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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1005

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
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      You like scary movies? Scary Movie 2 - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Slow news today. But then again, it's Sunday, so we're used to it,

      Glad to see that AOL, Microsoft, Corel and Dell Computers are among the
      new advertisers on Wrestling-Online.com this month. As you might have
      seen we reduced the use of pop-up advertisements from the website.
      Hopefully new advertisers like the ones mentioned will be enough not to
      include the ever so annoying pop-ups.

      We have some new trailers up at TheActionZone.net . Check em out.

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      - Canadian fans didn't think twice to purchase tickets for the scheduled
      RAW Is WAR show at the Air Canada Centre on September 3rd. The only
      tickets remaining are limited view seats which are partly blocked by the
      huge stage. Tickets for the event were priced $20.00 - $55.00. The event
      was advertised as WWF RAW Is WAR however that will most probably change
      since RAW is scheduled to become a WCW only show.

      - Sunday Night HEAT is back LIVE from WWF New York this Sunday at 7/6 CT
      on MTV! After uniting the proverbial troops this past RAW and SmackDown!
      against the invaders from WCW, the APA -- Bradshaw and Faarooq -- will
      be the guest hosts for what should be a must-see episode of HEAT! The
      last time we saw the duo, they were kindly escorting the likes of Chuck
      Palumbo and Sean O'Haire outside of Madison Square Garden. What will
      happen if WCW stars try to make their way into WWF New York this Sunday?
      Join Bradshaw, Faarooq, Tazz and Michael Cole this Sunday at 7/6 CT on
      MTV! (WWF.COM)


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      - Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com reported earlier today that Jerry 'The
      King' Lawler is probably going to make his return tomorrow night on RAW
      as a WCW employee. Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer broke the story
      around a week ago that Lawler agreed to return, however Lawler himself
      shot down that rumor saying it's not true. I guess we'll see tomorrow
      night on TNN!

      - The WCW play-by-play team has still not been decided, however rumors
      have been floating around that Scott Hudson met with WWF officials this
      weekend regarding a job with the company. Hudson was the broadcast
      partner of Tony Schiavone during Nitro's run on TNT. The current plan is
      to have Hudson teamed up with Jerry Lawler as the broadcast team.

      - Former WCW star Tank Abbott appeared at UFC last night which featured
      fighters from different corners of the globe. Abbott who was in
      attendance got a huge pop from the crowd when he looked like he was
      going in the ring for a fight! (Thanks to 'RickUFC' for the news)


      By Paul Van Someren, [pauly188@...]

      “My muscles ache…my mind is spent…my body is broken. LEAD ME TO MY
      THRONE” says the Prince as he welcomes you to his kingdom, and a little
      column we like to call Prince Paul Presents, or Triple P for short. The
      quote at the top of this column comes from the opening promo this past
      Sunday at KOTR, right before going to the live N.J. crowd. And that was
      one hell of a promo I might add. I watched it a few more times last
      night, and it was very well done. “My mind is spent…My name is Stone
      Cold Steve Austin…ahhhhhhhhhh” summed up the past month of WWF action
      very well as did all the other comments in that promo. “Lead me to my
      throne…first I win King of the Ring…then I beat Shane McMahon, all in
      the same night” says Angle in the promo. Sorry if I’m rambling about
      this, but I do have interest in wrestling, television production and
      storylines, and all of that 1-minute promo seemed to click together so
      well, I was marking out before the PPV began, and I don’t usually do
      such things, as my loyal readers know. So we’re going to try something
      different today, since I will be doing somewhat of a VERY brief KOTR
      recap…you’ll see. Thank you to all who sent in e-mails regarding my last
      column, which was the 1000th issue edition. The 1000th issue was great.
      Thanks go out to Colin and the rest of the staff for their hard work.
      And to The King and Iain, two of our columnists who I’m sure you all
      know, great work with the top 50, and great choice for # 1…It’s damn
      true! Lets get right to it now.

