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  • Colin Vassallo
    Sep 16, 2013
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      Monday, September 16, 2013 Issue #4003

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      So WWE fans voted for Booker T as the greatest World Heavyweight champion
      of all time? Really? Really? Really? I mean no disrespect to Booker T and
      he was a great champion and all that but there's no way he's the best man
      to hold the big gold. Ric Flair? Hello? And D-Generation X as the best tag
      team champs of all time? Again, really? What about the Road Warriors, Hart
      Foundation, Demolition?

      If you're reading this and you voted for Booker or DX please tell me what
      you're smokingŠŠso I make sure I don't get the same product! :)

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      - Here are the results from last night¹s Night of Champions 2013
      pay-per-view which took place from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit,
      Michigan. In the kickoff match, Prime Time Players defeated The Usos, 3MB,
      Tons of Funk, and Real Americans to become the number one contenders for
      the tag team titles; Curtis Axel defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the
      Intercontinental title; AJ Lee defeated Natalya, Brie Bella, and Naomi to
      retain the Divas title; Rob Van Dam defeated Alberto Del Rio via
      disqualification with Del Rio retaining the World Heavyweight title; The
      Miz defeated Fandango; The Shield defeated Prime Time Players to retain
      the Tag Team titles; CM Punk defeated Curtis Axel but then lost to Paul
      Heyman in an elimination handicap match; Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph
      Ziggler to retain the U.S. title; Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton to win
      the WWE title.

      - During the Night of Champions pay-per-view, WWE held six votes to
      determine who are the greatest champions of all time and one particular
      result sparked some debate online. Trish Stratus was voted as the greatest
      Divas or Women's champ with 56% of the votes, followed by Lita at 29%,
      Moolah at 8%, Michelle McCool at 6%, and Wendi Richter at 1%. D-Generation
      X got the nod for the greatest Tag Team champs of all time with 47% of
      votes. Legion of Doom came second with 32%, Hart Foundation with 17%,
      British Bulldogs with 3% and the Wild Samoans with 1%. The greatest United
      States champion of all time went to current TNA Superstar Sting with 53%.
      Ricky Steamboat was at 24%, Sgt Slaughter with 12%, Harley Race with 9%,
      and Bobo Brazil with 2%. Chris Jericho won the greatest Intercontinental
      champion vote with a massive 63%, the highest of any vote. Mr Perfect came
      second with 24%, Honky Tonk Man at 10%, Rick Rude at 2%, and Pat Patterson
      with 1%. The one that created most controversy was the winner of the
      greatest World Heavyweight champion of all time which Booker T won with
      38%. He came above Edge at 22%, The Undertaker at 21%, Ric Flair at 14%,
      and Batista at 5%. And the big one, the greatest WWE champion of all time
      went to another TNA star, Hulk Hogan, who won with 55% of the votes. Steve
      Austin was a distant second at 16%, John Cena with 13%, CM Punk with 12%,
      and Triple H with 4%.

      - The Dolphins1925 Reddit user pay-per-view streak has been broken as he
      called one of the two matches he spoiled wrong, his first time since the
      Elimination Chamber show back in February of this year. "Alberto Del Rio
      will defeat Rob Van Dam," he wrote before the match started. Eventually
      Del Rio lost via disqualification but kept the World Heavyweight title.
      "Alberto Del Rio was the loser. There is no justifying that selection. My
      source was wrong. He believes it was changed on a fly during the match and
      only a handful of individuals knew about it. In other words, WWE has done
      its job," Dolphins1925 wrote in a post on Reddit. He previously guessed
      correctly the winner of the Divas match and later revealed that his source
      told him the other winners were scheduled to be Dean Ambrose, The Shield,
      Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman, and Daniel Bryan. Dolphis1925 wrote last month
      for SummerSlam that most of the planned endings were being changed to
      prevent leaks like his and often stated that his goal was for WWE to put
      an end and find whoever is leaking the results so people can enjoy the
      shows without spoilers.

      - WWE Hall of Famer, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes is scheduled to be on
      Monday Night RAW tonight to continue the angle between the power-hungry
      McMahons vs the Rhodes family. "@WWEDustyRhodes please accept this
      invitation to attend RAW this Monday in Cleveland. I have a business
      proposition for you. Thank you," tweeted Stephanie McMahon yesterday. The
      angle continued on the NXT show where Rhodes was removed by Triple H from
      his on-screen general manager role because it was "good for business" so
      it looks like this storyline will continue until Cody Rhodes comes back as
      the big baby face. Last week Cody's brother Dustin - as Goldust - had a
      great match against Randy Orton but came up short of the win which would
      have reinstated Cody after he was fired for losing his match also against
      Orton the previous week.

      - WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross appeared on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour show
      earlier today to talk about his retirement and mixed martial arts. Ross
      said that it was right time to leave, being a total professional and
      playing down any rift between him and WWE amid the speculation that he was
      released. He said that he is in great health and it was "the best decision
      to make" and is now pursuing other adventures. JR added that he is not
      bitter about the situation and had a great run, however contractual
      obligations prevented him from pursuing other adventures. Helwani asked JR
      if he plans to move into MMA broadcasting considering that a few months
      ago he met with Dana White at Marc Ratner of the UFC in Las Vegas. Ross
      said that the direct answer to that question is that there are no plans at
      this time to move to MMA however he is interested in doing it and would
      listen to an offer if it presented itself. Ross said that he's a big MMA
      fan and follows it but would rather work for the UFC rather than any other
      MMA organization however as a business man he would not close the door on

      - WWE stocks took a 3.74% dive today, ending the day at 9.78 a piece after
      on Friday WWE lowered their outlook for the rest of 2013. The press
      release that warned investors of an approximate 5% reduction in second
      half revenue expectations was sent after the market closed on Friday so
      the effect was felt today as soon as the market opened. On Friday WWE
      stocks closed the day at $10.16. Interesting to note is that Stephanie
      McMahon sold 107,487 WWE shares since September 3, making a total of
      $1,091,579 in the process.

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