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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1184

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Yahoo! Groups has some serious a double s problems. Newsletter was sent
      at 5:00PM EST yesterday and it got delivered during the night for most
      subscribers. Ugh.

      Back tomorrow.

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      > RATINGS
      - RAW did a 4.9 composite off hours 4.6 and 5.2, the best rating since
      the 20th August 2001 show. The overrun for Triple H's return did a 5.7,
      which also is the highest overrun since the 20th August show. Last
      week's New Year's Eve edition of RAW pulled a 2.4. In other ratings,
      Excess did a 1.0 while Heat did a 1.5.

      - There's good news, and bad news. The good news is that the Royal
      Rumble will air in the UK. The bad news is that it's on Sky Box Office,
      which means you have to pay. BSkyB picked up the rights for this PPV
      "due to huge public demand" and went ahead with the plan to put it on
      their Box Office for £14 (Euro 21.99). It is not known if BSkyB got the
      rights for the other three PPV events as well but as of yesterday they
      were still denying picking up the Rumble. Sky Digital viewers can
      purchase the event by going to Channel 770 from 48 hours in advance. It
      will be repeated every four hours from 4pm on Monday 21st January till
      8PM on Sunday 27th January at no extra cost. We'll have more in this
      probably in tomorrow's issue.

      - You would think that the fans would stay in silence during Lilian
      Garcia's rendition of the US national anthem. Or else they'd be singing
      together. But no, most of the WWF fans at Madison Square Garden had
      other thoughts on their freaky minds. During the singing, fans chanted
      'What?' at every pause Garcia took, continuing the latest catchphrase
      craze. Of all people, you'd think that such thing wouldn't be done in
      New York City after what they've been through!

      - Today WWFE, Inc., and Simon & Schuster, Inc., announced the creation
      of World Wrestling Federation Books, a new publishing imprint that is
      scheduled to launch in Fall 2002. Simon & Schuster, Inc., is the
      publishing operation of Viacom, with whom the WWF have an exclusive
      relationship. Under the agreement, Simon & Schuster will publish books
      based on the personalities, programming, storylines and other topics of
      interest to the World Wrestling Federation and its fans. WWF Books will
      publish autobiographies of stars, behind-the-scenes guides to the WWF,
      illustrated books, calendars, young adult books, and other general
      nonfiction books. They will be published in hardcover and large print
      editions, trade and mass market paperback, in audio on cassette and
      compact disc, and in eBook editions. The first book published under the
      agreement will be the autobiography of a to-be-determined World
      Wrestling Federation personality.

      > MORE ON NASH
      - A lot of fans have been mailing saying that the KevinNash.com site
      points to WWF.COM. The Nash domain was a WCW property, which after the
      sale from AOL Time Warner, became WWF property much like all the other
      domains registered. All domains were pointing to WWF.COM after the sale
      was official, so it doesn't really mean a thing. In addition, we
      received a report from reader Tony DiPardo who said that Mark Madden was
      saying on his Pittsburgh, PA., radio talk show that he spoke to Nash and
      he told him that he's going to New York, which in the wrestling business
      means going to the WWF. However, Madden said that Nash was at MSG
      yesterday, something which was shot down by most industry insiders
      saying that Nash was at his home in Florida with his family.

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 13.70, same closing number as yesterday. The day's
      range was 13.25 - 13.79.


      By Parker Jay Johnson, [parker.jay@...]

      The millenium countdown "counts down". 3... 2... 1... the entire place
      becomes enshrouded in darkness. Suddenly, a burst of pyros light up the
      place and all rejoice to the return of Parker Jay Johnson! Of course,
      that is how I would like to return to Wrestling Online; however, myr
      eturn will be less spectacular. I will return with a much awaited
      "thought of the moment" (and I use "much awaited" loosely).

      "What shouldn't be changed in the WWF?"

      In times of desperation (like sinking WWF ratings), one would ask, "what
      should be changed to improve the situation?" I dare to ask the opposite.
      What shouldn't be changed to improve the situation? Whenever the WWF has
      something good going for them, they always change it. Don't get me
      wrong, change is good. Change from careers, change from channels and
      change from underwear is always good. But there is no point in changing
      something that is already good if you're not going to find something
      better. Allow me (as if you had a choice) to provide examples of such
      changes in the WWF.

