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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #976

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Howdy folks. Couple of interesting news items today. Running late over
      here, so it's best for me to head to bed. See ya tomorrow.

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      - RAW received the same composite rating of last week, a 4.2 with a 6.8
      share, off hours 3.9 and 4.5. Quarter hour breakdowns are as follows:
      3.4, 3.8, 3.9, 4.3, 4.5, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.8 for the overrun. The
      quarter hour numbers kept increasing although the sixth quarter went
      down by 0.2. But 3.4 for the opening quarter? That's the lowest since
      the Christmas edition of RAW!

      - In an interview with WMC-TV5 in Memphis, Jerry 'The King' Lawler said
      that his son Brian only had muscle building drugs when he was arrested
      this past Monday in Canada for possession of illegal drugs. Lawler said
      that the drugs were legal in the US, but not in Canada. However,
      Canadian authorities found something else. According to the Calgary
      Herald, the Mounties found 1/10th of a gram of methamphetamine, 1/10th
      of a gram of marijuana, and 1/2 a gram of cocaine. The judge in charge
      of the case agreed to let Lawler work in Canada, make a $500 donation to
      the Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Program and pay a $50 sum to the Victim
      Fine Fund. WMC-TV5 also spoke with WWF Vice President of Corporate
      Communications Gary Davis who said that even though the charges were
      dropped against the young Lawler, rules are rules, and 'Sexay' won't be
      asked back to join the World Wrestling Federation.

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 12.21, a 1.75% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 12.10 - 12.49.

      - Tomorrow afternoon, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle will be on Byte
      This, the WWF.COM audio show between 4PM and 5PM EST. If you want to
      talk to Angle, call on 1-888-LIVEWWF between 4 and 5 or else e-mail your
      questions to bytethis@... . Windows Media Player is needed to watch
      the show.

      - Here are the matches scheduled for tonight's Smackdown! broadcast on
      UPN. Kane vs Edge; Bubba Ray Dudley vs Hardcore Holly; Chris Jericho vs
      Kurt Angle; Rhyno vs Raven; X-Factor vs Hardy Boyz & Eddie Guerrero;
      Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit.


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      - Bob Ryder broke the story earlier today that the WCW champ has
      accepted a buyout from AOL Time Warner and is now free to join the World
      Championship Wrestling under the guidance of WWF Entertainment. Those
      who accepted or will accept buyouts are taking 50 cents on the dollar,
      getting half of what they were supposed to get over the period of their
      old contract. To our knowledge, Booker T is the first person to accept
      such clause, thus enabling him to join the new WCW.

      - In an interview with TheStrangehold.com radio show, Rob Van Dam said
      that he has a contract from the World Wrestling Federation which is
      currently in the hands of his lawyers. Van Dam said that he still didn't
      sign it and doesn't expect to sign it 'in the next few hours either'. In
      the past, the WWF were interested in Van Dam but negotiations between
      the two always broke down, until a few weeks ago where Jim Ross met with
      Van Dam to talk business again. According to many, Van Dam isn't very
      well liked in the locker room. Van Dam will make a part of WCW if/when
      he signs his contract.

      - Things didn't look good for Bagwell when the WWF purchased WCW. Known
      for his rather not-so-good behavior, and the WWF known for taking 'no
      sh!t' from anyone, Bagwell's career in the big league was somewhat
      foggy. Reports came out today by Dave Scherer that this former champ has
      signed a multi-year deal with the WWF to be with the new WCW. Bagwell
      didn't have to accept a buyout of his contract since his expired and
      only signed a 2 month extension back then. There are conflicting reports
      as to when Bagwell's two month extension expires, some say it did, some
      say it expires at the end of June. What we know is that Bagwell signed
      it in time to participate in the proposed PPV relaunch of the Fusient
      Media Ventures WCW 'The Big Bang' in Las Vegas. Obviously, that was
      canceled so probably by simple math, the deal does expire at the end of

      - He's the first to lead the way. Last Monday night, Lance Storm started
      the invasion of WCW on WWF broadcasts. In his latest commentary, Storm
      discusses that night in Calgary, backstage, seeing Paul Heyman again and
      more. Check it out at


      Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      The following is a reprent of the article originally published in The
      Bagpipe Report, as well as the October 1999 Edition of WOW Magazine. It
      is a 5/30/99 story on the funeral of Owen Hart. Yesterday was the two
      year anniversary of when he was laid to rest.

