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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #980

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      American Pie 2, the gang is back! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Heya folks. Thanks to everyone who sent in comments regarding the
      newsletter for the 1000th issue. It will be hard to pick the best ones.
      Unfortunately not all of them can be printed, but we'll try to squeeze
      in as much as possible. For those who still don't know what I'm talking
      about, check the below advertisement.

      That's a wrap for today, back tomorrow.

      In just 3 weeks, the Wrestling-Online Newsletter will celebrate its
      1000th issue. We are collecting comments from readers around the world
      who receive the newsletter and the best ones will be printed in the
      special 1000th issue! If you want to send your comments about the
      newsletter, how good or bad we have been, please send them to
      editor@... with the subject '1000th issue comments'


      - RAW received a 4.3 composite with a 6.8 share, off hours 3.9 with a
      6.1 share and 4.5 with a 7.5 share. Since the night after WrestleMania,
      this is the only RAW that went up a fraction of point as the last eight
      weeks the ratings have been on the way down. Quarter hour breakdowns are
      as follows: 3.1, 4.1, 4.1, 4.4, 4.5, 4.5, 4.4, 4.5 and 5.0 for the
      overrun. Considering the 3.1 opening segment, not too many people tune
      in to watch the start of RAW! Last week that segment drew a 3.5.

      - Livewire did a 0.9 with a 2.8 share; Superstars did a 0.9 with a 2.7
      share; Heat did a 1.4 rating with a 2.6 share.

      - It's what industry people call 'on the fly booking!' After learning
      that WWF developmental wrestler Brock Lesnar was going to be in a dark
      match at RAW, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura made sure he was there to
      cheer on his friend - and even accompany him to the ring in the dark
      match before RAW started. Ventura's private attorney David Bradley Olsen
      said that the decision was made then to place Ventura in the Vince/Foley
      storyline on RAW later in the night. According to the Pioneer Planet
      newspaper, Ventura's appearance on RAW came in free of charge and it was
      confirmed by Ventura's attorney. No one knew Jesse would be on RAW, and
      it wasn't kept as a surprise either because WWF officials didn't know
      anything. Ventura was more then happy to appear on the broadcast despite
      no publicity to hype the show with his appearance.

      - The Associated Press today reported that Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown
      is under some heat for declaring today, June 5th, as 'Smackdown! Day' in
      his city in conjunction with tonight's WWF taping of the UPN show.
      Smackdown! is being taped at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North
      Dakota at 7:30PM. Several critics are saying that this proclamation by
      the Major is in 'poor taste', however the Mayor replied back saying that
      although he understands the objections and heat from the critics, this
      can lead to a 'discussion of violence and morality lessons'!

      - Eddie Guerrero was sent home before RAW started due to his strange
      behavior backstage yesterday at the Target Center. According to several
      sources, Guerrero was busted due to a probable overdose of pain
      medication that he's been given in the past few weeks. Guerrero is
      expected to check in a drug rehab program and will be welcomed back -
      probably for the last time - to continue his work in the WWF. Eddie was
      scheduled to take on Matt Hardy in a King Of The Ring qualifying match
      however that was changed and Jeff Hardy took Eddie's spot.

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 12.69, a 0.95% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 12.50 - 12.70.


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      - The official Bret Hart club sent a mailshot to everyone today
      regarding the rumors of Bret Hart agreeing to a WWF deal to put him in
      charge of the WCW invasion. Hart's personal coordinator Marcy Engelstein
      said that the rumors are 'completely and in all ways false'. WWF
      Director of Corporate Communications Judd Everhart told 1wrestling.com
      that the report the mentioned website filed yesterday was false, saying,
      "I want to refute the story in the strongest possible way." Also today
      on SLAM! Wrestling, WWF Canada President Carl Demarco shot down the
      rumor. Cindy Little who is the WWF Canada Manager of Corporate
      Communications said that in a meeting earlier today, Demarco said and we
      quote, "it's untrue and there nothing like that going on at all". To
      read the rest of that article, check out
      http://www.canoe.ca/SlamWrestlingBretHart/june5_hart-can.html . Despite
      everything, 1wrestling.com owner and former WCW employee Bob Ryder still
      sticks to his story saying that there are two sources covering this

