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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1004

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2001
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      Harry Potter movie, we got the trailer - http://www.theactionzone.net

      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Get well wishes go to our own resident King as he finds himself in a
      hospital bed getting operated. I hope you have a sexy nurse by your
      bedside man. You can send him any get well notes at

      KOTR PPV competition winners were notified today. If you didn't win,
      sorry, try next time!

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      - WWF.COM reported that Chris Benoit underwent successful neck surgery
      which was performed by Dr. Lloyd Youngblood in San Antonio, TX. WWF.COM
      said that this surgery will put Benoit 100% again since he opted to have
      a more 'in-depth' surgery. This will keep the Canadian Crippler out for
      at least six months. Footage of the surgery will be shown on Heat
      tomorrow on MTV.

      - The following shows went on sale earlier today. House show in
      Syracuse, NY., at the War Memorial on Saturday July 28th; House show on
      Sunday July 29th at the First Union Arena at Casey Plaza in
      Wilkes-Barre, PA.; Smackdown! tapings at the MCI Center in Washington,
      DC., on Tuesday July 31st; RAW Is WAR live from the Arrowhead Pond in
      Anaheim, CA., on Monday August 6th; Smackdown! tapings in Los Angeles,
      CA., at the Staples Center on Tuesday August 7th; RAW Is WAR live from
      the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada on Monday September 3rd. For
      more ticket information check out Ticketmaster.com or else call the
      arena box office.

      - Jim Ross announced that the first live Smackdown! broadcast will be in
      Salt Lake City, UT., on Thursday August 16th. Denver, CO., and Detroit,
      MI., are the second and third cities to hold the live Smackdown!
      broadcasts. Tickets are not on sale yet for any of the mentioned events.

      - The WWF.COM team has now put up the Invasion pay-per-view website
      which can be accessible at http://www.wwfwcwinvasion.com/ . The site is
      pretty much empty so far since no matches have been announced.

      > FOLEY IN UK
      - Mick Foley is currently in the United Kingdom working on the Robot
      Wars shows TNN just announced. Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Lee
      Wilson attended a recording of a special Robot Wars show in Earls Court.
      During the tapings they filmed the US version as well, and Foley was
      introduced as the former WWF commissioner. Foley came out with a Robot
      Wars t-shirt to a loud 'Foley, Foley' chant.

      - Olympic gold medalist and former WWF champion Kurt Angle suffered a
      slight tear in his meniscus ligament in his knee reports Jim Ross in his
      latest Ross Report. At this time, no surgery is required however he will
      need surgery sometime in the near future. With Rock, Triple H and Benoit
      out, it doesn't look like Angle will be taking time off right now.

      - Tough Enough did a 2.2 rating, up 0.1 from last week's show. Tough
      Enough was again the highest rated on cable that night. Smackdown! did a
      3.7 rating, same number as last week.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 13.80, a 3.84% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 13.39 - 13.95.


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      - From this weekend till October, WCW matches will be carried out during
      WWF house shows including title defenses. In October, WCW is expected to
      go on its own tour around the country. Also starting this Monday on RAW,
      WCW matches will be carried out during the broadcast. RAW is expected to
      turn to a WCW show sometime in the next month while the live Smackdown!
      would be a WWF show.

      - The WCW.com website has been updated with bios of superstars that
      already appeared on WWF television. Listed already are bios of Shane
      McMahon, Lance Storm, Hugh Morrus, Stacy Keibler, Diamond Dallas Page,
      Booker T, Mike Awesome, Torrie Wilson, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hey there dudes.

      It certainly has been a busy week in the world of pro wrasslin'. What
      with King of the Ring, the Invasion beginning in earnest and the 1000th
      issue of W-ON, there certainly is a lot to talk about...

      Down to business.

      First up, the 1000th issue, I want to apologise to everyone for me not
      getting my ass into gear and doing something for the issue. By the time
      I thought I should get round to doing something it was too late. But a
      big round of applause to King and Iain for their fantastic Top 50, some
      I agreed with, some I didn't. (Funaki ahead of Taka??) Great job. Also
      Lekisha's interviews proved to be fantastic reading. The special columns
      were all great too. So congratulations to Colin and the whole crew for
      reaching the big One-Triple-Oh. To make up for this lack of contribution
      on my part, I'm working on a feature for Clothesline City over the next
      couple of weeks. I'll tell you later in the column.

