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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1206

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. The problem between Yahoo! Groups and AOL should be fixed now.
      From what I can gather the situation has been resolved.

      If any of you readers are going to WrestleMania and/or Axxess, drop me a

      Back tomorrow.

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      - We have received the WM X-8 poster featuring the Undisputed champion
      Chris Jericho....and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley! Kinda ironic that
      Triple H is not even on the poster while his on-screen wife is. The
      poster has Y2J posing and Stephanie posing behind him with the
      WrestleMania logo at the bottom. You can check it out at the PPV posters
      section at our Info Central site located at

      - In an apparent way to 'fix' the DirecTV screw-up, WWF Entertainment
      will be increasing the prices for each PPV from $29.95 to $34.95. The
      first show with the new price will be 'Backlash' in April, as
      WrestleMania will be nearly $40 due to it being a four hour broadcast.
      PPV buys have been going down for the past six months and with no
      DirecTV, the WWF are reportedly losing between $1 - $1.3 million per

      - W-O Newsletter reader Bobby Brush attended the Smackdown! tapings this
      past Tuesday and sent the following notes. After cameras went off the
      air, Austin went back to the ring and offered a beer to McMahon. As soon
      as McMahon was going to take it, Austin snatched it back and waved the
      can in McMahons face. McMahon "tried desperately" to get the beer but
      the only thing he got was a beer can to the head!

      - Smackdown! did a 3.9 rating, down from the 4.2 of last week. Overnight
      rating was a 5.5 which was a great number, however the final number came
      way down from what the overnights indicated. (Ratings compiled by
      Nielsen Media Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 13.75, a 3.64% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 13.68 - 14.28.

      - Former Women's champ Lita will be appearing on the MTV Asia Awards
      tomorrow night and fans in the Far East can catch her appearance on your
      local MTV station. An Associated Press report says that The Rock will
      also be appearing which is not true. Lita will then be doing some
      promotional appearances to plug the "Smackdown! Tour" stop in Singapore.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hi there people, yes that's right it's time for another exciting edition
      of Clothesline City. Exciting? You'll be the judge of that. Everybody
      seems to be gunning for The Greatest Columnist on God's Green Earth, but
      hey cc-fans, I can dig it.

      Now all my little Clothesline Citizens have been emailing me saying -
      "Whoa, Andy, what do you think of the whole nWo situation?" and "What do
      you think is going to happen?". Well I'll try and put my opinion across,
      but to quote the Diamond Dallas Page - Is that a good thing or a bad

      Well is it a good thing? There are many arguments in its favour. The WWF
      is really in a bad way with repetitive main events and storylines, and
      really could do with that same shot in the ass that Vince is taking
      (which has been alleged by many rogue columnists on other websites and
      not necessarily true and not necessarily the belief of this columnist).
      Think of all the rivalries at the main event situation at the moment.
      Triple H and Angle have tangled before, as have Rocky and Taker. Austin
      and Jericho may not have had
      a full blown feud together before (as far as I remember), but they have
      gone at it in the squared circle on many an occasion.

      However all these feuds will probably produce from great to passable
      matches, so although the angles may not be the most intriguing,
      wrestling purists will often find the ring action fantastic. Nash, Hall
      and Hogan will
      add much interest to that main event mix, but what will it do to the
      high standard that has come to be expected at the WWF main event? Now
      that Scott Hall's 'dry' I reckon he will be able to add a lot to the WWF
      ring action. I know there's a lot of marks for Nash and Hogan out there,
      but I'm sorry, their best ring days are far behind them, and whether
      they even HAD their best ring days in the first place is debatable.
      Harsh, but that's my opinion - deal with it.

      [Side note, currently watching Royal Rumble 1994 right now, the one
      where Taker ascends to heaven, I remember watching this in Jan 94 and
      being violently sick from the top of my cabin bed - maybe it was the
      Tatanka - Bam
      Bam match that did it. Just thought I'd share that with you, side note

      Who would I put in my nWo? Nash, Hall and Hogan go without question, but
      lets have a look...

      Chris Jericho - This would be great because with his cocky attitude, Y2J
      would fit right into the nWo style. However, I do not think this will
      happen as Hogan and Nash would be jealous of such a 'small guy' holding
      the belt they used to. And Nash has serious heat with Jericho.

      Kurt Angle - I don't see Kurt in there. It would be cool if his music
      started, the trumpets playing then suddenly the arena goes black and
      white and that slow, deep voice announces N-W-O. Kurt appears exchanging
      his red, white and blue colours for the black and white. I don't see it
      though. With the exception of his comedic pairing with E & C, I don't
      see Kurt as a guy who works well in a team/squad. He's better on his

      Booker T - No, no way. It would probably boost his career, but I think
      he'd end up being even more of a jobber if he went to the nWo.

