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  • Colin Vassallo
    Nov 7, 2013
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      Thursday, November 7, 2013 Issue #4031

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Hello everyone. Have an extra ticket for this Monday¹s RAW in Manchester,
      England. The face value price is 40GBP. If you¹re interested, let me know.
      I will be going to the show and I leave for Manchester tomorrow. I wasn¹t
      flying particularly for the show, but since I¹ll be in the area, why not!

      Going to WrestleMania XXX? Stay with us at
      The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans and benefit from a
      special price! Limited rooms: http://w-o.it/wmxxx

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      > RAW RATING
      - Monday Night RAW this week did 3,888,000 viewers with a 2.75 rating,
      down 268,000 viewers from last week¹s show. Hour one did 4,069,000
      viewers, followed by 3,951,000 in the second, and way down to 3,643,000
      viewers in the third and final hour. Ouch! (Ratings compiled by Nielsen
      Media Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - WWE Studios¹ The Marine 3: Homefront will start airing in the United
      Kingdom this weekend, starting on Friday, November 8 and will have a total
      of 20 showings up until November 11 on Sky. The third installment of The
      Marine franchise has The Miz in the leading role, a role which was
      originally going to Randy Orton before the U.S. Marine Corps objected to
      the role due to Orton¹s past in the military. The Marine 3: Homefront was
      released in March 2013 straight-to-DVD and had a production cost of $1.5
      million. It will be airing on Sky Premiere HD, Sky Premiere, and Sky
      Premiere +1.

      - WWE will be holding a WrestleMania XXX on-sale party on November 15 at
      the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Champions Square, a 121,000 square foot
      outdoor venue which is right in front of the massive Superdome. WWE Divas
      Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox, along with WWE Superstars Sheamus, Mark Henry, Rey
      Mysterio, and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Mick Foley, and Jimmy Hart are
      all scheduled to appear. The event starts at 5PM and will go on till 9PM
      local time. All those scheduled to appear will be signing autographs and
      participate in Q&A sessions. Tickets for WrestleMania XXX will be sold,
      with tickets going on sale to the general public the next day.
      Complimentary parking will be available in Garage 1.

      - Just two days into his one month fundraiser to help him pay for his
      shoulder surgery, WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan managed to get all
      the money needed to cover the costs. On November 5, Duggan posted an
      Indiegogo.com fundraising effort to come up with $6,500 to help him pay
      for shoulder surgery. The WWE Hall of Famer is suffering from a torn
      rotator cuff in his right shoulder and is in desperate need of surgery.
      ³Without this surgery Hacksaw is severely limited in his range of motion
      and his ability to perform in the ring, which to this day is still his
      livelihood,² says the summary on the page. Hacksaw hoped to raise $6,500
      to completely fund the shoulder surgery but as of this writing, over
      $7,500 have been raised with 28 days left in the campaign. In return of a
      donation, Duggan will be sending out perks including 8x10 autographed
      photos, a personal phone call, a t-shirt, a Skype video call, and one
      night stay at DDP¹s Accountability Crib which Diamond Dallas Page donated.
      All perks will be fulfilled in April 2014. You can check out the campaign
      page and an emotional video from Hacksaw at

      - The former ³world champion² that Dixie Carter has been promoting on
      social networks that is coming back to Impact tonight ended up being Adam
      ³Pac Man² Jones, the NFL¹s Cincinnati Bengals cornerback. Jones worked for
      TNA in 2007 when he was on a one year suspension from the NFL although due
      to contract issues he couldn¹t wrestle for the company even though he was
      part of the Team Pacman tag team with Ron Killings. He held the TNA tag
      team titles after Consequences Creed replaced him in their match against
      Sting and Kurt Angle. He left the company in October of the same year.
      Jones is still playing for the Bengals in the NFL so it¹s not sure how
      long his return will be for or what he will be allowed to do. Carter
      announced his return in a video as part of the #Impact365 initiative.


      By Mike Lano

      Roland was in good spirits for his promotion (APW's) biggest show of the
      year a week ago Saturday that was masterfully booked and just tremendous.
      He had been - as he had for months - involved in an angle with heel
      "company take over guy who'd returned from 1999 to 'screw Roland and APW'
      in Shane Dynasty who brought in Vinnie Massaro's longtime PNWest tag
      partner in JD/Big Ugly for the very first time to APW. JD and Roland
      legit had some major heat and Roland and Shane D were actually booked to
      do my radio show tonight.

