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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1125

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Quick correction from issue #1123, it was Dr Lloyd Youngblood who
      performed the neck surgeries on Austin and Benoit and not Dr James
      Andrews. Thanks to everyone who sent in the correction.

      The newsletter was sent twice by Egroups yesterday. No idea why.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - If you want the best seat in the house, you better act quickly because
      tomorrow (Nov 3rd) at 10:00AM EDT, tickets for WrestleMania X-8 will go
      on sale at the Sky Dome box office and at Ticketmaster.ca. Travel
      packages were all sold out by the end of October and according to a
      press release from WWFE, fans from 15 different countries applied for
      the packages. Ticket prices for WrestleMania are as follows: $25, $45,
      $75, $95, $125, $275 and $600 for the limited number of ringside seats.
      The Sky Dome will be set to hold a whopping 70,000 rowdy fans and if the
      event is sold out it will be Sky Dome's biggest crowd ever, topping the
      current record set by WM VI in 1990. If you have a credit card you can
      call on 416-870-8000 if you're in Canada or 716-852-5000 if you're in US
      to book your tickets. Gate 7 of the Sky Dome will also be selling
      tickets as well as all Ontario Ticketmaster locations (including Sunrise

      - The WWF travel department today confirmed the Royal Rumble travel
      packages are now available. Much like the sold-out WrestleMania X8
      travel packages, the Rumble ones consist of the PPV event ticket, two
      night accommodation at a downtown Atlanta hotel, meet & greet session
      with WWF superstars as well as a PPV souvenir. There are two packages
      available, the Platinum and Silver. The difference between the two is
      that the Platinum offers a ringside seat along with the commemorative
      chair while the Silver one gives you a seat in the first level tier.
      Prices range from $580 to $820 per person per package. For more
      information e-mail travel.packages@...

      - Smackdown! did a 3.9 rating with a 6.0 share, and although down 0.1
      from last week, still very strong considering all the hard competition,
      including the World Series, on other TV channels. More viewers are
      tuning in Smackdown! than RAW.

      - The Christian vs Bradshaw European title match from Smackdown! was cut
      out from the broadcast yesterday for some unknown reason, probably due
      to time limitation. Christian ended up winning the Euro title from the
      APA member and his title reign is expected to be carried on TV even
      though it wasn't shown on Smackdown!

      - Diana Hart, ex wife of the British Bulldog and the youngest member of
      the Hart family, did a chat with the fans at the SLAM! Wrestling website
      earlier today. Most questions were regarding her family and her
      newly-released book titled 'Under The Mat'. Our question was answered as
      well by Hart. To read the transcript check it out at

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 11.23, a 1.92% decrease over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 11.01 - 11.48.


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      - Here's an injury list from this week's Ross Report. Steve Austin
      needed 18 stitches to close up the cut above his eye from his Smackdown!
      match against 'Taker. Over 20 stitches in two weeks for Austin; Rhyno
      had surgery yesterday in San Antonio, TX., to fuse a herniated disk and
      will be out for at least six months; Kanyon had surgery on Thursday in
      Birmingham, AL., to repair the ACL and will also take up to six months
      to recover; Sean Stasiak is having knee problems again and had fluid
      drained twice in the past 14 days; No surgery needed for William Regal's
      biceps injury. Regal will work throughout his rehab.


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      Another young person dead, another teenage indicted on manslaughter

      The SLAMWRESTLING website reports that a 16 year old has been charged in
      Wilkesboro, NC in the death of a nine year old when they were wrestling.

      My brother and I used to wrestle all the time as kids. Basically what we
      did was lock up and rolls around and stuff. I wouldn’t ever slam or
      suplex my brother because it was made clear to me by my family that
      Wrestling was a fantasy world and these moves could hurt. The worst
      damage I ever did was, being a huge Bret Hart fan, mastering the
      sharpshooter (something The Rock could take a few lessons in) and
      randomly applying the move, which in turn ended up doing a bit of damage
      to his knee. Other then that it was always safe, and often a competition
      (to this day, I still can’t get the little brat in a Boston Crab.)

      Fact of the matter is we were educated to know that slamming each other
      through coffee tables, jumping off the beds, and slamming people onto
      their heads. On top of that my brother and I were close to the same age
      and size, rather then 225 pounds vs. 65.

      So once again, another case is brought to light with a child’s death.
      WWF has tons of commercials saying “Don’t try this at home” but in the
      end it is up to the parents to make it clear that this sort of stuff
      isn’t appropriate behavior, especially in a situation with a substantial
      weight and age difference. If your child, especially in their teens,
      really wants to wrestle, find a local amateur wrestling club. Wrestling
      has its time and place. When I was a kid it was pretty basic, now people
      go overboard in their fantasy worlds.

      How many more kids have to stupidly injure each other before we realize


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