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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1037

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2001
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      Do you like.....pie? American Pie 2! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Many subcribers didn't get yesterday's issue thanks to a screw-up by
      Yahoo! Groups. If you didn't get it, go to
      http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/wrestling-online/ where nearly all
      backissues are listed there.

      That's all for now. Later folks.

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      - Once again World Wrestling Federation produced pay-per-views dominated
      the PPV industry for the second quarter of this year. Although overall
      the PPV industry went down 4% due to less PPVs from the previous year,
      the WWF generated 65% of the whole PPV industry money according Showtime
      Event Television. WrestleMania X-Seven was placed first, followed by
      King Of The Ring, Backlash and Judgment Day. WWF PPVs generated a total
      of $83.5 million this past quarter. Just for comparison, boxing PPVs
      generated $40.2 million rounding up 32% of the whole quarter.

      - This week the keyword 'WWF' managed to place 4th in the Lycos Top 50
      Keywords. That is up from last week's 10th position. It's only trailing
      behind Dragonball, Big Brother and the Sircam virus. This is the 102nd
      week in the Top 50. More at http://50.lycos.com/

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 11.15, no change from the previous trade. The day's
      range was 11.10 - 11.39.

      - Former WWF and WCW champion Kurt Angle will be the special guest on
      Byte This! tomorrow afternoon on WWF.COM. If you want to talk with
      Angle, call on 1-888-LIVEWWF between 4PM and 5PM EST or else e-mail your
      questions to bytethis@.... Windows Media Player is needed to watch
      the show.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader and WIAI 99.1 FM DJ Brodie Krause
      sent in word that WWF referee Jack Doan was a special guest last week on
      his show which aired on WIAI 99.1 FM in Danville, IL. Here's a little
      rundown. Doan discussed how he got in the business telling a story of
      pure luck. After getting asked to go on a two night haul with his
      trucker friends he ended up being part of the production crew. After the
      late Joey Morella - son of Gorilla Monsoon - passed away, Doan was
      offered his spot as a referee. Regarding the locker room morale at the
      moment, Doan said that the WCW guys are more cautious considering what
      happened to Bagwell. Doan proceeded to comment on Vince McMahon, calling
      him the hardest worker in professional wrestling. Doan added that
      Vince's personal trainer said that Vince spends as much time in the
      office as in the gym. When asked about his involvement in the
      storylines, Jack commented on the tussles he had with WCW ref Charles
      Robinson. Doan said that he and The Rock are an undefeated tag team -
      talking about the match they had together last year on WWF TV. The final
      subject touched was backyard wrestling which Doan said he doesn't
      condone it. He offered advice to backyarders to go to a wrestling school
      and keep a positive attitude.

      - Here are the matches scheduled for tonight's Smackdown! broadcast on
      UPN. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs Hardy Boyz; Kane vs. Kanyon; Rhyno
      & Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian; Lance Storm vs Kurt
      Angle; Booker T vs Undertaker. The Rock is also in da house! Right after
      Smackdown!, Tough Enough will air on MTV which will feature an
      appearance by Kurt Angle.

      - TotalSportsAsia.com is holding a contest where five winners will have
      an opportunity to have dinner with the Big Show during his 3 day visit
      in Malaysia next week. The winners will get to meet Show and have dinner
      at the All-Stars Sports Cafe in Kuala Lumpur. There are other prizes -
      non wrestling related - to those unlucky as well. For more information
      check out TotalSportsAsia.com and answer four simple questions about The
      Big Show himself. Contest ends on August 8th at noon.


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      - 1wrestling.com's Bob Ryder revealed today that the WWF filed for the
      ECW trademark on July 13th, a few days after ECW appeared on RAW in
      Atlanta. So we headed to our favorite trademark search website to dig up
      some more information. The status of the application is still pending
      with the registration number 78073872. It's listed in classes 041, 100,
      101 and 107 which are Education and Entertainment. The date as 'first
      used' is listed as July 9th, 2001, the RAW Is WAR from Atlanta. A
      description of the trademark lists Entertainment services, namely, the
      production, promotion and exhibition of professional wrestling events
      rendered live and through the media of television and providing
      wrestling news and information via a global computer network."

