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[wrestling-online] Late Breaking News: VINCE MCMAHON AOL CHAT TRANSCRIPT

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  • Colin Vassallo
    WRESTLING-ONLINE NEWSLETTER PRESENTS L A T E B R E A K I N G N E W S ... Special Edition covering all late breaking news in wrestling ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 1998

      L A T E B R E A K I N G N E W S
      Special Edition covering all late breaking news in wrestling
      Friday, August 28th, 1998 2:41AM Central European Time

      Editor: Colin Vassallo [Editor@...]

      V I N C E M C M A H O N A O L C H A T T R A N S C R I P T

      Here's the Vince McMahon chat transcript..the chat was conducted a few
      hours ago on America On Line...apperantly, there weren't any problems
      like last time.


      Mr. M: Good evening everyone, hopefully AOL has their stuff together
      tonight. Fire away!

      Question: Would you be interested in getting Stevie Richards in the WWF?

      Mr. M: Possibly, however, I'm concerned with Stevie Richards injury, I
      spoke to him in
      Philadelphia last Monday night and he indicated he just started
      wrestling back, but he had just sustained an injury to his neck area,
      I'm concerned about his health.


      Mr. M: Not unless Yoko has lost approximately 400 lbs. I wish he would
      make a return at a healthy weight.

      Question: Mr. McMahon, Who will be the number one contender for the WWF
      championship belt after Summer Slam?

      Mr. M: To be determined.

      Question: Last weeks Raw was the biggest one in a while but you still
      lost the rating's how do you plan to win them back?

      Mr. M: Unfortunately Raw will be preempted for the next 2 weeks,
      however, where there's a will there's a way and there's definately a
      will on the part of the WWF.

      Question: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us fans, Mr. McMahon. My
      question is if Hulk Hogan came to you after his WCW contract was up
      saying he wanted to end his career in the WWF, would you try to work out
      a deal with him or tell him thanks but no thanks?

      Mr. M: Theoretically, Hogan should end his career in the WWF, this is
      where Hogan acheived stardom, however, I don't respond to hypothetical

      Question: Vince, You must realize that many young children idolize the
      wrestlers of the WWF. I was wondering if you were at all concerned what
      the kids werepicking up from the middle fingers and sex references from
      the wrestlers??

      Mr. M: It's the 90's! The WWF is only reflecting what is contemporary in
      today's society. I dare say there are a great deal more middle fingers
      and sexual references in everyone's life then are portrayed in the WWF.
      Nonetheless, it is every parents discretion as to whether or not the
      younger populace watch the WWF or any other tv program on the air.

      Question: Vince....how close, if at all, is Ric Flair to signing with
      Titan? By the way....the past few months have been the best in a
      looooong time in the WWF! Congrats.

      Mr. M: Thanks for the congratulations. If the WWF were to sign Rick
      Flair I would expect even more congratulations. Stayed tuned.

      Question: What are your thoughts on Hawk and his appearance of being

      Mr. M: Perhaps Hawk should visit Betty Ford.

      Question: There are some rumors that there alot of talent from the other
      federation may be jumping ship soon. Are there any there that you will
      try to get when their contracts are up?

      Mr. M: We will vigorously pursue any competitor who wants to be here in
      the WWF.


      Mr. M: Undertaker.

      Question: Thank you for your time, Vince. Do you think you made Hogan a
      name or did Hogan make himself a name?

      Mr. M: We did it together.

      Question: Vince, why didnt you show at the WCW PPV to fight Eric

      Mr. M: I sent Mr. Bishoff a letter indicating that any parking lot in
      any city in America would be a suitable location for me to meet him.
      Rather than me show up at a Turner PPV and increase their buy rates I
      chose to offer Mr. Bishoff a parking lot scenario with no tv coverage,
      just Bishoff vs. Vince. I got no response.

      Question: Mr mcmahon is it true that the wwf is in negotiations with the
      Fox network?

      Mr. M: I'm not at liberty to discuss which networks are talking to us
      about programming.

