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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1034

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2001
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      Do you like.....pie? American Pie 2! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Happy birthday shout out to Wrestling-Online Newsletter columnist Andrew
      Bulik. Getting old, getting old. He submitted his article today which
      you can read below the WCW news section.

      For those subscribers who a few years ago were shifted from the TBR
      newsletter, check out your former editor's first wrestling match at
      blakenorton.com . Between you and me....he got his butt kicked. The
      latest version of RealVideo is needed to watch it.

      That's all folks.

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      - It's probably one of the most anticipated RAW Is WAR show of this
      year. It's the night that the 'people's champion', The Rock, will make
      his Federation return. Three matches have been announced so far for
      tonight. Kurt Angle vs Booker T for the WCW title; Rob Van Dam vs Tajiri
      for the Hardcore title; Dudley Boyz vs Undertaker & Kane in a Table
      match. It all goes down tonight at 9PM EST on TNN. And yes, The Rock
      will be there tonight. Oh, I did mention it before...but in any case,
      the Rock will be there tonight. Bah!

      - The cousin of Jerry Lawler, the Honky Tonk Man, posted on his official
      website that a rumor is going around which states that the King and his
      wife Stacy have split up. Honky added that apparently both had an
      argument over Lawler's WWF job which Lawler blamed her for the mess. The
      Kat is not accepting any more bookings right now and Honky says that
      she's off to their house in Florida. Honky closed his statement saying
      that, "Jim Ross had mentioned something about Lawler needing to get his
      personal life back in order," (before agreeing to something). Could Ross
      know something we don't? Take this as a rumor only, as Honky and Lawler
      have some bad blood and aren't exactly a perfect definition of the word

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 12.89, a 0.46% decrease over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 12.50 - 12.98.

      - WWF executives will be attending the Digital Rights Management for
      Sports, Media & Entertainment conference which will be taking place on
      September 20th and 21st of this year at the American Video Center in New
      York City. Other officials from companies such as AOL TW, Sony Music,
      CBS Sportsline, A&E Network and others are also scheduled to attend the
      two day event.


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      - The permission to use the ECW name and trademark on WWF TV will expire
      tomorrow after the WWF paid $50,000 to the trustee of HHG Corp last week
      to cover the period from when ECW was included in the Invasion storyline
      till tomorrow. The WWF are making more use of the 'Alliance' word to
      describe the WCW/ECW team and making less references to the name ECW
      during live events. WWFE, Inc. also offered $250,000 to acquire HHG
      Corp's assets however Acclaim Entertainment - a major ECW creditor - got
      in the picture as well. It will be interesting to see what happens from
      Wednesday if the WWF are not successful in acquiring the company's
      assets. The trustee must give the WWF a 72 hour notice to drop the ECW
      use if the deal is not reached, and if someone else gets the company's
      assets a 30 day notice will be issued to the WWF.

      - Bob Ryder of 1wrestling.com reported that Joey Styles has a contract
      with HHG Corp over the use of his voice and likeness on any of their
      videos. Styles said on his hotline that the WWF can't just use the video
      library - if they are successful in acquiring ECW - with scenes he
      appears in without his permission. Styles added that there has to be an
      agreement where the WWF would have to pay Styles a certain amount of
      royalties whenever his voice or his likeness is used on their television


      By Andrew Bulik [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hey there, sorry for no column last week, let’s get straight down to
      business and finish the odyssey of the Top 50 entrance themes.

      10. "That's the Warrior's music!" were the immortal words of Bobby
      Heenan at WrestleMania VIII. The electric guitar and drums of The
      Ultimate Warrior were unmistakable, and in his hey-day of the WWF
      cartoon era (late
      eighties/early nineties), the music would guarantee an instant pop
      factor for the one and only Ultimate Warrior - Jim Hellwig. It's a pity
      we never really heard too much of the tune as he always bolted to the
      ring, so now you know why his matches were so half-assed most of the
      time - he was too knackered.

      9. Breaking the walls of the top 10 is Chris Jericho's theme. 'Break
      Down the Wall' is taken from WWF The Music Volume 4 - perhaps the best
      WWF compilation. It's suitable for Jericho as the whole song is a
      reference to The Walls of Jericho. His whole lavish entrance, like the
      Warrior, guarantees instant pop.