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Brian Leedy sent in word today that
      on the Neal Boorts radio talk show in Atlanta, GA., Eric Bischoff's name
      was brought up in a news bit involving a strip joint called 'Gold Club'
      which is currently under federal investigation for racketeering,
      prostitution and more. Among those mentioned in the Atlanta
      Journal-Constitution newspaper report, sports figures Dennis Rodman,
      Terrell Davis, Patrick Ewing and members of NBA's New York Knicks,
      Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers are also said to be part of the
      whole deal. A reporter on the show said that Bischoff - who was still
      serving as a WCW executive - had participated in several sexual acts
      with dancers while his wife watched. During the trial it was revealed
      that the owner paid $1,000 for each dancer to perform sex and fulfill
      the clients' sexual favors. Groovy.

      - WCW superstar Hugh Morrus was the second WCW wrestler to appear on
      WWF's RAW Is WAR yesterday, after last week Lance Storm interrupted a
      match superkicking Saturn in Calgary. Morrus interfered in the
      Kane/Christian match, performing the 'No Laughing Matter' moonsault on
      Christian's tag team partner Edge. Also during the show, the new WCW
      logo made its debut flashing on the TitanTron while Morrus did his thing
      in the ring. The new logo which can be seen at WCW.COM looks 'cooler'
      then the previous two logos.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hey there sports fan.

      And so ends another long week in wrestling, and you know what? It's been
      pretty eventful.

      Let's get straight down to business.

      First, I have to address a point. Certain people have bitched at me by
      saying "Ha, look at that, Vince has elevated the 2 Chris's and is
      feuding them with Austin". They expect me to eat my words. Now excuse my
      language, but this means jacksh!t to me. Let's look at the evidence
      shall we? In 1999 Billy Gunn feuded with The Rock, did it elevate him?
      Did it hell! The Big Show has been pushed numberous times at the top,
      has it made him a consistant main eventer? Nope. Okay, so these two
      examples are limited in the talent field, so let's look at other

      Kurt Angle, remember him? Olympic Gold Medalist, winner of the 3 top
      singles straps and King of the Ring. Yet where is he now? In an angle
      with Shane McMahon, who seems to have an awesome winning streak for a
      non-wrestler. Angle has failed to crack into the promised land occupied
      by HHH, Austin, The Undertaker and The Rock. My point is, just because
      you get pushed for a couple of months as a main eventer does not mean
      your position is elevated.

      Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho will put out some huge matches, but do
      you believe that either of them can remove the strap from around
      Austin's waist and (this is the important AND) keep the belt for a
      considerable time with (and this is the even more important WITH)
      impressive defences over the likes of Austin, Taker, Rock and Kane?
      That's what it'll take. And I can't see Vince letting one of his
      star-men suffer that indignity from a Canadian or Olympic medal-winning
      upstart. Vince here is a poignant message for you: Keep your
      money-making stars happy just now, or make new money making stars to
      take you into the next era. We've had the Superstars of Wrestling, we've
      had The New Generation, we've had Attitude, we need something new.

      My friend Thomas came up with this interesting point: What do the top 4
      guys in the WWF have in common? (HHH, Taker, Rock and Austin that is).
      Know the answer? The answer is Mick Foley. Or more specifically Foley
      jobbing for them.

      The Undertaker: Let's face it, his title reign in 97 was never that
      exciting, we knew he'd hand the belt to Hart or Michaels sooner or
      later. The Kane feud lasted too long, and fans interest was beginning to
      then BAM! He throws Mick 20 feet off the cage, then BAM! He choke-slams
      him through the cage then OUCH! He slams him on 10000 thumb-tacks.
      Suddenly he's a bad Mo-Fo again. Before that, in 1996, as Mick's book
      Have A Nice Day details, Taker was in even more of a rut, but a feud
      with Mankind rescued him from the doldrums.

