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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #168

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      | Thursday, August 28th, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 6 8
      | *Issue #168* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo
      | |
      | Total Subscribers: 4,612 | HTTP://WWW.WRESTLING-ONLINE.COM



      1 i - Opening Words From The Editor
      ii - Today's Top Story

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - News & Rumors

      3- World Championship Wrestling
      i - News & Rumors
      ii - Thunder Report

      4- Subscription Information
      i - Subscribe/Unsubscribe
      ii - E-mail Change


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Big news day today...enjoy the issue...and read the Top Story part,
      you'll like it.


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Twice every month, we bring you live and free play-by-play coverage of
      every wrestling pay-per-view. This month, The Bagpipe Report and
      Hardcore Wrestling Gazzette are joining us to bring you live coverage of
      the hottest pay-per-veiw of the year, SummerSlam!

      This month, it will be a bit different. Previous coverages could be seen
      via a normal web browser that can handle frames. This time, we're moving
      completely to IRC. Full instructions of how to connect can be found at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/live/ . You can also download a free
      copy of mIRC from our servers. Just go to the above URL. This will be a
      huge party.

      If anyone has a TV capture card, and is getting SummerSlam, please drop
      me a line on ColinWWF@... , because we need someone to
      capture pictures for us.

      PLUS...for the first time...you can participate in our first ever
      Pay-Per-View contest! That's right, this month's prize will be a
      "Yourname 3:16" t-shirt, courtesy of the Wrestling-Online ShopZone. More
      information will be given on the website the day of SummerSlam.


      As you may know, the phenomenal hit Titanic is scheduled for video
      release on September 1st for $29.95 SRP -- we will be taking pre-orders
      starting June 11, 1998 at the unbelievably low price of $9.99! To
      order, go to http://www.reel.com/cgi-bin/session/WRON/sale/sale.html

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The 2 minute overrun, RAW had last Monday got a huge 6.1 rating

      - Saturday Night on The Home Shopping Network there will be some WWF
      stuff for sale at 10:55 PM EST. There will be some exclusive stuff.
      (Aaron Hoffman)

      - D-Lo Brown was the special guest on Byte This, which was live today.
      URL to download the recorded version will be available tomorrow.

      - Sunday Night Heat Preview:

      BE "LIVE" FROM the most famous arena in the world, MADISON SQUARE
      GARDEN--THE SITE OF SUMMERSLAM! Anything can happen on this show because
      it is "LIVE" 7 PM /6 Central ON THE USA NETWORK!

      announcer's table! No doubt, Shawn Michaels will have the Garden
      SCORCHING Hot!

      Last week on RAW IS WAR, "the chair man" of the WWF Shawn Michaels got
      involved as The
      Rock and other Nation members were humiliating Chyna in the ring. After
      a barrage of verbal abuse by The Rock, it was ordered by the "peoples
      champ" that "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry "know his damn role"
      and give Chyna a big wet kiss. Just prior to what would have been a
      disgraceful public display of affection, HBK hit the ring to save the
      day. Because of Shawn's involvement, The Rock has promised to confront
      HBK Face-to-Face on HEAT!

      The Undertaker and Kane have apparently united forces for SUMMERSLAM:
      HIGHWAY TO HELL, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is @#$%&!-Off about it! The
      Rattlesnake assures us that he has a surprise for the two brothers in
      the form of an equalizer...and he'll release it on HEAT!!

      For the first time in the history of the FEDERATION, Ken Shamrock and
      Owen Hart will square off in the Lion's Den! This structure, which has
      been described as a 9-foot high pit, will be constructed in the Theatre
      at Madison Square Garden. On Sunday Night Heat, we'll give you a sneak
      peak at the Lion's Den!

      Shortly before she's scheduled to square off against "Marvelous" Marc
      Mero and Jacqueline in a mixed tag team match, Sable will show her
      lovely face on HEAT! Will the blonde bombshell reveal her mystery
      partner?! Watch and find out!

      To show what he's going to do to X-Pac at SummerSlam, Double J has vowed
      to give another
      hair-cutting demonstration on HEAT!

      In the past few weeks, Droz has been teaming with his friend Animal.
      While Hawk continues to deal with personal problems, Animal and Droz
      will be in tag team action on HEAT!

      In addition, DOA will square off against the unique team of Vader and
      Bradshaw! This physical match-up will be a perfect appetizer for the
      main course, SUMMERSLAM: HIGHWAY TO HELL!

      - The match at SummerSlam between New Age Outlaws and Kane and Mankind,
      will be a no DQ, no countout bout.

      - Sable will play a heel role on an upcoming Pacific Blue episode. This
      is the 2nd time a WWF personality gets involved in the program.

      - Scorpio's father past away approximately two weeks ago, which kept
      Scorpio from weekend WWF House Shows. The WWF website is now reporting
      that Ron Simmons (Faarooq) lost his brother this past weekend in
      Detroit, Michigan. (Joe De Leon)



      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - WCW gets spots 4, 5, 6 and 8 in last week's top cable ratings.
      Cliton's address on Monica Lewinsky, got the top spot.

