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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #924

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
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      Pre order Mick Foley's new book! - http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      It's finally here, WrestleMania Sunday! We'll be bringing you live
      coverage of this event tonight. Check out the WWF news section for more
      information how you can be a part of this special night.

      See ya there!


      BMW. Suzuki. Triumph. Harley. eBay Motors.


      - Live from the Houston Reliant Astrodome in Houston, TX., the World
      Wrestling Federation presents the biggest wrestling event of the year -
      WrestleMania X-Seven! Here's the current card:

      Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock for the WWF Heavyweight title;
      Triple H vs The Undertaker; Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon in a street
      fight; Dudley Boyz defend their Tag Team Titles against Hardy Boyz and
      Edge & Christian in TLC II match; Chris Jericho vs William Regal for the
      Intercontinental Title; Chris Benoit takes on Kurt Angle; Raven vs Big
      Show vs Kane for the Hardcore Title; Chyna goes one on one against Ivory
      for the Women's Title; Test defends his European Title against Eddie
      Guerrero; Tazz teams with the Acolytes to take on Right To Censor; and
      the Gimmick Battle Royal.

      Wrestling-Online.com will have free real-time live coverage of this
      event starting at 8PM EST. Please join EARLY due to connection problems
      you may encounter. For more information on how you can join us, check
      out our LIVE section at http://www.livewrestlingppv.com (or
      wrestling-online.com/live). You can join via mIRC, which can be
      downloaded from our LIVE website. The web based chatroom won't be
      available for this month's PPV. For those of you who joined us before,
      same server, same channel, that's Undernet #pay-per-view.

      Tonight we will have several prizes during the text broadcast. Thanks to
      our sponsors WWFBelts.com, Attitude Tees, Advanced Graphics, The
      Wrestling Megastore, Keepsakes-Etc, Athletic Expressions, Wrestlers'
      Formula, Danbury Mint Sports and KOCH Entertainment, we will have the
      following up for grabs: A Rock t-shirt, a Steve Austin t-shirt, an
      Undertaker t-shirt, a Chris Jericho t-shirt, a Shawn Michaels lifesize
      standup, WWF Attitude 67" x 46" afghan, The Rock Gold Card, Power
      Vitamins from Wrestlers' Formula, 5 'WWF Music Volume 5' albums and the
      ultimate prize, an exact replica of Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Smoking
      Skull" title belt worth $199.

      But remember folks, if you don't join us there ain't no way you're gonna
      win! It doesn't matter where you are from, everyone can participate in
      our contests!

      - Tonight's WrestleMania will be aired live in the following countries
      apart from the US & Canada on pay-per-view. In Australia on MainEvent,
      Bahamas on Cable Bahamas, Bermuda on Bermuda Cable, South Africa and
      other 44 African countries on MNET, Virgin Islands on St Croix Cable TV,
      Puerto Rico on most cable providers and in the United Kingdom on SKY
      Sports 1. Other 170 countries will receive it on tape delay.

      - WWF.COM caught up with former WWF personality Lord Alfred Hayes who's
      at Axxess as a guest of the WWF. You can read the whole interview at


      G E T Y O U R W W F L I F E S I Z E S T A N D U P !
      "Who doesn't want a color, LIFE-SIZE STANDUP of their favorite
      professional wrestler? The Standups are very life-line and
      even come with an optional pre-recorded, motion-activated
      voice box containing each wrestler's most popular sayings.
      Prices are $24.95 each and $39.95 with the pre-recorded voice box.
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      - WCW.COM is in it's early stages of a make over. The front page has
      already been changed with also an e-mail for fans to send in suggestions
      for the 'new WCW'. WWF advertisements as well as WWF copyright
      information links are seen on the site as well. There's still a link to
      the old site since nothing else has been uploaded. The domain WCW.COM is
      still registered under Turner Entertainment Group.


      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      The Granddaddy of them all, the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania
      weekend. All the stops, all the excitement, and all the storylines end
      and begin here. This very night. Most of the wrestlers dream of making
      it to WrestleMania and being the main event. It was Mick Foley’s dream
      to be in the main event at WrestleMania, and last year he accomplished
      that dream. Whose dream will be fulfilled this year?

      Usually during this momentous occasion, I drag out the Swami hat and
      figure who’s going to win and why. But even though today is one of those
      days, let’s get comfortable. As I write this there are ten matches and
      one battle royal set and ready to go.

      So, the swami’s first match is the six-man tag team match with Tazz and
      APA versus the Right to Censor. The magic crystal ball says that to try
      again..oh okay mister eightball..okay one quick shake. Too much dust.
      All right there it goes. The magic eight
      thinks that Tazz and the APA will win. I think I may agree with this
      thing. The Right to Censor has had slight problems over the past couple
      weeks. So, I think there may be dissention in the ranks. Winner: Tazz
      and APA.

      Match two, oh swami, is the gimmick battle royal. And the magic
      eightball says no answer. Well, it may be right. There are too many
      people and too many gimmicks, but my personal favorite has to be
      Hillbilly Jim. I like his style, even though he looks like my grandpa.
      Unless there happens to be more surprises, that’s my pick.