      “My muscles ache”: gotta love that Benoit, who gave it his all this
      Sunday in the triple threat match even with a blocked nerve in his
      vertebrae. OUCH! “My mind is spent”: on why they are bringing Billy Gunn
      on TV again, unless of course it’s so Edge can “shoot” all over him
      again. “I promise not to Billy Gunn this title”…I’m still laughin my ass
      off from that. “My body is broken”: this seemed to be the theme of the
      night. I don’t even have to tell you how many times Shane was dropped on
      his head, put through glass and still walked away with only cuts and
      bruises. Kurt bruised his tailbone, received a concussion earlier in the
      night, and needed several stitches above his eye for his 1 nights work.
      You’re the MAN Kurt! “Lead me to my throne”: Edge pinned Kurt Angle,
      after interference by Shane McMahon and is the new 2001 KOTR. “My
      muscles ache”: I’m sure Stone Cold’s muscles ached, after Booker T
      interfered in the main event, overshot Austin past the Spanish announce
      table, so Austin braced his fall with his hand, and landed awkwardly on
      his neck. All he suffered was a bruised hand, and sore tailbone and
      back. “My mind is spent”: as to what the hell I was watching during the
      DDP/Taker confrontation. What the hell did that prove for either guy? I
      was at least expecting someone to get their ASS whipped…not kicked
      through the ropes, then running out of the arena. Ahh mindless angles. I
      can feel the WCW vibe already. “My body is broken”: Jericho also
      suffered a mild concussion due to a chairshot from Benoit. He is okay,
      and also wrestled the next night on RAW! “LEAD ME TO MY THRONE”: uhh
      yeah, Edge is the KOTR, I already said that. Pay attention you bastards!

      Moving on to Monday Night’s RAW, we saw a dysfunctional alliance of
      Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle being fused together. This is
      GOLD! “He’s a dork Vince”, says Austin. Austin has been getting more and
      entertaining by the week, with his cowardly/unbalanced character. Fans
      who cannot recognize this are simply biased, and would hate Austin
      regardless of what he did. But as compared to 5 months ago…I find myself
      wanting more backstage segments with SCSA, and more in ring time as
      well. I’m all for nice long matches with great wrestling and great
      spots, but hey, you need that comedy in there as well. And Austin is
      still getting better and better by the week.

      We also saw some interesting “Invasion” angles starting to pan out on
      RAW. We saw Rhyno defeat Test for the Hardcore Title, only to be
      Awesome-bombed moments later, and actually pinned by Mike Awesome for
      the Hardcore Title. A WCW star with a WWF belt. A good way to get under
      Vince’s skin I guess. We also saw Shane with the WCW champion, Booker T
      at WWF NY. This of course made Vince irate, since he does OWN WWF New
      York. Shane and Booker T said they’d be at WWF NY all night, which is
      right down the street from where RAW was taking place, at Madison Square
      Garden. Of course, Vince told Austin to go down there and kick his ass.
      Austin, the coward he is, could not go alone, so he asked Vince. Vince
      told Angle to accompany Austin. It was great in the middle of the
      show…Austin calls Vince’s cell phone from the car. “There’s traffic,”
      says Austin. “Well you’re in New York City, just be patient” says Vince.
      Of course, by the time Austin and Angle arrive, Booker T and Shane are
      no where to be found, because they have left WWF NY, and headed to
      Madison Square Garden to attack Vince. Shane came to ringside, while
      Vince was in the ring, and out of the crowd came Booker T, with some
      punches and an axe kick. Out came the WWF troops, which had rallied
      earlier in the evening, led by the APA and consisting of some mid to
      lower card talent such as the Holly’s, Essa Rios and X-Pac among others.
      And so the invasion begins.

      Many people on the net are saying how much better Vince could be booking
      this invasion. So far, I don’t think it’s been that bad. Of course, no
      matter how good anything is done, it can usually still be done better.
      I HATE the comparisons of this WCW invasion with the New World Order’s
      invasion of WCW. These are different scenarios people, and thusly,
      cannot be played out the same. Hall and Nash were two badasses from
      wrestling company. These guys were going in there to shake things up.
      This new invasion with WCW, is about a son who wants to beat his father,
      and drive his company into the ground. It’s about a son, who cannot do
      without TV exposure. It’s about an entire federation of other superstars
      who need this exposure…not just a few like the initial New World Order
      invasion. Things will play out. July’s PPV will not be the last we hear
      the invasion. There must be a climax. If it were to climax at July’s
      PPV, then it would climax prematurely. Something a lot of you guys out
      there are familiar with. Just be patient. Things will get hotter. The
      psychology will grow hotter. Are we 4 year olds that cannot be patient
      enough to let the story play out a little? Give it time.

      All hail new LHW Champion X-Suck…I guess they just threw that division
      in the crapper again, huh?

      And that my friends, IS TRUE!

      E-mail me with any questions, comments and insults at


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