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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1179

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2002
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      Want a replica WWF/WCW title? - http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. Hopefully things go back to normal now with daily issues being
      delivered. There was a mistake in the awards yesterday in the Lita
      write-up. Actually she had those lingerie spots with Dean Malenko and
      not Eddie Guerrero as it was written. Doh! Thanks to reader Adam Tomyn
      for spotting that. Yeah, first goof of 2002. Bah!

      Sex Secrets - Turn your fantasies into realities with MAXIMIZE YOUR
      LIFE book and get the 101 PICK UP TRICKS book for FREE!


      > NASH SIGNS?
      - Bob Ryder of 1wrestling.com today broke the story about Kevin Nash
      signing with the World Wrestling Federation yesterday afternoon. Both
      sides refused to comment on the story however Nash released a statement
      yesterday morning saying not to believe the rumors. Today he released
      another statement shooting down the rumors saying he did not sign
      anything nor did he receive any WWF contract. It was the same case with
      Jerry Lawler back in November saying that he didn't have a deal and
      showed up on Monday on RAW to sign his new contract. Apart from
      negotiating with the WWF, Nash was also engaged in talks with the WWA,
      who after raising their offer for his services on New Year's Eve,
      withdrawn from the bid yesterday according to WWA promoter Andrew
      McManus. McManus told 1wrestling.com that bidding "went against all the
      format and philosophy of the WWA." With WWA out of the picture, Nash has
      reportedly accepted and signed with the WWF.

      - Earlier today we got official confirmation from WWF Director of
      Marketing Communications Jayson Bernstein that the Royal Rumble will not
      air in the United Kingdom. "At this time....Royal Rumble will not air in
      the UK," said Bernstein from his WWF office in Stamford, CT. Over the
      past few weeks a lot of rumors were popping up regarding the future of
      the four WWF PPVs that were carried by Channel 4 in the UK. Channel 4's
      contract with WWFE expires on January 6th, thus leaving the weekly Heat,
      Royal Rumble, Backlash, Fully Loaded and Vengeance without a home. BSkyB
      representatives expressed no intentions of picking up what Channel 4 had
      when we contacted them last week. As it stands right now, no one is sure
      who will get the rights to air those four PPVs and Heat.

      - After a nice lengthy holiday, WWF superstars and crew will return to
      work today with a live Smackdown! from Washington, DC. This month there
      will be a whopping 25 live events going from Canada to New York to Texas
      to Tennessee to Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia!
      There will be six days straight on the road starting from today and
      everyone goes back home on Wednesday for a couple of days.

      - Today the WWF announced that the live RAW and taped Smackdown! after
      WrestleMania will be in Montreal and Ottawa respectively. RAW will be
      from the Molson Centre on Monday March 18th and Smackdown! from the
      Corel Centre on March 19th. Tickets for both shows goes on sale on
      February 9th.

      - However this time it's not for a PS2 or an XBox or a GameCube. It's
      for your wireless gadget! That's right, THQ's Wireless department is
      producing the latest game called 'WWF Mobile Madness', which will be
      available for Java-enabled cell phones and for all SMS and WAP-enabled
      wireless devices. The java one will have Kane & Undertaker featured
      while the SMS and WAP version will have more than 21 wrestlers, three
      game modes and a create a superstar option!

      - Three matches have been confirmed for tonight's Smackdown! show, live
      from Washington, DC. The Rock takes on Booker T for the #1 contender
      spot for Jericho's undisputed title; Undertaker battles The Big Show;
      and Dudley Boyz take on Tazz & Spike Dudley for the tag team titles.
      Bradshaw will be at WWF New York hosting the Smackdown! party.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 13.71, a 1.56% increase over the previous day. The
      day's range was 13.40 - 13.87.


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