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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #952

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      NEW latest movie trailers are online! - http://www.theactionzone.net

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      I'm a little bit shaky today. Went to Disney's California Adventure and
      the three rides I went on, I think I left some body parts there. First I
      ended up getting a big shower in a rafting ride, then I experienced a
      shuttle take off (4Gs, good gawd) and then getting fired like a jet
      fighter on an aircraft carrier and turning up and down on a roller
      coaster like crazy. Still feeling dizzy after a few hours.

      Not a lot of news today. Back tomorrow.

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      - Ratings for RAW keep decreasing, this time getting a 5.0 composite
      with a 7.7 share off hours 4.7 with a 7.0 share and a 5.2 with an 8.4
      share. Quarter hour breakdowns are as follows: 4.1, 4.7, 5.1, 5.1, 5.3,
      5.0, 5.1, 5.3, 5.6.

      - Our good friend from WWF Entertainment dropped us a line to tell us
      that the woman playing the Duchess of Queensberry was Sue Aitchison, who
      works for the Corporate Communications at WWFE. Sue is from Scotland and
      has been working with the WWF for over eight years.

      - Two matches have been signed for the Judgment Day pay-per-view. Stone
      Cold Steve Austin defends his WWF title against The Undertaker and Chyna
      defends her WWF Women's title against Lita. Speaking of Judgment Day,
      the WWF opened the JD website at www.wwfjudgmentday.com

      - We have the Judgment Day PPV poster uploaded on our website at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/ . This month's PPV poster
      features a close shot of Austin and Triple H with the JD logo in front
      of them. You can check it out at the Info Central in the PPV Posters

      > ROCK ON LENO
      - The Rock was on the 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno yesterday plugging
      his 'Mummy Returns' movie. Leno showed footage from the movie while Rock
      said three horrible Mummy jokes. Leno then asked Rock what's up with
      wrestling. Leno fooled around when Rock said "according to the
      storyline". When Jay asked Rock if he's working on new lines, he said he
      is, then Leno got a guy who works there to suggest some lines. He said
      some lines which were really, really bad. That's all that happened
      during Rock's appearance. As always, Rock got a huge pop.

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 13.25, a 1.85% decrease over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13.15 - 13.50.


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      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      Well hello. Welcome to the first “Don’t blame Canada” article for
      Wrestling Online. I have a fair amount of random thoughts this
      week, so things are going to sort of bounce around a bit. In the
      upcoming weeks, well there are a lot of topics sitting in my otherwise
      relatively empty head that I am sure I will be subjecting you too.

      First off, a bit of background about me. My name, obviously, is Jason
      Clevett and I live in Calgary, Alberta. That place that put out a
      bunch of wrestlers over time. As for myself, I have been a wrestling fan
      for close to 15 years (yikes) and can remember getting
      second row seats for a house show three weeks after it went on sale for
      twenty bucks. This compared to eighty they asked for (and
      got, it sold out) for the upcoming RAW here in May. I trained under
      Keith Hart for professional wrestling, which gave me a lot of
      insight into the sport and was a experience I will never forget. However
      I haven’t stepped into a ring in awhile, deciding to pursue
      other interests right now. I am only 22, I still have time to get back
      in the ring.

      I wrote for Charles Maclaurin’s Bagpipe Report what feels like eons ago,
      and was involved in the ill-fated APWF. So this is basically
      a chance for me to combine two of my loves... wrestling and writing. I
      have also been printed on SLAM Wrestling as well as had an
      article published in WOW Magazine when Blake Norton was a part of it.

      So there is a brief synopsis of me, so you know a bit more of where I am
      coming from. Before I get into my random musings, a quick
      plug. I run an e-fed called EIW, started in 1996 and reopened a year
      ago. Check out the site at

      There, I got that out of the way. Woohoo! Now I will never....eeeeever
      mention it again... maybe.

      Anyways, things bouncing around in my head.

      - Lance Storm has by far the best website for a wrestler. Even though I
      wonder who one has to sleep with to actually get posted on
      his comment board, his site is constantly updated and the way he
      interacts is awesome.

      - I miss watching WCW. I never thought I would say that.

      - I miss ECW. This I knew I would think.

      - I miss Owen Hart. I will talk about him for sure in a future article.

      - I think people need to go catch more independent shows.

      - I think when they are charging 100 dollars plus a ticket for a
      concert, artists should let us have our damn napster.

      - I think that last one had nothing to do with wrestling. I just wanted
      to get it out of my system.

      - I think you are wondering why I named the column “Don’t Blame Canada.”
      Because a) It is a blatant rip off of Lance Storm. b) I
      AM CANADIAN!!!! (Fellow Canadians will get that) and c) well, the things
      I say you may sometimes disagree with, and if you do,
      blame me. Please don’t bomb Canada.

      - I think I am done this article. Next week however, I have a topic that
      has been bouncing around in my head that Lance Storm
      recently sort of cleared up for me on his website. I am sure the
      suspense is killing you, I know it is me.

      - Till next week!



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