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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1093

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Winners from the Unforgiven PPV competition were notified this morning.

      Our movie site - theactionzone.net - is re-opening tomorrow. We're still
      working on getting something done to prevent other websites linking
      directly to the files. It's causing us to exceed our allocated bandwidth
      every month. Argh.

      Back tomorrow!

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      - We received the Survivor Series 2001 poster yesterday and it's now
      available on our Info Central website. As previously reported, the
      poster features Lita and Torrie Wilson, posing together back-to-back in
      some sexy outfit gear. The Survivor Series logo from last year will be
      used again this year. Check it out in our November PPV Posters section
      at http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/

      - Eight WWF/Alliance superstars will be taping an episode of NBC's 'The
      Weakest Link' on October 24th, and seven of them will hear that famous
      quote from host Anne Robinson. The superstars - Trish Stratus, William
      Regal, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Triple H, Big
      Show and Lita - will all be facing each other in quite a unique
      situation where the best will not be judged by his or her physical
      abilities, but by his or her general knowledge! The episode will air on
      NBC at 8PM on Monday November 12th before RAW Is WAR starts.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Roxanne Romano attended the
      Jacksonville, FL., live event yesterday at the Jacksonville Coliseum and
      sent in the following results. Tajiri defeated Justin Credible; Bradshaw
      defeated Mike Awesome; Hardy Boyz & Lita defeated Hurricane, Storm &
      Ivory; Rob Van Dam defeated X-Pac; Chris Jericho defeated Raven; Dudley
      Boyz defeated Big Show & Spike Dudley; Edge defeated Christian; Booker T
      & Test defeated Undertaker & Kane; Kurt Angle defeated Steve Austin. In
      other notes, during the E & C match, Edge set up Christian for the
      one-man conchairto but only could find one chair around the ring and the
      spot was dropped. Also after the Angle/Austin match, Austin wanted a
      rematch and Angle came down to the ring again, hit the Stunner and
      pinned Austin for the second time!

      - After being rushed to an emergency room yesterday, Helen Hart's
      condition is improving reports the Calgary Sun. The 76-year old
      matriarch of the famous Calgary Hart family is still in hospital
      unconscious and is in critical, but stable condition. Daughter Ellie
      thinks that the whole incident is diabetes-related and not because of
      heart problems.

      - This is the Heat preview from WWF.COM. Former ECW Champion Tommy
      Dreamer will join Michael Cole and Al Snow live this Sunday at WWF New
      York for Sunday Night HEAT, at 7/6 CT on MTV! Dreamer - a proud member
      of the Alliance - will no doubt have a lot to say about recent events,
      including the way that Chris Jericho manhandled ECW owner Stephanie
      McMahon-Helmsley on SmackDown! Plus, HEAT features the hottest action
      under the sun! So don't miss this Sunday's episode of HEAT - at 7/6 CT
      on MTV - when Tommy Dreamer joins Michael Cole and Al Snow live at WWF
      New York.


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      > DDP SPEAKS
      - Diamond Dallas Page wrote a commentary this week after a few weeks of
      'hiatus'. DDP's message mainly talks about the September 11th tragedy.
      To read it go to http://www.ddpbang.com/news/weeksemail.html


      By Parker Jay Johnson, [parker.jay@...]

      What happend last issue:
      Chris Jericho defeats Jeff Jarrett by disqualification because of a
      guitar shot.
      Chris Benoit luckily gets a small package victory on Sting.
      Mick Foley is disqualified for beating DDP senseless with a barbwired
      Kurt Angle reverses Ric Flair's "Figure Four" to make him tap out.
      Kane defeats Nash using Nash's Jacknife.

      With each match, I will describe the beginning, reason they were booked
      together, the ending (or results, whatever you want to call it),
      votes\commentary of fellow readers, and finally, thoughts from me, the

      It's on to the rest of the matches!

      BEGINNING: This is the most unanticipated match of the night since it
      has already taken place recently. "Can You Dig It...Sucka?" Booker T
      comes out and gets boo'd like hell. It's not because they actually
      appreciate his great work as a heel. Rather, he gets boo'd because the
      crowd doesn't want to see this feud anymore. The Rock's music hits and
      90% of the crowd pop loudly for him (we all know what the other 10% are
      doing). Once he's in the ring, everyone remembers how boring this feud
      is and starts booing them again.

      REASON: The Rock vs Booker T was supposed to be a great feud. Afterall,
      they are both over as faces in their respective orginizations, tall in
      height, agile in the ring and have an assortment of catch phrases and
      silly taunts. Booker T is the WCW's version of the Rock.

