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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #977

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Several new trailers online now! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      You guys and gals want news? Well, today is not a good day for news! :)
      Talk about slooooooow news days. Oh well, it's weekend, so we saw it

      That's all for today, back tomorrow.

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      > NEVER SAY NEVER.....
      - In the wrestling business, you learn to never say never and anything
      can happen (well maybe with the exception of Bret Hart showing on RAW!).
      Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com broke the story earlier today that Jerry
      'The King' Lawler is in WWF headquarters in Stamford, CT., meeting with
      Jim Ross and WWF producer Kevin Dunn regarding a possible job back in
      the company. Scherer's sources also added that if the meeting is a
      positive one, Kevin Dunn will go ahead and speak to McMahon about the
      whole deal. Dunn is a major player in the WWF production, and Lawler -
      like all other TV guys - fall under a separate contract with WWF
      Television which is headed by Dunn himself. Dunn is considered to be a
      very close friend of Lawler, just like Jim Ross.

      - For the first time in quite some time, Smackdown's rating of a 4.2
      with a 7.0 share managed to put UPN in the third place, behind CBS and
      NBC. The 4.2 rating is a jump from the 3.9 of last week.

      - As the only house show of the weekend and the last stop in Canada
      until the 16th when they return to Toronto, Chris Jericho gets to main
      event the show with Steve Austin for the WWF heavyweight title on Sunday
      in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The remaining of the card has Kane vs William
      Regal; Chris Benoit vs Rhyno; Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Edge &
      Christian vs X-Pac & Justin Credible; Big Show vs Test; Raven vs
      Hardcore Holly; Molly Holly vs Ivory; Jerry Lynn vs Funaki. Some tickets
      are still available for this event.

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 12.28, a 0.57% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 12.15 - 12.48.


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      By Paul Van Someren, [pauly188@...]

      Welcome back everyone, to that "oh so great columnist" on that "oh so
      great newsletter.” This week, Triple P will take a look at the current
      storylines in the WWF, as well as a few odds and ends. I'd like to say
      welcome back to Colin, who was lucky enough to be traveling the world,
      doing pretty much whatever the hell he wanted. Gotta respect that! I'd
      also like to thank all the readers who took the time to e-mail me
      regarding my last column. It's always great to hear you're feedback, no
      matter how nasty some of you are! Only joking people, get a grip. I seem
      to be feisty again today so watch out, or you may feel my royal wrath
      upon you. Wrath..what ever happened to his streak? At least he was a
      part of Kronik, the APA of WCW. Remember when Clarke was Adam Bomb? I
      think he hailed from Three-Mile Island or something. As someone who
      lives 40 miles away from Three Mile Island I find that rather humorous,
      ya know in a moronic way. I've driven by there oh, 2 dozen times...and
      I've never seen that house, ya know the one on the island with the
      reactors where Bomb grew up. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough.
      Anywho, I digress.

      News of the day. Brian Christopher Lawler; aka Grandmaster Sexay, was
      released from the WWF because he was caught at the Canadian Border with
      an illegal substance. Smokin the wacky weed, huh Brian? Didn't you
      when Christian said, "Tobacco IS whacko"? Of course we don't know what
      the exact substance was, I am simply speculating. It is said that Vince
      had wanrned the crew not to bring contraband into foreign countries, or
      they’d be fired. Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that Vince had
      to actually tell them this? This was reported by wwf.com, and was the
      reason why Sexay did not appear on RAW. The last Lawler is gone from the
      WWF, now what will Scotty Too Hotty do? Will any reference be made of
      Sexay, when Hotty is slated to return in approximately 1 month? We'll
      have to stay tuned and find out.

      Also, we saw Lance Storm interfere on RAW this week live from Calgary.
      Storm ran in through the crowd during the mixed tag match, and kicked
      Perry Saturn right in the kisser (as Monsoon would say, RIP) to knock
      him silly. The WCW Invasion has begun. Also members of the Hart family
      were in attendance. I believe I saw Stu, Bruce and Diana in the arena.
      Now that is something I thought I'd NEVER see again. Apparently Martha
      Hart was
      disgusted and rightfully so, since it was her husband that died while
      working in the company. But the others are free to do as they wish, and
      it was great to see Stu back in a WWF arena once again. I read
      somewhere on
      the net, that people weren’t happy with how the WWF presented the Harts.
      What was wrong with the way they were presented? Oh that’s
      right…NOTHING WAS WRONG….it was just those same fans who were bitching
      about there being
      “no elevation” in the WWF. Well, Vince shut your mouths about that so
      now these crybabies needed something else to whine about. Or maybe they
      are upset by the fact that the “Montreal Screwjob” was recreated, while
      the Harts sat right there watching. I’ll touch more on this below, but I
      don’t feel it’s that big a deal. Now if they had someone in a Blue
      Blazer outfit repelling from the ceiling….THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN IN BAD
      TASTE. The recreation of the screwjob may have been in bad taste, but
      only from a storyline standpoint. You all know I try not to complain
      about things, but when you’ve gotta vent, then we just let her rip. The
      screwjob ending has been beaten to death, but at least McMahon does it a
      little better then Russo.

