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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #170 Part 1

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      | Monday, August 31st, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 7 0
      | *Issue #170* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo
      | |
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      1 i - Opening Words From The Editor

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - Sunday Night Heat Report
      ii - SummerSlam In Depth Report

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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      No news and rumors and no WCW section...today, it's WWF only :) Also, I
      couldn't send the newsletter in 1 part, so I had to send it in
      2....thanks to Chris Colbourne for doing these excellent in depth
      reports....which took all the space :))

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      By Crusin Chris Colborune
      E-mail: crusin@...

      To start out the show, SHAWN MICHAELS comes to the ring and does his
      pose-down (with all the females going absolutely crazy in the audience!
      - And a few at home too!)

      When he gets into his pose, you can definitely tell that he's been
      pumping up his arms, because they are ALOT bigger than before!

      Shawn then joins the broadcast team for commentary..


      By: PINFALL
      Who: TAYLOR on ANIMAL
      Length: 02:15

      Before the match, HAWK comes down to the ring and jumps in to tell Droz
      he can leave, but ANIMAL tells him to stay and gets Hawk to leave the
      ring instead.

      EDGE is watching over the match..

      The two attack Animal to get the match underway.

      Taylor and Christopher start out dominating, but Animal reverses it with
      a beautiful double souplex, followed by a double clothesline. Animal
      picked up Taylor while Hawk (wearily) headed up the turnbuckles, but
      Brian came in, distracted Animal, and Hawk fell backwards, thus knocking
      Animal down.

      Taylor covered and the match was OVER!

      After the match, Animal was pacing around the ring, yelling at Hawk.
      We see STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN pacing in the backstage area of the arena
      carrying a sledgehammer..
      Shawn Michaels is in the ring for an interview..

      "Ladies and Gentleman, she's READY, she's WILLING, and she's.. SABLE!!"

      Sable comes walking out in a long black and white dress.

      Shawn says that tonight on PPV, there is going to be some serious
      artillery flying. He starts listing off the matches, then says "but when
      we talk about the heavy artillery.. the big guns.. Folks, believe me
      when I tell ya I'm lookin' at the 38 Specials IN THE FLESH!"

      Sable gets the mic and says that the Sable Bomb WILL be dropped on
      Jacqueline here TONIGHT!

      Shawn gets the mic again and asks who her Mystery Partner would be.. and
      that she can tell Shawn ANYTHING..

      "Now Shawn.. If I told you who my partner was, it wouldnt be a mystery,
      now would it? I'm not going to tell you who my partner WILL BE.. but
      rather who it WON'T be.. Even though they are very dear to my heart,
      it's not going to be one of the ODDITIES."

      Sable continues, "And speaking of Dance Cards.. what don't YOU show me
      what you've got.. HIT THE MUSIC!"

      Shawn's music starts up, and both Shawn and Sable start dancing and
      grinding with each other..

      Winner: GANGREL
      By: PINFALL
      Length: 02:28

      Dustin is shown praying in the corner with HES COMING BACK printed on
      the back of his shirt..

      Gangrel controls a great deal of the match, with Dustin having his

      Gangrel finished Dustin off with his lifted DDT finishing move.
      Michael Cole catches DEGENERATION X as they arrive in the dressing room

      HHH: Let me tell you something, when that last bell rings tonight,
      things around here will never be the same..
      They review past SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT shows concerning the conflicts
      between MARIO LOPEZ (Pacific Blue, Saved By The Bell) and VAL VENIS
      Michael Cole is with VINCE McMAHON, asking what Vince thinks of Stone
      Cold's 'antics':

      "He could hurt others, he could hurt himself. I want to protect my main
      event obviously. If I have to do this myself; if I have to go out there
      and take that sledgehammer away from him, then thats exactly what I'm
      going to do."
      FINKLE! They sit him in a chair, and take their barber shears to both
      his hair AND to his famous mustache!

      No one comes out to help the Fink. Shawn jokes, All of Finks friends
      are coming out from the back to help him..

