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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1154

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. A new month, a new issue and the W-O Newsletter Awards are here!
      For the sixth consecutive year, we're having the annual awards with the
      winners voted by you, the readers. All 14 categories can be found at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/special/2001awards/ and you
      can vote in each of them. Final results will be revealed in the first
      issue of the year 2002. You have 31 days to complete all your votes. We
      had thousands of votes last year, let's see if this time there will be

      Back tomorrow.

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      - The following shows went on sale this morning. Smackdown! tapings in
      Orlando, FL., on Friday December 22nd at the TD Waterhouse Centre; Live
      event at the Aitleen University Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick on
      Saturday January 5th 2002; RAW live from Madison Square Garden in New
      York City, NY., on Monday January 7th 2002; RAW live from the American
      Airlines Center in Dallas, TX., on Monday January 14th 2002. For more
      ticket information check out ticketmaster.com or else call the arena box

      - Chris Benoit will be on WWF Excess tonight at 10PM EST on TNN. The
      show was taped and is hosted by The Coach and the Women's champ Trish

      - Joanie Laurer - formerly known as Chyna - will be chatting with fans
      on Playboy.com on December 6th at 9PM EST. Laurer is currently on the
      cover of the January 2002 Playboy Magazine, her second showing and first
      since she left the WWF. The website Playboy.com will also publish
      unreleased nude photos of Laurer on their Playboy Cyber Club section.
      Hold on your horses folks, the goods won't come free and require a
      membership! For the chat, log on to
      http://www.playboy.com/magazine/chat/joanie/ on December 6th.

      - Edge has knee problems and will be using a brace for a while. No
      surgery yet despite pain in his patella tendon; Scotty 2 Hotty will
      continue working and rehab his neck three times a week; Rikishi is on
      the way to HWA after working the Yokozuna tribute show on Wednesday;
      Test is having back problems but will continue working since it's
      nothing serious; X-Pac is still rehabbing his neck and will be on HEAT
      tomorrow. No additional neck injury for Pac although he reaggravated a
      previous injury.


      By Parker Jay Johnson, [parker.jay@...]

      You all assumed I was missing, kidnapped or even dead. You were wrong
      because I'm still here. I am sorry to inform you that this will be my
      last column for Wrestling Online! Oh yeah, I forgot to add that by "last
      column", I ment for this year. I will be back in January 2002. While I'm
      away on this period of hiatus, I will lock myself in my basement and
      work days on end without an hour of sleep to prepare an onslaught of
      columns. When I return, I will unleash this orgy of columns that will
      cause mass destruction everywhere! No one will be spared, not even your
      children! With that out of the way, let's move on to today's column.

      My thought of the moment is: "What gets a wrestler over?"

      To the first person who yells out, "they wrestle good", shall they be
      cursed with genital warts. Getting "over" is more complicated than such
      a simplistic answer. This should prove interesting to read for the
      newbies who realized wrestling was fake yesterday. And if you are the
      smartest of marks... just read the damn column anyways!

      Ultimately, a wrestler must be good in the ring to get over (although
      Hogan has proven otherwise). What does being good in the ring entail?
      First, the wrestler must be technically sound (Bret Hart) to even have a
      solid match. Second, the wrestler must have a vast moveset (RVD) to
      avoid being repetitive and to keep things fresh. Third, the wrestler
      must be charismatic (Austin) and do more than just perform moves. He\she
      must beg their opponent for mercy, celebrate like an olympic jack a*s,
      climb the ropes to show off their title and scream in pain when put in a
      submission move. Fourth, the wrestler must sell moves well (Rock).
      Although selling moves actually promotes the opponent the wrestler is
      against, it keeps the crowd convinced and interested, and the wrestler
      is looked highly upon by their opponent, smart marks and the guys
      backstage. Fifth, the wrestler needs one or more finishers, spots or
      signatures that are used to get the crowd on their feet and\or finish an
      opponent convincingly. However, simply attacking the opponent and then
      hitting the finisher is not enough. The wrestler must build up to it,
      hinting that it will happen, making the crowd want it to happen. Sixth,
      the wrestler must have a good work rate (Triple H) which equals more
      lengthy matches and more fast paced action as well as less rest holds
      and less "boring" chants. So who has it all in terms of in ring ability?
      An individual amongst others is Chris Benoit.

      MIC WORK
      Simply being good in the ring is not enough to get over. It doesn't
      matter if a wrestler can walk the walk. More importantly, it's if he can
      talk the talk. It gives him\her character and personality. It adds more
      depth to the storyline. It adds more crowd appeal or hatred towards the
      individual. A great mic worker uses clever catch phrases and has the
      crowd interacting by chanting their name or chanting "unflattering
      remarks". A great example of a complete mic worker is the Rock.

      Why do Rikishi and Undertaker suck so much? Rikishi is as healthy as a
      bag of Doritos while Undertaker plays bingo on Sunday nights. Rikishi
      gets injured everytime he returns from an injury. Because of this, he
      can never get over or over for that long and constantly ruins pushes and
      storylines (who ran over Stone Cold? unfortunately, Rikishi had to). As
      for the Undertaker, the man WAS good. However, all aspects of his
      ability, like Michael Jordan, have "de-improved" with age (except for
      mic work). There's a reason why Rock is so valued, why the WWF hired all
      the power plant gradutes from WCW and why the federation has all these
      training leagues; good health and young age are wanted.

      Believe it or not, appearance is a strong impact on the completeness of
      any good wrestler. If a wrestler does not tower over his opponent (Taz),
      have a body full of muscles (Spike) and\or have a decent costume (Lo'
      Down), then he\she will not be taken seriously. While a wrestler can't
      control the height he\she is born with, they can, however, hit the gym
      to build muscles as well as shop for a costume at the local wrestling
      store. Or to make the process quicker, take steroids and enter the ring
      wearing black underwear. The appearance rule is important however, can
      sometimes be broken (Mick Foley).

      The best wrestler in the world will not get over if he is wrestling on
      Sunday Night Heat, feuding with Billy Gunn, escorted to the ring by a
      mop and in a storyline over stolen bronze medals from a pumpkin pie
      eating contest. The bottom line is that exposture, a decent to good push
      as well as a storyline is needed to get over. Goldberg received a
      God-forsaken push of 3 million wins and 3 losses and was over like sh*t
      despite being as talented as piece of sh*t.

      That's my article. I am sure no one has done an article on this matter.
      If they have, too bad because mine is better! A few final notes before I
      lock myself into the basement. The "what?" promos were great but not
      when people are chanting it 24/7, even when Austin's not in the ring.
      And now we have Rock and Austin sucking up to each other as if they were
      secret lovers. Also, if I had a nickel everytime time Michael Cole said
      "saddistic witch", "unflattering remarks" or "he had this match won", I
      would chuck them all at Michael Cole. And finally, I am holding a
      wrestling expertise contest in the near future. But that's if for me
      this year. Happy holidays and peace out 'til 2002!


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