      One other thing that was touched upon in the newsletter yesterday is
      that HHH and Stephanie McMahon could be more than friends. Yes, “The
      Game” and the “Billion Dollar Princess” could quite possibly be hooked
      up. It makes sense to me, as they spend SO much time together as it is,
      it seems natural that they could just fall for one another. They don’t
      look so bad anyway, not to mention on screen, they have been together
      well over 1 year, and are quite believable in the roles they play. I
      know it was all kayfabe at first, but now, if I saw HHH out holding some
      other girls hand besides SMH, it just wouldn’t look right. I say, “way
      to go you two lovebirds” if the tale of the two is true. I’m a poet and
      didn’t even know it. Okay, shoot me now.

      How about the push of the Canadian Chris’s? It seems to be going well
      from all viewpoints. Jericho is now one of the shortest reigning
      hardcore title holders of all time, so when he does win the WWF title,
      he will be the only man to hold all of the WWF’s men’s titles. And this
      is the guy that everyone says is under pushed? Chris Benoit was
      featured in the main event, taking on Stone Cold Steve Austin for the
      WWF title. This was a pretty good match that ended in a bizarre, but not
      unpredictable fashion, as referenced above. I speak of the screwjob
      ending, which looked very much like Montreal in 1997. They probably
      could have done something else to end this match and given it some other
      kind of “schmozz” finish. It looks like Benoit will be heading into a
      feud with someone else, or possibly focusing on the King of the Ring
      Tourney. It also looks like Jericho will be involved in a world title
      quest with Stone Cold. Will Jericho win the gold at KOTR? I don’t think
      so. I think Austin will drop the belt, but maybe at the July PPV, he
      will lose it to Jericho. I think KOTR will provide a much greater build
      up, through a grueling, bloody match, which will probably have no
      winner. But hey, that’s just my take on it.

      It looks like we’ll also see a new storyline for the Undertaker. On RAW,
      we witnessed a “stalker” or someone to that effect, spying on the
      Taker’s wife, Sara. It is currently being reported that the lady who
      portrayed Sara on RAW, is actually the Sarataker! Someone outside of her
      home was filming her while it looked like she had just gotten out of the
      shower. The person stalking her was using a voice box….hmmm Kane used to
      have one of those. The person who was stalking her, also couldn’t have
      been in the arena on Monday Night. Hmm Kane wasn’t there. But
      seriously, no one knows who it is at this point, but bet your ass, I’m
      going to speculate. So Kane could be a suspect. What about Paul Bearer?
      Could he be making a return? How about a WCW superstar looking for a
      good way to get over? Could it really be, The Wall??
      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Or could it be, Taker, who has a history of
      abducting women, and could be set to return to his “Lord of Darkness”
      gimmick. Please lord, no. So there is the current run down of this
      potential storyline. We’ve also seen some minor advancements in the
      Guerrero and Hardyz storyline, as Eddie and Lita embraced this week.
      Ooh…down boy! And our Olympic Hero is having some fun picking on the
      runt of the Dudley’s, Spike. We’ve also seen the start of the Dudley’s
      heel turn, as they put Molly (not to mention it looked like Bubba got a
      handful of breast…lucky bast…I mean uh..sick bastard) and Spike through
      a table.

      I guess that about wraps it up for this wrestling fountain of knowledge
      this week. The weeks leading up to KOTR look to be action packed, and
      with “The Game” injured, it should surely help advance storylines from
      all angles. These past couple weeks have been so long, since I am
      waiting on the birth of my daughter. Time just seems to D R A G ,
      O N A N D O N.

      And that my friends, IS TRUE!

      E-mail me with any questions, comments, or for me to shut you the hell
      up at pauly188@.... Thank you all…good night…now GET OUT!


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