      Jarrett gets on the mic with his advice to everyone, including X-PAC..
      "Don't piss me off!"
      The 'Three Stooges' (being Slaughter, Patterson and Briscoe) are in the
      back trying to reason with Stone Cold to "give them the sledgehammer"..
      Back from the commercial, the three are up whining to McMahon that
      they tried but Austin wouldnt hand it over.. Vince says Hes just one
      man.. Patterson pipes up and says Then why dont YOU go out there to
      get it!.. Vince leaves and they follow...
      D.O.A. vs. BRADSHAW / VADER

      Winner: D.O.A.
      By: PINFALL
      Who: (him) on VADER
      Length: 02:55

      Bradshaw and Vader cant come to terms on who is going to start out this
      match.. Vader wins the argument. Vader starts it off unloading on (him),
      but it gets turned around quickly with a running scoop slam and a leg
      drop. Vader and Bradshaw tag, but argue during the exchange.. [define

      Vader ended up running into Bradshaw, then got rolled over after being
      hit and D.O.A. got the three count and win!

      Afterwards Vader and Bradshaw mix it up both out and inside the ring.
      Vader dominates this battle..
      They show a shot of the Lions Den, which looks almost like a giant
      strainer as some people put it.
      Vince and the boys get out to see Austin, and Vince asks Austin to put
      it down because someone is going to get hurt.. Damn right someones
      gonna get hurt! replies Austin. You aint worried about me, youre
      worried about the Undertaker and Kane! Im gonna make sure Kane aint
      gonna jump me from behind like hes been doin!

      Just forget it! yells Vince. Damn right! No ones gettin this belt
      from me tonight! yells Austin.
      DOK HENDRIX hypes up the crowd and wants to test out their audience
      participation skills as they play the HIGHWAY TO HELL song and Video
      Next they review the history of the competitors of the LADDER MATCH;
      THE ROCK comes out with the rest of the Nation to address the crowd..
      as they are coming out, a replay of last weeks kiss from WAR ZONE
      (where Shawn saved Chyna) is played.

      New York City, here in the flesh is the damn Peoples Champ!.. no
      sooner are the words out of his mouth then HHH comes sliding in the
      ring, with the rest of DX coming in behind. A brawl happens inside the
      ring, but while Hunter had his back turned, Rocky came in from behind
      and nailed him with his belt in the back of the knees! Hunter drops to
      the mat and starts rolling around while the Nation exits the ring.
      Cutting back to Austin, you see him look around the corner, then ducks
      back out of sight. We notice headlights coming up the ramp, a hearst
      drives up to unloading area.
      Austin opens the drivers door, throws him out, and starts GOING TO TOWN
      on the car, smashing the windows, the windshield, knocking off the side
      mirror, then Austin sees a FORKLIFT! He starts it up and plows into the
      back window of the car, and starts LIFTING the car!


      By Crusin Chris Colborune
      E-mail: crusin@...

      Commentators: JIM ROSS and JERRY THE KING LAWLER

      Winner: D-LO BROWN
      How: Val threw Ref
      Length: 15:20
      Pin-Trys: D-LO (5); VAL (2)

      Val comes out and start with his Hellloooo Ladies!, and continues to
      say, So the Big Valboski has arrived to the Big Apple.. Well ya know
      somethin.. I came.. I saw.. and I CAME AGAIN! [Note: this is Vals
      FIRST title shot since arriving in May]

      D-LO BROWN comes out strutting his stuff, decked out in the reinforced
      chest protector (done especially for this event..)

      The match starts with the two grappeling around the ring, then stopping
      with a CLEAN BREAK! The second time D-Lo gets a cheap shot in, then runs
      to the corner and pops his body out. When Val tries the same thing back
      later, he just hurts his hand! D-Lo got some splashes in before Val
      rammed D-Los head to the mat by a Side Russian Leg Sweep and then a
      Drop Toe Hold. After being drop kicked, D-Lo slid out for a small
      Much of the match involved give-and-takes as were shown above, with
      D-Lo being in control for the better part of the match. Val held the
      small of his back a few times when going for lifting moves, preventing
      him from executing them.

      D-Lo had a beautiful reversal about 10 minutes in as Val went to the top
      for his Money Shot, but got CAUGHT in mid-air as it got turned into a
      devistating POWERBOMB! A few minutes later, D-Lo cashed in another
      Money Shot with his KNEES! Shortly after that, D-Lo set-up to execute
      another Powerbomb, but sorta re-thought it in mid-stream and just kinda
      let Val slide down.. I think D-Lo didnt have enough steam in him to
      complete it.. But when they get their act together, we see that Val was
      suppose to GRAB D-Los head after being picked up! (ahhhhh..)