      8. Many readers named this tune as 'Pomp and Circumstance', but to me,
      it's 'Land of Hope and Glory'. It's a classic theme and an entrance I
      always used to mimic when I was a youngster. Randy Savage always seemed
      to come to the ring on his tiptoes - strange. Anyway, a good traditional
      theme makes number

      7. At lucky 7 was one of the most famous tunes of the nineties. The
      wailing of an electric guitar gave instant recognition as to who would
      be approaching the squared circle. I am of course referring to the
      legend of
      that era - Bret 'Hitman' Hart. This is his music that debuted circa
      spring 1994, which was the 'jazzed-up' version of the old Hart
      Foundation music (which was in the fringes of the top 50). Bret's music
      was one of my
      personal favourites.

      6. The live performance of 'The Game' at WrestleMania XVII by Motorhead
      was absolutely awesome. It brought shivers down my spine. I first saw
      Motorhead perform on a top UK comedy show called 'The Young Ones'
      singing one of the best rock songs of all time 'The Ace of Spades'. 'The
      Game' isn't quite on the same level as that song, but it has some of the
      magic. Suitable for Paul Levesque too.

      5. This theme was, in my opinion, one of the best original pieces to
      come out of Jim Johnston's WWF Music department. It was dramatic, it was
      awe-inspiring and it was spine chilling. Everything The Undertaker was
      supposed to be at that time. The time is 1998, when Taker’s music was
      revamped. It got a whole lot more sinister and dominating, not to say
      his previous themes weren’t. It also coincided with the ‘humanising’ of
      The Undertaker, which was suitable also.

      4. "If you hear the glass, you'd better watch your ass". 'Stone Cold'
      Steve Austin's theme from 1996 through to 2000 is perhaps the most
      famous tune in professional wrestling. The theme was violent and wild, a
      bit like Austin's persona, which is the point I've been trying to make
      all the way through this chart, if the music fits the character of a
      wrestler, it is a good theme. Come on, you know what I mean, get in
      touch with your artistic side.

      3. This is the one many of the older fans have been waiting for. The
      tune that is heaped with nostalgia. The music, I myself, associate with
      sitting with a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties (Frosted Flakes) in front of
      the TV
      watching a tape of WM8 every Sunday morning in the spring/summer of
      1992. It is of course the music of the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Hogan
      actually referred to his song from time to time (“When you hurt my
      friends, you hurt my pride). Nowadays, in an attempt to insult Hogan,
      Patterson and Briscoe use ‘Real American’, which is a shame. We’ll never
      hear it for Hogan approaching a WWF ring again. Which is a good thing. I
      would like to see Flair back in the WWF (not wrestling!) but not Hogan.

      2. This song was very close to the number one in the race to the top, is
      Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sexy Boy’. Obviously this song is suitable for Shawn as
      it’s all about his looks and cocky attitude. I’m not a Shawn mark, as I
      support Marty, but I do recognise that Shawn was a superb athlete and
      has good music. Sherri Martel originally sung it, but then Shawn pulled
      her in front of a mirror, and they went their separate ways. Will we
      ever hear it again? Supposedly Shawn has signed a new WWF contract,
      which I don’t think is any indication of his return. It’s just a way for
      him to sit at home and do f*** all, since there’s no WCW for him to go
      to now.

      Drum roll please………. And at number one, the greatest theme of all time,
      according to the readers of W-O N. Are you ready?…

      1. BREAK IT DOWN! The DX Band (or is it the Chris Warren Band?) make it
      to the top with their fantastic theme song for the WWF’s greatest
      faction of the late nineties. The whole entrance was pretty
      revolutionary with the
      extended entrance, the strippers in the VT and the cut from VT to live
      footage. And it suited the revolutionaries of DX. Revolutionaries? Sure,
      along with Austin, they brought the WWF to the table with the Attitude
      era. Run DMC’s version of the song was not a patch on this theme.
      Although the DX bands live performance at WM14 was not all that
      scintillating. Jeez, that’s 3 years since HBK wrestled in the WWF!
      Anyway DX wins, but I hope if anyone at the WWF reads this, they don’t
      think that this reflects the popularity of
      DX in modern day, DX belong to history, so lets keep them there.

      Well there you have it, the best wrestling entrance theme is that of the
      degenerates, who would have thought it… Well, quite a lot of you
      actually, that’s why its number 1. Incidentally, whilst most of the rest
      of the chart was rated by me in accordance with votes, my thoughts on
      the tune and things like pop factor, the top 10 conforms to the total
      amount of votes each theme received. In the top 10, each tune had so
      many votes, yet were so many votes apart, I could not ignore the results
      of the readers vote. Understand? No? Me neither, teehee. Many readers
      have asked me what music I’d use as my entrance theme, hmmm, a toughie,
      but I think it’d have to be a tune called Aerodynamic by Daft Punk. It’d
      make a fantastic entrance theme.

