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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #925

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey! Welcome to issue #925. We had a blast yesterday at the WM
      live coverage. Thanks for the two hundred people who joined and thanks
      to Lekisha, Chris, Jeff, Jude, Justin and Katie for helping out.

      Winners of the prizes will be mailed during the week. Now on with the


      Free Photography Contest! Your photo could win $10,000 1175 prizes
      totaling $60,000 to be awarded. All amateur photographers invited. The
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      - Texas fans were screaming their lungs out as Stone Cold regained the
      WWF title by aligning himself with Mr McMahon in the main event of one
      unbelievable night. The packed crowd, the huge set and the atmosphere at
      the Astrodome was simply electrifying as the WWF hit one big home run in
      the great state of Texas.

      The show opened with Jericho taking on Regal with Jericho getting the
      pin on the commissioner. Tazz & The Acolytes destroyed the RTC when
      Texas' own Bradshaw almost took Goodfather's head off his neck with the
      huge clothesline from hell. Raven lost his Hardcore title to Kane in a
      three way match with the Big Show. A fake room was set backstage where
      Raven was thrown in a glass window and Kane and Big Show entered in a
      separate room without using a door, yep, going straight through the fake
      wall. Raven, Show and Kane all flew off the stage later with Kane
      pinning Show.

      Guerrero with the help of the two remaining Radicals defeated Test for
      the Euro title. Chris Benoit and Angle fought in a 15 minute classic.
      The first five minutes was pure ameature wrestling with Benoit getting
      on top until Angle went to the dirty tricks. Angle won when he rolled up
      Benoit and hold on to his tights. Chyna squashed Ivory for the title in
      around 2 minutes. Bah. She looked hot! Vince and Shane tore up the
      house, with Shane missing a huge elbow drop from the top turnbuckle and
      on to the announcers' table. Daddy's little slut (with no bra on I might
      add) helped Vince move out. Trish slapped the heck out of Vinny Mac and
      afterwards Trish and Steph got in a cat fight. Steph slapped Foley and
      Shane as well. Linda, while in the ring, surprised Vince by standing up,
      kicking him in the nuts which Foley followed with a truck load of
      punches. Shane won after he put Vince in a corner with a trash can and
      dropkicked him from the other side of the ring. The move is called the
      Van Terminator, the signature move of Rob Van Dam. Amazing.

      Edge & Christian, Dudleys and Hardys beat the crap out of each other in
      the TLC II match. The whole thing looked like an Amtrak accident.
      Christian took the worst bump of the night after free falling from the
      top of the ladder and outside on the floor without touching the ropes or
      landing on a table. OUCH! Matt and Buh Buh took another crazy bump after
      Rhyno pushed their ladder and they fell in the aisle on four tables.
      HOLY! Jeff did the Swanton bomb on Spike and Rhyno from the 20 foot
      ladder. YIKES! And Edge speared the hell out of Jeff while hanging from
      the ring that was holding the titles. Awesome stunts. Lita also removed
      her shirt to reveal huge inflated breasts that looked bigger then
      ever...only to be 3Ded by the Dudleys afterwards. Jeff screwed up a spot
      when he was supposed to walk over four ladders but lost his balance and
      fell! E&C win thanks to the help from Rhyno.

      Bobby Heenan and Gene Okerlund returned to do commentary for the Gimmick
      Battle Royal. Heenan was smiling all the time and never looked so happy.
      He called Gene "Tony" by mistake. Oh man, that's sad! The rumble was the
      fastest one in the history of pro wrestling with Iron Sheik getting out
      on top after staying in the corner doing nothing. He can barely move his
      legs. Slaughter got the revenge afterwards by putting the cobra clutch
      on his former manager to a huge ovation from the crowd and several "USA"
      chants. Undertaker shed some blood in his match against HHH. The ref
      slept for 10 minutes after getting knocked by Taker. After the fight
      went in the production area, Taker chokeslammed the hell out of HHH all
      the way down. Looked nice, but then we discover that he landed on a huge
      cushion! EMTs rushed to the site to make the scene look even worse.
      Taker tombstoned HHH and then gave him one last ride to get the win and
      keeps his WM record alive.