      Val ends up taking D-Los chest protector right off of him, putting it
      on HIMSELF, then climbs up to the top. The REF grabs Vals foot and
      wont let him jump, and Val ends up slipping onto the turnbuckle..(:]
      Val does recover to get another attempt, but when the Ref goes to stop
      him THIS time, Val tosses the Ref across the ring! When the Ref got up,
      the ordered for the bell to be rung, and the match was over. In the
      aftermath, Val argued with the Ref, scoop slammed him and finally LANDED
      the Money Shot!
      MICHAEL COLE is in the back with the Hearse and MANKIND..

      Mankind breaks into Coles update to say HEY! What am I going to tell
      them when I bring back the car!! This was my special SummerSlam RIDE! I
      was going to stuff Kane inside and drive away! Maybe *ILL* get to use
      this sledgehammer after all.. wouldnt THAT be nice!
      INSANE CLOWN POSSE come out to perform the ODDITIES intro music,
      followed by the Oddities dancing around in the ring!

      ODDITIES (3) vs. KAIENTAI (4)
      (Handicap Match..snicker..)

      Winners: ODDITIES
      By: PINFALL
      Who: GOLGA on ALL FOUR!
      Length: 10:09

      Golga and Taka started out this match, with Taka ramming Golgas head
      into the turnbuckle. Golga stops, looks around, then headbutts it
      HIMSELF, then continues with each of the Kaientai members!

      Golga stole one of Mr. Yamaguchis new shoes (sneakers), grabbed a
      glass of water, poured it into the shoe, then tossed the water all over
      Mr. Yamaguchi! Kurrgan tags in, then gets down on his knees to mock
      Funaki. But Kurrgan CLEANED HOUSE and tagged Silva. All four get in the
      ring and climb all over Silva - Looks like they are posing for a family
      photo King says.. then they all get tossed off like rag dolls! Golga
      comes back in and gets knocked down, so all four fly in with splashes
      from various corners, as well as various elbows. Golga does get over to
      tag after a quadruple clothesline.

      Kurrgan comes back in and cleans house, and as Mr. Yamaguchi tries to
      interfere, LUNA jumps in and stops him with a scoop slam! Golga lays
      across all four strewn on the mat and gets the 3 count! (Or is that a

      SHAWN MICHAELS and DOK HENDRIX plug the SUPERSTAR LINE for all the
      fter-match interviews, OR tap into the internet at WWF.COM
      A HAIR vs HAIR MATCH...

      Winner: X-PAC
      By: PINFALL
      Length: 11:10
      Pin-Trys: DOUBLE J (5); X-PAC (5)

      In this match, the LOSER will have their precious HAIR cut-off!

      Double J comes out with SOUTHERN JUSTICE, but Slaughter comes out to
      send them back..

      X-Pac starts to come out, then goes back into the back for something..
      it ends up to be someONE.. its a cleanly-shaven / bald HOWARD FINKLE!
      They both get into the ring, and BOTH do the DX Crotch Shots! (Youve
      got to SEE it to BELIEVE it!).. Then Fink has two words for Double J..
      (Fink:) SUCK IT!!

      X-Pac came out with a great start with a Spinning Heel Kick and a Flying
      Body Press, but Double J returned the favour with two drop kicks, the
      second sending X-Pac over the ropes. Then on the floor, he picked up
      X-Pac and rammed him crotch-first into the steel post! OUCH!

      This gave Jarrett an advantage for a little before X-Pac came out with a
      beautiful Tornado DDT, driving Jarretts head to the ring! Jarrett wore
      him down with a Sleeper, then had it placed on him shortly after. Double
      J hooked in the Figure Four and held it for a good amount of time before
      X-Pac was able to shimmy back enough to grab the rope in order to break
      the hold. X-Pac was able to stop Jarrett from putting on another Figure
      Four, and executed a high Souplex - but got caught in it himself at the
      same time.. which resulted in both being flat on the mat for a 7 count
      before Double J got up.

      As Jarrett went to the top for a Flying Body Press, he laid X-Pac out,
      but he was able to roll it through and get a 2-count on Jarrett. And
      again as Double J went for a hura kurana, X-Pac caught him and slammed
      him down in a PowerBomb Pin - for a 2 count as well. Finkle got up on
      the apron to complain about a low blow, and got a shot in the head by
      Jarrett for it! As Jarrett turned around, X-Pac was able to lay the
      finisher on him, but his lack in response time resulted in a 2 count.

