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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1230

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Happy birthday goes out to Brian Miller - one of our former PPV
      play-by-play staff. The bastard turns 20. :) Go get drunk
      buddy....wait...you have one more year to go. LOL.

      Alright, on with the news.

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      - The Backlash 2001 promotional PPV poster has been released. The poster
      has a picture of Triple H posing with his fist down, with half of his
      body morphing into the black background. The same Backlash logo used for
      last year's event is being used for this one as well. The PPV will be
      live from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO. Tickets go on sale on the
      23rd of March and Chris Benoit will be at the box office signing
      autographs. The PPV is on April 21st. You can check out the poster at
      our InfoCentral website at http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/
      under the PPV Posters section.

      - 13 contestants will begin their road to glory today as WWF and MTV
      present the second season of Tough Enough. Tonight, at 10PM EST on MTV -
      right after Smackdown! ends on UPN - a one-hour casting special that
      recaps the selection process of the 13 finalists will be aired. The
      casting process was done late last year in Las Vegas, NV., in Caesar's
      Palace. Trainers on the show are Al Snow, Ivory, Bob Holly and Chavo
      Guerrero Jr., while Chris Jericho, Edge, Big Show, William Regal, Stacy
      Kiebler and Torrie Wilson will appear throughout the 13 episodes as
      special guests. The series continues with 13 half-hour shows every
      Thursday night at 10PM EST on MTV.

      - Two dozens of WWF superstars and a truckload of WWF crew are currently
      in Japan getting ready for the first stop of the 'Smackdown! Tour' in
      Asia. The card will be headlined by Chris Jericho vs The Rock for the
      WWF Undisputed title. Other stars on the road include Edge, Dudleyz,
      Kane, Ric Flair, DDP and others. The show is sold out and will take
      place at the Yokohama Arena. March 2nd is dedicated to traveling only
      and business will pick up on the 3rd and 4th with shows in Singapore and
      Malaysia. RAW on Monday will not feature any of the stars which will
      participate in the Asian tour.

      - The following matches are scheduled to air on Smackdown! tonight.
      Hardy Boyz & Lita vs Dudley Boyz & Jazz; William Regal vs Big Show;
      Maven vs Goldust; APA vs Chuck & Billy; Booker T vs Scotty 2 Hotty; HHH
      & Kane vs Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle.

      - WWF.COM interviewed Mark Henry this week after he won the Arnold
      Strongmen contest last weekend in Ohio. Henry took a couple of months
      off from his OVW training to train for the competition and ended up
      winning it. As a prize, Henry won a Hummer vehicle, $10,000 and a
      cruise. Not to shabby. Check out the interview at
      http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1116045 .

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 13.55, a 0.97% increase over the previous
      day. The day's range was 13.41 - 13.70.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Okay, straight down to business. No Way Out was the worst WWF PPV I’ve
      watched in a loooong time (UK PPVs not included natch). Now I know a lot
      of people aren’t going to like that statement, but I’m sorry, it is what
      believe. There was not one outstanding match, like at No Way Outs of the
      past (2000 and 2001 were stellar events). No stand-out performances, no
      real elevation for any characters. You ask yourself what was the point?

      “But Andy, how can you say there was no elevation of wrestlers when both
      Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho scored victories over Hunter Hearst
      Helmsley (who?) and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin?” Don’t get me wrong, I
      was thrilled that they won, but disgusted how cheap their victories
      were. Same with the Taker/Rock match. All three top billing matches were
      tainted with screwy refereeing or outside interference. Okay, fair
      enough, the nWo attack was in order to start the feud with Austin. But
      what about Taker and Rock, did we REALLY need McMahon and Flair sticking
      their beaks in? Couldn’t Taker lie down cleanly, as The Rock has done a
      LOT lately.