      ENDING: Since the Rock knows about fives moves, Booker T plays it smart
      and eventually figures out how to counter all five of Rock's moves.
      Booker T gains enough momentum that he is able to execute the Book End!
      Booker T pins. 1... 2... the Rock kicks out of Booker's special! Booker
      T complains to the ref. The ref says it's not his fault that Booker's
      special is a cheap imitation. Little does Booker know that the Rock is
      waiting for him behind his back. Booker finally turns around to fall
      victim to the Spinebuster! The Rock kicks Booker's arm into place,
      throws his arm pad into the crowd, runs back and forth like a maniac and
      executes the People's Elbow! Rock pins. 1... Booker T kicks out after a
      one count! The People's Elbow is the dumbest move in history, next to
      the Worm and Hogan Legdrop. Booker gets up slowly, and the Rock executes
      the Rock
      Bottom. 1... 2... 3! Rock wins cleanly but never uses the People's Elbow

      VOTES: Surprisingly, the Rock won by a fair margin of 62.82% votes. I
      didn't know that there were that many marks out there on the internet!

      BOOKER'S NOTES: Although Booker T is good on the mic, knows more moves
      and overall, is a better grappler, the Rock is more over then Booker has
      ever been due to his mic skills and charisma.

      BEGINNING: Scott Steiner is pacing back and forth in the ring for his
      opponent. "It's time to play the game!" Triple H comes out to a huge
      face pop. If you've been gone for so long from #1 heel, the crowd is
      going to pop for you like a #1 face. Triple H spews water everywhere.
      Steiner is disgusted.

      REASON: Triple H and Steiner are top heels in their respective
      orginizations. Both started at the bottom (Triple H in the singles
      division while Steiner in the tag division) and were promoted somewhat
      recently to the top. Both favor power type moves and have been said to
      be the most fit men in their respective federations.

      ENDING: The match is all about power throughout. Steiner hits a
      clothesline which knocks Triple H to the mat. Steiner taunts by flexing
      his muscles. Big mistake! All his veins explode. Perhaps a side effect
      of the steroids or the other five drugs he takes. Although unnecessary,
      Triple H hits the Pedigree and pins Steiner. From that point on, Steiner
      becomes traumatized and never touches drugs again!

      VOTES: I'll admit, I'm a genius. This was a terrificly booked match. It
      was hard for people to decide between the two but amazingly, when it
      came down to it, people just went with Triple H. Triple H took an
      astonishing 79.22% of the votes.

      BOOKER'S NOTES: Steiner is a talented wrestler. However, he doesn't beat
      Triple H in all aspects of wrestling. Triple H is better in the ring,
      better on the mic, more charismatic and most importantly, doesn't let
      his attitude or drugs interfere with his career.

      BEGINNING: A strike of a church bell rings. It's the Undertaker! Oh no,
      we hear organs not electric guitars. It's the phenom! Taker makes his
      way to the ring with none other then Paul Bearer by his side. [the
      camera zooms in on faces of scared kids in the audience] Sure, the
      gimmick never made any sense, but when did wrestling have to make sense
      anyways? Who can top an entrance like this? Out of nowhere, 80's music
      plays. "Real American" fills the speakers. It's none other then Hulk

      REASON: Hogan, Taker, the Hitman and HBK are names that come up when you
      think of "franchise" and "WWF". Who is the franchise wrestler of the
      WWF? The Hitman left. Hogan did too. HBK is retired. It's definetly the
      Taker. It would have been, without a doubt, Hogan if he stayed. So the
      Taker took his place when he left as the franchise wrestler. Both are
      strong and fair in height. Both have wrestled each other before.

      ENDING: The Taker is once again invincible sitting up to all moves!
      Hogan is no match as he is eventually put into the chokeslam.
      Surprisingly, Hogan gets up from the chokeslam! It looks like Hogan is
      invincible too! Taker can't knock him down. He punches him, but Hogan
      just shakes it off. Taker tries running towards Hogan, but Hogan hits
      the big boot! Then he comes off the ropes and hits the big leg drop!
      Taker immediately sits up to Hogan's special! Wait, that wasn't in the
      script! Hogan had the script changed so that he would win. Taker agreed
      to the change but that was last week when he was still the American Bad
      A*s. Now that he's the Phenom he can do anything he wants! Taker then
      executes the Tombstone Piledriver. Then he chokeslams Hogan into an open
      coffin which is put underground! How are we going to dig Hogan back up?
      Maybe it's better if we just leave him there.

      VOTES: Taker took 65.79% of the votes. Yep, believe it or not, people
      voted for Hogan! Hogan voting was caused by the fact that Hogan would
      change the script so he would win, Hogan was invincible in the 80's and
      Hogan made wrestling. Believe me, there were no Hogan fans!

      WHY: Taker is a better choice for a franchise wrestler. Unlike Hogan, he
      jobs, isn't a C-type wrestler, doesn't change the script and has real

      BEGINNING: It's the match that has been fantasized by internet wrestling
      fans everywhere! Goldberg is shown on the Titantron walking around
      surrounded by security guards as his music plays. "Goldberg! Goldberg!
      Goldberg!" is being heard from the fans... or maybe just from the
      speakers? [30 minutes later] Goldberg makes it to the arena! The fans
      cheer his arrival. He grabs the mic to cut his best promo ever:
      "Austin... YOUR NEXT!" Glass shatters. The crowd is on it's feet as
      Austin makes his way to the ring. Hey, I thought he was supposed to be a
      heel? The fact that they are playing his old music confuses the crowd
      into cheering for Austin.