      Southern Justice came out to try and pull Jarrett out of the ring, and
      as the Ref paid attention on one side, X-Pac was swung at with the
      guitar, missed, and they dropped it! So X-Pac picked it up and measured
      it PERFECTLY on Jarrett, knocking him out for the Pin & WIN! After the
      match, a bunch of the wrestlers came down to the ring to join in in
      Jarretts demise, including New Age Outlaws, HeadBangers and Droz!
      DOK HENDRIX is standing in front of the Lions Den cage, the 9 foot
      high above-ground pit. (Think Hell In a Cell, but in a strainer-type
      Michael Cole with The Rock reviewing the Sunday Night Heat incident..

      Cole: What are you thinking about?
      Rock: Im thinking about slapping the Yellow right off of your teeth if
      keep asking stupid questions!

      Rock talks about the Peoples Champ and the Peoples Ladder.. and
      sends it back to the Gibronies at ringside.
      They show highlights of the Arm Wrestling match between Sable and
      Jacqueline two weeks ago on RAW.

      Sable comes out in her Sable Bomb T-shirt and spandex shorts.. Lawler
      -My names not Elmo but you can come over and Tickle me ANYTIME Baby!

      Sable: Now, let me introduce you to MY partner..

      As the music starts, you recognize it immediately - its EDGE! He comes
      in through the crowd, and when he gets in the ring, Sable and Edge
      exchanged a look..


      Winner: SABLE / EDGE
      By: PINFALL
      Who: SABLE on MERO
      Length: 08:25

      Mero and Edge start with them trading off until Mero tags off. As
      Jacqueline gets in, you can hear Sable yelling COME ON!! COME ON!! in
      the background. But when Edge goes over and tags, Jac runs back and
      re-tags Mero! Sable is ready to fight, but the Ref tells her to go back
      and tag off.

      Edge takes the advantage until Jac grabs his foot on a rope bounce. Mero
      came back with a nice Running Knee Lift, and some rope chokes by him and
      Jac. As Mero setup for a TKO, Edge was able to drop from it and reverse
      it into a DDT! Nice move! After a mutual tag was made, Sable swept Jac
      off her feet and just laid into her, then ran over and clobbered an
      unsuspecting Mero! Jac slid out and ran around the ring, getting chased
      by Sable, and when they came back in, Mero got in the ring and stepped
      between them.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?! screams Sable, then
      drops Mero with a kick to the groin, and sets up for the Sable Bomb..but
      Jac was able to get in on time to save him.

      Sable got Jac into the TKO, and the cover, but Mero came in and dragged
      her off. On a double-team attempt, Mero held Sable as Jac bounced off
      the ropes, but Sable moved so Mero got the impact and fell off the
      apron! Edge got tagged back in, and immediately performed a Suicide Leap
      over the top! Then he sent Mero into the steps, but Jac jumped on his
      back.. so how did he handle her? BY SPANKING HER OVER HIS KNEE!!

      After a few more 2-counts, Edge knocked Mero off the turnbuckle onto it,
      tagged Sable, she walked over and got up to the top.. and gave Mero a
      HURA KURANA.. (later called her SABLE KURANA).. 1--2--.. Sable rolls out
      for Jac to come off the top to splash onto him.. Sable threw Jac into
      the corner.. Edge threw Mero at her.. Mero falls backwards, then Jac
      fell head first into him!

      Edge connects with a Downward Spiral, then as Sable started a handstand,
      Edge grabbed her around the ankles, and SLAMMED her onto Mero!! She
      stayed there for the 1--2--3!!
      DOK HENDRIX is with UNDERTAKER backstage..

      Austin, from Day One I said I would stand alone. and I stand alone now,
      and when we get in the ring, Ill be standing all by myself. Now you
      have to answer the question: Are you ready for me alone boy?
      MICHAEL COLE is interviewing MANKIND about the match..

      Cole: What are your plans now? Are you going to Forfeit?

      MK: I dont know.. Ive lost my car, Ive lost my partner, Ive lost my
      Sledgehammer.. maybe I otta forfeit the damn belt..