      Today it finally sunk in. Owen Hart is gone. The guy who I was lucky
      enough to have sat down and had dinner with, who was one of my heros and
      someone who was deserving of being so, has been laid to rest.

      I attended the public portion of the funeral, standing outside Mcinnis
      and Holloway Funeral Chapel with about 2000 other fans. Two large
      speakers set up on each side broadcast the funeral to those of us

      As guests arrived, organist Jeannie Harrison's music played through the
      speakers, playing emotional songs such as "My heart will go on" "Wind
      beneath my wings" and "Unchained Melody."

      3 busloads of wrestlers were brought to the home. In attendance were the
      mayor of Calgary, Al Duerr, the Premier of Alberta, Ralph Klien, as well
      as many wrestlers from the WWF and Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Hulk
      Hogan of WCW.

      The funeral officially began with Owen Hart's friend, country singer
      Collin Raye. He sang 3 songs. "One Boy, One Girl", "Love, Me", and
      "Amazing Grace." This started the tears flowing for many, and those few
      who had not yet been pushed over the brink were done so when Reverend
      Andrew Risby of the Standard Church of America said a prayer for Owen.
      Then Martha Hart took the podium for her tribute to her husband.

      "I'm not worried about Owen." the said, her voice choked with tears.
      "Because I know he's walking with god. But I just wish he were still
      walking with me because I miss him so much." In the most emotional
      speech of the afternoon, Martha talked about her High School sweetheart.
      "He had one flaw. He had the weirdest toes!!!" she said, one of the many
      uplifting moments in a emotional event. "For a while there I didn't
      think it was going to work, his feet were so ugly. But he promised to
      keep his socks on. He did for the first 7 years, then when we got
      married he tossed them away."

      Martha moved the audience to tears, mentioning how she and Owen had been
      scheduled to move into their dream home this past Friday, and that they
      had planned to take a train from Calgary to Vancouver for their 10th

      "Nobody I know has what we had." she said of their fairytale romance.

      Taking a moment to acknowledge those of us outside in the rain, Martha
      said "I don't want to forget the people outside. We all know we have
      jobs and places to be. I want to thank them for being here, I don't want
      to forget them."

      "I'm a very forgiving person, and I'm not bitter. But there will be a
      day of reckoning, and this is my final promise to Owen."

      Bret Hart spoke next, admitting he wasn't sure what he was going to say.
      He made most of his tribute "Owen Stories." Something I am sure that
      will be told for many years to come. Most stories, he admitted, weren't
      appropriate. He wracked his mind to come up with some. Included in his
      tribute was a story about Owen making fun of Jim Duggan over the phone
      from the front lobby of a hotel. When the desk clerk expressed concern
      about taking the blame, Owen said "Just tell him Jim Powers did it."

      "Owen was the best father and husband I've ever seen, it's fitting he be
      remembered as that."

      His anecdotes lightened up the procession as much as was possible under
      the circumstances, and allowed us another look at the joker Owen was.

      Ross Hart also spoke in tribute to Owen, titled "Forever Young". It was
      a very touching finale of tributes.

      Finally the reverend spoke again about Owen, God and other such things.
      Following this was a video tribute, which was unfortunately not viewable
      by those outside. At that point, the funeral ended.

      The guests then departed the parlor. Owen's brothers Smith, Keith, Bret,
      Bruce, Wayne and Ross served as pall-
      bearers. Owen's hearse lead a police-lead procession away from the home
      to the graveside service in Queens Park Cemetery, as fans applauded
      Owen and remembered someone who will never, ever be forgotten.

      Thanks Hart Family, for allowing us fans the chance to be a part of
      saying goodbye to such a incredible human being, and thank you Owen, for
      the memories.

      A reception was held at Hart House after the funeral.

      In closing, here is a poem, written on the back of this afternoons
      program, written by Martha Hart, that "describes Owen's wonderful

      I am a lighthouse
      Lonely but strong
      I reach out to help people
      Weather the storm
      Some are lost souls
      Some in dismay
      My light helps to guide them
      Out of harms way.


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