      REASON: Austin was the #1 face in WWF and caused ratings to hit the
      roof. Why was he so popular? He was a bad a*s with catch phrases, who
      fought against all odds and had an alcoholic problem. That was enough
      for the fans. Goldberg was WCW's Austin. He was the #1 face, lost to no
      one and knew how to say two words in the English language, "who's
      next?". Most importantly, his looks were manufactured after Austin.

      ENDING: Goldberg dominates the match the first 5 minutes with his
      incredible intensity! It looks as if Goldberg has this won for sure. He
      executes the Spear. After, he goes for the Jack Hammer, but Austin
      counters! How did Austin know he was going for that move? Because he
      always goes for that move! It's called "being predictable". For some
      reason, Goldberg is out of energy. Apparently, this is the first time
      Goldberg wrestled passed 5 minutes. Austin then dominates the rest of
      the match. He uses Bret Hart's superplex and second rope elbow drop, Lou
      Thesz's press-to-mounted punching, Ted Dibiase's million dollar dream
      sleeper and then finishes off with Johnny Ace's Stone Cold Stunner.
      Goldberg jobs for the third time ever!

      VOTES: I was hoping to dear God Austin would win this. He was leading at
      first. Then Goldberg started leading for a good while. Then Austin votes
      started kicking in, and he led again. Goldberg quickly took a second
      lead but in the end, Austin won with 54.05% of the votes!

      BOOKER'S NOTES: Austin can perform 30 minute matches. Goldberg will do 5
      minute matches. Austin can do a 30 minute promo. Goldberg can talk on
      the mic for 5 seconds. Austin knows 30 moves. Goldberg knows 5. Austin
      wrestled several years to achieve success. Goldberg was given a
      promotion with little wrestling experience. Austin got over by talent.
      Goldberg got over by a push. Austin can be a heel. Goldberg can't.
      Austin cares about the business. Goldberg cares about his pay check.
      Still need more proof? T-shirt sales and WWF ratings killed any WCW
      competition. Austin is better than Goldberg.

      BEGINNING: It's the rematch thought impossible considering plaguing
      injuries, contractual issues and real life feuds. Who will come out
      first? HBK Shawn Michaels does as the crowd pops, but where is he? He's
      not at the entrance but on the rafters! From the top of the ring, he
      glides down towards the center of the ring. Shawn Michaels likes to do
      things risky yet entertaining. Then the guitar noises sound and a tune
      we haven't heard since the last time these guys met is being played.
      It's Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He comes out traditionally, through the
      entrance! His entrance is still entertaining as he gives his sunglasses
      to a kid who has front row seats.

      REASON: Michaels and Hart have fought several times and produced great
      matches working together. Unfortunately, they have a feud in real life
      which prevents them from working together again. Not only that, but
      Michaels is under WWF contract while Bret Hart hates the WWF. Despite
      using different styles, they are both close to the same size, agile and
      can put on a good, fast-paced, technical match.

      ENDING: Hart attempts to go for his familiar third-rope superplex.
      Michaels, who is sitting on the top rope, knocks him down to the mat.
      HBK takes the opportunity to perform his other special, the top rope
      elbow drop! He hits it, and Bret is out. HBK gets up and executes Bret
      Hart's Sharpshooter on him! Hart won't tap out. Vince McMahon steps onto
      the apron and tells the referee to call the match over. Despite the bell
      ringer being a WWF staff member, the ref is from WCW. The ref doesn't
      listen to Vince which allows Bret Hart to reverse the Sharpshooter into
      his own. Michaels taps out, and we get the ending we didn't see last

      VOTES: Hart received 58.57% of the votes. Honestly, the votes would have
      been at 50%. However, the way Bret Hart was screwed caused some HBK fans
      to vote for Bret Hart.

      BOOKER'S NOTES: It can be debated forever who's the better wrestler. I
      like both for respective reasons so I can't say who I like better.
      However, I would have voted for Bret Hart due to the fact that he was
      screwed in his own town.

      WWF vs WCW results
      Chris Jericho over Jeff Jarrett by 67.9% of the votes.
      Chris Benoit over Sting by 55.26% of the votes.
      Mick Foley over DDP by 76.25% of the votes.
      Kurt Angle over Ric Flair by 53.95% of the votes.
      Kane over Kevin Nash by 50.63% of the votes.
      The Rock over Booker T by 62.82% of the votes.
      Triple H over Scott Steiner by 79.22% of the votes.
      The Undertaker over Hulk Hogan by 65.79% of the votes.
      Stone Cold over Goldberg by 54.05% of the votes.
      Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels by 58.57% of the votes.

      Tune in next time for Parker Jay Johnson's next award-winning article!


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