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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1036

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
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      Do you like.....pie? American Pie 2! - http://www.theactionzone.net

      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We have three new movie trailers up at http://www.TheActionZone.net .
      Speaking of movies, our friend Paul Hough who is the director of the
      upcoming backyard wrestling documentary called 'The Backyard' dropped us
      a line saying that one of his short movies is up at IFilm.com. It's
      about a guy who picks up a ringing pay phone in New York City and is
      told that if he puts the phone down he is going to be shot. If you like
      to see it, go to

      Today we welcome a new columnist, Jonathan Beck. His introduction
      article is right below the - empty - WCW news section.

      That's a wrap for today. Later folks.

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      - 7.6 million viewers tuned in on TNN this past Monday night for the
      historic RAW Is WAR broadcast that saw the return of The Rock after a
      four month absence from Federation television broadcasts. The overrun
      which had the segment involving Rock and the McMahons pulled in a
      whopping 9.2 million viewers. This past Monday's RAW was also the most
      watched show on the network in its 18 year history. TNN is currently in
      81 million homes in the United States. TNN sent out a press release
      earlier today with the statistics celebrating Monday's show.

      - Former WWF Woman's champion Rhonda Singh - otherwise known to WWF
      fanatics as Bertha Faye - died at the age of 40 earlier this week. Singh
      was a part of the World Wrestling Federation in 1995 and was put in a
      feud with then-champion Alundra Blayze. Singh won the title from Blayze
      and was managed by her on-screen lover Harvey Wippleman.

      - In his second update, Jerry 'The King' Lawler confirmed the breakup of
      the marriage between himself and his wife - or soon to be ex - Stacy. "I
      am angry, and I am hurt, and I am confused," exclaimed Lawler. Lawler
      said that the three weeks ago his wife broke the news that she wanted
      something different, and on Friday the 13th of last month, Stacy walked
      out of the house for the last time. You can read Lawler's update at

      - The Parents Television Council recently did a study on family hour
      programming, which the PTC said it's more raunchier, more violent and
      more foul language is being said. PTC President L Brent Bozell III said
      that the list of stations that showed these kind of programming was
      topped by - surprise surprise - UPN thanks to the airing of WWF
      Smackdown! However, UPN spokesman thought otherwise. "At UPN, we
      strongly believe in the viewers' right to make an informed choice about
      what they watch, which is why we voluntarily and clearly label every UPN
      program with a content rating,"

      - WWF.COM did an interesting interview with the Undertaker. During this
      interview, 'Taker talks about his wife Sara, tattoos, the Rock's return
      to the Federation, being a locker room leader and more. Check it out at

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 11.15, a 6.19% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 11.00 - 11.50.


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      >> JON'S WRESTLING JABBER: "The Beginning"
      By Jonathan Beck [jon@...]

      If you are bothering to take the time to read this, then God bless you.
      I'm Jon, Wrestling-Online's resident newbie columnist. Just a measly
      little person that spends a couple of hours a week plugging away at his
      keyboard trying to scrounge up something that people will (somewhat)
      enjoy reading.

      Now, let me apologize in advance for the boredom, because a columnist's
      first column for a hotsheet is typically, unfortunately, a yawner. I
      recognize the potential for this, especially since I am an absolute
      no-name around here. But bare with my while I attempt to get past the
      "jibber jabber" and into the "Jon Jabber." Let me assure you...there is
      a difference between the two.

      I've been subscribing to this newsletter for the better part of 3 years
      now. If there are more people like me out in cyberspace that read this
      hotsheet, then there are plenty of those that subscribe solely to get
      the dirt from the wrestling biz. I must admit, I myself often open up
      the mail, read the headlines, and skip the column at the bottom.

      But it wasn't until I got into this stuff about a month and a half ago
      that I realized how underrated the average columnist is.

      Some more well-known columnists around here no doubt spend a
      considerable amount of time busting their tails each week and, if I'm
      not mistaken, they don't get paid for it. I walk in here knowing full
      well that I will most likely never earn a cent writing about Sports
      Entertainment, as do countless other wrestling writers around the world.

      So what's the point?

      Most (if not all) columnists write their respective column for the same
      reason: to give the wrestling fans something that's worth reading about.
      If they're good enough, they'll begin to earn a reputation. And with a
      reputation comes something that all people in this field strive for:


      It has been said before. A columnist's job is often not appreciated by
      the readers, and we will quite often get heat from our readers from what
      we do. And ya know what? That's just a shame. Cause it's not a cakewalk
      to write a column. We write it, you read it.

      I'll tell you right now, the opinions that I give here aren't always
      going to be liked by the readers, so I'll tell you this in advance. My
      philosophy, as a reader and as a columnist, is the following:

      If you can't do a better job than we can, then you have no place for
      negative criticism. In that case, keep your mouth shut.

      That said, let me say this. The columns here at Wrestling-Online are
      going to do nothing but get better, because in my opinion, this hotsheet
      has some of the best in the field (and, if I can stroke my own ego for a
      minute, just acquired quite a new addition to the writing team).

      I am privileged to be working here, among these elite.

      "OK Jon. You've plugged yourself and the sheet enough already. Say
      something interesting!"

      In that case, if it's interesting you want, it's interesting that I am
      going to try my best to give you. A warning in advance: They won't
      always be what you want to hear. My opinions often will side with the
      underdogs and go against popular opinion. Sometimes, the demeanor of the
      column will be conducted with a "heelish" attitude.

      Deal with it.

      You're going to have to deal with it.

      I myself will tell you that I am good at what I do. I take pride in my
      writing and opinions, as do all writers around the world. 'm not
      narcissistic, but I do consider myself very good at what I will do for
      this hotsheet--and what you, dear readers, will soon find out.

      But by all means, just because I say I'm good doesn't necessarily mean I

      I'll let you be the judge of that.

      Until then, go and do something productive. Now quit wasting your time
      reading this.

      Until next time, here ends the jabber.


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