      Question: How is HEAT doing in the ratings? Will it continue, and what
      is the agreement with the USA Network on it?

      Mr. M: USA has indicated that they have an interest in the WWF
      continuing to provide them HEAT on a weekly basis. However, we're in
      negotiation as we speak.

      Shane: And the giant rating are due to your son.

      Mr. M: Absolutely, he's a chip off the old block.

      Question: Is pro wrestlings main competition other sports or movies? How
      do you market it against the competition?

      Mr. M: The WWF's competition other than direct competition, ie Ted
      Turner would be any
      entertainment in the action adventure vein.

      Question: Vince you need to futher improve your light weight
      division.....the belt seems almost meaningless. How will you improve

      Mr. M: Yokozuna is on a diet! Perhaps an influx of Ethiopian talent
      would be Appropriate.

      Question: Vince, what is your true opinion on Mick Foley? Don't you
      think he deserves at least a title shot after all he's done to himself
      for the WWF?

      Mr. M: Mick Foley is one of the most extraordinary human beings on the
      face of the Planet. But sometimes people don't get what they deserve.
      Although in Mick's case, he might.

      Question: Mr Mcmahon, with the huge ratings Raw brings in, why is USA
      prempting it just for the 3 redneck tennis fans in Alabama?

      Mr. M: Those three redneck fans in Alabama obviously hold a great deal
      of USA Network's stock. They are actually Larry, Curly and Moe of the
      Three Stooges. However, US Open Tennis of this year will have a WWF

      Question: Did you ever think Austin was going to be so popular?

      Mr. M: No I had no idea that a finger gesturing, beer swilling, foul
      mouthed Stone Cold would ever reach these heights of popularity. What do
      you people see in this redneck lunatic?

      Question: Mr. McMahon who in your opinion has the most talent in the

      Mr. M: Vince McMahon

      Question: Mr McMahon, where has Sunny been? Will she be coming back? And
      speaking of ever coming back, will marlena ever come back?

      Mr. M: Sunny is under contract to ECW but who knows, one day she may
      return to the WWF.
      Marlena, however, has been on a religious sabbatical in Lithuania and is
      expected to return soon as Sister Marlena.

      Question: Vince, are you controlling Sable?

      Mr. M: No man ever controls a woman. It's the other way around I'm sure,
      although I'm not smart enough to realize it.

      Question: do you think the rock wuz out of line by doing what he did to

      Mr. M: Yes I felt the Rock's actions were dispicable and uncalled for. I
      guess he got carried away. However, some people around me wondered how
      Chyna would have reacted if big Mark Henry had planted a kiss on her.

      Question: where is the patriot?

      Mr. M: The Patriot is where all old patriots go, probably in a VFW home
      somewhere in South Carolina?

      Question: Will Sid every return to the WWF?

      Mr. M: Never say never in this crazy business. But, it is doubtful.

      Question: What's the status of Terry Funk?

      Mr. M: Terry Funk is taking a hiatus from ring action to perform in a
      number of movies. I am attempted to pursuade Terry to come back to
      action asap. We miss him.

      Question: Hi Vince. First off, I'd like to say, you are the icon, and
      that no matter what the ratings say, the wwf will always be on top. What
      do u think of WCW always taking those cheap shots at you and the wwf?

      Mr. M: It's a free country. People can take any shots they want. Sticks
      and stones may break my bones but Turner can't. Screw you Ted!

      Question: How much longer do you see yourself involved in the action
      part of wrestling? Will you let Shane take over?

      Mr. M: I'm currently taking the same supplement of Mark McGuire which
      should take my frail, 230 lb body to approximately 275 lbs by November.
      I'm ready for any kind of action.

      Question: Rumor has it that the Brawl for All semis and finals were
      works, is this true?

      Mr. M: Believe what you want to believe, no matter what I say, you won't
      believe me.