      Austin: Austin's career wasn't really in a rut. But after WrestleMania
      XIV he needed a feud to keep the Austin 3:16 / WWF Attitude momentum
      going, to overtake WCW in the ratings, to capitalise on the potential of
      AustinMania. Enter Dude Love. Austin's former tag-team partner but now
      arch enemy. They had two top PPV main events with dramatic and exciting
      climaxes which hooked millions to the WWF product. Both men had a great
      deal to do with the WWF revolution.

      The Rock: Mankind is linked entirely with Rock's ascension to glory in
      the latter half of 1998. In a superb match at BreakDown 98 (avec Ken
      Shamrock), Rock and Mankind provided a superb climax to a tremendous
      cage match. This was the first time I marked out for Rocky. Rock squared
      off with Foley in the final of Survivor Series: Deadly Game, Foley was
      unduly screwed out of a title reign with a now passe "Montreal finish".
      Foley was again screwed at the December PPV. Then, throughout January
      and February 1999, they passed the belt like a hot potato in a series of
      matches which amazed and shocked the crowds (particularly at the
      Rumble). Then, voila, Rocky is facing Austin at WM15 and a bona-fide
      star is born.

      Triple H: When did you sit up and really take notice of Triple H (if you
      ever have)? My betting that it was at the brutal title match at Royal
      Rumble 2000. Or at the savage career-ending (yeah right!) Hell in a Cell
      bout at No Way Out 2000? The feud in early 2000 between Foley and Trips
      was some of Paul Levesque's best work in the ring and on the mic, he's
      never quite caught my interest in the same way again. It is my opinion
      that Foley definitely brought out the best in The Lame.

      Okay, these guys are all extremely talented, but isn't Kurt Angle? The
      WWF needs their main eventers to put the up and comers over big time,
      like Foley did. Was Foley regarded as a midcarder when he retired? I
      think not. Yet look at all the jobs he did. Which makes it confusing as
      to why the main eventers are reluctant to job (not including Taker, he
      jobs, and I like him). And when I say job, I mean job properly. NOT a
      jobbing to a screwjob finish, or chairshot or such-like. Nor beating the
      living hell out of the victorious opponent at the next tv event (ie. HHH
      and Jeff Hardy).

      On to other stuff.

      The Harts. It was good to see the Hart family on WWF TV. And it makes
      everyone think if The Harts can forgive, why can't Bret? Well, remember
      Montreal? I don't think I'd ever return to a former employer who screwed
      over like that for the sake of a little egotistical arse like HBK, so I
      can understand Bret's stance. People should just lay off him. He's had a
      hard time. He's divorced his wife, he lost his brother and best friend,
      he was screwed, he suffered 2-3 years in a shitty wrestling fed only to
      have his career ended by the sloppiness of Goldberg. Leave Bret be.
      Also, major props go to Jason Clevett for his series on Owen Hart. For
      those that don't know, I was and still am a huge fan of Owen's. He was
      my favourite wrestler, and my friend Scott and I were total Owen marks
      throughout school. I was lucky enough to see Owen perform once in 1999,
      just a month before the tragedy, I'll always regard myself as very lucky
      to have seen the great man perform. Owen, we will always always remember

      On the note of a tribute show for Owen, I can't see it happening anytime
      soon. That sort of show would need the blessing of Martha Hart, and I
      really can't see that happening as she has the same opinion of the WWF
      as Bret at this moment.

      What crawled up Honky Tonk's a$$. Jeez that man likes a war of words. I
      respect the man, but I think he should keep some of his opinions too
      himself. He talks about his a$$-whuppin list? He should take a look in
      mirror. Hell, boy! You don't look like your in shape to whoop a 5-year
      old child's a$$, let alone a 7 foot Kevin Nash.

      Ok cool cats. That's all this columnist has time to write at this
      minute, so if you have any opinions on what I have written, any at all,
      I take the good with the bad, email me at
      andrew.bulik@... . (link at top of page). So ciao for
      now dudes and dudettes (I'm in a retro 80's mood - Party on!)


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