      You owe me a dollar if I can write an entire section about Austin
      without saying "what?" once. The most popular word in wrestling was
      invented during Austin's tweener era. With that said, why turn Austin
      into a full blown face? Why bring back Austin 3:16? When Austin was a
      tweener, he named Taz the "beady eyed wonder", shared stories of his
      break dancing days with Booker T and sang a duet with the Rock; all of
      which were excellent promos. Don't get me wrong, he still does stuff
      like that but only half the time. The other half of the time, he's busy
      being a full blown face. I'm sure no one remembers, but there was a
      short period of
      time where Austin was letting 3:16 go, singing guitar songs and ratings
      were reaching a high for WWF vs WCW. By the way, send that dollar to my
      home address.

      THE ROCK
      The "Great One" is great on the mic and great in the ring. However,
      whenever he enters the arena, the only thing I can sarcastically say is
      "oh great". I used to be a Rock fan, believe it or not. I grew out my
      sideburns, had a rub on Brahma Bull tattoo on my arm and answered each
      question with, "It doesn't matter!" I stopped. The reason why many of
      his fans do not watch him anymore is because of repetition. Each and
      every one of Rock's feuds have had the same formula; the Rock is easily
      able to mock and defeat each jabroni he comes across. It doesn't matter
      how "electrifying" he may be, he is not worth watching if we know he is
      not up against a challenge. Of course, there have been exceptions.
      Triple H was no easy opponent and neither was Austin. Now here's the
      kicker; ratings were high during both those feuds! In a brilliant move,
      the Rock and Jericho feuded. Finally, the Rock would have a decent
      challenge. However, Jericho has yet to be given any credible victories
      since his heel turn. If the WWF wants the Rock vs Jericho feud to be
      interesting, Jericho has to be kept as a challenging heel. Do not change
      him into a punk a*s heel.

      Never has a character become my most favorite than least favorite than
      most favorite and than least favorite as Kurt Angle has. The WWF hates
      tweeners, and Angle is living proof. Angle was entertaining twice as a
      tweener yet the WWF decided to change that. Let us go back in time (ooh,
      time travel!) when Angle first appeared in the WWF. Although slated to
      be a heel, Angle was over as a face. Of course, the WWF didn't like his
      and gave him less mic time which made him less entertaining. There is
      nothing wrong with a heel getting cheered for afterall, it gets people
      watching, right? And that's the whole point of putting of a show, right?
      But like I said, the WWF had to change this. Then we zoom foward in time
      (ooh, more time travel!) to WWF vs WCW. The WWF lets Kurt Angle be
      interesting again. He is wearing little cowboy hats and singing with
      Austin's guitar. Angle is over as a face again despite being a heel.
      Ratings for WWF vs WCW are actually good! Everything goes well until
      Angle is transformed into a full blown face. He is not interesting or
      funny anymore and about one million to two million less viewers are
      tuned in as well. Change is not good. The WWF should keep Angle as a
      funny heel even if people will like him.

      The last individual I will mention is Edge. I don't care what anyone
      says, Edge is as uninteresting as a twig up my a*s. Change was not good
      for Edge. The only reason Edge is over is because he has the look and
      the push. Before the change, Edge was hilarious and cut some of the best
      interviews and promos. Whenever the E&C music hit, we knew we were in
      for a treat. Apparently, the new Edge, mister "cool" guy, is too cool to
      talk anymore (okay, that was utterly corny... so shaddup!).

      I will try to keep writing on a weekly basis although my schedule has
      been very congested as of late (because of a new career). If you would
      like to make any comments, talk about wrestling, complain about your
      life, complain about your girlfriend, complain about me or talk about
      ISP's (guess what my new career is about?), e-mail me at
      parker.jay@... . Next week, I may bring in a guest
      writer, start up my wrestling contest or tell you my best racist jokes
      (haha... okay, I won't do that last thing).


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