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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #950

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Alrighty folks! We're back once again. Had some problems connecting
      laptop here and ended up on AOHell, I mean AOL. Oh well, it's free so
      I can't complain.

      What was supposed to be a 9 hour flight, it was a 10 hour 40 minute
      flight. How about that! I'm now in California writing this till the
      end of May, so the newsletter will be going out around this time or a
      bit late.

      The website is now working, so you can visit Wrestling-Online.com
      instead of the IP I sent out on Saturday. It took a bit more then it
      was supposed to, but everything is in place now. We had a little bit
      of less people yesterday for the PPV, but it was a good turnout
      considering the site was down. Thanks to Lekisha Oliver who did the
      play by play and she was helped by Ralph Aversa and Brian Miller.
      Thanks folks.

      That's all for now, we should have more tomorrow. Hang on there, I'm
      trying to catch up with the subscriptions and stuff, so it will take

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      - After months of rumors and speculations, JR met with former ECW
      champ Rob Van Dam and he said that the meeting was 'positive and
      productive'. Despite RVD's talents, WWF and WCW weren't after him due
      to his backstage problems. Ross said that if the WWF sign him, he
      could be a major player down the road.

      - Here's the weekly injury updates. Rikishi has been cleared to
      wrestle after undergoing an eardrum surgery; Angle suffered a stinger
      however he's not expected to miss any TV time for now; William Regal
      has a minor shoulder dislocation, also expected to work all TV; Elbow
      problems continue to bug Eddie Guerrero and he will seek physical

      - The following tickets went on sale last Saturday. House show in
      Winnepeg, Manitoba on Saturday June 2nd at the Winnipeg Arena; House
      show at the Midwest Wireless Civic Center on Sunday June 3rd in
      Mankato, MN.; Another house show on June 3rd at the Duluth
      Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, MN.; Smackdown!
      in Grand Forks, ND., on Tuesday June 5th at the Alerus Center. For
      more ticket information call the arena box office or else visit


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      - Late last week Jim Ross continued his meetings with the new WCW
      talent and potential employees. Among the talent he talked, Chavo
      Guerrero Jr., Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire and Reno were present. Ross
      said that meetings went very good. Ross also mentioned that he will
      meeting with Wall and Stacy 'Ms Hancock' later this week. Hancock is
      one of the 24 contracted talent to the new WCW.

      - Another tentative date has been set for the WCW relaunch. According
      to JR, it's a taping on June 13th, with an air date on June 16th on
      TNN. However it all goes down to the TV deal. If no deal has been
      signed by then, the start up will be pushed back again. TNN aren't
      giving the Federation another prime time slot even though wrestling
      their channel is the highest rated show on cable. The proposed TV
      is on Saturdays between 11PM and 1AM.


      By Iain Burnside, [burny@...]

      Straight ahead then, heads down for the second part of the wrestling


      Well now, let's see if you can make sense of this one. If
      you're in
      charge of the WWF and you have an extremely competent World Champion
      in Bret Hart, whose title reign has produced nothing but great
      performances hindered only by poor booking, and you have to put the
      title on someone like Diesel, the Big Daddy Goofball himself, simply
      because of his contacts backstage, then what would you do? Obviously
      you don't want to put Diesel over Hart, or at least not at this
      in their careers, so how about dragging an old champion out of the
      woodworks, giving him an "insanity" gimmick and us one of the
      pointless matches in Survivor Series history (and believe me
      saying something)? Oh yeah, Bob also held the title on two other
      occasions, one of which lasted for 4 years between December '79
      December '83.


