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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1260

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2002
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      CLICK TO UNSUBSCRIBE: mailto:wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com
      12 CDs for price of 1! http://psstt.com/1/c/22607/36859/166461/166461

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey welcome to issue #1260. If you're attending RAW tonight or
      the other live event in Yuma, AZ., drop us some notes from the shows.
      Please include your full name. Thanks.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - No matches have been announced yet for tonight's show however cable
      previews suggest that Vince McMahon will be in the house again this
      week. Didn't he say that he won't be on RAW anymore? Damn liar! In other
      RAW related news, D-Lo Brown will be hosting the live RAW party from WWF
      New York.

      - WWF.COM reported today that Amy Robinson, wife of former WCW - and now
      WWF - referee Charles Robinson passed away yesterday. She was suffering
      from cancer. During the WrestleMania weekend, WWF.COM put up a column
      regarding her situation and Robinson said he hoped that his wife would
      live for a few more months. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as she
      passed away less than a month after the article was published. Our
      prayers and thoughts are with Charles and his whole family.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Gabriel Cruz who works at the Hyatt
      Regency in downtown Phoenix, AZ., sent in notes from yesterday's WWF's
      crew arrival to the hotel. Our reader told us that Triple H and Steph
      shared the same room while Vince had another room in the same floor.
      Nash, Hall & X-Pac all arrived together in a white Ford Expedition while
      Bubba Ray Dudley & Tommy Dreamer also arrived together at around 4:30AM.
      Jim Ross forgot his cell phone in his car so our reader came in for the
      rescue and got tipped a nice $10. Not too shabby! By around 3:30AM, Hall
      and X-Pac were "drunk as f!@k" and our reader managed to get them a cab
      to take them to a waffle house. Gabriel also told us that he was talking
      about Carpet Munchers (if you don't know what's that, search on Yahoo,
      you'll get the idea) with the Supervisor of the Graveyard Security
      Guards at the hotel and Hall told them that "he was offended!" Yeah,

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'MsJanet316' attended the Fresno, CA., live
      event yesterday and sent in the following results. Hugh Morrus & Chavo
      Guerrero Jr defeated Al Snow & Maven; Albert & Lance Storm defeated
      Scotty 2 Hotty & Randy Orton; Kidman defeated Tajiri; D-Von Dudley
      defeated The Big Valbowski; Test defeated Hardcore Holly; Billy & Chuck
      defeated Rikishi & The Hurricane; Christian defeated DDP; Kurt Angle
      defeated Edge; Triple H defeated Chris Jericho. Torrie, Stacy & Ivory
      did the same swimsuit challenge from the previous night in Davis, CA.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.70, a 1.73% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 14.50 - 14.70.

      - The following WWF videos are currently in this week's Top 10 chart in
      the Sports section. 'Royal Rumble' occupies the second place, 'Before
      They Were Famous' is in third, followed by Rock's 'Just Bring It' in
      fifth place. 'Survivor Series' in the eighth place while 'WrestleMania
      X-Seven' is in the ninth place and 'Vengeance' wraps ups the list in the
      last position. All videos can be purchased in both VHS & DVD format from
      WrestlingMegastore.com .

      - The popular 'WWF Forceable Entry' music album went on sale in all UK
      stores this morning and is expected to have the same success it got in
      the United States. Last week the new album debuted in the third place in
      Billboard's Top 200 chart selling 146,000 units. The album features
      remixed themes as well as other unreleased songs by popular music
      artists and bands such as Creed, Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, Marilyn
      Manson and more.


      By Rick Rockwell, [rickrockwell@...]

      WWF came to Davis, California for a house show on April 6th; yours truly
      was there. If there ever is a chance for you to go backstage, I highly
      recommend it. One word to describe it all, AMAZING! Watching how a show
      is run from behind the scenes, gives you a whole new perspective.
      Meeting the superstars and interacting with them was great. Of course
      there were some that didn't interact at all, but what do you expect.
      There could be any number of reasons for the lack of interaction. So we
      will give them the benefit of the doubt. Here is a list of who was there
      and how they were.

      FANS, WHY? (Wrestlers who looked disgusted at the sight of fans)
      Hardcore Holly, Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay.

      FANS, WHAT? (Wrestlers who smiled as they were running for shelter)
      Al Snow, Maven, Test, Torrie, Val Venis, Scotty Hotty, Albert, Tajiri,
      Billy, Chuck.

      FANS, WHEN? (Wrestlers who split before you could say thanks for the
      Kurt Angle, Stacy Keibler.

      FANS, WHERE? (Wrestlers who were looking to sign autographs and take
      HHH, D-Von Dudley, Rico, Ivory, Edge, Christian, DDP, Kidman, Rikishi,
      Randy Orton, Lance Storm, Hurricane Helms, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Chris
      Benoit, Saturn, Farooq were not there. Chris Jericho, Hugh Morris, and
      Chavo mysteriously appeared on the show but nobody knows how these men
      entered or exited the building.

      I spent some time talking with Ivory, DDP, Rico, Randy Orton, and HHH.
      These individuals were great. Some highlights of the conversations were:

      Ivory: Her wrestling competition, Tough Enough training.

      DDP: His charity work, the retired Sting.

      Rico: His true age, his long road to the WWF.

      Randy: Stories of how tough his dad (Cowboy Bob Orton) is, His WWF

      HHH: His workout routine

      The best part of the night was seeing Torrie, Ivory, and Stacy preparing
      for the BIKINI CONTEST. These eyes have never seen a finer sight than
      those three women backstage in their bikinis. THANK YOU GOD!!!!! If you
      want a play-by-play description, email me!

      Closing words --- Ivory is a beautiful woman. Randy Orton will be a
      future WWF star. HHH is huge, huge, huge. Stacy and Torrie are 8 feet

      "Whether you like it or you don't like it, Learn to Love it; because
      this column is the best thing going today."

      Send all feedback to -- rickrockwell@...

      Don't forget to continue supporting the #1 Wrestling Newsletter. Over
      37,000 and going strong!


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