      - The former WCW Cruiserweight champion Billy Kidman is currently
      injured and has been taken off all house shows leading up to the
      SummerSlam pay-per-view. WCW.com reported that Kidman injured his knee
      in Syracuse, NY., during a house show there on the 28th of July.


      By Paul Van Someren [paul.vansomeren@...]

      Welcome one and all to another edition of Triple P, collectively known
      as Prince Paul Presents. We’re not going to waste a whole lot of time
      getting into the thick of it this week, so don’t get your panties into a
      bunch here, for it’s not the time or the place. I wish to thank all who
      e-mailed me in regards to my last column. I know it wasn’t AS wrestling
      related as usual, and was somewhat of a self-serving type of column, but
      hey, BITE ME, I’m a self-serving kind of guy when I need to be. Not to
      mention I placed a warning in the first paragraph that it would not be
      “the usual” column, so if you’ve got beef with that, in the words of
      Y2J, “PLEASE SHUT….” oh nevermind. Let’s get down to business folks.

      This past Monday, I had the pleasure (and the WWF had the pleasure of
      having me) to attend WWF RAW is WAR, from the First Union Center in
      Philadelphia, PA. To start things off, the last time I was there, Jeff
      Hardy won the IC title from HHH, so it was around 2 weeks after
      Wrestlemania X-7. I don’t think the F.U. Center was sold out on that
      occasion, but it was jam packed on Monday Night. We arrived at the arena
      about 45 minutes prior to the dark matches. Now last time, our seats
      were up in the rafters. We could see everything fine, but we were also
      about as high as you could get. This time, we found our seats…AND THEY
      ROCKED! We were the 1st row, in the first deck, and I was directly lined
      up with the right side of the Titantron stage. No seats below us, just a
      guardrail, and the sound/pyro/camera guys. So we were able to see
      wherever the camera was going, which unfortunately always seemed to stop
      panning about 2 rows before us. Now, being very happy with these seats,
      and also the amount of elbow/leg room that we had, I decided it was beer
      time. Trust me, it much easier when you just go up and get 4 beers for
      yourself and put them in one of those carriers. They may sit there for a
      while, but hell, it’s Budweiser, so you’d never know the difference
      anyway. So of course, this made me happy, as last time, we didn’t even
      have room to sneeze, much less eat and drink.

      The dark matches then got underway; as we saw Andy Anderson and Glamour
      Boy tie it up. The only real reason I mention this is because Glamour
      Boy looked a lot like Shannon Moore, of three count. I even thought it
      was him
      at first. The next match saw former Headbanger Mosh, otherwise known as
      Chaz, that fun loving guy from New Jersey. The only reason I really
      mention his appearance, was because he got a really decent pop out of
      the Philly crowd, probably because half of them drove up from Jersey.
      It’s good to see him again without that damn turban! When “The Coach”
      Jonathan Coachman came out for Jakked/Metal, he was pretty well booed.
      Now Michael PS Hayes got a nice pop. Something possibly noteworthy:
      during some of the matches Coachman ran back to the dressing room, about
      2 times to be exact, and Michael PS Hayes was left all to himself back
      there. Not too much to talk about on Jakked except:

      Jindrak was out for a match with K-Kwik, and Kwik actually won the
      match, which was something I really wasn’t expecting at all. I think
      they could really be doing a hell of a lot more with Jindrak, given his
      size and his look. Maybe a Natural Born Thrillers reunion?