      And what about the (tri)Plaitch/Angle match. Don’t even get me started!
      Firstly, the match was a farce due to the whole Stephanie thing, yeah I
      know they got her out the way, but you always knew she’d make a ‘miracle
      recovery’ and run back to the ring. Didn’t you? Then she screws about
      and Angle gets the win. Now this I can cope with as referee impartiality
      can always play a good part (even when its as predictable as it was
      here). But the following night on RAW disgusted me. I mean I really did
      feel physically sick. Not only was H3 incapable of putting Angle cleanly
      over, but he just HAD to beat him the next night on RAW, didn’t he? Well
      DIDN’T HE? Because no-one but no-one can beat this man, because he IS
      The Dame. Oops I mean the Lame, I mean the Tame - oh whatever. But
      seriously. Triple H’s victory on Monday rendered their match at No Way
      Out utterly pointless. A waste of your $35 (or whatever is the price)
      and a waste of time when I could be sleeping! So its HHH vs. Y2J at

      RIP WWF New World Order: Feb 17th 2002 - Feb 21st 2002. Question - what
      got the New World Order over in their golden era of 1996-97?” Answer -
      The fact that no-one could beat them, the fact that no-one could get one
      over on them. 5 days into their WWF tenure and they have already been
      outsmarted and humiliated by another unstoppable WWF wrestler, Austin.
      Well we’ve already seen that Austin is far stronger than the three of
      these wrestling veterans put together, so what’s the point of going on.
      We know Austin will get the win anyway.

      Sure, the nWo have got their own back on RAW this Monday, but we will
      likely see tit for tat each week until March 17th. Hey it might work,
      but my personal opinion is that the nWo would work better if they were
      marketed as unbeatable.

      How p!ssed am I? Jerry Lynn released by the WWF. Who exactly did he p!ss
      off? He didn't even get a mention on the Ross Report saying that he had
      been freed. He was also omitted from the Invasion last July which just
      didn't make sense! I think he must have really upset someone, perhaps
      with his stunning interview at WWF New York last year when he laid into
      the WWF booking committee for neglecting the cruiserweight division so
      badly. I think it was at Backlash or something? It was a superb
      interview, could have become a great angle, but as usual, it came to
      nothing. It is a great shame that Jerry Lynn has been cut when guys like
      The Godfather, Bossman, Billy Gunn and the APA continue to clog up TV
      time. Jerry has more talent in his little toe that any of these guys...

      So we are looking ahead to WrestleMania and the tag-team 'main event'
      attraction seems like being a washout already. Sure it will be heated
      and the build up this week on RAW seems promising, but lets face it, all
      it is
      is gay-bashing. Its a good old
      blue-collar-boys-kick-the-crap-out-the-fags. I'm sorry, that wasn't
      entertainment in the 50's and it ain't entertainment now. Whatever.

      Why didn't the WWF save the production costs of that new Billy and Chuck
      entrance theme, and just use Gunn's old music, @ss Man. Listen to the
      lyrics. Just a thought...

      I'm really excited! The WWF, after a 9 year absence (by my count) is
      coming back to Glasgow, Scotland. My current home town. Hopefully I will
      be able to get tickets even if it means camping outside the SECC (where
      I assume its going to be held) all night. It would be fantastic to have
      the opportunity to see the WWF live again as I haven't been able to do
      so for 2 and a half years due to scarcity of tickets. And since its in
      Glasgow, hotel costs are eliminated. But I may also try to buy tickets
      for the PPV two days later. But we'll see.

      Mark Henry wins the Arnold Classic to become the 'World's Strongest Man'
      title? Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong isn't there an actual World's
      Strongest Man tournament, which has national champions from each country
      competing over a few days and is shown in the UK every Christmas? I
      don't know, I suppose it's like WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, NBC etc.

      Oh yeah NBCOlympics.com claiming ENGLAND won the women's curling event
      at the Winter Olympics. Frickin IDIOTS! The team was Great Britain and
      Northern Ireland and if they HAD to regionalise our nation they should
      have named them Scotland, as all the girls were Scottish. But I applaud
      Britain's medal winners, as we aren't exactly known for our winter

      That's it for another week (or 2) citizens. Sorry if the column was a
      bit disjointed, but I started writing it right after No Way Out but my
      computer dropped dead on me. That's my excuse for sucking. Even then I'm
      still the best writer on this newsletter (CHEAP SHOT! *cackle*). If you
      have any comments about what I've said, all are welcome at
      andrew.bulik@... .


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