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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1068

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. Not much going on today.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - Today WWFE, Inc., announced during a pep rally in the Nathan Phillips
      Square in Toronto, that next year's WrestleMania will be taking place at
      the SkyDome, on March 17th. The Axxess fan festival will also be
      returning taking place between March 14th and March 16th in a location
      still to be determined. "Only one city outside of the United States has
      been able to deliver WrestleMania to the world. Toronto was there for us
      in 1990 and we're very excited about making it our home again for
      WrestleMania X-8," said WWF President and COO Stuart Snyder. Tickets for
      WrestleMania X-8 will go on sale on Saturday November 3rd at the SkyDome
      Box Office, Ticketmaster locations as well as on the Internet at
      WrestleMania.com . The WWF will also organize a travel package which
      will include accommodation, guaranteed ticket in selected areas, Axxess
      tickets and more. For more info on that you can send an e-mail to
      travel.packages@.... Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman said that next
      year, fans will break the attendance record set by the WWF themselves in
      1990 for WrestleMania VI. Mike Harris, Ontario's Premier added that with
      all the fans visiting the city and millions more watching globally, it's
      a fantastic opportunity to promote Toronto and Ontario to the world. The
      SkyDome CEO said that WrestleMania will be the 'Event of the Year' in
      Canada. We hope to bring you more on this in tomorrow's issue with
      comments from WWF officials.

      > MANIA LOGO
      - The new WrestleMania logo for next year's event has a little
      modification. Although the words 'WrestleMania' sport the usual WM
      fonts, the 'I' in Mania is edited and replaced by a design of the famous
      CN Tower. 'X8' are written in white color under 'Mania'. Above the logo
      there's a shot of the upper part of the SkyDome, just like this year's
      event had a shot of the Astrodome.

      > SPONSOR FOR WM X-8
      - WrestleMania X-8's official sponsor this time will be Canada's own
      Pizza Pizza. Pizza Pizza is the number one pizza delivery chain in
      Canada with over 300 stores and more then 3,500 employees. In a WWF.COM
      story, Pizza Pizza VP of Marketing Pat Finelli said that he was
      contacting WWFE Canada President Carl Demarco to bring next year's WM
      back to Toronto. Finelli added that he first shot the idea to Demarco
      during this year's 'Mania event in Houston. He told Demarco that if they
      bring WM to the SkyDome, it will bigger and more records would get
      broken! This year's WrestleMania was sponsored by Snickers.


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      - Dave Meltzer of the Observer reports that Bryan Clark and Brian Adams
      have signed with the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc.
      Clark and Adams were the popular duo of KroniK in WCW. Both had previous
      stints in the WWF before, Clark as Adam Bomb and Adams as Crush. Many
      considered the team of Kronik as the APA of WCW.


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