      Question: Vince- Are there current plans for a womens division in WWF
      again? I hear that Alundra Blayze is on her way back... Any truth to

      Mr. M: As far as I'm concerned, we can't have enough women in the WWF.

      Question: Hey I live in Philly and was wondering how i could get
      advanced tix for wrestlemania15 to avoid the sellout

      Mr. M: On November 29, the next live Philadelphia event, you'll get


      Mr M: Who?? I'm interested in any young aggressive performer who has the
      desire to excel.

      Question: Vince will you ever fight Austin beside on MTV?

      Mr. M: After I severely destroy Austin on MTV, who knows, we might see
      the real thing someday. Only after I've said my prayers, taken my
      vitamins...oops, that was from another era.

      Question: Mr. McMahon, any matches Signed for Raw this coming week?

      Mr. M: There is no RAW for the next two Mondays, however, we encourage
      everyone to watch
      Sunday Night HEAT in the coming weeks. However, I have misspoken, there
      are RAW makegoods on September 5 at 11 PM and on September 12 at 7:30 PM
      on USA Network.

      Question: hey vince do you think you can talk to playboy and try to get
      them to do a pictorial on the women of wwf with pictures of chyna and
      sable naked

      Mr. M: Playboy is currently negotiating for the rights to present Sable.

      Question: Mr.McMahon what do you think of wcw champion GOLDBERG?

      Mr. M: You mean the Stone Cold rip off!

      Question: Do you think Shawn Michaels will rejoin DX?

      Mr. M: I don't know that DX will have him.

      Question: Mr.McMahon who is your favorite wrestler (active) AND WHY?

      Mr. M: George the Animal Steele still wrestles for the independents.
      Why, because he is older than I am, I admire that.


      Mr. M: Al lost his head.

      Question: Vince who is sables mystery partner going to be?

      Mr. M: If I told you it wouldn't be a mystery!


      Mr. M: I sincerely hope so.

      Question: if u could have one wcw star on your roster who would it be
      and why?

      Mr. M: If I told you, you would tell them, then, I would never get them.

      Question: Vince, are you a fan of South Park? Will we see Golga on

      Mr. M: I love South Park! Chef and Cartman are my two favorite

      Question: Hey Vince, What made you consider to bring Sean Waltman back?

      Mr. M: Sean Waltman is a tremendous talent and he had been fired rather
      unceremoniously by Ted Turner's rasslin organization.


      Mr. M: Do you know something that I don't know? The kliq reunited sounds
      interesting to me.

      Question: Who in the WWF do you see as the next Steve Austin?

      Mr. M: My son Shane!

      Question: is bart gunn going to get more popular

      Mr. M: If Bart keeps knocking people out, he's bound to win a few

      Question: Mr.Mcmahon is it true the the Undertaker will be taking some
      time off after Summer Slam to spend time with his family and have ankle
      surgury?? Jennifer

      Mr. M: Definately not!

      Question: Thank you for your time, Vince. Do you have any advice for
      someone trying to become a Pro Wrestler?

      Mr. M: Don't!

      Question: What's the condition of Gorilla Monsoon?

      Mr. M: Gorilla is alive and well, he's been on a strict diet and was at
      Philadelphia last Monday night.

      Question: Do you plan on signing randy savage when his contract expires?

      Mr. M: In the year 2032, that might be alittle late. But then again, he
      might still be wrestling. Oh yeah!

      Question: when is steven regal going to be ready for action?

      Mr. M: Hopefully very soon.

      Question: Is it true Triple H might be leaving DX?

      Mr. M: Not that I know of. Then again, only if Chyna likes Mark Henry

      Question: Who would be your idea of a "Corporate Champion?"

      Mr. M: My son Shane!

      Question: As the owner of WWF, how do you find wrestlers to be in the

      Mr. M: We conduct camps on a regular basis which attracts wrestlers from
      all over the world. We also have scouts who are constantly on the

      Question: Do you respect Eric Bishoff at all? If so why? If not why?