      Next up the European Championship. Okay the swami has left the building.
      Stupid thing. Okay, I’ll pick. Between Test and Eddie Guerrero, I would
      have to pick Test for strength and Eddie for speed. The whole thing is
      kind of a step down for Eddie, but I pick
      Eddie. I would rather see Test go up in the rankings of the WWF. So,
      Eddie for this match.

      Women’s championship match. My pick would have to be Ivory. I know that
      Chyna is coming back from a “neck” injury, or should I say book tour.
      Chyna has a weight and height advantage over Ivory, but I would rather
      have Ivory with the belt. Chyna has been to the big dance and she has
      seen Intercontinental gold. She can hold and defend that belt anytime
      and against anyone. She is one tough lady. So, my pick is still going to
      be Ivory.

      Raven, Kane and Big Show’s title match is next. I am going to pick Raven
      for this belt. With the disagreements between Show and Kane over the
      past couple of weeks, I see them fighting against each other instead of
      fighting Raven. And if I was Raven, stay out of the way. You have two
      big men with big tempers and know how to swing that garbage can. So
      Raven, bring Frankie to the ring and have a good match.

      Okay, Benoit and Angle are next up. The whole powertrip of who can
      submit and who can put on those holds is going down to these two men. My
      money is on Benoit. He has more submission moves in his bag than the
      crossface. But as far as I have seen, Angle only
      has the Shamrock flashback of the angle hold. But I would rather see
      Chris Benoit with that win. Angle has had a lot given to him over the
      past several months. Let’s hope that this win is not one of them.
      My pick: Benoit.

      Halfway through..okay. Next is the Intercontinental championship match
      with Jericho and Regal. If this match is going to be similar to the last
      match that these two entertainers had back in WCW, my money is on
      Jericho. However, Regal has been in this business for a LONG time. He’s
      only in his mid- to early 30s and has been wrestling for over fifteen
      years. He’s got that experience under his belt, so to speak. But Jericho
      has youth, speed and agility in his corner. So, I am picking Jericho for
      the title. However, Chris, watch your back for flying teapots.

      TLC II. All I can say about this match is that if it’s anywhere like the
      first one, I’m going to need a powerbar after it. The last Tables,
      Ladders and Chairs match was incredible. I don’t think I’m going to pick
      a winner for this one. My only idea is that
      all of the competitors of this match walk out in one piece and not on a
      stretcher. I’ll let you all have your own picks for this match, while my
      winner idea stays quiet.

      Father vs. Son in a street fight with the King of Hardcore as the
      referee. I don’t know about this one. There’s too much politics and too
      much ego associated with this match. Rumors have been flying that Mick
      will turn on Shane and help out Vince. I am unsure of
      this and will not speculate. But Shane still has youth to his advantage;
      however, I am going to pick Shane for this match. This way Shane can
      continue on with the storyline of WCW and WWF. So winner: Shane.

      “I’m gonna make you famous.” Quote the ‘Taker, honey, Trip’s already
      famous. As you can tell, Triple H versus the Undertaker is next. ‘Taker
      is the veteran here, but Trip is really that good. I have a leaning to
      ‘Taker, but my pick is HHH. He is that good at
      selling and so is Undertaker. It’s going to be interesting with this
      match, Stephanie’s “dark husband” vs. her “current husband”. Even
      though Stephanie may not be a problem with this match, watch out for
      her. So my pick is HHH.

      And finally, the last match. Steve Austin vs. The Rock. Here’s my side
      of the story for this one. First off, Steve hasn’t had the belt in a
      while and Rock’s fixing to start making his movie. So, from the writer’s
      point of view, put Rock on the shelf and have
      him pass the belt to Steve. This way there is a champion that can
      defend the belt and still work. Plus Rock will not have to drop the belt
      on a RAW or on a SmackDown. He passes it at WrestleMania. Classic.
      Simple. Too the point. My pick: Steve Austin.

      That’s my take on WrestleMania. Even though this Sunday is going to be a
      LONG one, I’m ready to take on WrestleMania. Let’s bring it on. Make
      sure everyone comes to the play by play if you aren’t getting the show,
      even if you are, come on in anyway and try for
      the prizes this year. They are better than ever and that Smokin’ Skull
      belt alone is worth it. I’ve seen pictures of this thing and I want one
      to hang on the wall. But there will also be a ton of prizes for this pay
      per view. Come on in, hang with us a while, see what all the crazy folks
      we love from our newsletter are going to say and go for the gold, belt
      that is.

      As for the question of the week in the last issue. “Who do you think
      would show up at WrestleMania?” Well the response was incredible. Thank
      you to everyone who wrote in and I actually got back to everyone, I
      think. If not, I apologize. But here are the results. Goldberg won by a
      landslide with Scott Steiner, Sting and HBK second and Booker T, Randy
      Savage and Eric Bischoff in third.

      Thanks for all the letters and thanks to everyone. Write in your
      questions, comments or anything to lekisha@...

      This week’s question of the week is going to be send in your comments
      about the pay-per-view. What you thought about it and any comments you
      may have about
      it. Send them to lekisha@...

      As for this week, I have a long night ahead of me and I hope to see
      everyone in the chat room. Stay safe and unless I talk with ya on the
      chat room, have a good week.


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