppose to meet the Tonga Kid and the promoter here to get our
      rooms. We are here for the big event at the fair grounds to wrestle."
      "Oh." She said with a clueless look.

      So she called her husband who came in and cleared up the mess. He gave
      us our room and off we were. I opened the door to our room and was
      greeted with the smell of crap. The room smelled so bad. So we opened
      the windows. The bed sheets were dirty and hanging off the bed. The
      blankets were rolled up and on the floor. It looked like someone just
      left before we came in. I went to checkout the bathroom because I had to
      go. 3 bottles of Gatorade were trying to jump out of my body. I found
      the source of the god-awful smell. It seems that someone had a bad case
      of diarrhea and decided to leave it there, as a house warming present
      for us.

      I went back down to the truck to get the rest of my things. On the way
      down to the truck, I told my partner Jessie Graham that the source of
      the foul smell is in the bathroom. By time I got back up to the room, I
      saw my partner hanging over the balcony puking. In between heaves, he
      mentioned that he flushed the toilet.
      After Jessie's puking, I tried to get in contact with the promoter that
      booked our appearance. We couldn't find him anywhere. We were stuck in a
      hick town, with a crack head's motel room, and nothing to eat. The
      promoter had made reservations for us at a restaurant but we didn't know
      where or when it was. So Jessie and I took off. We went to find
      something to eat and something to do. We had no problems mingling with
      the townspeople. We asked them what there was to do in this town. The
      consensus was either drink or sleep. My thoughts were these people
      either avoided the dentist or toothpaste because everybody was missing
      teeth. It was like some strange toothless cult.

      We got back to the motel room at 8pm and found out that the promoter and
      the Tonga Kid had just arrived. The promoter fixed the room problem for
      us and said he will be back in 20 minutes to take us to dinner. At
      9:45pm he picks us up. I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. We get
      to this nice restaurant and I ordered the rack of ribs. After we get our
      food, around 10:15pm, the promoter informs us that he can't cover
      Jessie's dinner and mine. He said he'd reimburse us tomorrow at the big
      event. At that point I just wanted to eat and I didn't care if I had to
      wash the dishes to pay for the food. After dinner the promoter takes us
      out to a popular bar. Well being a guy that doesn't drink or smoke, I
      was not too interested. But I went to make sure nothing happened to my
      partners. I thought we were going to be stuck inside a bar watching line
      dancing and
      chaw spitting contests. I was surprised when I heard R&B and hip-hop
      music. It's time to get my groove on.

      At 2:30 am, I am begging the guys to leave. I was beat. We had to be at
      the event at 9am. We get back to the motel room around 3am and find
      several girls waiting for us. Now, Jessie can stay up all night and
      still wrestle the next day; but I can't. I need some sleep. So I wasn't
      down for any partying at the rooms. After 2 hours of trying to excuse
      myself, I finally just said "f" this and went to bed at 5am.

      At 8am Jessie and TK wake me up. I figure a good breakfast and a hot
      shower would wake me up, NOPE. The shower switched from scalding hot to
      freezing cold every 20 seconds and there was no time for breakfast. The
      promoter arrives while I was dressing and said its time to go. We
      arrived at the event at 9am and found out that there needed to be some
      repairs done to our wrestling ring. Apparently someone messed with the
      ropes and the canvas. At 10am the event kicked off. It was cold and
      overcast. I didn't even want to step into the ring, because I thought we
      would slip and fall. At 11 am we found out that we were not going to get
      paid. You might as well just have spit in our mother's face because not
      paying a wrestler is a ticket to an @$$ kicking. The only thing that
      stopped us was the huge fact that the town's police department sponsored
      this event. We kept our composure and went on with our part. Jessie and
      I were to wrestle for the crowd. At 11:15 am it started to lightly rain.
      It just happened to be the same time as my match. Needless to say there
      were a few blown spots, which led to the injuries that we have today.
      The first was blown spot by me. I was to frog splash Jessie off the tope

      Well the rain built up a slick moisture on the ring ropes. I slipped
      when I attempted to jump and landed wrong on Jessie. The next blown spot
      was when Jessie was in the ropes and I ran to do a flying cross body and
      he was suppose to duck while I went over the top ropes and landed on the
      apron. Well I jumped, he ducked, and I went all the way to the ground,
      at least a 10-foot fall. Once again the ropes were to slick and when I
      tried to grab them, I couldn't and to the ground I went. The last blown
      spot was when Jessie tried to suplex me and he slipped and I landed on
      the back of my neck. At 12:15 pm we tore down the ring and left for the
      motel. We left 3 hours early because of no pay and injuries. At 2pm we
      were ready to head back home. The promoter said he would be back in 15
      minutes and then we would leave. At 6pm he returned. For 4 hours we were
      left stranded at the motel. The promoter had the key to the truck that
      was transporting the wrestling ring. Every 20 minutes we were calling
      him and fighting with him on the phone. I had to hold back my partners
      from killing this promoter. 6:30 pm we left that town and hoped to never

      On our way home we got lost and ended up taking a 100-mile detour. We
      arrived home around 11pm and still had to unload the ring from the
      truck. This was the worse road trip I have ever had. Nothing went right.
      The promoter was worse than a bad rash. As I sit here and reflect on
      that trip, and suffering from a shoulder injury, I ask myself: "Is it
      worth being in the professional wrestling business?" "OH HELL YEAH"
      If you have any experiences like this, let me know!

      "Whether you like it or you don't like it, Learn to Love it; because
      this column is the best thing going today."

      Send all feedback or questions to -- rickrockwell@...


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