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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1123

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. Welcome to issue #1123. We recently added replica title belts at
      WrestlingMegastore.com which are available for shipment. There are
      different versions of each title belts, including a deluxe version with
      real leather straps. Price vary for each titles and both WWF and WCW
      titles are available. Check em out at http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com


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      - As amazing as this may sound, ringside tickets for Survivor Series are
      still available. The seats, selling at $300 a pop - which includes the
      commemorative Survivor Series chair - can still be purchased via
      Ticketmaster and when we checked earlier today, we could get tickets for
      Row 2! Many tickets are still available in other areas as well and the
      event is far, far from a sell-out. Survivor Series will be taking place
      from the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, NC., on Sunday
      November 18th.

      - The main event for this year's Survivor Series will be the traditional
      five on five elimination match in a 'winner take all' between the WWF
      and the Alliance. Kane, The Undertaker, The Rock, Chris Jericho and
      Vince McMahon will represent Team WWF while Kurt Angle, Steve Austin,
      Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon will represent Team WCW. It's
      still not clear what the actual meaning of 'winner take all' is but
      right now it looks like the inaugural brawl from Invasion, part two.

      - Tazz, the Dudleys and Albert were the subject of a newspaper article
      in Louisville, KY., yesterday. The four WWF/Alliance stars made a trip
      to Bullitt County Day Treatment School in Shepherdsville to talk with
      troubled teenagers and try to knock some sense into them. The article
      appeared yesterday on The Courier-Journal and you can also read it
      online at

      - The artist formerly known as Chyna, Joanie Laurer, was part of the
      celebrity edition of NBC's 'Fear Factor'. Set to air on November 27th,
      this special show featured singer Donny Osmond, model Kelly Preston,
      Baywatch's David Hasselhoff and Brooke Burns, singer Coolio and former
      WWF superstar Joanie Laurer competing against each other with the winner
      donating money for a charity of their choice. Laurer's official website
      bodybyjoanie.com has behind the scenes photos from this event in the
      Members-only section.

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 11.27, a 1.53% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 11.01 - 11.27.


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      - Detroit native Rhyno, real name Terry Gerin, will undergo neck surgery
      on Friday morning and it will be performed by Dr James Andrews in
      Birmingham, AL. Andrews is the same surgeon who performed similar
      surgeries on Steve Austin and most recently Chris Benoit and also did
      the knee surgery on Triple H. No idea how long Rhyno will be out but
      such surgery can take up to a year to recuperate from.

      - The knee injury Kanyon suffered during his dark match with Randy Orton
      this past Monday before RAW has been diagnosed as a torn ACL. The MRI
      that detected the injury was done yesterday and Kanyon will be seeing Dr
      James Andrews as well later in the week for evaluation.

      - No more throwing punches for Bret Hart, but he still possesses the
      ability to lash on someone without using fists. In a recent interview
      with Canada-based SLAM! Wrestling, Jack Brisco answered a question
      regarding the Bret Hart screwjob at the Survivor Series. Brisco defended
      McMahon and said that Vince did the right thing that night. Bret Hart
      fired a rebuttal which ultimately ended up telling Brisco to "kiss his
      @ss". Very interesting reply. Check it out at


      >> OFF THE MARK
      By Jean-Guy Landriault, [jean.guy@...]


      Let me take just a second to catch my breath and say 'Thank You' to all
      the readers that took the time to respond to my last/first column. I was
      just not ready for the amount of emails I received from you all. It felt
      really good to get that kind of reaction too, and not just because it
      proves to Claude (friend at work that introduced me to the newsletter)
      that I am not the only that reads the entire issue of W-O every day. It
      is a nice feeling to know that so many people still feel as passionate
      about this sport (which it IS, a subject for another column) as they
      have shown.

      So where do I go from here? I know I said I would introduce myself in
      this weeks column, but that is sooooo boring and most of you probably
      aren't too interested in hearing what Jean-Guy Landriault does for a
      living. The daily work happenings of a 30 year old LAN Administrator
      with the Canadian federal government doesn't exactly invoke a lot of
      'ooohs and ahhhs' when participating in his eldest daughters 'Meet The
      Parents' day for her kindergarten class. So I definitely won't be doing
      that in this week's column.