      X-Pac - Definitely, I feel history should play a big part in this angle.
      And Sean 'Syxx' Waltman was a huge part of nWo history. He should be the
      nWo representative in the cruiserweight division, like he was back in
      the day of WCW.

      Shawn Michaels - I've said in recent weeks that the nWo should be a
      combination of the Kliq of 95 and the nWo of 96-98. Shawn Michaels would
      be a great addition to the nWo as a mouthpiece and possibly an asset in
      ring. He hasn't wrestled on the big stage for nearly 4 years, would he
      still 'have it'? Shawn could add that edge to the nWo that DX had.

      Curt Hennig - Was a member in WCW, and would be a natural choice as a
      kind of foot soldier who could hold his own in the ring. He's already
      just about disappeared from WWF tv a week after debuting, so it would be
      beneficial for him to line up with the black and white.

      Test - I would not want him to go in there as I like him being a part of
      the Canadian Horsemen, although they don't officially seem to be a
      stable. Likes his stables though, to date he has been in The
      Corporation, The Corporate Ministry, The Union, Trish's stable (w/
      Albert & Val) and also The Alliance.

      Enough discussion, I would line up: Nash, Hall, Hogan, HBK, X-Pac,
      Justin Credible and Rhyno when he returns. Throw in Stacy Keibler for
      good measure. We'll see...

      I am concerned however, on the effect that Hogan and co will have on the
      WWF. In a non-storyline way, younger and less-established wrestlers will
      suffer, but not due to the in-ring power of the nWo, more the political
      power. Sure Nash and Hogan do not have as much clout as they have had in
      both the WWF in the past and WCW, but I'm sure they could still
      influence whats going on in the back, don't you? Like I said before,
      Nash has heat
      with Jericho, so much so he called HHH a couple of years ago to cause
      problems for the Lion Heart. Guys like Angle and Benoit (when he
      returns) won't get to main event I don't believe and they'll end up
      taking on the nWo 'foot soldiers'. I really hope it doesn't happen that
      way, but when you have the egos of Nash, Hogan, Trippers and Austin at
      the top of the mountains, its hard to get to that peak.

      Another fear is that while guys like Nash, Hogan and Hall won't lose too
      often (well, Nash and Hogan anyway) it is important that the nWo is not
      portrayed as a jabroni squad, like the Alliance was. It is important
      guys like Credible and X-Pac (or whatever foot soldiers are chosen) get
      important victories and are important part of the machine of the New
      World Order and not just the jobbers who are wheeled out whenever it is
      time for the nWo to 'do the job'. For the angle to be a success, the nWo
      must be a threat to ALL WWF wrestlers, this includes you Paul Levesque.

      Will the nWo be a success? I'm not sure. Whilst I've outlined the
      pitfalls, it will be difficult to avoid them and keep everyone happy. I
      see morale in the locker room sinking waaaay down during this angle.

      On to other stuff now. Without spoiling certain events in Smackdown for
      people who will see it after reading this, but Christian's title reign
      has been totally pointless. The European belt seems to be pointless now
      There have been a couple of great Euro belt holders. Owen Hart, Davey
      Boy Smith and D-Lo Brown spring to mind. And Christian had the potential
      to be. This is a belt that could be utilised to develop the undercard,
      but the
      bigwigs in the back obviously don't think Europe means much.

      [Owen Hart's promo at the end of his match walking down the aisle at
      Rumble 94, was brilliant - oops another sidenote, but it was great, he
      really ripped into Bret]

      Honky Tonk Man's bitchin' again - get over it Honky!

      I'm gonna address this ONCE and ONE time only. Maven got thrown over the
      top rope by a guy who was already, BIG DEAL! This has been happening in
      Battle Royals since the year dot! At Battle Royale at the Royal Albert
      Hall in 1991, Taker eliminted Roddy Piper after Piper had eliminated
      him. And 'Refridgerator' Perry was eliminated that way at WM2 I believe.
      Guys like Tito on that low class website (cheap shot!) are STILL bitchin
      about that! Guys have also eliminated THEMSELVES from Rumbles many
      times, so technically they haven't been thrown out by legal opponents
      have they? As far as I'm concerned the rules are, if you go over the top
      rope and BOTH your feet touch the ground, then you are eliminated. HOW
      you get over the top rope and hit the floor is irrelevant. So bitches
      stop bitchin'!

      Well life's a b!tch Citizens, as it is now time for this column to end.
      I'm trying to write more now because I get bored between lectures a lot
      more these days so usually have time to reply to emails. Feel free to
      mail me at andrew.bulik@... . So take care guys and
      gals, and like Brother Love, I LOOOOOVE you all.


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