      Mr. M: As far as a tv performer is concerned, I think he's pretty good,
      but, I don't know the man personally, I really can't comment.

      Question: Is the WWF negotiating with a Major network to televise WWF
      Events on National

      Mr. M: Yes, but I'm not at liberty to say which ones.

      Question: Will we see another Brawl For All considering guys got hurt?

      Mr. M: Yes, you'll probably see individual Brawl for All matches, but in
      all liklihood, we probably will not have another tournament.

      Question: If you had sold the WWF, what would you be doing today?

      Mr. M: Another hypothetical question. I don't answer hypothetical
      questions. However, the WWF is not for sale, much to Ted Turner's

      Question: What is going on with Dustin? Will Goldust ever come back?

      Mr. M: Dustin is a most unusual individual. Sometimes I have no idea
      what he is thinking. I guess all things are possible.

      Question: are mankind and kane still gonna tag up at summerslam?

      Mr. M: Yes I think it will be very interesting to see how well they


      Mr. M: Tony only does what he's told to do.

      Question: Mr. McMahon, I heard a rumor that Shawn Michaels want to
      compete in Survior Series this year, is it true?

      Mr. M: I would hope Shawn would be back in action long before the
      Survivor Series.

      Question: Do you feel the WWF does too many PPVs? Is it overkill?

      Mr. M: Our PPV buy rates are very healthy and on the upswing. I guess
      maybe fans can't get enough of a good thing.

      Question: Mr.McMahon Will you ever get in the ring and wrestle again in
      the near future??

      Mr. M: Only if sufficiently provoked.

      Question: Mr McMahon, will there be any new stipulations made to ny
      matches at Summerslam?

      Mr. M: All hell is likely to break lose on Sunday Night HEAT live from
      MSG. If it does, stipulations can be made on the spot.

      Question: Would you ever consider a working agreement with a foriegn
      organization like WCW has with New Japan?

      Mr. M: Sure I'll consider anything.

      Question: Have or would you ever consider having Mike Tyson in the WWF

      Mr. M: Possibly.

      Question: Are you Freinds with the Insane Clown Posse? If so how did you
      hook up with them?

      Mr. M: I'll look forward to personally meeting ICP at Summerslam. Their
      very unique and they have a good vibe.

      Question: Where do you see HHH heading in the WWF in the years to

      Mr. M: He could be headed for the stars or into deadends. It's up to

      Question: Vince, Have you come close to signing Jeanna Jameson
      yet?...And if so I am assuming she will be with Val Venis correct?

      Mr. M: Thank you no, I'm not interested in signing Jenna Jameson.

      Question: Will we ever see Bret in the WWF again and have you spoke to
      him since?

      Mr. M: I've had no conversations with Bret since Survivor Series.

      Mr. M: He might return one day to the WWF, but not at the rate that his
      skill is deteriorating in wcw.

      Question: Will RAW ever go 3 hours?

      Mr. M: I don't know.

      Question: Is it true the next Wrestlemania will be here in Philadelphia?

      Mr. M: Yes it's true. On March 28.

      Question: how come you stopped commentating?

      Mr. M: I enjoy producing and directing more than I enjoy talent work.
      However, sometimes I do miss it.

      Question: Is HBK going to be a ref or commentator or intefere at

      Mr. M: He will be there. Who knows in what capacity.

      Question: Mr.MaMahon,When is Monday Night Raw is going Live every monday

      Mr. M: After a two week hiatus with the US Open, RAW returns live
      Monday, Sept. 14.

      Question: What do you think of the Oddities?

      Mr. M: I think the Oddities are pretty cool, I love the ICP music. I'm
      anxious to see what the Oddities can do against competitive performers.

      WWFBBANKS: Vince...thanks for joining us tonight! We look forward to
      SummerSlam this

      Mr. M: Thank you very much for allowing me to have the privilege to
      answer some of your
      questions, thank you for having me, I'll see you at Summerslam, by the
      way, it's on PPV.

      [Credit for Transcript: Joe De Leon]

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