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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1067

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
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      Invasion PPV on VHS & DVD! Get it - http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      As promised, TheActionZone.net is back online with new trailers. The
      site was taken down a few days ago due to bandwidth limitations after
      two sites were linking directly to one of the trailers which resulted in
      some massive data transfer. We're working on protecting all files with
      an anti-leech script which will ensure that no other website links
      directly to the movies.

      We also put up the Buy & Sell section on Wrestling-Online.com . You can
      check that out at http://www.wrestling-online.com/buy&sell/ . It's a
      classified adverts type of forum where everyone can sell their wrestling
      related stuff and make buying requests.

      If you're attending the 'Thank You Toronto' pep rally tomorrow, drop us
      some notes from the event. No newsletter yesterday due to lack of news.
      Back tomorrow.

      Get FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING on your first online order at
      Fingerhut.com (introductory offer good on almost every product on the
      site; click for details).


      - The big announcement fans in Toronto have been waiting for will be
      officially announced tomorrow at noon by Ontario Premier Mike Harris. A
      bunch of WWF superstars and officials along with the SkyDome CEO,
      Toronto mayor and Ontario premier will be on hand at the 'Thank You
      Toronto' pep rally in the Nathan Phillips Square, with the event also
      being broadcast live on The Score Television Network in Canada. When
      speaking to the Canadian Press, an aide to the premier said, "It's going
      to bring money to the city, it's part and parcel of the recognition of
      Toronto as a vibrant city." Both the Ontario Premier and the Toronto
      Mayor have been blasted by other politicians in their quest for bringing
      WrestleMania 18 to the city. WrestleMania 18 is targeted for March 17th,
      2002 and will be taking place at the SkyDome. An estimated 70,000 seats
      are scheduled to go on sale, and if sold out it would break the previous
      record in the SkyDome held by WrestleMania VI in 1990. That kind of
      attendance would also list WM 18 as the biggest since WrestleMania III
      in 1987.

      - Two matches have been announced already for tomorrow's RAW Is WAR
      broadcast live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
      The Rock will take on Christian for the WCW Heavyweight title and Rob
      Van Dam teams with Rhyno to take on Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy. More
      matches will be announced tomorrow.

      - One half of the APA, Bradshaw, has organized a celebrity golf
      tournament with all proceedings going to the North Texas Make-A-Wish
      Foundation. The event will be taking place at the Eagle's Bluff Country
      Club in Bullard, TX., on September 8th. Scheduled to appear from the
      Federation are Faarooq, Hardyz, Lita, Michael Hayes, Teddy Long,
      Undertaker, Dudleyz, Billy Gunn, Albert, Goodfather, Big Boss Man and
      Bradshaw himself. Those interested in playing with or against the
      Federation stars can call on (903) 597-9474 and ask for Jennifer Hyde.
      Apart from that, there is also an auction of WWF memorabilia which are
      signed by WWF stars. To view the items up for auction go to
      http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1077471?page=2 . To bid on any items,
      you have to call on (903) 533-0600 and enter enter the mailbox number of
      the item. You will be then given instructions on how to complete your

      - Our friend Luca Franchini from TuttoWrestling.com sent in word that
      Italian pay-per-view satellite operator Stream TV will be airing all
      twelve WWF PPVs starting from this month's Unforgiven on a two week
      delay. Unforgiven will be aired on Saturday October 6th. Stream TV
      already airs RAW, Smackdown and Heat. Stream TV brought back WWF
      wrestling on TV in Italy after an absence of around seven years.

      - Catch Michael Cole and Al Snow on Sunday Night HEAT live this Sunday
      at 7/6 CT on MTV as Tazz is the special guest host! The Brooklyn thug
      will be on familiar grounds when he steps into WWF New York, and you've
      got to wonder if he has any hard feelings toward his former partner
      Michael Cole or his fellow Tough Enough trainer for taking his place on
      HEAT. Will Tazz put the past behind him, or will Snow fall victim to a
      live Tazzmission? Watch Tazz live from WWF New York this Sunday on HEAT
      at 7/6 CT only on MTV! (WWF.COM)


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