      I could take the time now to tell you all about how everyone else felt
      about my "Marking Out Scenario" from last week's column. The fact that I
      should have made it clearer that I didn't believe that what I was
      outlining was more than a 1% chance of actually happening might have
      brought the number of people who wrote positively about it from 87% to
      about 89%. I could mention that I also should have made it clearer that
      I was only using ex-WWF'ers for the scenario because that was the
      underlying theme of the scenario (that Vince had orchestrated the nWo
      years ago to destroy WCW from within). That would probably have saved me
      a few emails suggesting replacing Savage or Hogan with Sting and brought
      the positive response % to 92/93%. But I don't feel like dissecting last
      week's results, I would rather talk about something else. Something new.
      Something 'off the mark', so to speak, for this week's column.

      Parker Jay, fellow columnist, brought up a good point about feuds that
      started me thinking about all the old feuds I had seen as a kid, then as
      a teenager. But I don't think I should do two columns back to back that
      seem to be steeped in nostalgia, otherwise I will end up with a moniker
      about being "That 70's Wrestling Guy". And I don't want that title
      because as much as I enjoyed watching the Garvins take on the Rougeaus
      week in and week out, I really do prefer today's wrestling product over
      the matches of yester-year. Sure, Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat was a
      classic match-up and a hell of a barnburner(to quote a well known play
      by play announcer) but I don't think it would get the same response in
      today's fast action market. To tell the truth, as much as I loved
      watching Abdullah the Butcher fork the heck out of Terry Funk back in
      the day, I don't think I could sit through an entire match today. The
      days of the 20 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute time limit draw matches like
      Ric Flair used to put on are long gone. And as good as they were in
      their time, they belong in the classics vault. They deserve the title,
      but don't make me sit through one today. That might make for a great
      subject this week...but then I would have to start researching to make
      sure I have spelled Baron Von Rasche's name right or if Cowboy Bob Orton
      was standing in Piper's Pit when Piper clocked Jimmy Superfly Snuka with
      a coconut(a great feud) and I don't have time for that. So, I guess I
      will have to shelve that idea.

      I was really hoping that I wouldn't pull a 'Konnan' (start off explosive
      and then end up gasping for air after the first few minutes) in my
      second week but it looks like I might. Maybe I should use my 'konnaing'
      to segue into an article about how the WWF has over-saturated the market
      with monthly PPV's and thusly are continually running on empty when it
      comes time to fill the seats so we get hot-shot booking. They are trying
      to do too much in too little time to be able to pull it off effectively.
      Much like me trying to write a column every single week and fill it
      somehow with something wrestling related, they have to do that on
      Monday. And Thursday. And then at the end of every month. How can they
      expect to stay fresh in that kind of atmosphere? Maybe a rant on how the
      WWF would make PPV's, and then by extension : the weekly shows, more
      entertaining by changing back to 4 PPV's a year. This would give them
      more time to build the feuds and it could go back to having the PPV's be
      the conclusion of long feuds and starting places for new ones instead of
      them just being a set-up for next Monday's RAW. But, then again, I
      couldn't do that because I have the confidence in myself that I WILL be
      able to write a column every week with something new and exciting so it
      wouldn't really be a good way to lead into that kind of article at all.

      Well, I guess that is it then, I have done it. Just like every 'second'
      to come out(movie, album, match on a card), I have Konnan'ed. I guess I
      just have nothing to say. Might as well answer a couple of emails here
      as promised.

      Amir writes : "Okay, nice scenario and it did send a chill up my spine,
      (minus Hogan and Savage). The line about being under Federation
      contract, destroying the WCW from within is just pure story-telling
      genius!! At the end of the day, WCW needs some more stars if a split is
      going to be any sort of success. May be Jericho's heel turn will make
      him amongst the top WCW guys, exiting WWF for a while. With RVD's
      popularity going through the roof, he'll probably get an invitation to
      stay at the Federation as a main eventer soon enough. Gotta go,

      OTM responds : "I really do hope that Jericho turns heel soon as I think
      he and Angle are much much better in the heel role than as faces. But
      with Angle's recent swerve on RAW, it will likely have to wait quite a
      bit (SSeries) before it can be done effectively. I think that it will
      actually wait until HHH comes back in December where HHH will likely
      swerve The Alliance and go babyface. As for RVD - I hope they leave him
      as a quasi-heel for now since the role is fitting him nicely. (But he
      does need to stop slicing the talent up.:))"

      Ed jr writes : "OFF THE MARK was EXCELLENT!!! I did note a really funny
      part - Hugh Morrus was so scared that he exited twice!"

      OTM responds with funny Simpsons line : "Whenever you notice something
      like that, a wizard did it."

      That's all for this week, hope to see you all again next week when I
      pull my tongue out of my cheek (because my introduction is now done) and
      get serious again.


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