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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #923

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We're one day away from the biggest wrestling event in the yearly sports
      entertainment calendar. For those of you not fortunate enough to get it
      on PPV, we will be doing our live coverage as always and also give you a
      chance to win some great prizes.

      Our new dedicated server is up and we're uploading like craaaazy!
      Hopefully the new site will be launched next week and here's hoping
      there's no downtime during the transition.

      Back tomorrow.


      BMW. Suzuki. Triumph. Harley. eBay Motors.


      - Only one show went on sale this morning. Smackdown! tapings in
      Indianapolis, IN., at the Conseco Fieldhouse on Tuesday May 1st. Tickets
      are priced $40, $30, $25 and $20. To order call on (317) 239-5151 or
      else visit Ticketmaster.com

      - WWF.COM obtained exclusive comments from two former WWF personalities
      Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan who surprised visitors at WWF Axxess
      yesterday. Both of them have been absent from the WWF for years and this
      weekend they are in Houston as guests for WrestleMania X-Seven. To read
      the interview check out http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1045560 .
      Speaking of guests, Lord Alfred Hayes is also at Axxess as a guest.

      - Two more stars have been added to the gimmick battle royal for
      tomorrow's WrestleMania. These are WWF manager Jim Cornette and former
      WWF Lightheavyweight champion Gillberg! Yep folks, Gillberg is returning
      for one more WWF match!

      - At 6:15PM EST, Paul Heyman and Trish Stratus will be at WWF Axxess and
      on WWF.COM for the live broadcast. Two additional broadcasts will be
      done today on WWF.COM at 8:15PM EST and 9:45PM EST. Windows Media Player
      is needed to view WWF Axxess.


      G E T Y O U R W W F L I F E S I Z E S T A N D U P !
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      voice box containing each wrestler's most popular sayings.
      Prices are $24.95 each and $39.95 with the pre-recorded voice box.
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      - Dave Meltzer of the Observer reports that around ten of the WCW
      wrestlers whose contracts were picked up by the WWF were told to pack
      their bags, put their wrestling attire and title belt if they have one
      and go to Houston for WrestleMania. Meltzer says that all are supposed
      to have meetings with Jim Ross prior to the event.

      > DDP TALKS
      - In his latest 'State Of The Union Address', Diamond Dallas Page talked
      about the WWF purchasing WCW from AOL Time Warner. "Obviously, WWF
      Entertainment is up. They have taken over WCW. When WCW finally comes
      back on TV under the reign of Shane McMahon, I think the real winners
      will be the wrestling fans. There will be an endless array of
      possibilities and I look forward to watching them unfold," said the
      former WCW champion. DDP didn't talk about if he would take the release
      and join the WWF for less money.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      There’s a magic about WrestleMania, something that excites me, something
      that gets my mojo going. If you know what I mean, its very difficult to
      explain. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. I got into
      wrestling in 1992, and WrestleMania VIII was the one with The Ultimate
      Warrior’s run in, which I popped for big time. I can still quote that
      Hogan vs. Sid match word for word. Ever since I’ve had the WM bug and
      springtime I’m always thrilled to know WrestleMania is right around the

      This year is absolutely no exception. There is an excellent line up
      waiting for us. I for one am looking forward to the event and I promise
      you I am not being paid by the WWF to say all this. I expect to see
      solid performances from the TLC boyz, Benoit, Angle, HHH, Austin, Regal
      and Jericho. The card is so deeply strong!

      Here's my take on the matches: -

      Tazz & APA vs. RTC :- This is really just the 'extra'/'bonus' match. I'd
      much rather have seen Crash, Malenko or Saturn in a bonus match. I just
      see this match as an excuse to put as many midcarders on the card as
      possible. I don't really care for this match,
      but anyway, Tazz & APA will probs pick up the victory.

      Ivory vs. Chyna :- Chyna's return, don't get me started bitchin' about
      her. Her book is one of the most nauseating pieces of literature I've
      ever had the mispleasure to peruse. She is also allegedly responsible
      for getting The Kat fired and consequently responsible
      for Lawler's departure, believe that if you will, I'm not sure what to
      believe. Anyway, surely Ivory can't get the win over Chyna again, maybe
      she can with the help of Steven Richards, but I reckon "The One" Billy
      Gunn will be Chyna's equaliser (seeing as he's not involved elsewhere on
      the card). Chyna to win.