      Anyway, just a few wee titbits to go over before I sign out for the

      It’s all been said Invasion. I’ll just give you a couple of my points on
      it: RVD vs. Jeff Hardy could have went two ways, it was either going to
      rock, which it did, or it was going to suck big time. I know I’ll take a
      lot of heat from ECWers for saying this, but RVD isn’t the greatest ring
      technician, and can be somewhat spot-reliant at times. And it’s well
      known that Matt Hardy is the technician of his team. What I’m saying is,
      a few blown stunts and this match would not have been received in the
      rapturous manner that it was. However, the match was wall-to-wall spots,
      with only one noticeably blown (the barricade). So it was a good match.
      What am I complaining about.

      I saw Austin’s heel turn a mile off. I just had the feeling that Kurt
      Angle was so over, something was going to give, and it did. I only have
      one problem with Austin’s team-switch, and yes, I know I’m being picky.
      How many of you however can just walk out of your job, and into a top
      spot in a rival company. Especially if you are the crown jewel of your
      company. No-one? I didn’t think so. Personally I feel this is a major
      hole in the storyline which hasn’t been explained. Did Austin have a
      release clause? On what grounds? I think the WWF has gotten confused
      with switching allegiances of factions like DX or now with switching to
      what is supposed to be an entirely different company.

      The same goes for The Rock. Although he is suspended, we really should
      believe that he is handcuffed to a WWF contract, since he is a valuable
      commodity in the WWF camp. But no, we are being led to believe that he
      has a
      choice between WWF and WCW/ECW. Maybe I should just learn to take things
      at face value.

      Speaking of The Rock, people all week have been coming up to me and
      saying “Hey Andy, where do you think Rocky’s allegiance lies?”. Or maybe
      not. But anyway, my feeling is that Rock will initially join WCW/ECW, to
      put the WWF in a hole and make it look as if our beloved federation is
      doomed. However, within a couple of weeks, or maybe even on the same
      show, Rocky will pull a Stone Cold-style turn and rejoin the WWF to even
      up the odds and reveal that ‘it was all Vince’s plan’. I think this will
      help set up a triple main event for SummerSlam: DDP v Taker, Booker T v
      Angle and Rock v Austin.

      On to WCW, just a couple of points, Jindrak uses a top-rope ROCKER
      DROPPER not the lame-named fame-ass-er. Comprendez? I’m also glad that
      Gregory Helms has been renamed Hurricane Helms. Gregory is a fine name,
      just not a wrestlers, mind you neither was Adrian or Irwin.

      Following the trend, a couple of points about ECW. I’m surprised
      arguably the best tag-team of the latter ECW era has not reformed. I am
      of course talking about The Impact Players. Credible has been paired
      with Raven and
      Storm with Awesome. Maybe this is a deliberate move, but I think it
      would help establish ECW as a more potent force. Why not have Raven and
      Dreamer in a tag-team with each other once more leading to a violent
      feud between the pair? Maybe it’s too soon to have feuds within feds.
      Will we see Francine soon, or even Shane Douglas? Yes I know THAT is

      Someone upstairs in WWFE must really hate Jerry Lynn. He is being held
      down to shocking proportions at the moment. And with all the WWF
      defections to ECW, particularly Rhyno and Raven, he is the only man who
      would be a good contender for the Hardcore Title. Wouldn’t you just love
      to see Lynn vs. RVD at SummerSlam?

      Note to Channel 4 in the UK: YOU SUCK! The WWF is currently in its
      second great era in the UK despite the US decline. Yet you drop WWF
      programming because it is becoming “increasingly difficult to edit”. And
      I thought
      Channel 4 was supposed to be the tv station which pushed back the
      boundaries of television. You show programmes like “Sex tips for women”
      which talk about sex aids for women, and show violent films like Pulp
      Fiction uncut, yet you can’t show WWF? Looks like Channel 4 lost their
      balls. With any luck, desperate-for-ratings Channel 5 will buy the
      programming instead. I am sick of the UK media’s attitude that wrestling
      today should be of the shitty nature that the past generation were
      subjected to on Saturday afternoons in the 80’s. Shirley ‘Big Daddy’
      Crabtree has a lot to answer for.

      One more thing, I love Jim Ross’ reviews of PPV’s the following day, but
      if he really believes that only a small percentage of WWF viewers are
      ‘smart’ through the internet, then he is extremely naïve. Access to the
      internet is easier than it ever has been and I’m sure there are many
      more that have access to the ‘smart world’ than he realises.

      Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. If you have any comments
      about the Top Ten or the points I raised, email me at
      Andrew.bulik@... . It’s my 20th birthday today, so I
      plan to spend it drunker than the worm in a bottle of tequila. Ciao.


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