      A couple more notes during RAW…I guess the WWF knows how much fans
      REALLY hate X-Pac, because just before his title vs. title match with
      Kidman during the commercial break, Kidman appeared on the Titantron and
      started running down the city of Philadelphia, and it’s sports teams, to
      make sure he was booed when he came out. I thought that was pretty
      amusing. Also, Tajiri vs. RVD was awesome, and it’s too bad they
      couldn’t have gone another 5-10 minutes, but I know that’s asking a lot
      for a RAW match. And of course I was hyped to see my man Kurt defend his
      WCW Title. During the ad break (after Angle was gored by Rhyno and the
      officials got all uninvolved parties back to the dressing room) Shane
      and Booker got on the mic, telling the ref to get ready to count the
      pinfall soon. Well, we all know how that fight went down, and needless
      to say, I was pretty pissed. Booker T received tons of HEAT afterwards,
      and especially from me. Now I’m a fan of many of the wrestlers, as they
      bust their ass night in and night out for the fans, but when you screw
      with Angle, you screw with Triple P. And after downing my last of the
      four beers during that match, with an increasingly empty stomach, I was
      rather pissed as Booker stood at the top of the Titantron hoisting his
      belt up high. All I could offer him was my two birds.

      Of course, a major part that I have left out is the main theme of the
      night, the return of The Rock. I’m not a huge Rock fan, or Rock hater
      for that matter. But as the cameras cut to a shot outside the First
      Union Spectrum (which is right across the street) staring at the
      infamous statue of Rocky Balboa, and The Rock appeared under it, I was
      even a little psyched to have him come out. And it also seemed that
      Philadelphia was even more psyched than I, as when The Rock appeared,
      the crowd was electric, popping for his every move. He did exactly what
      I predicted he would do, floor both McMahons, and then pledge his
      allegiance to the WWF. After the show went off the air, The Rock,
      Vince, Shane and Stephanie all stayed out to entertain the crowd. This
      went on for probably around 20 minutes or so, which was highlighted in
      Tuesday night’s newsletter. I think the funniest thing that occurred,
      was after Shane threatened The Rock and then started running down The
      Rock’s attire, in which he was wearing this big gold belt buckle. “What,
      have you been in the rodeo, riding Brahma Bulls Rock”, questioned Shane.
      You could see from the Titantron, that this comment even had The Rock
      laughing. Another funny comment, as Rock was talking to Shane, Stephanie
      ran off to the back pantomiming, “haha, I got away.” The Rock said,
      “she’s a slut anyway, we don’t need her.” I think Vince even smiled
      as that was said.

      But all in all, it was a pretty good show, with some pretty good
      enthusiasm from the crowd, which always helps. Now after the show, a
      friend and I stood outside and waiting for some of the guys to come out,
      but we only really saw Kanyon and Raven driving away together and then
      we headed to the local hotel and bar down the street, where just as last
      time, we ran into a few familiar faces. Once again, both Bubba and D-Von
      were at the bar, and just as last time, D-Von was very approachable and
      Bubba was not. He must be a generally mean guy, because some of things
      I’ve heard come out of his mouth, even ignoring children in the lobby,
      are just inexcusable. But Spike wasn’t there this time. However, we did
      get to see Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman, who is a very nice man I
      might add. Jerry Lynn was also sitting in the bar, and Tommy Dreamer
      came in for a drink as well. After a while, Kevin Dunn also entered the
      bar, with an expensive cigar I might add. And just around closing time,
      Double A, Arn Anderson came into the bar and ordered a few drinks for
      himself and two HUGE guys, who I overheard, are some new tag team in
      training. Most of these guys were VERY approachable, with the exception
      being Bubba, who better not get TOO big headed, since his routine is
      getting stale. But, a fun time was had by all.

      That’s about it for this week though folks, as I have taken you through
      my experiences this past Monday night. And I’ll surely be trying for
      some more tickets when they go on sale for the proposed SMACKDOWN!
      Taping on 10/30/01.

      And that my friends, IS TRUE!

      E-mail me at paul.vansomeren@... with any questions,
      comments or to tell me how great I am.


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