      I'm going to try and get The Bearer Chronicles correct… Paul
      for The Undertaker's father in his funeral parlour home and had
      affair with Mommy `Taker that resulted in the birth of his little
      bro Kane. After `Taker started a fire there (that may or may not
      been intentional), both parents were dead and Kane's face was
      off, which caused him to go loopy and so he was carted off to an
      asylum. Paul then took care of `Taker and brought him to the WWF,
      patiently waiting for the day when Kane would be better so he could
      get his revenge. After a while he couldn't wait anymore so he
      on `Taker anyway, eventually bringing Kane to the WWF and
      inadvertently uniting the two brothers. After this, he went away and
      Kane discovered things like "women" and "friends",
      only for Paul to
      come back with `Taker having driven him completely nuts. However,
      was really Vince McMahon that had flown `Taker over the
      cuckoo's nest
      and not Paul, so he decided to try his luck with Kane one more time.
      That didn't work out though, so he finally buggered off and lives
      only in our minds and in Smackdown 2, where he looks like an extra
      from The Sopranos. How was that for a summary? Kayfabe is my bitch.


      I don't know what it is about Canada, but it seems like most of
      favourite wrestlers come from there. Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and
      guy are certainly the top of that particular list. Is there a better
      pure wrestler around in sports entertainment today? Maybe Kurt Angle
      would have something to say about the matter, but he just doesn't
      the cool little sneer that makes Benoit does. `Tis the little
      that make up life after all, so give him the damn World Title
      After so many false starts he deserves it on merit alone.


      A lot of this column seems to be geared toward just how embarrassing
      some bookers have been, which I hope goes some way to showing just
      much WCW appreciated Eric Bischoff. Well, eventually they did. Okay,
      for a short while at least. After taking charge in 1993 as WCW become
      truly independent of the NWA, the company made a reported loss of $23
      million and when his good friend Hulk Hogan came on board, he seemed
      happy to let him do whatever the hell he wanted so he could make some
      of this money back. This included lame angles such as the Dungeon Of
      Doom and pushes for talentless friends of Hogan's, e.g. Hacksaw
      Duggan beating Steve Austin for the US Title. Ultimately of course,
      the overlooked talent like Austin would leave for the WWF, in most
      cases after Bischoff fired them by fax, and proved to be more
      profitable than Hogan & Friends, making Bischoff look like an idiot
      and causing him to come up with even more ludicrous gimmicks out of
      panic (Ric Flair in a mental asylum? Letting Scott Hall play an
      alcoholic onscreen just to get him back on the telly? Hummers? The
      list goes on and on…). Still,
      in-between there was a brief time when people thought he knew what he
      was doing as the nWo was created. Thinking about it now, Hogan simply
      had to turn heel as even the most ardent of Hulkamaniacs were
      beginning to tire of watching the same old shtick, but it still took
      balls to pull it off with such style. Unfortunately, instead of using
      this as a platform to push guys like Booker T and Chris Jericho to a
      higher level, he carried on with the same old pap in order to indulge
      his and Hogan's ego. Which is why we were subjected to The
      Warrior being brought in just so Hogan could avenge his WrestleMania
      VI loss, and a thoroughly embarrassing program between Bischoff and
      Ric Flair. Rumours persist about Bischoff starting his own wrestling
      promotion, but hopefully these will continue to be as unfounded as
      next Superman movie.


      If there were some kind of a sweepstake on who got the rough end of
      the stick from the WWF's Attitude era then Bossman would be going
      to head with Mark Henry over the prize. This is saying something
      considering he was at one time managed by Slick, but two incidents
      stand out the most. One involved an angle with Big Show, whose father
      was dying of cancer (much like he had in real-life a few years back,
      but wrestling's never been tactful). At this point in time,
      was a real mean bastard; so he did all the usual derogatory comments,
      phoney death announcements, fake tributes, stuff like that. Then he
      interrupted the funeral and dragged the coffin away. Right…
      I'm not
      sure if its worse than kidnapping Al Snow's dog, chucking it
      around a
      bit and then making him into a meal for Al, but it sure as hell
      equalled it in the bad taste-o-meter. Then to top it all off we had
      two of the most embarrassing matches ever – Big Show vs. Bossman
      the WWF World Title and the Kennel In A Cell match. Please, no more!


