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  • Colin Vassallo
    Jan 15, 2014
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      Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Issue #4072

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      It was sad to wake up to the news of the death of Mae Young. She was a
      trooper and allowing Bubba Ray to powerbomb her through a table not once,
      but twice, years ago on WWE TV I guess speaks volumes. I still laugh
      watching the clip of her calling Lay-Cool “sluts” on the Old School RAW a
      while back, obviously not realizing that you can’t call someone a slut on
      a PG-rated show. But she was part of some outrageous television. Her
      delivery of the “I’ll have what they’re having” line during the
      Kane/Daniel Bryan diner skit still makes me smile and WWE really put a
      great tribute video of her which I strongly suggest you watch. Link is
      below in the news.

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      - WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young has passed away yesterday at the age of 90,
      days after she was taken off life support and placed under hospice care at
      her residence in Columbia, South Carolina. Young’s career started in 1939
      and two years later introduced female wrestling in Canada. In 1968 she
      became the first United States Women’s champion for the NWA. Her WWE
      career didn’t start until 1999 when she appeared with her friend Fabulous
      Moolah on an episode of Smackdown, where she ended up in a figure four leg
      lock thanks to Jeff Jarrett. She wrestled at the Survivor Series that year
      and at the Rumble in 200 she shocked the world when she removed her top
      during the Miss Royal Rumble segment. Later it was revealed that Young was
      indeed wearing prosthesis and didn’t actually expose her chest to millions
      of people. Perhaps her most famous storyline came with Mark Henry when she
      gave birth to a rubber hand, an angle which is sometimes still mentioned.
      Showing the tough woman she is, Young agreed to participate in an angle
      with the Dudley Boyz where she was power bombed through a table twice. She
      had made several appearances for WWE over the past decade and her last
      appearance was at the Old School RAW in March 2013 where she was
      celebrating her birthday. When the show was over, Vince McMahon and Triple
      H presented Mae Young a replica of the Divas title as a birthday present.
      You can see the very touching tribute that WWE did on Young at

      - Tributes for the great Mae Young started pouring in on Twitter as soon
      as WWE.COM made the official announcement that the Hall of Famer had
      passed away. "There will never be another Mae Young," said WWE Chairman
      and CEO Vince McMahon in a message on WWE.COM. "Her longevity in sports
      entertainment may never be matched, and I will forever be grateful for all
      of her contributions to the industry. On behalf of WWE, I extend our
      sincerest condolences to her family and friends." Vince also posted a
      photo of him hugging Young during her last birthday with a message on
      Twitter saying, “Thanks for the memories Mae. We loved you.” McMahon’s
      daughter Stephanie, who Young always said she want to wrestle when she
      hits 100 also wrote a message of condolences. “A true pioneer and legend
      has passed tonight. Long live the memory of my friend and @WWE Hall of
      Famer.” Triple H, who along with Vince McMahon presented Young a replica
      Divas title for her birthday last year wrote, “Thank you for your example
      to my girls on how to get all you want out of life!” The Rock, who shared
      a kiss on the lips with Young during an episode of RAW also called her a
      pioneer. “She's a wrestling pioneer. I truly had deep affection & respect
      for "Aunty Mae" Young. RIP.” Rock attached a photo of him hugging Mae with
      his message. Mark Henry is probably best known for his angle with Young,
      where the two had a “baby hand” in one of the most outrageous and funny
      angles during the Attitude Era. “Johnnie Mae as I knew her was part of my
      wrestling family. She will be missed as much a anyone I've ever known!
      Lots of people are calling Mae a diva. She was a WRESTLER an a damn good
      one. Wow I'm still in shock, what a kick in the stones,” he wrote. Fellow
      Hall of Famer Jim Ross called her an inspiration to all in his tweet. “The
      legendary Johnnie Mae Young has passed. The Oklahoman lead an amazing
      life. Her mental/physical toughness is an inspiration to all. RIP” Several
      other current and former WWE Superstars and Divas also praised Young in
      their tweets, showing the love and respect they had to their friend.

      - According to several reports, Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion during
      his steel cage match with Bray Wyatt against the Usos on RAW. While
      WWE.COM has not put up any notice of the concussion like they have been
      doing for anyone who suffers one, rumors are that Bryan had trouble
      remembering most of what happened in his match, indicating that his
      concussion is probably more serious that initially thought. Bryan will
      have to under go the company’s ImPACT concussion test before he is given a
      timeline on when he can return to compete. He now joins Dolph Ziggler on
      the sidelines with a concussion.

      - Monday Night RAW this week did 4,404,000 viewers, down half a million
      from last week’s Old School edition of RAW. The show had a 3.12 rating
      overall. Hour one pulled 4,399,000 viewers followed by 4,598,000 in the
      second, and 4,214,000 in the third and final hour. (Ratings compiled by
      Nielsen Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - TMZ caught up with the Hulkster in New York and asked him about the
      Ultimate Warrior being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan acted like
      he didn’t know that WWE announced Warrior’s name and then said, “Good
      choice for the Hall of Fame. He’s a good man.” Hogan and Warrior have
      quite a long and bad history together and Hogan was on the receiving end
      of a harsh commentary by the Ultimate Warrior a couple of years ago which
      he delivered via an online video. Warrior often claimed that he was
      brought into WCW so Hulk Hogan could get his win over him in return for
      Hogan jobbing for him at WrestleMania VI in Toronto. Hogan got that
      pinball on Warrior at Halloween Havoc 98 in probably one of the worst
      matches in professional wrestling history. You can see the TMZ video at

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