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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1006

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2001
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      You like scary movies? Scary Movie 2 - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      And so another week starts.

      To address some e-mails all regarding one item - we do not have the
      Scorpion King trailer yet. We hope to have the teaser in the next few
      months, but you won't see a full trailer at least till next year. The
      filming didn't even finish yet! When we have the teaser, we'll put it on
      theactionzone.net for download, don't worry.

      A happy birthday shout out goes to Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader
      Paul Galgano who turns 26 today! Surprised? :)

      Over and out.

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      - Here are the matches announced for tonight's RAW Is WAR show. Molly
      Holly vs Crash Holly; Scotty 2 Hotty vs Tajiri; X-Pac vs Christian;
      Albert vs Undertaker; Test vs Rhyno with the winner facing Mike Awesome
      for the Hardcore title at WWF/WCW Invasion. No main event has been
      announced yet - if there will be one. Also WCW matches are scheduled to
      take place as well. Tazz will be hosting the RAW party from WWF New

      - How funny is that your wrestling character was rumored for inclusion
      in the 'Dentist Athletes Hall Of Fame'? Well, it is pretty funny, isn't
      it? Over 100 athletes were found eligible to be inducted in the Dentist
      Athletes Hall Of Fame....the requirements? Well, dental degree and a
      record of excellence in an amateur or professional competitive sport.
      Martin Brusse, the son of the founder of this organization wanted to
      clear some rumors. One of the most persistent rumors, says Brusse, is
      the inclusion of Glenn Jacobs, better known to the fans as Kane. Well,
      before wearing a mask and having the abilities of shooting fire from the
      ring posts, Mr Jacobs was the fake Diesel, and before that, he was Isaac
      Yankem, DDS., a fake dentist! Brusse said that Jacobs is obviously not
      eligible for the Hall Of Fame. Who would've thought that we'd be hearing
      about that horrible gimmick in the year 2001?!

      - Alex Marvez of the Wrestling Observer conducted an interview with
      David Sahadi, the man responsible for the PPV opening videos, RAW and
      Smackdown recaps and all the Federation's commercials, including the
      famous 'Attitude' ones. It's a very interesting interview were Sahadi
      discusses working for McMahon, the work involved in putting up the stuff
      and doing one of the hardest things - make Vince McMahon cry by showing
      him a promo! Check it out at

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 14.01, a 1.52% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13.72 - 14.22.


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      - Dave Meltzer of the Observer reported today that Jerry 'The King'
      Lawler backed out of his deal the WWF presented to him this past week.
      According to Meltzer, the plan for Lawler to return was written a week
      in advanced and now everything must be scrapped. It's not known yet what
      triggered Lawler to back out. Arn Anderson is expected to take Lawler's
      place in the announcing position tonight on RAW. Of course, it shouldn't
      be a surprise if you see Lawler on RAW while the WWF guys try to work
      the Internet smarts!

      - Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Shane Helms, Booker T and Buff Bagwell were the
      first four WCW stars to wrestle on a WWF house show yesterday in
      Spokane, WA. The crowd was reportedly dead during the Cruiserweight
      match but Bagwell and Booker got some loud pops. As reported in an
      earlier newsletter, WCW will embark on a tour with the WWF till October.
      The same four stars are expected to have a re match on tonight's RAW Is
      WAR show from Tacoma, WA.


      By Eric Knudsen, [eric.knudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition
      of Around The Ring and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I could
      be serious for a minute..." I have something to say. Thank you to those
      of you who wrote in with your Brain Buster answers and comments. It was
      really good to hear from you again. The 1000th issue was quite the
      ordeal with 6...count 'em...6 parts. It was really good to see the
      Wrestling-Online.com staff go all out to help make it a great 1000th
      issue. And of course none of this would
      have been possible without the man, the myth, the legend himself, Colin
      Vassallo. Take a bow Colin. (Ok is that enough butt kissing?....Just
      kidding.) Thank you Colin for allowing me to get my opinion out there.
      Now onto todays topic.

      Being stuck here at my parents place for the summer while I am visiting
      doctors, friends and family, I have really missed out on a few weeks
      worth of wrestling. My parents hate wrestling (I have no idea why) so
      that means I have to miss it as they only have one tv. Well as King Of
      The Ring approached and I was hearing more and more about the WCW
      invasion and feeling left out of the experience, I had to stand up and
      lay the smackdown on my parents candy asses. Well not really, but I had
      a talk with them. They finally agreed it was
      only fair that I get to watch wrestling and even said I could get the
      King Of The Ring PPV. I couldn't believe it. They had given in. Anyway,
      so the KOTR finally gets here and I am excited. Don't know what to
      expect. I watched Saturday Morning Live Wire to kind of get caught up on
      the events in the WWF so I really knew what was going on. So I sit down
      on the couch...all nice and comfy...have a soda...fritos and chips and
      dip...and the
      PPV comes on. I am excited. I sat there for the near three hours the PPV
      was on....and after it was over...I got up and was absolutely upset.
      That had to have been one of the single worse PPV events I have ever
      seen. I can count on one hand the things that made me say "OH MY GOD!"
      like Joey Styles of ECW.

