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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1253

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey Happy Easter everyone. Kinda slow news day today, nothing
      special happening.

      See ya tomorrow.

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      - RAW previews on several TV websites don't reveal much to what we
      already know. The preview has 'Ric Flair's new RAW; Stone Cold' for the
      all-new two hour broadcast. Austin's scheduled appearance on the show
      has been plugged big time this week both on TV and on the WWF.COM

      > GO TRISH GO!
      - 64 babes from the entertainment industry were fielded together for a
      knockout tournament on Atlanta's 790 The Zone website and one female
      from the WWF is kicking some serious butt in the finals! Trish Stratus
      is currently destroying Alyssa Milano in the final round by some nearly
      2,000 votes. If you want to help the former WWF Women's champ secure her
      spot as the hottest babe go to
      http://www.790thezone.com/Interactive/64Women2002/Round6.asp and place
      your vote for the Canadian.

      - The Lightheavyweight championship is officially....gone. The last
      person to hold that title, X-Pac, has never been acknowledged as the
      champion since his return on WWF TV and the WWF Internet crew also
      removed the title from the WWFTitleHistory.com website. The
      Cruiserweight title - held by Tajiri - will be the only one kept to
      represent the division. The first WWF Lightheavyweight champion was
      crowned at In Your House: Degeneration X back in December of 1997 when
      Taka Michinoku pinned Brian Christopher, later known as Grandmaster

      > BACK IN THE 'TOP 10'
      - The WWF keyword on Lycos' Top 50 chart is back in the first 10 places
      jumping 8 places from last week's position. Seems like the split, or
      brand extension like the WWF likes to call it got some people talking
      this week. The WWF keyword has been on the Top 50 chart for 136 weeks
      now, one of the only eight other keywords that's been on that long.

      - Here's the latest injury update from Jim Ross. Triple H has suffered a
      fracture on his left kneecap however he's going to work through the pain
      after consulting Dr. Jim Andrews; Kevin Nash has a deep bruise on his
      biceps and will work despite the pain; Hulk Hogan is still suffering
      from a rib injury however just like the two guys above he will continue


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hi there Citizens, or Andyholics, haven't quite decided what to call you
      yet. Anyway, WrestleMania has come and gone, and if any of you were
      wondering why I was conspicuous by my absence, it was because I was in a
      field surveying in a remote part of Scotland. I did manage to see
      WrestleMania live, and I'm sure there will be many that disagree, but I
      was not impressed in the least. With the top 4 matches you could have
      the winner a mile off. The WWF's 4 golden boys. The Rock/Hogan bout was
      the only real surprising highlight.

      Stone Cold absolutely killed the Hall match. Now Stone Cold has
      disappeared from our screens, basically because he is in a huff, in a
      mood. Get over it Austin. Supposedly Austin is still bitching about
      Hogan coming into WCW and having him job to 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan back in
      1994. I'll bet you Steve Austin is one of these guys that reckon Bret
      Hart should get on with his life and stop bitchin' about Montreal too.
      My point is Steve, it was 8 years ago, you are THE man now, don't blow
      it over petty differences from the past. Hogan may be getting cheered
      through the rafters right now, but believe me, it's just temporary.

      Why is it temporary. Oh come on! Do you REALLY want to see Hogan
      constantly main event at WWF PPV's. I know I sure as hell don't. Sure,
      he and Rock had a good match at WMX8, but that was WrestleMania and
      emotions were high and Dwayne pulled a tremendous bout out of Hogan. But
      even his legdrops are lame now. I'll give the guy credit, his popularity
      at the moment is phenomenal, but trust me, it will fade, especially when
      the fans get to witness how hopeless he can be in singles matches, when
      only his opponent can carry him (notice he ain't wrestled very many
      singles matches since his return?).

      I nearly blew a fuse this morning. Dave Meltzer's report said that the
      general feeling in camp WWF is that the Jericho title reign was a
      failure, and only Stephanie gave it credit. If that isn't nepotism in
      the extreme,
      and blindness to the max, I don't know what is. Sure, Y2J's reign wasn't
      the greatest, but I think failure is a very strong word. And it wasn't
      all his fault. Even when he first won the title, they rarely gave him a
      clean win over anyone. Sure I can see that was to try and get him over
      as a heel, but it never made him a credible champion.