      1. ``Clinton Address on Lewinsky'' (Monday, 10 p.m.), CNN, 5.5, 5.41
      million homes.
      2. ``Larry King Live'' (Monday, 9 p.m.), CNN, 4.0, 3.91 million homes.
      3. ``Larry King Live'' (Monday, 10:06 p.m.), CNN, 3.9, 3.81 million
      4. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 8 p.m.), TNT, 3.7, 3.67
      million homes.
      5. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 9 p.m.), TNT, 3.7, 3.65
      million homes.
      6. ``WCW Thunder'' (Wednesday, 9:09 p.m.), TBS, 3.6, 3.53 million homes.
      7. ``Clinton Address on Terrorism'' (Thursday, 5:30 p.m.), CNN, 3.5,
      3.45 million homes.
      8. ``World Championship Wrestling'' (Monday, 10 p.m.), TNT, 3.5, 3.45
      million homes.
      9. ``Larry King Live'' (Monday, 11 p.m.), CNN, 3.3, 3.27 million homes.
      10. ``South Park'' (Wednesday, 10 p.m.), Comedy Central, 3.3, 3.26
      million homes.

      - Saturday Night got a 2.7 rating (Micasa)

      - Thunder matches for next week (I didn't print the results)

      Meng vs. Raven
      Kanyon vs. Saturn
      Dean Malenko vs. Brian Adams
      Riggs vs. Norman Smiley
      Scott and Steve Armstrong vs. Disco Inferno and Alex Wright
      Juventud Guerrera vs. ??
      Giant and Stevie Ray vs. DDP and Konnan (WICN)


      Thunder Report
      By Joe De Leon

      Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, and Lee Marshall |
      Live from Peoria, Illinois

      • Wrath defeated Scott Putski with the Meltdown.
      -Wrath dominated Scott Putski, and finished him off with the Meltdown,
      which was the same finishing maneuver he used this past Monday on Nitro.

      • Stevie Ray Interview - (With Vincent and Tony Schiavone)
      -The newest member of NWO-Hollywood said he joined the Black and White
      because he has respect for Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Ray
      continued his rant on his brother, Booker T. He also put up a challenge
      for Diamond Dallas Page.

      • Mike Enos defeated Bull Payne with a Fall-A-Way Slam.
      -After the new-comer, Bull Payne missed a top-rope maneuver, Mike Enos
      took full advantage. Enos finished off Payne with a great Fall-A-Way
      Slam from the turnbuckles.

      • Ernest Miller defeated Disco Inferno with a Spinning Wheel Kick.
      -Before the match, Disco Inferno and Ernest Miller had an argument over
      whether fans in the arena were there to see karate or dancing. Miller
      went right at Disco, and finished him off within seconds with a Spinning
      Wheel Kick. Afterwards, Miller claimed he was a three-time karate
      champion, and not a wrestler. He bragged about being the greatest karate
      fighter of all-time.

      • Konnan defeated Silver King by making him submit to the Tequilla
      -Konnan struggled throughout the match, but manage to get the victory
      with his submissoin maneuver - the Tequilla Sunrise. Afterwards,
      NWO-Hollywood members appeared, and taunted Konnan. They issued a
      challenge to Konnan, and Konnan accepted to take on all of them - all at
      once. When they all entered the ring, Konnan tricked them, and ran off
      through the other side of the ring.

      • Diamond Dallas Page Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
      -Diamond Dallas Page first said Eric Bischoff couldn't fire anyone in
      WCW, since Roddy Piper is the Commissioner. He also taunted Bischoff, by
      having The Warrior in WCW. DDP finished things off by accepting Stevie
      Ray's challenge - a match that would happen later in the show.

      • Kaz Hayashi defeated Evan Kourageous with a Senton Back Splash.
      -During the match, Sonny Onoo came out to observe the match, obviously
      interested in Kaz Hayashi. After Hayashi countered a frog splash Evan
      Kourageous executed, he took the advantage, and finished off the match
      with a Senton Back Splash.

      • As Saturn made his way, Lodi confronted him. Lodi claimed Saturn broke
      his fingers, when it was actually Raven. Lodi issued a challenge to
      Saturn. Saturn wanted no part of Lodi, because he knew Lodi didn't stand
      a chance. Lodi made the following stipulations - If Saturn won, Lodi
      would leave The Flock; if Lodi won, Saturn would have to be his slave
      until Fall Brawl. With confidence, Saturn accepted. Of course, the match
      was under Raven's Rules.

      • Lodi defeated Saturn via Pinfall [Saturn becomes Lodi's slave].
      -During the match, The Flock interfered, but Saturn took them all out.
      While the referee was distracted by Sick Boy, Raven entered, but Raven
      was destroyed by Saturn. Kanyon, out of no-where, slammed Saturn with
      the Flatliner. Lodi, helplessly, put his arm on top of Saturn, to score
      the victory. Saturn would now have to become the slave of Lodi to the
      Fall Brawl pay-per-view. The commentators speculated that Kanyon was
      under the mind-control of Raven.

      • Scott Norton (w/Vincent) defeated Jim Niedhart with the Jack-Knife
      -Scott Norton took his time with Jim Niedhart, and finished him off with
      the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

      • Chris Jericho defeated Alex Wright by making him submit to the Lion
      Tamer, to retain the WCW Television Title
      -A very slow-paced match between the two superstars. Chris Jericho
      retained his Television Title, after countering a sunset flip by Alex
      Wright, and strapping the Lion Tamer.

      • Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) defeated Van Hammer with the Hennig-Plex.

      • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by
      -Throughout the match, Vincent got some cheap-shots on Diamond Dallas
      Page. After DDP took the advantage, the referee called the match after
      Vincent interfered inside the ring. The Giant ran-in, creating a 3-on-1
      attack on Page. Konnan, from The Wolfpac, bailed out DDP.


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