      And in the final match, Austin won with the help of Mr McMahon, turning
      heel and still getting cheered by the Texas crowd. After nearly 30
      minutes of pure action, Austin beat the crap out of Rock with some
      twenty chair shots to the back, head and chest. McMahon continued to
      encourage Austin. Both superstars hit each other's signature moves.
      McMahon and Austin shook hands and drank beer after it was all over.

      - With over $3.5 million in gate money and surely close to a million if
      not more in merchandise, the WWF set an all time attendance record for
      any event held in the Houston Reliant Astrodome packing in 67,925 fans.
      Shots of the Astrodome from the top looked impressive. Heyman and Ross
      did commentary with Heyman having his best night since joining the WWF.
      The song 'My Way Or The Highway' by Limp Bizkit was blurring over the PA
      system most of the night to add the energy. Motorhead were also at WM
      performing Triple H's theme live. The best sign of the night? Well, two
      actually. The first goes to a fan who had the balls to do a sign that
      read "My Colon Hurts". Good job my friend. The second goes to the guy
      who held up a "Vince should buy Texas" sign. Hey, never say never.

      - The World Wrestling Federation and their WrestleMania sponsors managed
      to raise $100,000 that were donated to 'Make-A-Wish Foundation' and to
      the 'Houston Chronicle's Readers Are Leaders' campaign. Axxess sponsor
      Gallery Furniture donated $25,000 to the 'Make-A-Wish Foundation' while
      another $25,000 were raised during Axxess from auctions and donations.
      WWFE then donated $50,000 to the 'Houston Chronicle's Readers Are
      Leaders' campaign, a program that encourages reading and educate kids on
      current affairs. It's nice to see some money raised and go to such good
      causes, two thumbs up for the WWF.

      - Dave Scherer of 1wrestling.com reports that Undertaker needed an
      additional 6 staples to his head after last week he got fixed up with
      16. Taker got busted during his match with Triple H. Also Tazz suffered
      a concussion in the beginning of the six man tag match. After the match,
      Tazz went straight to the locker room and was vomiting in the shower.
      Who'd want to get washed in the same shower after that? Needless to say,
      Tazz did his spots and the match ended fine. The nine people who
      participated some way in the TLC match came out unharmed. Shane McMahon
      also suffered an injury to his eye in the beginning of the match when
      Vince hit him bad.

      - WWF.COM caught up with several participants who took part in the
      Gimmick Battle Royal, including the Iron Sheik, Tugboat, Earthquake,
      Steve Lombardi (Kimchee), Repo Man and others. They talk about the old
      times and how it's great to perform in front of such crowds. You can
      read it at http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1045669

      - Shane McMahon will be at WWF New York to host the RAW Is WAR party
      live from the Times Square entertainment complex. Looks like with this
      move the attention is off WCW for the moment to concentrate on Austin's
      heel turn, and actually try to make it work! What does he have to do to
      be a heel? He flips people, and they cheer, he beats on Rock, they
      cheer, he aligns with McMahon, they cheer....what's next?

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 14.00, a 4.79% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13.20 - 14.00.


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      - A few WCW stars appeared at WrestleMania yesterday during the
      Shane/Vince confrontation. Ms Hancock, Hugh Morrus, Mike Awesome, Lance
      Storm, Sean Stasiak, Chavo Jr and the Thrillers were sitting in the
      Skybox cheering on Shane. When Shane gave his new buds a 'shout out'
      before the match, the Texas crowd welcomed the WCW stars with a chorus
      of boos. Welcome to the WWF. I'm sure they were impressed on how to
      actually put a PPV!

      - No WCW stars are expected to be on RAW tonight as Dave Meltzer reports
      that everyone who was in attendance for last night's WrestleMania was
      flown back to home earlier today. Besides Shane is hosting the RAW party
      from WWFNY so it doesn't make much sense to have them when he's not


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