      They assigned Stephanie to him and she has been given credit for giving
      him heat. What? I said, what? No way, if anything, Ms. McMahon made a
      farce out of the world title match at WrestleMania. It may as well have
      been her against Triple H in the main event as Jericho was just seen as
      her skivvy to take on her soon to be ex-husband rather than the
      champion. That absolutely reeked of politicking.

      I used to think that the nWo would be the poison for real in the WWF
      with all the Kliq and Hogan's little words behind the scenes, but now I
      see, they aren't the poison. It seems that Mr. Levesque (aka Triple H)
      is bad mouthing many wrestlers at the bookers meetings which is
      resulting in many of them being buried (AHEM Kurt, AHEM Hardys).
      Levesque is always keen to talk about how much he loves this business
      and how he would do anything for it. Yeah Paul, as long as no-one looks
      better than you.

      On to the draft. I know, I know I'm moaning away, but I'm in a moany
      mood. Couldn't they have developed and built the storyline in a better
      way rather than have Linda 'Deadpan' McMahon deliver a boring speech on
      Raw. Although don't get me wrong, I think Linda is very good at her job,
      she just shouldn't be delivering important monologues on TV like that -
      in my opinion. The split happens Monday and have there been glaring
      omissions from the drafts, I think there have.

      Sean O'Haire, Mark Jindrak, Hugh Morrus, Chavo Guerrero Jr all missing
      in action. Also guys like Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias missing too.
      What does this mean for them? Also, I think Flair's camp is
      significantly weaker than Vince's. Is this another power trip? Probably.
      It is for that reason I think it is vital that Steve Austin signs with
      Ric Flair, as the top faces in Flair's camp are RVD and Kane. Also Rey
      Rey and Eddy are to come in soon I believe, I think they'd be better off
      in Flair's camp too.

      Does anyone else see the problem that I've seen with the split. Ok, it's
      now 2 hours of TV for 30 guys, which means most should get decent
      exposure on TV, but what about PPV's? A lot of guys aren't going to get
      PPV bonuses. You now have all the guys in one faction trying to squeeze
      into 4 or 5 matches at PPVs. Many are not even going to get a look in.

      I am looking forward to the prospective Kurt Angle and Edge feud. This
      could be a great one, if they are both given enough time to build it.
      Kurt's career seems to be in a bit of a doldrum just now, as with the
      emergence of the nWo he's been pushed from the main event scene. Edge
      has struggled to find a stellar singles feud since he and Christian
      parted ways. These guys are my sort of competitors, a varied and
      creative arsenal, both with
      wrestling intelligence and both can create great matches. It should be
      good, if they are allowed to get their feet off the ground.

      Brock Lesnar is one scary individual. He looks good. Although he, to me,
      looks like a bulked up Sid Vicious. Seriously, his face looks like Sid.
      Anyway, like every other pundit is saying just now, it's time for Paul
      Heyman to cut one of his killer promos to get his guy over as a vicious
      heel. He could be the next Goldberg, except Brock is talented. (*takes
      cover from Goldberg marks*).

      The time has come for me to depart and go and sit on my pedestal again.
      Actually I'm off to serve a bunch of annoying customers at Sainsbury's
      supermarket. But I'm in a good mood now, as I have just purchased
      tickets to
      the WWF event in Glasgow, HIP HIP HOORAY! After a 2 and a half year
      absence, FINALLY Citizen Number 1 will be returning to a WWF event. Last
      time I was at an event was the Rebellion PPV in Birmingham, just after
      I'd started University. Now I'm almost finished Uni (maybe) and I get
      the chance to see my idols again. Yeah I could only afford cheap seats
      cos I'm a poor student and the view ain't going to be that hot as I'm on
      the floor towards the back, but to be there will be great. But WWF take
      note, the WWA, a fledgling company managed to take cameras and 2 big
      screens to house shows in the UK with them, can you match that?

      Yeah and you could bring WrestleMania to Hampden Park too while you're
      at it, that way I would get jealous of guys like Colin and Doc. hehe.

      Ok, time to go to splitsville. Any emails are welcome at
      andrew.bulik@... . Tara sports.


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