      Gimmick Battle Royal :- I am really looking forward to this match. Like
      a lot of net columnists, I really get off on wrestling nostalgia, so
      this bout has caught my
      imagination. I can't wait to see the Bushwhackers, Doink, Duke etc. I
      can't help but feel we may see a wee surprise or two in this match, I
      originally thought Hulk Hogan, it is possible, but I can't see him
      coming in during a comedy match. I just hope they give
      all the wrestlers entrances, cos I'd love to see the Bushwhackers lick
      some people - or maybe I wouldn't. I reckon the unadvertised surprise
      mystery wrestler will win.

      Test vs. Eddie Guerrero :- I'm actually looking forward to this too.
      Test, despite his critics, is a good performer, in my view. Remember its
      my view and I'm entitled to
      it. Eddie Guerrero could carry Bushwhacker Luke to a good match. So
      this, if they are given enough ring time could be a stonker. Although it
      has been poorly built up,
      I see Test getting the win, in order to try and build him for a future
      push. What would be the point in Eddie winning? Then he'd be in exactly
      the same position he was a year ago. If he does the job, he can move
      onto a new angle, and perhaps bigger things.

      Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit :- Benoit's face push begins. This match
      will hopefully be at least a 20 minute display of technical expertise.
      Will Radicalz, Saturn and Malenko, get involved, they aren't involved
      elsewhere, and they are stars who deserve to be involved, but anyway...
      . It could be a showstealer and could be Benoit's chance to shine once
      more. Ditto Angle. I think Benoit will pull off the victory.

      Shane vs. Vince :- Rumours flying everywhere over whether or not Booker
      T or Ric Flair or some other WCW character will show up, this endangers
      the main event, as it could be argued that there is more interest in
      this match than the Rock/Austin clash. I don't think this match will be
      up to much, though Simba may make it worthwhile to some extent. I think
      Shane will score the victory, hopefully with a little help from his

      Triple H vs. Undertaker :- Contrary to what other columnists online say,
      I believe that this match has been pretty well built up. I didn’t think
      this match would really interest me when I first heard it was happening,
      but the way it has developed has caught my imagination. However, Triple
      has reportedly not jobbed on a PPV since 1996, so I can’t see him losing
      to the Taker.

      Raven vs. Big Show vs. Kane :- Although this match has been gradually
      built, I’d rather have seen Raven take on someone truly hardcore. This
      bout does not particularly excite me, but I suppose Raven and Kane
      should be able to create a good match. I think Raven
      will somehow sneak the victory, HURRAH!

      TLC 2 :- Or Showstealer Once More, as some people are calling it. This
      HAS to be these three teams swantonsong (geddit? Hehe). They have been
      warring for the last 18 months, so it is about time at least 2 of the 3
      premiere teams were split to see how they fare on the singles circuit
      (I’d keep Dudleys together). I have no doubt that Rhino, Spike and Lita
      will get involved making it a 9 (wo)man event. Maybe Jerry Lynn will
      show up also, who knows. I think the Dudleys will hang on to the belts.

      Chris Jericho vs. William Regal :- This match has the potential to be a
      match of the year also, which is why this card is so rich, there are so
      many excellent matches. The buildup has seen typical Jericho antics
      which would naturally leave a true gentleman like Regal feeling somewhat
      besmirched. I don’t care who wins as I’m a mark for both men, but I tip
      Regal via screwjob – he is the commish after all.

      Steve Austin vs. The Rock :- So its come down to this, a repeat of 2
      years ago that has been overshadowed by the McMahon saga. However, I
      truly believe that both the these men will deliver. It may be a rerun,
      but repeats can be entertaining. The Rock can wrestle when he wants to
      and usually delivers at WrestleMania, Austin has displayed some of his
      old wrestling talent in the last few months, both can brawl, and both
      can ‘tell the story’ with effect. It may not be the match I’m looking
      forward to most, but hey, it could just be an excellent matchup.

      So that’s WrestleMania, I’m planning on having a WrestleMania party.
      Well, some friends and I are going out to a bar to watch the F1
      Brazilian Grand Prix, go to a karaoke thingy, getting drunk, getting
      pizza, then coming back for the premiere event in the world of sports
      entertainment. It should be a good day. If you have any thoughts on my
      column, email me at andrew.bulik@... and I’ll do my
      best to reply. I hope you enjoy the 17th installment of the best event
      in wrestling.


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