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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #978

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Swordfish out on 6/8, get the trailer! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Howdy folks. Welcome to issue #978. Lekisha and I were talking about the
      1000th issue and what should we include in it. Being a very special
      number, I guess we should put something more in it. If you have any
      suggestions on what you want to see in that issue, drop me a line and as
      Vince McMahon would say, we'll take it under advisement. :)

      That's a wrap for today, back tomorrow.

      In just 3 weeks, the Wrestling-Online Newsletter will celebrate its
      1000th issue. We are collecting comments from readers around the world
      who receive the newsletter and the best ones will be printed in the
      special 1000th issue! If you want to send your comments about the
      newsletter, how good or bad we have been, please send them to
      editor@... with the subject '1000th issue comments'


      - So who's doing the voice overs for the Sara/Undertaker vignettes which
      are airing on RAW and Smackdown!? Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader
      Erik Roth sent us a link that was originally posted on 1wrestling.com
      that actually revealed the identity of the person doing the voice overs.
      The reader who submitted the .mp3 file to 1wrestling.com did some
      speeding on the audio from one of the vignettes, automatically removing
      the special effects. Who turned out to be the man? Non other then Vince
      McMahon. This doesn't mean McMahon will be the stalker, but he sure is
      doing these voice overs. For those interested, check out
      http://www.1wrestling.com/columns/lariat/saraut.mp3 and hear the magic
      of special effects! The two clips are in the same file, one that was
      heard on Smackdown! complete with effects, and the other is the one

      - The following shows went on sale earlier today. RAW Is WAR live from
      Tacoma, WA., at the Tacoma Dome on Monday July 2nd; House show at the
      North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, SC., on July 7th; House
      show from the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, GA., on Sunday July 8th;
      Smackdown! tapings at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center in
      Birmingham, AL., on Tuesday July 10th. For more information about
      tickets, check out Ticketmaster.com or else call the arena box office.

      - Here's this week injury update from Jim Ross. Triple H is recovering
      from his surgery in Birmingham, AL., doing rehab Kevin Wilk. The first
      few weeks will be crucial since an indication will be given if the
      muscle connected properly; Rikishi had surgery on Thursday to repair his
      injured shoulder and he's expected to miss four more months; X-Pac is
      having neck problems again, but will continue working; Val Venis is
      having a lump on his hip surgically removed on Monday and will be out
      for around three weeks; One half of the tag team champs Chris Benoit is
      feeling pain in his right arm and had an MRI on Friday, but just like
      X-Pac, he's expected to continue working.

      - We have a little preview of the two new WWF games 'RAW Is WAR' for
      X-Box and 'Smackdown! Just Bring It' for Playstation 2 in our games
      section on the website. Along with some of the features on the new games
      we also have a couple of screenshots from the two. These new games look
      absolutely fantastic. You can check em out at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com in the Games section.

      > IS CHINA NEXT?
      - According to WWF Senior Vice President of international distribution
      Andrew Whitaker, the World Wrestling Federation is looking into bringing
      their 'WWF Attitude' in China, which would be the latest country from
      the far east to receive WWF programming. The WWF already enjoys
      successful viewership in Asia and just recently announced new TV deals
      in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and
      South Korea. That totals up 1,200 hours of original programming in that
      region. Almost every corner of the world receives WWF action every week.


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      - In his latest Calgary Sun article, Bret Hart didn't mention anything
      about the members of his family - including his father - appearing
      ringside during RAW Is WAR this past Monday. Bret went on to say that he
      loves wrestling, "but it's the business that is slimy". Hart said that
      while the WWF crew where in Calgary, he met with some of his friends
      from the time he was there, drank beer and told stories just like the
      old days. Bret didn't want to mention the guys he met but said that they
      were true friends and was happy to see them again. To read the full
      article, check it out at


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      The problem with writing a weekly column is that sometimes you have so
      many things running through your head you don’t know which one to choose
      to write about.

      Then again if I did this daily I would be stumped.

      So I will cover a couple of quick topics.

      First off thanks to all for your comments on my series of Owen Hart
      stories. I always enjoy getting feedback.

      Speaking of Owen, some controversy over members of the family being on
      RAW. Wrestling has been this families entire life. Owen’s death was an
      accident and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the hatchet has
      been buried.

      Which brings me to this. Pillman Show 2001 is right around the corner.
      Gary Albreight had a show in tribute to him as well. With the lawsuit
      settled I think it is time for a tribute show to Owen, in Calgary. We as
      fans never really got the chance to pay tribute in that form, and with
      how respected Owen was it is a natural to dedicate a show to him.
      Proceeds could go to the Owen Hart Fund at the Children’s Hospital.

      I just think it is time. Owen was so loved, and to pay tribute to him
      would be a great thing. As a side note, thanks Chris Jericho for paying
      tribute to Owen after RAW ended. That got one of the biggest reactions
      of the night, and rightfully so.

      Now my big beef. It seems quite often one of the big stories is that TSN
      edits RAW. This past week they had canned crowd shots for the entire
      Molly Holly Table segment. Last week they edited out the sledgehammer
      shot on RAW by HHH to Austin. The claim is that they have to adhere to
      Canadian Government regulations.

      This past Saturday I watched the syndicated episode of “Buffy: The
      Vampire Slayer” on a Canadian channel. In it Buffy quite literally beats
      the hell out of a female god with a sledgehammer, and those shots were
      pretty nasty looking. This took place at 5:00 in the afternoon on a

      Sorry TSN, it is time for a new excuse. When Heat and Smackdown, also on
      Canadian stations, show footage that TSN edits, it says that something
      is up. Fans rejoiced that RAW was moving to TNN in hopes of seeing the
      unedited version. But since TSN has “Exclusive Canadian Rights” it was

      Call me frustrated, but at 22 years of age I should be able to choose
      what I see and don’t see. Compared to a lot of stuff I see on TV, A
      sledgehammer shot is pretty tame.

      Till next week.


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