      Remember this guy? After Sting won his first NWA/WCW World Title,
      booker Ole Anderson came up with the idea of a mysterious masked
      wrestler from Sting's past coming into town and terrorising him,
      jealous of his success. Fair enough, but the way they presented the
      guy made it seem like he was Sting's old tag partner on the indy
      scene, The Ultimate Warrior, who just happened to be the WWF World
      Champion at the time! It gets worse though, as the man Ole really
      wanted to play the part – The Angel Of Death – ended up not
      with the company, so he ended up shoving jobber Al Perez under the
      mask until it was time to reveal who he was. It gets even worse than
      this though, as Ole decided the Scorpion should start playing mind
      games with Sting, so he started talking with a distorted voice
      supplied by Ole. I'm not talking about cool mind games like
      coming face to face with himself lying in a coffin either. I'm
      about stuff like taking a fan from the audience and turning him into
      tiger. Yes, you read right. Chilling! By the time the match at
      Starrcade '90 came around, there was still nobody to replace the
      jobber under the mask, so Ole's friend Ric Flair (the man Sting
      for the title) gamely stepped up to the task. And
      you thought Russo was a bad booker, huh? Tank Abbott as World
      sounds positively sane compared to this.


      A very simple process that you will see Triple H do on a PPV 9 times
      out of 10. Basically the wrestler hides himself from the view of as
      much of the audience as possible, goes off camera a little while,
      takes a small blade out from under a taped wrist or finger and
      nicks his forehead. His opponent then makes it look worse by
      on the wound before it closes, although they need to be careful the
      wound isn't too deep for obvious reasons that New Jack knows all
      well. It's pretty rare that blading on any other body part
      happens, or
      that a blood capsule is used, but you never know…


      The single greatest piss-take in the history of wrestling, this was
      ECW's answer to the overblown antics of the New World Order. With
      line-up that included Big Stevie Cool (Steven Richards), Da Blue Guy
      (The Blue Meanie), Hollywood Nova (Supernova), 7-11, Thomas "The
      Inchworm" Rodman and various members of Kaientai, you may well
      that its nothing more than a spoof, but its also what made Richards
      into a star of his own and not just somebody people would refer to as
      "Raven's Ralphus". In fact, he was even scheduled to win
      the ECW World
      Title with this gimmick before he signed for WCW in 1997. These days
      his gimmick generates just as much heat, only people hate him with
      passion they used to adore the bWo with, so hopefully he'll stay
      the big leagues this time around.


      Oh how this makes me chuckle… did you know that Ludvig Borga was
      scheduled to win the WWF World Title at WrestleMania X in order to
      help further Lex Luger's "Made In The USA" gimmick?
      However, like
      fellow shoot fighter Tank Abbott, he didn't get it. And, like
      Tank, we're all very glad about that. These days he's best
      for ending Tatanka's unbeaten run and, let's face it,
      that's hardly
      something to get worked up about. It's a shame to some extent
      as his gimmick could have worked if handled correctly (think
      Rhyno-meets-a-Finnish-Kaientai and you're about there). Anyway,
      he was
      eventually dropped due to a long-term ankle injury and went back to
      indy's and the shootfights.


      This guy was basically the WWF's version of a steroid-era
      Schwarzenegger in wrestling tights. Unfortunately, he was less
      charismatic than a Terminator and more people enjoyed watching Jingle
      All The Way than any of his matches. Hell, even after extensive
      training from the Hart family he still reeked. If only WCW had taken
      the same stance with Lex Luger…


      Originally a hard-hitting heel team called The Sheepherders, they
      signed by the WWF, persuaded to start licking people's heads, and
      rest is history. As Sean Mooney once described them, "Did you
      have a dog that really liked you?" Interestingly enough, they
      once drafted in as cousins of the Dudley's in ECW. Replay that
      in the WWF just now and they'd have a whale of a time with Albert
      Justin Credible's bald noggins.

      And so ends part two of the A2Z. Apologies if this column seems a bit
      rushed but to be honest it was written on Guinness power and the only
      reason you're even getting it is because I couldn't possibly
      comprehend doing actual work in the state I'm in. I'll be
      back with a
      proper column next week. Until then, take it easy.


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