      Cole: But why? The fans.. the people want to get their moneys worth..

      MK: Well, by god, I dont want to disappoint the PEOPLE now do I!
      Michael, why dont YOU be my partner, and well BOTh go out there and
      get our asses kicked all over MSG! Better yet, weve got time.. lets go
      outside so that Mankind can play in the traffic!

      (Enter VINCE)

      Vince: Mick Mick Mick.. calm down.. its okay..

      MK: Whaddya mean its okay Vince, Im gonna get killed out there!

      Vince: No youre not. No one wants to see you play in the traffic. Its
      Madison Sqaure Garden. Remember when you were a little kid, and you
      hitchhiked to MSG to watch the WWF and wait around so you could get
      autographs? Remember that?

      MK: (excited) Yeah yeahh..

      Vince: Its Madison Square Garden.. its HISTORY.. its where you
      belong. Truly where you belong tonight. Ive got an idea.. it may be a
      little crazy, but if you go out there tonight and, as one man,
      successfully defend the Tag Team Championship belts yourself, as one
      man, in ONE night..

      MK: Whaddll happen to me?

      Vince: I can guarantee youll be in Madison Square Gardens Hall Of Fame
      by next week.. I will PERSONALLY guaruntee that.

      MK: I dont have my sledgehammer.. if falls count anywhere..

      Vince: Its no holds barred.. its falls count anywhere.. its you..
      its you..

      MK: .. but wheres my sledgehammer.. I dont have a weapon..

      Vince: Theres plenty of weapons around..

      MK: Well if the Outlaws dont like it.. Ive got 13 words for them!!


      (Vince and Michael get a puzzled look across their faces..)
      A closer look at the Lions Den Match history..
      in the MSG THEATRE (beside arena)


      Winner: KEN SHAMROCK
      By: SUBMISSION (Ankle Lock)
      Length: 09:11

      Owen comes out to a non-welcoming crowd (to say the least).. Dan The
      Beast Severn (his trainer) is with him, giving some valuable advice
      before Owen steps into the Den.

      Shamrock comes out to a not mucher warmer welcome.. but warmer than

      Shamrock has the first move by picking Owen up and slamming him into the
      side of chain link fence, then tries to hyperextend his elbow. Owen
      breaks away quick enough to try to lock Shamrocks leg, but that is
      reversed rather quickly and Shamrock gets away. Owen is able to run
      Shamrock into the side as he had done to him at the top of the match.
      They roll around on the floor a little, then Shamrock dominates by
      feeding some shots to Owens head. Back-to-back souplex, followed by a
      short sleeper by Shamrock. Owen gets out of it by kicking his leg back
      to have him let go, and sends him into the side.. only to get
      clotheslined on the rebound!

      Shamrock rips Owens shirt off, and uses it to choke him. Shamrock ran
      to the side, rebounded himself off, and got a Flying Knee move! Nice
      thinking! Followed up by a throw to the cage and a high hip lock
      takeover. Owen (by this point) is bleeding from the mouth. Owen changes
      the pace by sending Shamrock into the steel supports on the sides a few
      times, then an Ensiguri to the back of his neck, knocking him flat to
      the him. Shamrock countered a back bodydrop, but got hit with a drop
      kick for it. Shamrock also turned a hura kurana into a powerslam a
      little later, following it with a hard clothesline, a rebounding elbow,
      and a swinging leg kick to Owens face. Owen nicely turned another
      bounce/rebound into a mid-air slam.

      Owen finally locked in the Sharpshooter, but Shamrock counteredby
      crawling to the chain-link side and CLIMBING up, forcing Owen to let go.
      A spinning DDT got Owen down, so both men laid on the mat. As they both
      got up, Shamrock laid some nice moves into a weary Owen, but got rammed
      into the supports again to even the score. Owen applied the Severn
      Sleeper (as I call it), but Shamrock.. ran up the cage for the
      reversal, and got Owen into the Ankle Lock Submission for the win! Dan
      Severn just walked away shaking his head..

      It might be true or it may not be that hes alone, but I dont really
      care because I Dont Trust Anybody. But Undertaker, I repect you more
      than anybody else here in the World Wrestling Federation. But Im not
      afraid to cheap shot ya to death if thats what it takes to keep this
      belt. Cause Im not to give you or Vince McMahon the satisfaction of
      seeing me give up this title.



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