      Now we will pay tribute to a guy who was a longtime Shire fan, historian
      and who just loved the biz. I remember when I'd come up from L.A., it was
      Dave Meltzer, Roland and Eddie Moretti sitting taking notes, etc., back in
      the 70's while I shot ringside some amazing shows. Eddie later became a
      ref for Shire before his major Moondog Moretti character/worker tribute to
      his fave worker in Lonnie Mayne. Roland used Eddie whenever possible and
      whenever Eddie was down here from Oregon.

      More later but Roland had his faults as we all do. But he had a very big
      heart, really was sharp on the biz, misunderstood often and a great guy.
      For those who only knew of him as "a top heel" in Beyond the Mat, there
      was far more to Roland and he'd been a fan attending Roy Shires Cow Palace
      cards (and "club" house shows like in San Jose by John Swenski who was
      Shire's "policeman") dating back to I believe 1969 or 1970 at the

      He often named some of the students his boys trained at APW Boot Camp
      after some of his Shire faves with last names from Paul DeMarco (Vennis
      DeMarco), someone new named after Funk trainee from Amarillo in T John
      Tibbeadeaux who Dave will remember had that famous 6 man at Shire's 2nd to
      last battle royal: babies Funks and TJT vs heels Bruiser Brody/Gene
      Kiniski and Easy Ed Wiskowski who later became Col. DeBeers! Roland
      started APW then known as Pacific Coast Sports circa '94, '95 and had his
      first house show in Modesto the following year with Mike Modest, Donovan
      Morgan, Frank Murdoch, Big Mike Diamond, Matt (Spike Dudley) Hyson,
      Leprachaun Erin O'Grady aka Mike Lockwood aka Crash Holly, Super Diablo
      and Joe "Pogo" Applebaumer.

      Roland and APW began those stars plus really broke in Melissa Anderson,
      Sara Del Ray (who then went with Modest/Morgan to their break-off
      Noah-affiliated promotion Iron and it's school in 2001), Dhalip Great
      Khali Singh, etc.

      Everyone and everyone was ring announcer and I believe Roland started with
      the best in longtime Roy Shire ring announcer from '73 on who also
      made/distributed Roy's programs in Allan Bolte who still announces for
      local BTW. Longtime fan Ron Hed who I believe still is in Ohio Valley but
      who along with Jeff JR Benson and Jeff's then girlfriend Stacy Goff moved
      to the area in hopes of landing jobs at Corny's SMW. Ron did because he's
      good on the mike, Stacy also good at promos and became Synn a heel manager
      for Corny who later married Jimmy!

      Jeff is also great at promos in his heel manager JR Benson character but
      not sure if he managed there. They were the nucleus of the NorCal humor
      promotion/wrestling parody Extremely Strange Wrestling. Stacy's sister
      who did valet/wrestling in APW had the famous lesbian angle with Gina
      Filbert (Miss Gina) at one major Gym Wars extravaganza with Modest, Steve
      Rizzono and Vic/TJ Grimes who later went to ECW, and the latter 3 had that
      famous match that went outside and up and down the business park which APW
      Dojo is located at in Hayward, California near Oakland and San Jose.
      Almost any RAW or SmackDown TV had APW workers used in angles with
      Bautista, as Druids for Taker, jobbers, beyond the old "dark match

      Roland was very active with Cauliflower Alley, attending every year in the
      80's thru 00's and the first few CAC wrestling shows were run by APW in
      the locker room before a falling out with then APW booker Gabe R who later
      took over for one or two CAC shows under his Revolution banner.

      Just totally bummed to hear we lost him yesterday. He often talked
      privately about his sleep narcolepsy ailment which scared him because he
      could fall asleep anywhere and without warning including behind the wheel
      so he stopped driving for a time and had sought treatment over the years.
      He had sleep apnea as well he said and often felt "tired." He'd lost a
      lot of weight over the years, but believe his heart had suffered.

      In any case, this is a tremendous tremendous loss.

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