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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1259

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Heya folks. We passed the 37,000 active subscribers mark today....and
      that's not a bad thing...that's a good thing! There are still tons of
      more members yet to be added but Yahoo! limits the number of new
      subscribers per day so it's not a short process.

      Not a lot of news today...see ya again tomorrow.


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      - Here's the schedule for this week, starting with the RAW roster. Live
      RAW tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ., at the America West Arena. On Friday live
      event at the Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, TX., followed by a show
      in Odessa, TX., at the Ector County Coliseum on Saturday. The week is
      wrapped up by a show in Abilene, TX., at the Taylor County Coliseum. The
      Smackdown! roster starts the week with a live event on Monday in Yuma,
      AZ., at the Desert Sun Stadium followed by Smackdown! tapings in Tucson,
      AZ., at the Tucson Convention Center. On Saturday a live event at the
      Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, AL., and another show on Sunday in
      Hattiesburg, MS., at the Reed Green Coliseum.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Steve Stain attended yesterday's
      WWF live event in Davis, CA., and sent in the following results. Kidman
      defeated Tajiri; Albert & Lance Storm defeated Scotty 2 Hotty & Randy
      Orton; Maven & Al Snow defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hugh Morrus; Chuck &
      Billy defeated Rikishi & The Hurricane; Test defeated Hardcore Holly;
      D-Von Dudley defeated The Big Valbowski; DDP defeated Christian; Kurt
      Angle defeated Edge; Triple H defeated Chris Jericho. There was also a
      swimsuit showdown between Stacy, Torrie Wilson & Ivory. Ivory didn't
      want to remove her robe and told the crowd that she "won't show them her
      tits." After some more trash talking, Stacy Keibler ripped Ivory's robe
      as the former Women's champ ran backstage. Torrie won the contest but
      Stacy attacked her from behind and the two engaged in a cat fight.

      - In an article by Media Life Magazine, columnist Mike Jasik reviewed
      the latest cable TV rankings going in detail over USA Network and TNN.
      The article states that although USA Network took a hit in the ratings
      when the WWF left, the cable channel has not only regained its
      viewership, but improved on it. As far as TNN goes, the work all goes
      out to WWF programming, especially their RAW show. Even though TNN is
      not 'America's fastest growing network' as the advertising claims, the
      article says that TNN's audience went up 21% in adults 18-49 and 25-54
      and up 11% in adults 18-34. Also, for the first 3 months of this year,
      WWFE had seven out of the top ten spots in adults 18-34, nine spots in
      the adults 18-49, six in adults 25-54 and 21 out of 25 in primetime
      household rankings.

      - Chris Jericho morphed into his alter ego on Friday when he and his
      band Fozzy rocked WWF New York for a concert. Jericho plays Moongoose
      McQueen, the lead singer for the band. W-O Newsletter reader
      'TeddSaidHi' attended the concert and sent in word that the show was
      outstanding and even included stage dives by two members from the band.
      Jericho...oops, Moongoose and his band sang 'TNT', written by AC/DC,
      'Balls to the Wall', written by Accept, and 'Rock you Like a Hurricane',
      written by Fozzy, stolen by the Scorpions!


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      Trivia Answer: Amanda Ultimate Warrior was brought out by the WWF
      champion on the Brother Love show. She did a
      cartwheel. Man did things suck back then.

      This week’s question: Two men have wrestled in three consecutive
      Wrestlemania's for three different titles. Who are they, which Mania's
      and what titles?

      History? What history?

      That seems to be the WWF's way of thinking and has been for years. They
      have a massive library of classic moments and angles to draw from and
      yet things that should be blatantly obvious to use in set up for feuds
      are ignored.

      Take for example the Chris Jericho/HHH Wrestlemania Main Event. In the
      build up for the match Trip said that every time he and Jericho wrestled
      he beat him. This lead to footage from the Walls of Jericho on the table
      in the Canadian Chris' Tag Title win last May. Granted that was decent
      and helped attempt to build psychology towards Jericho's attacking of
      the quad. That was overshadowed by the whole McMahon thing, but I

      What they neglected was April of 2000 when Chris Jericho pinned Triple-H
      to be WWF World Champion... for five minutes. In one of the best
      examples of booking, the show started off with Jericho winning the
      title, Hunter and Stephanie bullying referee Earl Hebner into
      overturning the decision, and a 6-man tag with Jericho and the Acolytes
      against DX, in which HHH pinned Jericho cleanly. A great angle all
      executed and run in one night. They could have had Jericho spout about
      how he did beat Hunter once and no one remembers, etc. It also could
      have been used somewhat a few RAW's ago. "Chris Jericho returns to State
      College, PA where he once beat HHH in order to try and once again hold
      that belt."

      Another example is Hulk Hogan, who prior to X-8 had one Wrestlemania
      pinfall loss. Wrestlemania 6 to the Ultimate Warrior in Skydome. They
      could have worked with that and hyped on the fact that Hogan was
      returning to avenge his loss to one former "Icon" by beating the new
      one. Instead that fact was ignored. Had they put Mr. Perfect on the
      actual show instead of Heat, and added Boss Man and hey even Haku
      (cringe) then they could have built on that. Having the wrestlers talk
      about talking into that event twelve years ago in front of all those
      fans and now returning.

      WWF just sort of ignored the long history between HHH and The Rock when
      they entered their WWF Title Feud in 2000. The Rock/HHH battles began in
      February of 1997 when Rock beat Hunter for his first IC title. They
      traded the belt back at Summerslam 98 with Hunter now as the face and
      Rocky as the heel Nation leader. The only mention of the many, many
      battles these two men had in a three year period (they also feuded in
      the summer of 1999, starting with the Over the Edge PPV) was the thirty
      minute draw at Fully Loaded 1998, mentioned during the Iron Man Match in
      2000. Same for the Triple-H/Cactus Feud in 2000 that made no mention of
      there battles in 1997 that helped springboard both men’s careers.

      Maybe it's just me, but I like to recall past wrestling moments. The
      fact that Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle wrestled at two Wrestlemanias,
      ignored. WWF had a great potential feud between former tag partners
      Jericho and Lance Storm and gave us only a 4-minute match.

      Some of the best angles took years of subtle build up. The best example
      is Elizabeth and Randy Savage. What made that moment at WM 7 so amazing
      was the fact that there was almost ten years of history. It almost is
      insulting to our intelligence to expect us to forget. If they delved
      more into the past it would strengthen some of the weaker angles we have
      seen over the years.


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