      Let's look at King of The Ring. I tend to agree with Jim Ross. It was a
      very average event, but then again, King of The Ring has never been the
      strongest of cards. And lets face it, WWF impatience and desire for
      short matches means we will never see a tournament like we do in Japan,
      e.g. Super J Cup etc.

      The 4 man event kind of makes The King of the Ring tournament a non
      event. It's been said so many times that the tournament emphasises
      endurance. Endurance displayed by the likes of former champions Bret
      Hart, Owen Hart
      and Kurt Angle. It's for that reason I don't think Edge will be looked
      back upon as a great king, although I do believe he was the right choice
      (I tipped him from the start, yay!). Incidentally, Paul Heyman kept
      banging on about Kurt Angle being the only wrestler to repeat if he won,
      am I wrong in saying that Bret Hart won the non-ppv KotR event in 1991?
      He won the debut PPV tournament in 1993, but didn't he also claim the
      title in 1991? Maybe I'm wrong.

      While I'm talking about Heyman, another thing that pissed me off about
      him was when he claimed WCW tried to steal the title via Bret Hart at
      Montreal in 1997. Heyman KNOWS that wasn't the case and it was totally
      WWF paranoia.

      Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac has been praised by many, but I'm sorry, I don't
      think it was that great a match. Some people think that if you stick 2
      cruiserweights in the ring, they'll deliver a superb high-flying bout.
      doesn't really work that way. And as I predicted, neither displayed
      proficiency at being great ring generals in this match. And lets not
      forget, they had plenty of practice time in house shows too. Not a bad
      match, just
      not a great one.

      The Dudleys bout was a good match considering the amount of buildup the
      match was given, which kind of didn't allow it to be anything
      spectacular. The thing that bugs me is that its not a new angle. The
      whole Spike/Bubba/D-Von thing has been done before, for 2 years in ECW.
      Heyman and co. would like you to think that this is a continuation of
      that angle on a higher stage, but sorry, I'm just not that gullible.

      Repeat after me - Shane McMahon is not, and will never ever be, as
      hardcore as Mick Foley. I have read countless so called columns and
      posts all over the net again claiming that Shane is God, more hardcore
      than Mankind. Oh give me a break. Sure Shane went through a lot in that
      match, and the fact Kurt had such bad injuries is testament to how
      brutal it was, and he was the victor! But lets remember, the glass he
      went through was sugar glass, straight out of a special effects
      department. And the trash cans that were
      used are still the lamest weapons in sports entertainment. I don't know
      how fans are supposed to believe that these trash cans inflict injury.
      If they were remotely real, there is no way they could be thrown over
      the top rope from the floor with such ease. Please WWF, stop using these
      pansy weapons.

      The main event was a little disappointing. Mainly due to these two
      points: Chris Jericho going for the Walls of Jericho for the 67835485th
      time in a match will not elicit much excitement from fans. The second
      point is, how damned lame was the end. Yeah I know, it's supposed to put
      over injury and exhaustion on the part of Chris Benoit, but he's the
      best conditioned of the 3 participants, so surely he would be the last
      to collapse from exhaustion. Did he fall awkwardly? It didn’t seem that
      way. I just felt we deserved a better finish.

      Post KotR and we see the Invasion begin in earnest. Wrestling fans, you
      are viewing true history in the making. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a
      smark, as the whole invasion would seem as exciting as the nWo invasion
      in 1996 (I wasn't a smark then). But this is an exciting event
      nevertheless. However, it needs to be booked correctly, and not just a
      case of having WCW stars here and there. In my view, it is being booked
      correctly, so far. Awesome winning the Hardcore Title, O'Haire and
      Palumbo getting involved on the tag scene, Booker v Austin and DDP v
      Taker, and even the APA leading the WWF Defence Unit is superb booking.
      It shows the whole card is being affected. And Bradshaw and Faarooq are
      the perfect characters to lead the defence, maybe Vince is paying them?

      But what is the WWF playing at with all the recent title changes? Yeah,
      Dudleys winning is a good decision. But X-Pac winning the
      Light-Heavyweight Title? I don't understand why the WWF has done this?
      To keep Waltman happy? Has fellow Kliq member Triple H played a part in
      this booking? We can only speculate. I doubt if X-Pac will be the man to
      elevate the LHW belt. When you have talent such as Malenko, Tajiri and
      Jerry Lynn in the division, why give it to X-Punk?