      1...Angle trying to throw Shane through the glass and seeing Shane
      landing on his head more than once.
      2...The Angle Slam off the board on the top rope.
      3...Booker T showing up and destroying Austin. The thing I was
      disappointed most with was the main event. That had the chance to be one
      of the best main events ever.

      I mean...Jericho, Benoit, and Austin. It should have been great. But
      what are the things I will remember
      about that match? Them laying on the mat or outside the ring leaving no
      action going on. The crowd chanting "Boring!!!" during the match. And
      Booker T coming out looking like he just taken some speed and
      manhandling Austin. Booker T was a little too excited I think to be

      So then Monday rolls around. I am thinking to myself...is this really
      worth it? I mean they are coming off one of the worst PPVs ever...how
      can they make it up on Raw? And honestly, when I last saw Raw, it seemed
      to drag by...which to me means it wasn't a good show. So 9 o'clock
      finally comes and there I am...again with soda, fritos and chips and
      dip....and a tv guide crossword just incase I get bored with
      Raw....which has happened in the past. For the next two hours, I was
      absolutely amazed. Impressed. Flabbergasted! The show was great.
      It wasn't incredible or excellent, but I will say that I would rather
      have paid the $30 to watch Raw than the PPV itself. Mike Awesome coming
      around the corner and beating Rhyno for the Hardcore title made my
      night. I was upset at first, it seemed like crap the way Test went down
      in that match. But then when Rhyno stood up and the hallway was behind
      him, I had a feeling someone was coming out. Little did anyone
      know...Mike Awesome showed up!

      Doc told me later that the ref for that match gave it away when he kept
      looking up the hallway. Didn't see that and didn't need to. The quality
      of the matches were better too. Test and Rhyno took a major bump when
      Test came off the scaffolding onto Rhyno through the tables. Rhyno
      really nailed his head on the cement floor on the impact. And then to
      see Shane and Booker T at WWF New York was really cool. And the whole
      skit with Austin, Vince, Debra and Angle was hilarious. All in all, I
      found myself wanting to see more of the show which hasn't happened in a
      good while. Then the end of the show with Shane showing up at Raw and
      Booker T laying out Vince with a Scissors kick. Again...Booker T seemed
      a bit too excited to be there and the whole scissors kick
      looked pretty good. I thought he came down a bit hard on Vince, but no
      reports of any injury. If I had to complain about one thing wrong, I
      guess it would be Shanes theme music "Here Comes The Money". In and of
      itself, its an ok theme. But when you come out to that theme, and then
      proceed to say, like Shane did at WWF New York, "I can't compete with
      your checkbook dad...". Well if you can't compete with his checkbook,
      you have no business coming out to that song. And besides that, it
      reminds me too much of the Million Dollar Man theme
      song. Another thing I didn't like... Jeff Hardy dropping the Lightweight
      title to X-Punk. Sorry I can't stand X-Pac. But then again, why would
      they hold the same match two nights back to back? Guess X-Pac had to get
      a title sooner or later. Honestly though, why do they keep this guy
      around? He has about the appeal of D'Lo Brown.

      I have been reading other columns people have written that if they could
      have booked Raw. Well what would I have changed if I had booked Raw?
      Well firstly, I would have made more of the Stalker angle. More than
      what they did on Monday night. They could have had Page doing more. They
      could have had Undertaker searching Page out. The Hardcore match for the
      title could have lasted longer between Test and Rhyno. That match was
      over too quick. And as far as Billy Gunn is concerned, I know I have
      said I thought he could be someone. Well he could be...but this heel
      turn isn't helping him. At this point in his game, it would be a good
      thing to show Gunn the back door, take him into the alley and put him
      down. Because seriously, this new thing with him...as Edge and
      Christian might say..."it reeks of heinouscity".

      I must say, so far this whole buyout of WCW and the invasion of WWF is
      really quite cool. It is great to see wrestlers you thought you'd never
      see in WWF...in a WWF ring. With Lance Storm, Hugh Morris, Ms. Hancock,
      DDP, Mike Awesome and Booker T known for WCW so far, who is next? It is
      an exciting time waiting to find out who will be next to invade the WWF
      on behalf of WCW. Now if they don't pull a WWF...as we all know WWF is
      notorious for having a what could be a great ending to an angle....and
      then blows it. If they can keep this
      angle fresh it should make for a great PPV at Invasion.

      Well that's about it for now. So I will move onto...

      ***Last Weeks Brain Buster***

      Q: What jobber did Triple H job to on an episode of Smackdown?
      A: The Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi

      ***This Weeks Brain Buster***

      Q: Bruno Sanmartino was a great WWF Champ. He won the title in 1963 from
      Nature Boy Buddy Rogers. He went on
      to hold the title for 8 years. Who beat Bruno for the title in 1971 to
      end Brunos streak?

      Thank you for joining me for this edition. Come back next week for
      another edition of Around The Ring. I am
      Eric, that's my opinion and I am standing by it!!


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