      Whilst I thought it was great Mike Awesome won the Hardcore Title, and
      agree it should have been at the expense of Rhyno and not the WCW-allied
      Test, it confuses me as to why Test had the Hardcore reign in the first
      place. Shouldn't Rhyno have held onto the belt since his victory over
      Chris Jericho and not have dropped the belt to Shane's buddy? The
      Hardcore Division needs less turbulence.

      And finally on the subject of titles, yeah, you guessed it, Albert? Lets
      think of the history of Intercontinental Champions: Randy Savage, Bret
      Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart. All great champions. I
      know what you're thinking: "But Andy, even The Godfather got a IC title
      reign". Well, my friend, that is because Charles Wright had served in
      the WWF for 7 years at that point, it was a reward. I'm sorry but Albert
      just isn't IC calibre. He is not a great wrestler, in fact all I really
      see from him is a few
      large-impact manoevres. I hope he loses that belt quickly. And I bet
      stable buddy X-Pac is pissed that he didn't get a prestigious IC title

      Just a wee note, isn't Matt Hardy a fantastic European Champion? He's
      done a lot for that belt.

      I'm in two minds over whether its a good thing that RAW may become a WCW
      show. On the one hand it means we have less WWF exposure, and the WWFE
      would be fools to think that WWF fans will automatically watch WCW shows
      should they replace RAW, they have to have the same punch and character
      that the WWF has. Mind you, a problem with the WWF has been that so many
      storylines don’t get a decent run as they start on RAW and finish on
      SmackDown later that week. So maybe with only 4 main tv shows a month,
      storylines can be spun out until the PPV. But a danger of this is you
      have about 50 or so wrestlers trying to get on TV for the main show.
      This equation doesn’t fit. There are going to be a lot of unhappy guys
      in the back due to limited TV exposure. Oh yeah, and who the hell do TNN
      think they are denying WWF requests. As far as I can see TNN is the USA
      equivalent to the UK’s Channel 5, the tv channel that people only watch
      for a handful of programmes.

      Onto my project for the column. This may have been done before in W-ON,
      but not recently, and not with the Andy B. It is something I begun when
      I wrote for FWN/THR newsletters, but due to those newsletters folding, I
      never had the chance to complete it. It’s a Top 50 countdown of the best
      entrance music in the WWF. It’s always been one of my favourite aspects
      of the WWF show. You may not realise it but the entrance music often
      jacks you up for a match. Like when HBK took on Bret at Montreal, when
      you heard their music, when you heard ‘Sexy Boy’ start up and you heard
      Bret Hart’s guitar wails, you knew, this was it, it was time for them to
      get it on!

      Be it the razzmatazz of Goldust’s music or the cringe factor of The
      Model’s music, the good music has a certain focus to it. Goldust’s music
      suited him because he was so glamorous and dramatic. The Model’s music
      sounded like something from The Bold and The Beautiful, so again it
      suited him. That’s going to be one way I assess the music: suitability
      to character. The other ways are just how good are they and also pop

      What’s pop factor? Simple, when you hear the glass smash, when you hear
      the car wreck, when you hear “If ya smeeeeell…” you pop, because you
      know that your favourite superstar is heading for the ring.

      But guys and gals, I need your help, I need you to send your Top 10 WWF
      entrance themes to me. Why? Because there’s so many tracks, I need your
      help to create a shortlist. The 50 tracks voted for most will be ranked
      by me into the Top 50. I’ve so far come up with 100+ tracks that could
      make it into the shortlist, so I’m sure you can come up with 10. Email
      me your top 10 tracks at andrew.bulik@... and I’ll be
      busy working away to create that shortlist, unfortunately I can’t
      guarantee a reply as I’ll be busy totalling the votes. I’m off work, uni
      and my other half has just jetted off to Florida, so this is why I’m
      doing this now, I have the time, yay. So I urge you to send in your
      votes, come on, it’ll only take 5 minutes. Think of all the fab themes
      now and in the past of Gangrel, Demolition, Sid Justice, The Ultimate
      Warrior, Jeff Jarrett, DX, The Undertaker (about 6 of them) and many

      And if you have any points to make about the rest of the column, mail to
      that address also. Remember, Smackdown Your Vote, it counts too. Thank
      you for your time. Ciao.


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